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RPK may be ISA-ed, but…

Posted by Cherubim on September 12, 2008

From the jentik tak sakit official reaction towards Ahmad’s racist and seditious words, the sudden ‘study trip’ for 50 MPs and the subsequent departure of 4 PKR MPs to join out of curiosity, the banning of websites, the unbanning of websites by MCNC, demands for three newspapers to show cause letter; even a blind man could see that the current government is more than desperate to hold on to power, to the point of behaving erratically like an ill-behaved child.

Much that we all want to demonstrate and show how pissed we are with the government, please, I beg all of you, until the crossovers and the subsequent by-elections happen, stay at home. Stay at home and take care of your family or friends. Stay at home, and should anything untoward, which could be instigated violence by certain members of the rotting society, save any innocent bystanders that happens to be in your way, irrespective of race, religion and creed.

It is the month of Ramadhan, blessed be them who think good thoughts, commit good deeds, and love each other.

*Cherubim prays for the peaceful status quo to remain*


4 Responses to “RPK may be ISA-ed, but…”

  1. ErnieJean said

    Yesterday, when the govn trumpetted their decision to reinstate Malaysia-Today, I knew something bigger was going to take place, and as predictable as they come, they really went ahead to ISA Raja Petra….and what makes it even more comical is that this is on the basis of him insulting Islam and the Prophet!!

    Mamak Ismail threatened to shoot a journalist and insulted the non-bumis…..isn’t he more of a threat to society than an old man who has been spilling the beans on the current govn…much to the discomfort of them obviously?

    And why is Syed Hamid’s ministry sending show cause letters to the Sin Chew Daily, The Sun and Suara Keadilan? For coming out with the antics of that Penang Mamak Warlord?

    Has this govn decided to throw caution to the wind and clamp down on all voices that don’t sing the same tune, blatantly disregarding public opinion?

    I’m worried, very worried……..desperation can truly drive a man mad…..

  2. Madame said

    Beyond disappointed!

  3. delcapo said

    15 sep Kelana Jaya Stadium… be there!
    meanwhile… stay cool… use your brains… constuctive protest… but dun do anything stupid..

    FREE RPK group started…


  4. delcapo said

    AhMAD Ismail got 3 years suspension from UMNO….. the reporter who reported his words (which he never denied & has been pusnished for it) is now arrested under ISA????????? MAH CHOW HAI!!! What d FUCK!?!?!

    It is now confirmed is that MP Teresa Kok has also been arrested!!!!

    My fellow bloggers, espcially of high profile….. as I mentioned earlier….pls pls watch your backs….

    Everyone else…. please please be cool…. they are not fucking around…. they r trying to ignite the political racial flame… we need to fight, but we need to fight this real smart…. as one PEOPLE!! do NOT play the racial game!!!

    We need !!PEOPLE POWER!!! more than ever…..


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