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The Follies and Foibles of errrm….NO!

Posted by Madame on September 15, 2008

The events of the last few days have been shocking and..errrm…well, entertaining to say the least! Entertainment of the poorest quality, I hasten to add….courtesy of our very own star performers called errrm….NO!

First, there was the ‘wannabe’ Ahmad Ismail and his brutally racist comments against fellow Malaysians of Chinese Origin. The reporter who was at this infamous ceramah, Ms. Tan of Sin Chew, instead of playing it down a la normal Malaysian MSM style, chose to report what she had heard honestly and truthfully.

Result : Ms. Tan was detained under ISA, albeit for less than 24 hours….but all the same…DETAINED UNDER ISA!

Result : Ahmad Ismail was given a slap on his wrists and told off for being a naughty boy! As his reward, he was given only a 3yr SUSPENSION. He also gets to go on a nation-wide tour promoting his brand of racism! Needless to say, this tour would be ‘funded’ by the rakyat!

Syed Hamid Albar‘s explanations fall way short of any sound reason. Ms. Tan’s personal safety? The said article could further inflame racial tension? This one is the best of all…..Albar didn’t even sign the detention orders, our brave police force were acting at their own discretion 😀  Hmmmm….I honestly thought that the police needed Albar’s permission to even do something as mundane as scratching their own balls….😉

M2 Taib‘s explanation during his telephone interview with AlJazeera was even more comedic! You guys, should really watch the clip if you haven’t seen it already.

Just paraphrasing here….

News Anchor : Ahmad Ismail who committed the racial slur is free whilst the journalist, Ms. Tan who was only doing her job is being detained under ISA? Don’t you see the discrepancy here ?

M2 Taib : Yeesss….but she has to ‘face the music‘!

Face the music‘…seemed to be M2 Taib’s standard response to the news anchor 😀 He used this term not once….BUT twice!!! 😉 Imagine this stuttering and fumbling moron used to be the Selangor ex-CM!

Raja Petra Kamaruddin was the first one to be detained on that fateful day, 12th Sept 2008. For what, I ask? I read his article on ‘I promise to be a good and non-hypocritical Muslim‘ and I don’t see anything there that is remotely blasphemous. He was not poking fun at Islam at all! He does condemn, however, the so-called Malaysian Muslims who are making a mockery of the very basic fundamentals of Islam. Is this blasphemy? Shouldn’t a man like this be lauded and feted for his courage in pointing out where, erst-while Muslims have strayed? Hell…in some countries, he might even be recognised as a prophet! 😉 Re., his other article ‘Malays, the enemy of Islam’ which did attract some controversial commentary, should he be held responsible for the words of others? How we choose to think/speak/act rests squarely with us, individuals! Oooops….sorry, under UMNO individual freedom of thought and expression is an alien concept!

CRAP, I tell you…pure undiluted CRAP!!!! Errrm….NO have been waiting for an excuse to put him away and in effect, silence ‘The Social Conscience of Malaysia’.

The last person to be detained that day was MP Teresa Kok. Again…may I ask why? I need a sound and infalliable reason here, please. Instead of detaining Ms. Kok, shouldn’t the Selangor ex-CM, Khir Toyo who perpetuated this slander against Ms. Kok be detained? Isn’t he the one who should be held responsible for trying to incite racial disharmony? Isn’t he the one who goes around threatening everyone with ‘May 13th‘?

Something stinks here and it sure ain’t from the detainees. The stench emanating from Syed Hamid Albar, Najib Tun Razak and Khir Toyo is over-powering, sickening and puke-inducing!!!!

Pakatan Rakyat, please hear our heart-felt plea and form the government asap….before, you inherit a Malaysia, where all its people have gone comatose from the stench!!! 😉


7 Responses to “The Follies and Foibles of errrm….NO!”

  1. Zubli Zainordin said

    I am wondering, how can we all face the music too.

    I mean, face the music. Yeah!

    Okay, twice eh?

  2. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    PAS and the mosque she was in ‘trouble’ with have already come to defend her. Damn this UMNO buffoons

  3. wits0 said

    “The stench emanating from Syed Hamid Albar, Najib Tun Razak and Khir Toyo is over-powering, sickening and puke-inducing!!!!”

    Must always understand that this is merely the resultant symptoms of a long abiding disease that is the heart and soul of umno ethos. It arises from its fundamental Neanderthal raison d’être, its very dark and self-serving primitive tribal philosophy. This STFU attitude towards all and sundry once in power. This evil is too deeply ingrained and the whole outfit can never change as long as it exists as a political force with all their self-agenda so rooted.

    None of them talk sense. M2M is a really outrageously senseless one as with other virulently racists Ali Rusted-stump. What do you expect of penghasut/jaguh kampong? And many including Spudhead were recently hand-picked by Bad awi. Things really went back a very long way and these are the only products and reults that can be accomplished.

    The evil of having no principles arose because of worshipping Racism and, in tandem, its(Titles craze)of Elitism. What else can be expected? You cannot solve the fundamental MESS of 51 years piecemeal. Even if more lawyer Zaids would tender their resignations, that is still woefully inadequate for any significant change when the underlying philosopy is dead wrong!

  4. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    You sum up well what I need to say, Madam!!!

  5. erniejean said

    Just how much of a man of principle is this Home Minister of ours?

    When facing the heat about the reporter’s detention, he pushes the blame to the police.

    But when Zaid voiced his opposition on the use of ISA on civilians, Syed Hamid deemed it appropriate to pompously display his manhood by telling the de-factor Law Minister to stay away from his jurisdiction as he is the one who signs the detention letters. Wah…so manly and courageous…but oops….someone forgot he just made a contradictory statement a day before 😛

    Some chinese daillies have aptly put up glaring headlines on this….”Syed Hamid Slaps Himself In The Face!”

  6. mauryaII said

    Even if somebody stuffs all the newspapers in his throat, he is so stupid he might think he is getting a blowjob.

    Al Blurr is a brainless dickhead. He would make the perfect specimen for analysis at Tampoi or Tanjong Rambutan.

    He seems to think he is Rambo of the UMNO brigade – a one-man army with the licence to put away all dissenters with the indiscriminate use of the ISA.

  7. missjolie said

    Oohhhh….you hit the spot Madame! All in a nutshell! Great piece! 😀

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