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Escalating Violent Crimes in Malaysia….Too Close For Comfort…

Posted by ErnieJean on September 15, 2008

A couple of days ago, my mum and an aunt paid a visit to a nearby neighbourhood shopping mall along Old Klang Road to stock up on the groceries for the weekend. What should have been a routine trip to the supermart ended up as an almost tragic outing. As they were walking to their car in the basement carpark, a Black SUV with heavily tinted windows drove past them towards the exit. Then, out of nowhere, a group of armed “short stocky men” (in the words of my mum) rushed towards the SUV and started shooting at the occupants of the vehicle while shouting profanities in Bahasa Malaysia. My mum and aunt couldn’t have ducked for cover among the parked cars nearby any faster, their main concern being the possibility of stray bullets. The shooting lasted like forever before everything died down after what they reckoned was the successful fleeing of the SUV from the car park.

What really shocked us to the core was that, although the neighbourhood we were staying at was not exactly crime free, more middle class Chinese residential type to be exact, in our 30 years or so living in that area, we’ve never heard of such incidents, what more experience it first hand. Most crimes committed so far, were the “standard” occasional snatch thefts and house break-ins, never anything major, or any that involved firearms.

And in another incident, a friend’s father had gone out to buy his nasi lemak breakfast from a stall near his home when two guys in a motorbike drove past and knocked him down in the head with their helmet. As he lay bleeding, one of them got down and took his wallet. As they rode off, they saw a passer by with a nice-looking handphone. They went up to him, pretended to be concerned and told him about the bleeding old man on the street nearby. The passer-by immediately went to the aid of my friend’s father before he got whacked in the head with the helmet by the two men too. He lost his handphone and gained some stiches. And to add misery to the entire experience, when the family went to the hospital to discharge the old man, their house got ransacked by robbers. You know what the police told this friend when she made a police report? They told her that they are to blame their own kind as the criminals were usually of the same race!!!!

How did the security of our streets come to such a dismayal state?

If you were to look at the main stream media’s headlines, just the past week itself, notice how aggresive and bold the criminals on the street have become? For a small sum of cash, it’s enough an excuse for them to start slashing and stabbing. To satisfy the lust of the flesh, it’s enough an excuse to grab the nearest female on the streets. How about the unsolved kidnapping cases of children? Would it come to a point where the horrors of the brutality in the crimes committed become part and parcel of living in Malaysian?

Siblings, teacher and housewife hurt in separate snatch thefts

ALOR STAR: A schoolteacher had her right hand slashed over RM600, while two brothers were stabbed over RM100 in separate snatch theft incidents. A housewife was also injured in a third case.

(The Star, Sat, Sept 13, 2008)

Maid bundled into car and gang-raped

GEORGE TOWN: Five men gang-raped an Indonesian maid after they used chloroform to overpower her in Bukit Dumbar here.

OCPD Azam Abd Hamid said the maid, in her early 20s, was walking along the road on Monday when she was bundled into a car and taken to an unknown place.

“When she woke up a few hours later, she found five masked men standing over her naked body. She was then told to dress up. One of them drove her back to the place where she was abducted.

(The Star, Sept 12, 2008)

Woman stabbed to death by robbers

SHAH ALAM: Two armed robbers who stabbed a woman hostage to death were killed in a shootout when a crack police team stormed the house that had been set ablaze by the robbers.

Two other robbers who were outside the house were arrested during the 4.45am incident on Tuesday at the D’Kayangan housing estate here.

The victim and her family members were in the midst of their morning prayers and sahur when the robbers struck.

State CPO Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said the victim, a 41-year-old woman, had slash wounds on her throat and wrist.

(The Star, Sept 9, 2008) 

The above three reported crimes are but a small indication of how bad things have become. Come to think of it, things have been bad since a couple of years ago, hasn’t it? Part of Islam Hadhari, perhaps? Really makes one wanna ask the tired out question of “What the heck are our police force doing!?!?”. Why was the Police Diraja Malaysia formed in the first place? Who are they supposed to be protecting and serving by the way?

Honestly, doesn’t It seem that keeping the streets safe is somewhere at the bottom of their list of priorities. How often have you heard the police chief citing “lack of manpower” when asked about the uncontrolled rising crime rates? How often have you heard the police chief asking citizens of this country to “pandai pandai jaga sendiri” (or something to that effect)? But doesn’t it amaze you when they are able to mobilise hundreds of their men in a jiffy when it comes to dispersing peaceful rallies (the latest being the Orang Asli’s Walk), escorting VVIPs, detain old men and women under ISA, monitor candle-light vigils, conduct road blocks, etc………you get my drift?

And by the way, have you also noticed how fat and unhealthy most of our law enforcers are? Is there a wonder why, since they seem to prefer to go for “sitting ducks” in peaceful rallies rather than scouring the streets for criminals? Of course, I’m sure there will be a couple of these Mr. Policemen who are doing a great job at what they were trained and paid for, but seriously, it’s become an extreme rarity coming across one.

What can we do? Citizen’s arrests? Not when the criminal has a gun (and it seems most of them carry one already)!!?? Talk to our govnment? They too busy coming up with Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and goodness knows how many more plans, in their bid for political survival.

I am glad my mum and aunt escaped unhurt this time and are safe and sound back home with the family……but for how long? Or for that matter, when will it be my turn?

Something has to be done, friends, and I don’t mean the ‘wishy-washy’ way of the current government. Although I must admit, our Home Minister’s recent innovative use of ISA to protect would-be victims of violent crimes seems rather appealing now, doesn’ it? Hhhmmmmmm………  


7 Responses to “Escalating Violent Crimes in Malaysia….Too Close For Comfort…”

  1. Madame said

    SHOCKING!!!! The criminals are having the time of their lives right now…whilst, our police are busy coming up with ISA orders, DNA samples and such…They’ve left the policing to the ‘hooligans’.

    Syed Hamid Albar…This is what you are paid to do so….DO IT!!!!

  2. Min said

    Consider getting arrested under ISA for protection??

    Violent crime has increased so much in our country, it’s alarming!

  3. missjolie said

    Oh my god! I’m speechless and shocked to the core! Shooting in a car park! Our crime levels have risen to such an unacceptable level! Great job Erniejean for bringing it to everyone’s attention! When the new government is formed, this is one of the few things they should SERIOUSLY look into!

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  5. With a crime index 224,298 cases coupled with peforated borders which are supposed to be guarded strictly we can still see many illegals in holding pens and others went undectected building illegal settlements in fringe jungles.This is an endless social problems . Who to be blame?? I think everybody have the answer.

  6. Another high profile robbery cum murder of a highly respected corporate figure in Kuala Lumpur .Datuk Patrick Wong died needlessly due to the poor public safety standard of Malaysia.The high crime statistics speaks for itself .Nobody demonise anybody .Those who are in power please search your conscious and do some real research what is happening to this country.You are answerable to the people.

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