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Posted by barbie on September 15, 2008

News around the world in response to Syed Hamid’s statement on that Sin Chew’s journalist Tan Hoon Cheng  was detained for her safety as the police believed her life was “under threat”:

1. In an immediate response, a housewife who has been in debt with Ah Loong (Malaysia money lenders or loan sharks) has applied to the Malaysian Home Minister that she would like to be arrested as soon as possible under ISA.

2. Kevin Rudd is sending an emissary to Malaysia next week, to work with the Malaysian Police, the Malaysian Home Minister and the Malaysian Prime Minister to see how the law could be interpreted in Australia. HE will be pushing his law makers to pass a new law similar to Malaysia that will allow Australians to be detained by the police if they feel threatened by Italian mafia, Chinese gangsters, and all other undesirables.

3. In Singapore, an accountant asked the Singapore government to introduce this new law soon, so that innocent people could find protection from the undesirables.

4. In another breaking news, next to be arrested under the ISA is Miss Tan’s mother who bought vegetables at the Bukit Mertajam market during the Ramadan period as the wet market was alledged to have become very slippery. She is expected to be arrested at her home after coming home from the market for her own safety under the Internal Security Act.

5. The Malaysian police’s ability to nullify a threat to Miss Tan’s life within 20 hours has won accolades throughout the world. FBI, CIA, Mossad and MI-6 will be sending their crack team to Malaysia for intensive field training.



  1. Mana borang permohonannya?

  2. barbie said

    Sila dapatkan borang di Pejabat Menteri Dalam Negeri 🙂

  3. Zubli Zainordin said

    Suma olang kasi isi. Makan flee got aarhgh?

  4. wits0 said

    Successful applicants will be instantly supplied with a shining pair of protective steel charm bracelets with short secure linkage.

  5. satz said

    this is cool man. relly stupid of them to arrest a person in ISA just for the sake of safety. ISA is to be used if the country is threaten not when a person is threaten….. crazy la …

  6. ErnieJean said

    Wits0, got curry rice also ar?

    Aren’t we Malaysian so “lucky” to have such compassionate and loving leaders? First our DPM finds time from his busy schedules to console suspected liwat victims (preferably those who suffer from constipation too), and now, we have a Home Minister who has decided to put ISA to “good use” as a protection scheme for ordinary folks like us.

    So touching…*sniff*

  7. delcapo said

    good one, fellas…

    there’s a current move to demand Botak’s immediate resignation!!

    Take care out there…


  8. cheekyme said

    free rice curry, free accomodation and free protection!

  9. missjolie said

    LMAO!!! Good one barbie!

  10. Madame said

    ROTFLWLKITA…..Brilliant, Barbie! 😀

  11. Punk said

    Why waste your fri/sat nights clubbing?
    Be a responsible, level headed citizen and get yourself arrested today!
    ISA Awaits…Registration Open now for a limited time only.
    First 200 Detainees get a year’s subscription to Astro absolutely free.

    *Terms n Conditions Apply.

  12. adam said

    kalau bolang la ni ala….kasi sama gua…gua mau isi loooo…..

  13. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    I am going to screw barbie’s arsehole, quick barbie, go seek ISA for protection.

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