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No more ISA arrests unless….

Posted by ella-mae on September 13, 2008

This just in at The Star Online. Tan Hoon Cheng, Sin Chew Daily reporter taken in last night may be released today. Quite obvious isn’t it, MCA (and Gerakan?) must have made alotta NOISE.

Syed Hamid also assures there will be no more ISA arrests if public order is maintained. What the heck is that supposed to mean??? In the past few weeks, it is UMNO who has been spewing ugly racist remarks and making threats. AND NOT the rest of us. And when he says no more ISA arrests, is he implying they were planning on arresting more people? Or is this a veiled threat to the rest of us to not speak out against RPK and Teresa’s arrests.

Some people seem to think TDM is behind these recent turn of events. Because TDM is now back in UMNO? I don’t have much love for the Madhatter but I doubt he is behind the current drama. I smell Najib… and exactly what did he promise Syed Hamid (really)… who seems to be doing a great job playing the  gomen’s thug?? Deputy premiership perhaps?


12 Responses to “No more ISA arrests unless….”

  1. MC said

    And apparently the reporter was arrested ‘for her protection’. Now, points for creativity on that one!

  2. ella-mae said

    so i guess thats why they handcuffed her also… for protection?!?

  3. orange said

    botak said no more arrests for the weekend la… he didn’t say no more arrests next week, week after, etc. no worries though, stay calm and watch. they miscalculated again (surprise, surprise!) – the last time ops lalang happened, people were not as informed and united as we are now. let them trash about before their iminent (who do they think they are fooling?) and agonizing (aiyo, very soon no more handouts lor…) death.

  4. barbie said

    sorry ella mae, my internet connection sucks, i hardly can edit the post. argh! mcmc better not behind this.

    i agree with ella mae. najib and botak syed hamid albar may be behind this. i just watched the news, abdullah gave his explanation over rpk arrest. shifting eyes, uncomfortable body language, the guys is clueless. it’s suicidal anyway, for his imminent death, why need to do this? no, it’s najib. najib has the most dirt, dirty lines if this 916 is to become reality. najib has more to lose. najib has more at stake compared to abdullah.

    previously, it is well known people are pressuring abdullah to step down with najib replacing him muhyiddin as deputy. problem is, najib’s people do no like muhyiddin, and after muhyiddin was elected to be the trade minister, he threw all sort of criticism against abdullah badawi. and latest rumor is that muhyiddin is going to defect to pr, bringing some johor mps and 30+ east malaysians mp with him. so, for najib muhyiddin is a gone case.

    now come syed hamid, which is doing a good job destroying abdullah’s reputation with all the isa detention orders, starting with hindraf. remember, only minister of internal security needs to sign the detention order, you don’t need stupid useless abdullah to sign the paper.

    notice who are making the statements other than najib and syed hamid. najib must be promising him to be his right man if he’s become pm. who is najib’s biggest enemy? not abdullah, but anwar and 916. he is carrying the most dirt, and definitely he’s going for broke if pr taking over the government.

    hamid and najib, must be the player. mahathir, he’s going for razaleigh and no longer supports najib. abdullah, he’s clueless as ever.

    contrary to many belief, army is under control by najib, since his father tun abdul razak and they are very loyal to him. sultans can kiss my smelly ass, they are nothing but rubber stamp, more after mahathir cut off their balls. i didn’t see sultans, agong making any noise over ahmad issue?

  5. erniejean said

    I think you could be on to something Ella Mae & Barbie, especially that bit about Bodowi not being the mastermind behind this…..

    Even though he tried being “He-Man” by declaring “The Govn means business”, he actually looked just as worried as the rest of us during last nite’s press conference.

    And yea, WTH about no more arrests as long as public order is maintained!!?? Hello!! Your Mamak Ismail is going on a roadshow to sprew more hateful racist speeches….so go after him lah!!!

  6. Madame said

    AlJazeera said that more arrests were expected this week-end actually.

    Wholly agree with Barbie n Ella-mae on the Najib and Syed Hamid theory but still do think that TDM has his fingers poking into this pie….somewhere.

    They have to release Tan bcoz her arrest has caused the most international furore. The western media has very strongly condemned this….they are showing their solidarity with a fellow journalist. I am actually more worried right now about Teresa Kok and RPK….they havent garnered as much international attention.

  7. wits0 said

    For crying out loud, which person with a working brain will believe in pompous spudhead? It might be a case of being a little shaken up by events such as this :
    US summons Malaysian envoy over crackdown on dissent

    – and a growing awareness(to him, of lesser importance) that the Bolehland’s public itself ain’t too amused at all.

    The role of the Star in reporting this comes with the usual attempt at quickly painting some “rosy” development to events, as always. Ah Chun’s auto spin and knee jerk.

  8. erniejean said

    Malaysiakini, Saturday, 13-09-2008
    Azan petition idea mooted by a Datuk
    Posted:15:28 Sep-13-2008

    The non-Muslim residents of Section 5 Bandar Kinrara, Puchong never protested against the usage of loud speakers for the ‘azan’.

    Instead all they wanted was for the volume when used to amplify the ceramah and the Magrhib and Subuh kuliah to be lowered down.

    According to the residents, the volume on the loud speaker when the mosque performed all these caused disturbance to them, especially on Sundays whem most of them would want to “wake up late for extra rest after a long week’s work”.

    This was explained by Steven Ee, the person who presented the mosque with the petition on behalf of the non-Muslim residents in the area.

    He also said that the allegations made by former Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo that handing over the petition was instigated by a Pakatan party was untrue and said that the petition was his own initiative

    Two days ago, Kota Raja PAS MP Dr Siti Mariah Mahmud had lodged a police report at the Dang Wangi district police headquarters against Khir for allegedly attempting to incite racial hatred among Muslims and non-Muslims in the area.

    Petition signed by 189 residents

    The petition, signed by 189 non-Muslims, was handed over to Serdang state assemblyperson Mohamad Satim Diman in February and another copy to the mosque authorities.

    Another copy was also sent to Kinrara DAP state assemblyperson and state exco Teresa Kok’s office after the March 8 polls.

    Ee said that the reason why the copy was sent to Kok was because she was the nearest state assemblyperson there besides Mohamad Satim.

    “We common people cannot have easy access to the leaders. We hope that the leaders can discuss this matter and solve it,” said Ee.

    He also said that the petition was sent to Mohamad Satim with hope that he can be the mediator between the residents and the mosque authority to solve the problem.

    According to Ee, his wife had met with a BN component party leader with a ‘Datuk’ title to confide about the matter and was advised by the person to draft the petition and have it sent to the relevant people.

    “As advised, I started collecting signatures from the residents there and handed it over to Mohamad Satim through one of his officers at his office,” explained Ee.

    Ee then said he started to notice that the loud speaker volume from the mosque were not as loud as previously for about two weeks but had returned to its original state after that.

    “So lets just see what the development is. You can’t be expecting us to move away. I believe the Muslims here understand our concerns,” said Ee who added that he never intended to protest against Islamic activities in the area.
    All Teresa has was a c.c. copy, and that was good enough to hold her for stoking religious tension!?!?

    What about Mohd. Satim then? He got the original copy, didn’t he!?!?

  9. mauryaII said

    All these BN goons especially the sore loser, exMB of Selangor is trying to create racial conflict among the various races for their own political and economic survival.

    It was Khir Toyo who held a tete-a-tete with the PAS immediately after the March 8 tsunami to form a coalition government with the blessings of AAB. When that attempt was fruitless, he has embarked on other devious ways to topple the PR government in Selangor.

    This Indon racist should be held accountable for all his nefarious actions. He was behind the shredding of important documents immediately after the 12GE. It shows he has a lot to hide. He was behind the directive to his wife to transfer all the funds of Exco Members’ Wives Club to its federal counterpart. He has so much dirt that he knows it cannot be washed away even during Ramadan. He is more worried about their exposure and the possibility of serving a long term in prison.

    The police should stop going after the victims. Respect the code of ethics of your profession. Go after criminals and charge them in a court of law. Don’t take the law into your hands and use ISA when you don’t have evidence. Ordinary people are suffering everyday because of your corruption and inefficiency.

    UMNO is not paying you your wages. The taxpayers’ money is keeping you well fed. Be grateful for that!

  10. orange said

    gomen think we people cannot do jack shit except moan and sit this one through. let’s show them we people have the power of economy in our hands. it is true that we ants work and contribute towards economic growth by earning, spending, investing, saving, etc. but it is also true that we ants have the choice of who and how to spend our money with, which by the sheer volume alone can determine economic growth for some.
    yes, yes… i know you think it’s slow but imagine if we start now, spread the word, keep at it, turn it into a culture even and sustain it for years to come.
    it will not be a big dent but the pressure could move upwards?

  11. missjolie said

    Very likely that theory! Toyo as well, I’m sure is involved in this. There are camps in UMNO and we know who’s desperately grabbing at the weeds now as they are drowning …. Greedy people just are never satisfied with what’s already more than enough. All that’s happening of late is evidence that these people are just terrified of losing their ‘golden goose’! How much more do they want to scrape? How much is enough for them?

  12. Madame said

    Well said, MauryaII 🙂

    Errr….Maurya, as in the Maurya Dynasty??? 😉

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