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The Battle Has Begun!!!! And Hopefully, It’s Not The Riots This Time!!

Posted by ErnieJean on September 17, 2008

So, another UMNO fler has decided to jump on the bandwagon…perhaps he should have consulted his fellow racist bigot, the Toyol man himself about the effectiveness of gaining popularity through blogging propaganda crap (whether self or otherwise)…….after all Toyol’s blog has been receiving such “overwhelming” response that I can’t seem to locate the total number of hits todate on his blog…did he take it out?

(Bernama, 17 Sept 2008) Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has launched his personal website today.

In statement issued by the deputy prime minister’s office, the website is intended to be a forum for all Malaysians to exchange views on important issues, promote common goals and highlight the nation’s unique diversity. (Who is he trying to kid!!!??? ROTFL!!!!)

Najib in the statement said he was concerned that certain quarters were seeking to drive wedges between Malaysia’s communities for political and personal gain and was intended as a portal through which the public could directly engage in open and honest dialogue with him. (Which “certain quarters” would you be referring to? Trying to play “memory loss” here Mr. DPM? Open and honest dialogue? Don’t think you can take it………)

“I do not believe in the politics of “deceive, divide and rule”. Returning to our long held belief in unity and mutual respect is more important now than ever,- he said. (Sure you don’t believe in that sort of politicis? How about your own keris-dipping-in-blood waving incident years ago and your countless endorsements of the racist statements by members of your very own party?)

He said the website was for all Malaysians and he encouraged those who rely on the Internet for information, communication and community to join this discussion. (When the name, email add, phone no, postcode, etc is required in the comment box, and the knowledge of your goons monitoring our IP addresses, just how many honest opinions would you be expecting? Especially after the way you guys merrily detain any civilian under ISA based on your whims and fancies?)

“As I work to update my skills, I will need your input and response to let me know how I am doing. The insight of the online community increasingly reflects what is important to Malaysians and I am eager to gain that perspective. (Didn’t you people write off the relevance of the blogging community just recently? Speaking with a forked tongue again?)

“I hope this website will initiate an open and vital dialogue, exploring our Malaysian identity, purpose and direction. As a father of two teenagers, I am both familiar with and resigned to heated debate and disagreement. (Hhhmmm…makes one wonder if our future PM can’t even win a debate with his teenage girls, and I don’t think it’s about national or worldy issues ya, how is he expected to command the respect of the nation?)”

Let’s proceed as the extended family we are. Let’s practise courtesy in our discourse and make understanding the primary goal of our interaction,” he said. (Still can’t believe he actually thinks anyone will be falling for this “We are A Happy Family” crap!!”

Najib also encouraged people to join him in defining Malaysia and the role Malaysians must play in its future. (Najib’s definition? We work like donkeys while they go golfing in Taiwan)”

Each of us, despite our differences, shares a desire for a better tomorrow.’ Each of us wants opportunity, respect, friendship, and understanding.’ Each one of us, in our unique way, is Malaysian. -Together, we are One Malaysia. I hope we will keep this conversation going,” said Najib. (Coming from someone who absolutely has no credibility or integrity left, this rings utterly HOLLOW!!!)

Isn’t it just infuriating that some people have such thick skulls that they have yet to accept the reasons behind the rakyat’s rejection of their leadership…they still think it’s the faults of the bloggers and the only way to stay in power is to “counter these cyber liars”. It has yet to dawn upon them that their policies laced with corruption, oppression, croynism, racism, etc are the reasons for them being hit with one “tsunami” after another….sigh……..

I have always wondered what the BN government will be doing to cling on to power and fight this takeover by Pakatan Rakyat and DSAI. To be honest, I know many of us were and are still worried about the possibility of chaos and riots being created, but I’d like to believe today’s Malaysians are no longer as naive as they were in yesteryears, where riots were easily sparked. If you’ve seen photos of the gathering in Kelana Jaya Stadium two days ago, you’d know what I mean, that majority of Malaysians no longer view each other with contempt and suspicion, what more to raise daggers at each other……which is, by the way, exclusively reserved for UMNO politicians.

Then, it dawned on me, that UMNO is most probably using the entire might of their MSMs to confuse the steadfast supporters of Anwar, and the blogosphere to turn the tablesI!!!! Smart but not smart enough my friends!!

So what made me come up with a conclusion like that? Check out what’s been going on since Anwar’s 2pm “916” press conference……..

Counter Attack 1

Last nite, right after DSAI’s press conference, I received an sms, which I believe a lot of Malaysians have received too, about DSAI being a con-man and that this cross-over scheme is all one big con job and the joke’s on us….all because Lim Guan Eng was quoted by Malaysiakini as saying that the 916 strategy was that of a “psychological war”. Hello, of course lah it’s psychologicall! We all know the strategy involved making them piss in their pants!! Don’t twist this into something that meant playing a joke on the rakyat.

Counter Attack 2

RTM had a late night program yesterday about DSAI’s press conference where they called on viewers to sms their thoughts and opinions. Needless to say, all the smses were critical of DSAI and very pro-BN…..well…duh!!! It’s RTM people!!!

Counter Attack 3

DPM launching his “We Care. We One Big Happy Family” website. Have checked it out, by the way, out of curiousity, as our DPM is not exactly known to be a writer or witty for that matter. At the moment, there’s nothing there except for a very rosy and glossy introduction to who the “great” man is. *Gag*

I’m sure there’ll be more coming out at us the next following days and like RPK, I pray that Anwar moves fast, as this country really needs to get back on track. We’ve been cursed with a non-performing government since Badawi took over and as confirmed by the man of the hour, Zaid Ibrahim, the PM has basically lost the control and respect of his ministers and party members….which basically explains why this ship is sinking.


18 Responses to “The Battle Has Begun!!!! And Hopefully, It’s Not The Riots This Time!!”

  1. Interested Observer said

    Hmmmm looks like DSAI is bluffing, he doesnt have the numbers. If he did he would have seen Agung straight away and call for PM dismissal. You think AAB is so stupid to meet DSAI and nicely hand over Putrjaya to him. LOL – actually ROFLMAO.

    I dont buy this nicely nicley softly softly approach – smoke screen.

    Don’t waste Rakyat time anymore. Put up now and meet AAB’s challenge or shut up and quietly fade away until next election. The country and economy needs full attention and not destabilising distractions.

    The ball is now back in DSAI court for immediate attention TODAY not tomorrow or day after. We have waited and waited since March GE hearing “We got the numbers, We got the numbers!!”.

    Counts for nought unless its published and they all quickly meet at a press conference with DSAI and announce it together.

    Also they must all state – its done voluntarily without any inducements and that they are willing to let independent ACA probe once new government takes over. Only then will Rakyat seriously believe DSAI and Co.

    Come on DAP and PAS you guys should know better than this. You have been credible opposition in past. Why you wasting everyone’s time and destroying your own reputaton as well. Ai yo Bhai Singh (Karpal) , why are you not acting asap to stop this smokescreen!!!

  2. hello guys,
    have been reading your blog continuously. refreshing and energetic. congratulations. at the same time allow me to invite you to my blog/ there you can examine the thoughts of an axed adun from Pekan. happy reading if you do drop in for a visit.

  3. ella-mae said

    hi ariff, i have been following your blog. let me add you to our blogroll 🙂

  4. ella-mae said


    Is Anwar still bluffing?
    Ong Kian Ming & Yun Yang | Sep 17, 08 1:04pm
    September 16 has come and gone and Barisan Nasional is still in power. Has Pakatan Rakyat leader Anwar Ibrahim failed to keep his promise? Has his credibility been affected? Is this an indication that he will not be able to form the next government in the near future?

    Perhaps not.

    We had indicated in previous podcasts that we did not think Anwar could form the next government by Sept 16. The reasons were numerous – that no BN party or MPs besides Sapp came out in support or rather in defiance of the ruling coalition; that he could not get Sarawak MPs while Chief Minister Taib Mahmud is still in power: that he could not get a enough Malay or Muslim MP crossovers to make his coalition a Malay/Muslim majority coalition.

    From outside looking in, Anwar’s claim that he has had over 31 MPs in the bag has always been a matter of strategy on his part, a way to create uncertainty among the BN as well as to use it as a smokescreen to ‘persuade’ doubtful BN parliamentarians and parties to join his cause.

    It has been a strategy that has worked well thus far as Anwar has managed to capitalise on the own goals scored by BN to possibly convince some MPs who may have been sitting on the fence. Furthermore, it was a bluff which could not be ‘called’ by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, at least not until now.

    Kian Ming expected him to announce the names of at least some BN crossovers, perhaps as many as 10 MPs, as an initial step to destabilise BN and perhaps use this an another hinge in the strategy to attract more BN crossovers to his side. Instead Anwar has made a high stakes gamble by declaring that he has the numbers to form the next government.

    He could have made excuses to say that circumstances beyond his control such as the sodomy charges against him and the recent ISA arrests have prevented him from getting the sufficient numbers. But he has instead chosen the option of seeking to form the next government, saying he is prepared to show his list of crossovers to Abdullah.

    By doing so, Anwar’s has hemmed himself in. Abdullah could call his bluff, agree to meet him and demand to see the list. If he doesn’t indeed have over 31 MPs as he claims, it’s game over.

    True to form, Abdullah chose instead of asking Anwar to do what he has not been willing to do in the first place, which is to reveal the names publicly. And the grounds for that is a convincing one. He doesn’t want the crossover MPs to be harassed or worse still, arrested under the ISA.

    Anwar faces a fundamental problem in the process of naming these 31 names. We suspect that many of these MPs may be willing to jump over to Anwar’s side only if he can form the next government. This is not a given since 31 crossover MPs, together with Pakatan’s 81 (assuming that Ibrahim Ali will maintain his independence) would give Pakatan a total of 112 MPs, a bare majority of just one.

    Even then, if a majority of the crossovers MPs are non-Muslim, the King might not assent to Anwar’s request to form the next government, especially with a bare majority of one. His claim of having at least 31 MPs may be a ‘semi-bluff’ in this sense.

    Window of opportunity closing fast

    Hence, Anwar faces a chicken-and-egg quandary. He cannot form the next government without naming the 31 MPs. But the 31 MPs won’t allow themselves to be named without Anwar being able to form the next government. This is probably one of the main reasons why Anwar has not named any names. Anyone named without Anwar first forming the government would have plausible deniability.

    However, by creating this self-imposed deadline, Anwar’s window of opportunity has narrowed considerably. He has two or three weeks to make his move before he loses credibility.

    Perhaps Anwar felt the potential BN crossovers might not have been willing to wait around forever for him to make his move. Perhaps he thought that his credibility would have been damaged if he did not make some move on Sept 16 as promised. Perhaps he felt he had to force the hands of the BN MPs whom he might have ‘convinced’ to switch over.

    More importantly, Anwar’s ability to convince BN parliamentarians to cross over might be significantly reduced if Umno decides to unite behind Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak and remove Abdullah from office. Given a new leader and perhaps a new lease of life, some of these MPs might decide to given Najib a chance. This possibility is looking more and more likely with each passing day.

    Both of us have learnt not to underestimate Anwar. He said he could help Pakatan win over Penang, Perak and Selangor. And he did it. He said he could help deny BN the two-thirds majority. And he did it. Last month, he was not even an MP. Now, he looks like a prime-minister in waiting.

    But whatever Anwar hopes to do, he needs to do it fast. Time is not on his side. Something will happen in the coming weeks.

    ONG KIAN MING is a PhD candidate in political science at Duke University and YUN YANG is a writer and new media analyst. You can listen to their podcast here.

  5. joe said

    Come on lar, BN won in the general election. DSAI is the one who can’t accept the fact he lost! And today is already Sept 17. Transition is on track my foot! How long does he want to bluff us?

  6. Jo said

    Joe: How long you want BN to bluff you? Another 50 years? Here is someone sacrificing his life, family (and butt) to help you, and you’re hating on him..?

  7. joe said

  8. joe said

    Jo, I pity you for believing in a salesman like DSAI.

  9. ella-mae said

    hallooo joe, why u showing NST articles to us… haha.

  10. erniejean said

    Like everyone else, I really dont give a damn who gets to seat on the throne of PM-ship, as long as he is capable.

    Why pin our hopes on Anwar? Honestly, can you find anyone else under UMNO’s payroll who can beat his capabilities? And spare me the “But he used to be just as corrupt”…….all politicians are corrupted….except for a few in PR lah…u know who ya?

    Whatever it is, something quick needs to happen, as Najib has just been handed the juicy portfolio of the Finance Ministry (as inducement to continue supporting the PM?). Do we need to give him another avenue to continue milking? Bet there’s a very happy botoxed woman right now.

  11. ella-mae said

    from malaysiakini:

    A slow changing of the guards
    Joe Fernandez | Sep 17, 08 1:57pm

    comment Sept 16, Malaysia Day, has come and gone and while the long-promised Pakatan Rakyat-led federal government hasn’t taken office before the day was out, many observers are in unanimity that the long, arduous process of ousting the ruling Barisan Nasional has begun “like a revolution in slow motion”.

    Yesterday has been a day of high drama and tense moments, not the non-event as Umno leaders had been predicting for several weeks. The consensus is that there was “method in the madness”. “Anwar wants the change to sink in slowly into Abdullah and Umno. He must be enjoying every moment of this,” said a long-term foreign observer of the Malaysian scene.

    “The die has been cast. Umno may be in a state of denial for now but they will soon run out of options and credibility. They can’t continue to belittle the opposition and bravely laugh off any idea of a changing of the guards as simply unthinkable.”

    abdullah badawi pc penang 160908Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim announced that he has well in excess of 31 defector MPs – unofficially the figure is 33 – with him and “more will be joining later”. Analysts read the “more” as those who will quit the BN but not join Pakatan.

    These are blocs who have apparently agreed to throw their support behind Pakatan’s efforts to form the federal government within the next 10 days or so.

    Speculation is rife that Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s PPB – “I will support whoever is in KL” – and Sapp (Sabah Progressive Party) are among these blocs.

    Among the 31 are a sizeable number of MPs from the Malay-majority states and BN component parties, goes the whispers along the political grapevine but no one is telling. Of the 222 seats in Parliament, the opposition has 82 including one independent. BN has the rest including one seat – Pensiangan – declared vacant last Monday by a Election Court in Kota Kinabalu.

    DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang revealed as much when he described Sapp as part of the Pakatan-Plus team. Lim made the remarks in Kota Kinabalu on Malaysia Day on the sidelines of a party-organised public forum, ‘Malaysia Towards a New Era’. Sapp chief Yong Teck Lee was one of the four guest speakers and was seen in a jovial mood hobnobbing with opposition leaders including Sabah PKR chief Jeffrey Gimpoi Kitingan.

    “Malaysian Borneo doesn’t want to jump from the frying pan (BN) into the fire (Pakatan),” is the theme that former Sabah CM Harris Salleh has been promoting in Kota Kinabalu. Harris has bitter memories of former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s infamous pledge in 1985 to “swim or sink” with his Berjaya government. Forty-day-old PBS (Parti Bersatu Sabah), led by the then young and handsome Joseph Pairin Kitingan, humiliated the mighty Berjaya, reducing it to three seats in the state assembly.

    pakatan rakyat 916 gathering kelana jaya 150908 anwar.jpgMany are puzzled by Anwar’s attempts to meet with beleaguered Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and convince him to step aside after laying out the “evidence” – signatures attesting a petition to the King, sworn affidavits, statutory declarations and other legal documentation.

    “Abdullah is not going to just roll over and play dead,” said a former Umno secretary in Bukit Bintang.

    “He has already closed the option of a no-confidence motion in Parliament. He has nothing to gain by meeting Anwar and possibly everything to lose. So he will hang on unless the opposition finds a way to call his bluff and force him out. He’s digging in.”

    Abdullah himself, after promising to consider a meeting, has now ruled out meeting Anwar on the grounds that the opposition leader “might pull some new stunts”. “If he has the numbers as he claims, why doesn’t he make it public and let everybody see,” asked Abdullah defensively of reporters on Sept 16. “I think it’s just empty talk. The BN government is a strong government and will not fall. The mid-2010 power transition plan is on track.”

    As yet, no one is telling the emperor that he has no clothes. There is widespread wishful thinking and living on hope in the corridors-of-power. Or will Nero continue to play on the harp while Rome burns?

    Where is the list?

    Many have questioned why Anwar doesn’t simply make public the list of more than 31 MPs who have defected to his side but this is easier said than done. Earlier, at a Kelana Jaya rally on the eve of Sept 16, Anwar himself had promised to make public the list of crossovers but had second thoughts when party leaders reminded him that “things could become awry if the Special Branch get their hands on the list”. There have been precedents before where the police, infiltrated by diehard card-carrying members, have acted as a branch of the ruling party.

    Sabah in 1994, it is pointed out, is a case in point. After the PBS (Parti Bersatu Sabah), led by then chief minister Pairin, was returned to power for an unprecedented fourth time, albeit with a drastically reduced majority, splinter groups emerged from the party after election time as before the polls.

    2008 election results for sabah and sarawak 120508Known Chinese moneybags, involved in financing political party activities as a form of lucrative investment, swung into action assisted by Special Branch officers who kept barging into homes to reverse the election results. The governor himself, at the instigation of Mahathir, refused to agree to fresh elections. The result was that the PBS government fell after a month in office and lost the tataba, the magical KadazanDusunMurut wand of power.

    They were pushed into the political wilderness for a long stretch before being allowed in from the cold as a BN member. By that time, the party had been whittled down to a fraction of its original size and now plays second fiddle to an Umno almost three times its size.

    Sept 16 is Umno’s karma come full circle. “They are in no position to preach to others about the morality or otherwise of crossovers and defections. They did it before and led the way,” says a veteran PBS leader.

    “Anyway, the constitution allows for freedom of association, a point used by Umno before when they brought down the PBS government by engineering massive defections and the creation of splinter parties. As you sow, so shall you reap.”

    The question now is how to break the impasse and move on. Rebel BN member, Sapp thinks it won’t be easy. “Don’t underestimate the BN,” said Yong. “It is not as straightforward as it seems although the BN is in disarray and doing bad things.”

    Yong was realistic about the his chances and pointed out that it would not be easy to topple the BN government since they had been in power for 51 years and had the will and resources to cling on despite various internal and external threats.

    People in the know think that the chances of any of the 31 to 33 defector MPs pulling out from their pact with Pakatan is a very remote possibility. “The opposition has done it very well,” says one observer. “They have proved themselves to be effective and efficient. Their state of political organisation and mobilisation is high. Umno cannot just wish the opposition away. They are here to stay.

    “Even the defectors don’t know each other. Everything has been done in the utmost secrecy to prevent the BN from launching any counter-attacks and rescuing their MPs,” adds a political scientist with a foreign university which has a branch campus in Malaysia. “Otherwise, some names would have leaked out.”

    Sleeper agents in Umno?

    It is clear that Anwar still has considerable support – sleepers, it is said – within Umno and the BN from the days when he was with them and rose rapidly within a decade to become deputy prime minister until dismissed by Mahathir, followed by expulsion from the party, a beating in jail at the hands of the police chief himself and finally incarceration for six long years under charges which were later proved upon appeal to have been trumped up.

    Abdullah is expected to be a deadender, leaving the opposition with no choice but to present their case to the king himself in the coming days. His majesty can advise Abdullah to tender his resignation and that of his cabinet and allow Anwar to form the government. If Abdullah refuses, the king can either sack him.

    Abdullah’s misfortune is that the king currently on the throne is a university graduate, a first, and is no pushover. He’s his own man as witnessed in the appointment of the menteri besar in his home state of Terengganu after the March 8 general election. Abdullah had to back down and suffered a humiliating loss of face.

    On the plus side, the opposition alliance has pledged to hold elections within six months to a year to secure a new mandate. This is a point which will go down well with the king and the electorate. “We need that time to introduce basic reforms and clean up the electoral rolls,” says PKR vice-president R Sivarasa.

    It is unlikely that the king or the opposition would favour holding a new round of general elections in the next few weeks. Déjà vu?

    JOE FERNANDEZ is an educationist and former newspaper editor and ex-civil servant who feels compelled to put pen to paper when something doesn’t quite jell with his weltanschauung (worldview).

  12. barbie said

    Hey Ariff, I love your blog too 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

    Joe, I don’t mind to be bluffed few more days. How about you? Bluffed by BN for decades? Ahaks!

  13. barbie said

    The portfolio swapping concerned me. Why Abdullah wants the Defence Ministry portfolio? Is him preparing for something bigger? Such as to declare a state of emergency? Hey Abdullah is not a stupid ass, in this kind of economic situation, giving the Finance Ministry portfolio to Najib is definitely a smart move. Najib is left to battle the ailing economy, a tall order which may led to him being a fall guy. Damn!

  14. mesoso said

    i just read somewhere that the PM handing over the finance ministry is actually a good ploy. he hands over a ministry facing economic woes to a fall-guy, and takes over another to help prepare his next move..?? emergency rule? and hints at putting DSAI under ISA..hmmm. he not so sleepy leh..maybe we all got fooled by this sly fox..

  15. mesoso said cum you and me thinking the same thoughts…oh dear..maybe you should be the PM and me your deputy…hehe

  16. INVISIBLE MAN said


  17. INVISIBLE MAN said


  18. barbie said

    wah mesoso!! why you copied my comment 😛 very naughty you.. need some spankings!!

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