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Abdullah. Bodoh sepat? The villain? The unsung hero? Nyanyuk?

Posted by barbie on September 17, 2008

Quoting RPK from his infamous article that is said to be the reason he is arrested under ISA:

Malays say that there are two types of bodoh. One is bodoh sepat — you pretend to be stupid but are actually very devious. Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would probably fit this bill. He pretends to be bodoh but is actually very crafty. The second is bodoh sombong — you are actually very stupid but are too stupid to realise that you are stupid and think you are very clever.

Judging from the latest scenario today, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is bodoh sepat. ‘Sepat’ is a fresh water fish famous for its refusal to be baited in the saying: “bodoh-bodoh sepat, tak makan pancing emas” which means even a dumb person knows how to choose what is best for himself. So a person who appears to be as “dumb” as a sepat, pretends to be stupid.

Why the portfolio swapping? Why the timing? Another coincidence? Screw coincidence. Nothing that is happening in Malaysia before, present and after this is ‘coincidence’ despite what our leaders want us to think. Things in Malaysia happen because of only 2 reason – God’s will and politically motivated. (You can ignore the 1st reason, just like me unless you are Palin’s fan)

Why Abdullah wants the Defence Ministry portfolio? Is him preparing for something bigger? You know what I I am thinking, stop being bodoh sepat.

Why Abdullah is bodoh sepat? 2 scenarios.

Abdullah as the bad guy, the villain.

1. In this kind of economic situation, giving the Finance Ministry portfolio to Najib is definitely a smart move. Najib is left to battle the ailing economy, a tall order. Good luck Najib.

2. He successfully nullified the dissent voices in UMNO by reaffirming the 2010 power transition plan.

3. Najib may not survive his political career until 2010 with all the allegations and now add to that now, an unenviable assignment. He knows jack shit about finance, just looking at the all the purchases he did while he was defence minister, ‘consultancy fees’ paid to Razak Baginda’s company in the amount of RM500mil (a world record for such consultancy service) you know how good Najib with money.

4. If rumours of Najib cahooting with Syed Hamid is true, with the backing of the army to do… well things is true, then now Abdullah already took care of that. Najib is paralysed.

5. Abdullah hinted to use ISA against Anwar, well if Anwar doesn’t has the number then why the need to ISA him?

Putting this all in pieces, now Abdullah is taking control of the Defense Ministry, which can be used to take control of defence for emergency rule and crowd dispersal control he is definitely stocking himself with enough ammo to battle it out, nasty and dirty.

Abdullah is the good guy, the unsung hero. The Oracle?

Then we must assume he is trying to help Anwar.

1. He set Anwar free and his son in law arranged passport for Anwar to go to Europe for medical treatment.

2. He is a man of conscience, being an ulama son and god fearing person. He never sumpah like Najib, Saiful or Ezam.

3. He needs to be in control in order to dismantle the rotten corrupted UMNO, sissified MCA, Gerakan, clueless and hopeless MIC and other idiotic BN component parties. So he stays in power, flip flop flip flop and play bodoh sepat until Anwar has the time to make his move. He is delaying and buying time for Anwar.

4. Anwar asked for peaceful transition of power. Who is going to lose everything? Person with the most dirts and extra baggage, non other but Najib. The person that will never agree to a peaceful power transition is Najib. So in order to have a peaceful power transition,Β  Abdullah need to take away the defence job from Najib so he will not repeat what his dad did back then. Now Najib is powerless. Hurray!!

5. Then peaceful transition can be done. Abdullah will step down gracefully and be remembered in history and the most kind leader, sacrificing himself for the good of Malaysia.

6. Anwar leads the country and Malaysians live happily ever after.

Well, probably above scenarios are nothing but craps, I am reading too much into this shit and Abdullah is nothing but a nyanyuk (dementia) old man clutching at straws, doing senseless things before he is gone for good.

ps: Thanks to Malaysia Today commentators for inspiring me to come up with this shitty post.

pss: Najib is kinda dungu to agree to the portfolio swap then. Maybe the prospect of earning quick buck from the Finance Ministry clouded his judgement? Maybe bad advice from a certain plastic reinforced lady? We never know…

Updated 5.10pm:

SAPP pulls out from Barisan. The timing cannot be better??? Just after the portfolio swap, this took place?? Pak Lah, you are really our unsung hero, eh?


15 Responses to “Abdullah. Bodoh sepat? The villain? The unsung hero? Nyanyuk?”

  1. erniejean said

    For the sake of this nation, I hope Badawi turns out to be the oracle 😦

    Najib? Hahaha…..think he knows that he’s already done for…Badawi prob blackmailed him with the evidences in Altantuya’s case……….did you see his face during the press conference? Like wanna run back to mummy and cry…….

  2. Abdullah. Bodoh sepat? The villain? The unsung hero? Nyanyuk? Β« The Dandelions…

    Judging from the latest scenario today, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is bodoh sepat….

  3. mesoso said

    he’s the bad guy…the bad guy ah..bad..very very bad..!!!

  4. delcapo said

    Dandies… u guys r on fire 2day!!!!

    So… 916 went a little too quietly those guys got time to play musical chair, uh???

    ok…. my latest question is : new Finance Minister…. why d hell r we still paying RM2.55 for petrol???


  5. Madame said

    AAB our ‘un-sung hero’! πŸ˜‰ I’m going with the list of 2nd options, btw πŸ˜€

    I vote that we make Barbie, PM instead! He’s way ahead of everyone else πŸ˜€ DSAI can take some lessons fm you, Barbie darling! πŸ˜‰

  6. ella-mae said

    hahaha barbie… if scenario number three happens, i suggest we send dandelions to badawi πŸ˜‰

  7. ihateidiots said

    Najib may be Finance Minister but his wife is the one that advises him! ;)… Remember the saying? Behind the strong man is a stronger woman??? ;P However there is also this saying…Behind the weak man is also a strong woman! LOL…..

  8. mauryaII said

    AAB is not only testing Najib who is a dumbo when it comes to financial issues, but is giving him enough rope to hang himself and his brother, the financial wizard who brought about the questionable takeover of successful banks to create the CIMB.

    Let us wait and see what the wizkid can do for his big brother. Do you thind he might appoint his Dotty as the Governor of Bank Negara?

    Let us also wait and watch how the mamak’s appointee (another mamak in the Finance Ministry) is going to react. The 1st mamak would be getting invaluable tips as to what is going on from the 2nd mamak.

    The mamaks have become indispensible in Bodohland. If Najib is not careful he might have to look for another Soros to put the current and future blame of the poor economy of the nation.

    Hopefully the Treasury does not get cleaned out in the process!

  9. peng said

    Your guess is as good as mine.. the 1st option wins hands down. There are very few good men left in BN and he is not one of them!
    Yes the other one is so oo oo stoopid or hard up to fall for the hand out?

  10. ella-mae said

    from malaysiakini:

    Abdullah moves quickly to shore up power
    Wong Choon Mei | Sep 17, 08 7:44pm

    Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who this afternoon swapped his finance portfolio for his deputy’s defence post, is seen moving quickly to shore up power ahead of challenges to his political position both from within and outside his Umno party.

    Political watchers interviewed by Malaysiakini said the latest political footwork was aimed at bringing in line dissenting camps within Umno and to curtail the growing strength of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, who has threatened to form a new government soon.

    ” I am not sure about Anwar but this is a good move for Umno that should help the top party leadership to close ranks,” said veteran Umno watcher Mustapha Ong.

    Abdullah is giving Najib and his supporters what they want. The concern has been that Najib may have no choice but to contest against Abdullah if the divisions keep nominating him.

    “But now I think Najib supporters can wholeheartedly go to the ground and tell them Najib won’t accept even if they nominate. It is very clear now that he will stand by Abdullah,” he added.

    The 68-year old Abdullah sprung a surprise today when he announced at a hastily-convened press conference that he would hand over the coveted finance minister post to Najib, while at the same time assuming the latter’s defence minister portfolio.

    The swap, although talked about in Umno inner circles for some time, caught Malaysians by surprise, sparking rumours that Abdullah, known for his simplicity and soft ways, was trying to consolidate power.

    Mounting challenge from Anwar

    Abdullah has been at the centre of a political maelstrom, caught by bitter infighting in Umno and a mounting challenge from the Anwar-led Pakatan Rakyat to overthrow his ruling Barisan Nasional coalition.

    “Anwar has taken it so far, he has thrown down the gauntlet. It is clear is he is not going to just let it go,” said Vishnu Varathan, analyst at Forecast Singapore Pte Ltd.

    “Even if there is no change in government now, you can’t rule it out in the next few months. There are also growing signs of cracks in Umno, what with Dr Mahathir (Mohamad) returning. Any weakness there will be open invitation for attacks from the opposition,” Vishnu added.

    At today’s press conference, Abdullah described Anwar as a threat to national security and said he should be punished for “lying to the public and confusing the people”.

    A party insider however denied Abdullah’s assumption of the defence ministry was a prelude to arresting Anwar under the country’s draconian Internal Security Act.

    “We think Anwar should be arrested for all the mind games he is playing on the people but the defence ministry is not about that. Abdullah has been in defence before, so it is a natural exchange,” the party veteran said.

    Nevetheless, speculation is abuzz especially after blogger Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz was arrested this afternoon under the Sedition Act. Last week, Abdullah launched a shock crackdown, detaining two journalists and an opposition politician under the ISA, which allows for detention without trial.

    A decision by the Sabah Progressive Party – which has previously said it was open to joining the Paktan – to pull out of the Barisan is expected to pile further pressure on Abdullah.


    Observers also said Abdullah – under siege to quit after a recent string of controversies – was also seeking to assure Najib his accession to the premiership would not be affected, and also to deflect a campaign led by ex-premier Mahathir to unseat him from the Umno presidency.

    Party insiders now expect Najib and his supporters to throw their lot behind Abdullah and his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin, who is gunning to be the Umno Youth chief. Khairy faces a challenge from Mukhriz Mahathir, the youngest son of the 82-year old ex-premier.

    “Some divisions are expected to nominate other candidates but if Najib sticks with Abdullah, they are a formidable team. This is the power of incumbency,” said Khoo Kay Peng, an independent political analyst.

    “It is a trade-off. For Abdullah, it is not about clinging on. He is not power crazy but it is more to satisfy his supporters and also to help Khairy consolidate his place in Umno,” Mustapha added.

    Last week, Najib and his cabinet colleague, International Trade and Industry Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, caused a stir with statements distancing themselves from their boss.

    Muhyiddin, who called on Abdullah to step down, also invited Mahathir – Abdullah’s former mentor turned foe – to return to Umno. At the same time, Najib backed away from a power transition pact made with his boss in July, whereby the latter would pass to him the premiership and Umno presidency in June 2010.

    Meanwhile, the outspoken and feisty Mahathir, who still wields considerable influence in the party, has been rallying support from Umno members to dislodge Abdullah, whom he blames for weakening the country with his soft leadership.


    However, according to the party insider, Mahathir, who runs his own blog, has been persuaded to come around and “hold his tongue”.

    It is not just between Najib and Abdullah. It doesn’t work that way in Umno. Mahathir, Muhyiddin and Tengku Razaleigh (Hamzah) have all been consulted and they are not going to go against this latest move for the sake of party unity,” the Umno veteran said.

    “Everyone gets something and their supporters get going to the ground to spread the word. Mukhriz may have to settle for number two post behind Khairy but at least his position is assured and eventually both he and Khairy will be made ministers,” he said.

    Umno vice president Muhyiddin, previously favoured to run as Najib’s deputy in the December elections, is also expected to fall in line.

    “He will become the senior vice president,” said Mustapha. “That should be fine with him as he will become Najib’s number two when Abdullah retires.”

    Among the Umno leaders eyeing the top posts, the 71-year old Tengku Razaleigh may possibly end up with the least, but analysts said his rapport with party grassroots was weak to start with. They do not expect him to stand much chance without Muhyiddin leaving the Najib camp to come to his side and compete as his number two against Abdullah.

  11. […]… […]

  12. delcapo said

    on hindsight…. i actually think there’s a sudden effectiveness from UMNO to diffuse DSAI after 916… they seems to have done more in a day than they have been able to do for months….

    feels like they r outdoing themselves….could it be a puppet master’s return??


  13. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    I stand by the fact that Anwar’s september 16 was not meant for us. but for UMNO. It is reverse psychology, double bluff. Okay let me blog about it in a bit

  14. Raktamrittika said

    The events are..
    1. Swap portfolio’s
    2. Arrest Anwar under whatever charge possible
    3. State of emergency declared if any RIOTS/rusuhan etc from rakyat
    4. Abdullah still lead the nation under DARURAT as Minister of Defence!
    5. Neither Anwar nor Najib will successfully take over the government or PM post.
    6. We.. the rakyat.. will keep on going.. forget the whole thing and pray to GOD that BN will lose in the next GE.
    7. That’s ALL FOLKS!

  15. Raktamrittika said

    Oh yes.. one more..


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