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No….Seriously….Bright Future????

Posted by pervster on September 18, 2008

This could possibly be my shortest post ever…….

Was watching the news earlier on…and this joker by the name of Datuk Hassan Malek claims he was offered cash by Pakatan to cross over. Now, i can’t seem to find the English version of the article online, but here’s the MalaysiaKini Malay version report:

“Laporan ini dibuat tanpa arahan dari sesiapa, saya sendiri yang ambil inisiatif untuk lapor pada BPR,” katanya kepada Bernama hari ini.

Hasan enggan menyatakan jumlah sebenar yang ditawarkan kepada beliau kerana tidak mahu siasatan tergganggu.

“Yang jelas dia janjikan saya masa depan saya yang cukup cerah. Itu masing-masing boleh intepretasikan,” katanya.

Well, he pretty much claims he got some money, but he refuses to disclose the amount, and…he was promised a “very bright future”

Now….have a look at his face:

Hasan Malek

No….Seriously….not that i want to make fun of the way this guy looks and all….but…….

Does this guy look like he has a bright future????? :P…


If this is the face of the future…we’re all doomed!!!



18 Responses to “No….Seriously….Bright Future????”

  1. orange said

    bright in a vacuous sort of way… sedekah la sikit
    seriously, would a sane person offer him money?
    most of out politicians are not employable – pasal bodoh, ular & ayam

  2. Antares said

    Aha! This character shares the same reptilian-ET lineage as Dick Cheney. Bet his eyes turn Sauronish (you know, vertical pupils like snake eyes) when he’s really mad. Doubt Pakatan Rakyat is offering monetary incentives for defection – merely the opportunity to redeem their reputations and renew their political careers. Hassan Malek, the were-datuk (on full moon nights he turns into a junior Umno warlord; rest of the time he just rips people off).

  3. Madame said

    LMAO!!! Great pic, Perv 😀

  4. Raktamrittika said

    FRIGHT FUTURE!!.. He suit to be next year RAJA LAWAK contestant. His face alone might make him a clear winner.

  5. mauryaII said

    Who in his right mind would want to pay this scum to cross over. Would he be an asset to whichever party is offering him anything? This is another of the BN mole who is trying to derail the opposition and the opposition held states. Another Sinful in the making. Next he would swear on the Qura’n.

    The other day another goon was trying to bribe (fix) a PR ADUN with a laptop. Am sure the ever efficient ACA would have decided that he is guilty even before investigating.

  6. barbie said

    I doubt PR has any money to offer if anything.. Who is this dumbfuck again? Sorry, I consider myself to be quite up to date with Malaysia politics, and I damn sure I would remember the names of those ‘notable’ politicians but I never came upon his name until last few days when MSM reported he received ‘bribe’ from PR to cross over.

    Notice how BN politicians phrased their words?

    “Laporan ini dibuat tanpa arahan dari sesiapa”

    Heck, why you even need to emphasize that, clearly it’s the opposite. Snake!!

  7. ella-mae said

    hassan malek, kamu tak molek langsung

  8. erniejean said

    Well, I think most of our current leaders from the ruling coalition looks just about the same…….imagine what sort of bright future we can look forward to.

  9. Cherubim said

    Wasn’t the Agriculture thing his idea? Well, it accounts for something.

  10. mesoso said

    if only all our politicians look like me..:P

  11. nick chan abdullah said

    plastic surgery eyes

  12. KANINABOO said

    tis guy seriously need a BOTOX makeover!!

  13. barbie said


    “if only all our politicians look like me..:P..”

    Or me.. 😛

  14. pervster said

    Or me…


  15. Crankshaft said

    You’re nasty, Perv. 🙂
    But no, there is no indication of much going on behind that face.

  16. Amused Taxpayer said

    Kaninabo….You sure botox would help?
    Have you seen Rosmah?

  17. KANINABOO said

    Rosmah not Botox-ed laaa….
    That’s outdated facelift, so her eye end up look like Witch (Mona Fandey)…..
    Too much jampi fr MR.JI (remember this bomoh?)……

  18. mad-hatter mohamed said

    I think he got a bit confuced (he looks like one to get easily confuced). The Pakatan probably offered him money to NOT cross over…..yeah, thats a more believable story.


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