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Enough with the rhetoric, please….We are human, after all!

Posted by Madame on September 17, 2008

September 16th, 2008…. a date that so many of us looked forward to…I was so hyped and all pumped with anticipation. This day would surely truly be Malaysia Day, I thought and yet…..

September 17th, 2008…all that anticipation has given way to frustration and slow despair. I placed such high hopes on PR being able to deliver….and they have promised that they will, they have the magic number 31….and yet…we wait…we wait…we wait…

I ask myself….if PR really does have the numbers in hand, why did DSAI want to meet with the PM? Why didn’t PR just go straight to the Agong? I don’t quite believe DSAI’s ‘excuse’ of a peaceful transition bit. Is it just another strategic manoeuvre on his part? Who honestly knows??? None of us, for sure!

In the meantime, UMNO has been handed the bonus of extra time to wheel, deal, coerce and intimidate……sigh!

So, please….if any of the higher-ups in PR are reading this….Enough with the rhetoric, please…..the time to act is NOW….Patience is not infinite….we need a government that truly cares…..So, please stop with all the politicking and let’s get back to the business of building a strong and vibrant Malaysia!


2 Responses to “Enough with the rhetoric, please….We are human, after all!”

  1. mesoso said

    mesoso fully agrees..Go PR, Go..NOW.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please…mesoso oredi so pooped from this marathon..cannot last much longer ah…

  2. What was those hype all about? This hpye creation was unnecessary in the first place. Why? Because of this hype, Anwar was pressured to meet this deadline which is obviuosly a very bad choice as the time wasn’t ripe.

    Damn! And now we may have to face the consequences of pushing this too soon. It’s already happening now.

    So lets us all try to be responsible bloggers and not just to rant for the sake of ranting.

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