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The September 16 double bluff

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on September 18, 2008

Ok, ok, I opine that September 16 was not meant for Malaysians to take the bait, but for UMNO. September 16 was a double bluff specifically designed for UMNO to take the bait. Why the heck would Anwar want to expose his battle plan for UMNO, so that UMNO has time to defend itself? Why the hell does one play chess and then tell his opponent what his next move is going to be?

September 16 was an empty threat. UMNO took the bait (or is it Najib and his cohort, Hamid Albar, as my fellow dandelions first concurred?). UMNO began to put RPK, Teresa and Tan into ISA in the hopes of maybe instigating all-out protest to have a reason to declare martial law. It will then be bye, bye opposition. But that didn’t materialise. Instead, the past few days have successfully swung the political wind to PR’s favour.

People were appalled by the actions of UMNO. Legitimacy of cross-over becomes less of a question even amongst PR supporters who frowned on cross-over. I don’t like cross-over but after the events of the past few days, hell yeah, I am for cross-over. Anwar doesn’t have to be malicious to get his goals. Anwar force UMNO into showing its inner-most demons (we have already seen the outer-demons). Many people say, inner true colours are only shown when one is tremendously stressed, an act of great goodness or great controversy……

September 16 or the recent events surrounding September 16 serve to unify PR supporters, split into for cross-over and against cross-over to a unanimous for cross-over movement. If DSAI succeeds, heck it will be a legitimate, democratically popular cross-over, the first in Malaysian history.

Heck, the September 16 event only further destroys what’s left of UMNO’s unity. (As my fellow dandelions have concurred way before me) If Najib and Hamid are behind the ISA not Abdullah, well it is a sign that Najib the backstabber is beginning to be less subtle and more desperate. Abdullah can’t tell the press that he didn’t use ISA but his minions did, as this will have disastrous consequences to the little leadership credibility that AAB has managed to retain. Najib is not going to be left unpunished, AAB “rewarded” Najib with the post of Finance Minister 4,5 months before UMNO elections (again my fellow dandelions have concurred before me). With the recent chain of events striking US financial giants, first and foremost, Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, Merill Lynch and AIG, we have not heard the last of economic kerfuffle. Malaysia is not going to escape unscathed, and there is little Najib can do to conjure a financial miracle that will help save the US financial system in return, help Malaysia. Economy is going to be worse off, and Najib will bear the brunt.

September 16 was an ‘empty’ threat. UMNO made September 16 into an enemy UMNO itself feared most. If UMNO had not done anything, UMNO would not be in such a conundrum it is in today.

RPK took a gamble to be a willing pawn to the event leading to September 16. RPK has given UMNO a lot of ‘reasons ‘to apprehend RPK under ISA. RPK is now seen as a martyr for Malaysians who want justice, swing it to PR’s favour. Whether his martyrdom is to be converted to success in toppling UMNO remains to be seen.

I don’t know who has better chess playing strategy, but the set-pieces are already moving. Whatever result it may be, it will be preposterous to say that one got lucky winning. Politics is a high-stakes game to be left to lady luck. Has anyone ever won a chess game by luck?

18 Responses to “The September 16 double bluff”

  1. ella-mae said

    this has got to be the best 916 theory i’ve read so far. anwar knows umno well… hence this “chess game”. troublemakers in PAS have been very hard at work citing “unethical crossovers” as reason why PAS should leave the PR loose coalition. badawi needs to “arrest” a couple of PAS flers to get PAS firmly on PR’s side (haha).

    but what if najib gets all brilliant and solves the country’s economic problems ah 😉 hehehe.

    anyway, my money is on anwar 🙂

  2. erniejean said

    The only brilliant thing Najis has as far as finance is concerned is financing his botoxed walrus’ shopping trips……Malaysians can forget about surviving any global recessions under this guy.

    Yes, for a seasoned politician like Anwar, it certainly doesn’t make sense that he would reveal his game plan…even my 5 year old kid knows that….

    So I guess, in a way, 916 was indeed Anwar’s joke, and the joke’s on UMNO….muahahahahahha

    As for me, I’m all for crossovers now, to heck with ethics, since the people we’re dealing with, were never known to be ethical in the first place. Survival of this nation has to be of the utmost importance now.

  3. Raktamrittika said

    Kalau le Anwar tu ancaman kepada ekonomi, makanya Pak Dol ngan kabinetnya memang “komunis” ekonomi le. Cth harga minyak semasa:

    1 barrel (tong) = 159 liter
    1 USD = RM 3.45 (semasa)

    Harga minyak dulu = USD145 x 3.3 (masa naik) / 159 liter = RM3 – (Subsidi) RM0.30 = RM2.70

    Harga Minyak Semasa = USD92.7 per tong
    Nak senang kira = USD93 x 3.45 (Rate semasa) / 159 liter = RM2 – RM0.30 (Subsidi) = RM1.70

    Kita bayar = RM2.55/liter
    Harga tanpa subsidi = RM2.00/liter

    Kerajaan penaya kita = RM0.55 per liter.

    Sekarang cakap siapa yang MENGANCAM ekonomi RAKYAT pulak?

  4. Madame said

    Good one, Jingo! Count me in as well…I believed the 916 bluff 😉

  5. +9 said

    jika islam di pandang remeh dan tidak baik untuk agama lain,
    jika islam dan ramdhan tidak di hormati,
    maka syaitan akan tunggu di depan syawal.
    apabila ini berlaku,
    bersiap lah anak bini, cucu cicit dan rakan jiran tetangga..


    Alasan Perang ?..anwar. Simple and the best Reasoning.

    Tak percaya ?
    ..maka tunggulah sehingga datang hari nya mem bungkusan kain sehelai sepinggang tinggalkan rumah dan kenikmatan hidup kerana di arah pindah..macam lebanon..

    Alasan Perang ?..anwar. Simple and the best Raesoning.

    Nak ulang hujah di atas ?

    Tak percaya ?

    ..ulang lah sendiri..

    there’s no end..

    selagi anwar hidup..

    selagi ada manusia bodoh..

    banyak kan manusia bodoh..?

    lihat di luar tingkap tu..

    semua nya monyet..

    Mau ulang komen di atas..

    selagi kulit warna kuning, cokelat dan hitam jadi bodoh..

    maka perang tetap perang..

    ramai yang tunggu..

    kod..chocolate cake..

  6. ella-mae said

    sejak bila islam is dipandang remeh di malaysia? orang malaysia menghormati islam sebagai agama rasmi negara. apahal dengan kamu ni… sepatutnya orang seperti kamu la yang harus ditahan dibawah akta sedition.

  7. barbie said


    Siapa pandang remeh Islam? Siapa gunakan ISA di bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini? Siapa bersumpah di masjid menyebut perkataan yang tidak enak didengar dan siapa yang memainkan tayangan bersumpah tersebut di bulan Ramadhan? Siapa yang tidak menghormati Islam di sini jika bukan UMNO?

    Manusia seperti anda yang gilakan perang, tiada kredibiliti untuk bercakap mengenai agama. Manusia bodoh tidak lain seperti anda, lihat sendiri komen anda yang senteng itu. Berambus dari blog ini.

  8. d_sticks said

    Good article Jingo.

    Though… i fail to realise how +9 has brought religion into this conversation.

    +9 – Islam tidak dipandang remeh di negara ini. Hanya orang seperti kamu yang membesar besarkan perkara yang tidak wujud. Artikal ini takda kaitan dengan agama, tetapi, kamu telahpun menyediakan “template” kamu sendiri dan saya jangka kamu telah pun “copy” dan “paste” komen kamu ini merata – rata.

    Kamu sepatutnya bangga dengan adanya umat beragama islam..seperti Raja Petra dan Anwar Ibrahim. Mereka telah membuktikan erti Islam yang sebenar, dan bukannya yang telah dipraktis oleh pemuda pemuda dan semua orang tua kat umno.


  9. Commonsense said

    I love this ‘hypothesis’. Can’t wait to see the checkmate.

  10. tokmoh said


    Dude, u forgot to factor in cost of refining it. IIANM, the price of oil per barrel is for crude oil ie without going through the refining process yet.

  11. Raktamrittika said


    It was just a simple calculation. I even compare the old price with no refining cost as well. Simple Mathemathics lo… 🙂

  12. barbie said

    Yes, simple maths is enough to determine roughly the price.

  13. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said


    Thanks, I hope Anwar has better game plan than anyone else.

    Ernie and Madame,

    Yeah I am in the same school of thought with you now…

  14. barbie said

    But people, it’s a double edged sword for DSAI to do that, using Sept 16th as a red herring for not many people actually politically aware or try to understand the complex situation like you people do. Most people just look at this as ‘Anwar promised Sept 16th change government, now already 18th nothing happen, damn he’s a liar bastard’. Cynical, skeptical people are many and they are fast to jump into conclusion, for them they want it fast and things to change NOW.

    It’s funny, how these people can withstand and take so much craps under BN for so long and now when a person is trying to make a change they want him to do miracle. These crucifiers going around lashing at PR states, when the state governments yet to enter their 1 year anniversary. Talking about being fair.

    I am so F disgusted with these kind of people.

  15. mesoso said

    ya..barbie…me too, me too..!!!

  16. […] The September 16 double bluff Ok, ok, I opine that September 16 was not meant for Malaysians to take the bait, but for UMNO. September 16 was a […] […]

  17. enche treq said

    hipotesis terbaik stakat ini…:)
    hope it is true..

  18. I don’t think Anwar is calling a bluff. He is playing a psychological warfare for sure, but I believe that he has the number. It is just that taking over a government with hostile warlords is not so trivial.

    BN made an enemy of itself and is in complete disarray, that one I agree completely.

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