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They Slash….They Stash….They Always Crawl Back……..

Posted by ErnieJean on September 22, 2008

Know what’s the similarity between slasher movie villians (Hollywood Boleh!!!) and that of our local politicians (Malaysia Boleh!!!)?

THEY REFUSE TO DIE!!! Despite being riddled with never ending streams bullets, thrown off the building, set on fire, etc…….these persistant mutants from hell never fail to return and haunt their victims……..

Hollywood’s Boleh!!! – Mike Myers, Freddy Kruger, Jason……comes back everytime to SLASH screaming good looking teens

Malaysia Boleh!!! – Mohd. Taib, Thamby Chik, Osu Sukam…..comes back into the political arena after a brief hiatus hiding from scandals to STASH more screaming taxpayers’ money into one’s coffers?

The latest addition to our Malaysia Boleh would be this joker (with bad hair piece btw)……..

The Star, Monday September 22, 2008

MIC: Free Hindraf five

PETALING JAYA: The MIC has reiterated its call for the Government to free five Hindraf leaders from Internal Security Act (ISA) detention.

Party president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said that he would raise the matter with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi again, despite having done so many times.

Samy Vellu also said the Government should not detain the leaders any longer as this would only prolong the Indian community’s ill-feelings towards the Government.

“It is about time they were released as they pose no danger to the security of the country,” he said in a statement.

Erm, this joker is still around?

Obviously, somebody realised the recent release of Kickthefella, Teresa Kok and Tan Hoon Cheng presented an excellent opportunity to try and crawl back into the voters’ good graces……..Not working Uncle Samy….not working….

Then again, you can’t blame ol’ Uncle Samy for trying……..this pompous fool still thinks the public is as easily fooled as in the old days……….

The Star, Monday September 22, 2008

Indian folk back to seek help, says Samy

IPOH: Many Indian voters in the country who abandoned the MIC during the March 8 general election are now turning back to the party, claims party president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.

He said “hundreds of people” had started thronging the party’s offices everyday, knowing that only the MIC could help them.

“In the last elections, about 50% of the Indian community rejected the MIC and supported the Opposition.

“But many want to return now,” he told reporters at a hotel here yesterday after opening a workshop on re-branding the party.

The Indian community, Samy Vellu said, has realised that it needed to have a close relationship with the Federal Government through the MIC in order to improve its livelihood.

“They admit to having been confused and in disarray, that they were influenced into voting for the Opposition but I tell them that it does not matter.

“When asked why they had come back looking for us, their answer was that the MIC has an administration, offices and an experienced leadership, and has continued looking after the people despite having lost in the elections. (Any news about the Maika Shares btw, Mr Vellu?)

“This is the reason why they are still interested in forging a relationship with the MIC,” he said.

Samy Vellu said response to the re-branding workshops nationwide was also encouraging, and urged grassroots leaders to discard their old mindset and “go back to thinking the people are our bosses”.

He admitted that the MIC had erred in not using the Internet and electronic media to reach out to the Indian community during the elections.

He also announced that the party would launch its own Internet portal in October.

And, seriously, can someone please, once and for all, tell these clueless jokers that they lost their 2/3 majority NOT because they didn’t set up their party website!!!



7 Responses to “They Slash….They Stash….They Always Crawl Back……..”

  1. Zubli Zainordin said

    Dear clueless jokers you have lost your 2/3 majority not because you do not set up your party website!!!


  2. mauryaII said

    Samy Velu aka semi value still does not get it. Before the 12GE he declared that nobody, even an army cannot dislodge him from Sungai Siput.

    This arrogant common thug swindled Indians’ hard earned savings through MAIKA which was supposed to be the vehicle to uplift the poor Indians.

    This robber baron was the same fellow who highjacked the Telekom MR10 million shares alloted to the Indians for himself and his cronies.

    The Sungai Siput Indians booted him out of his lair and this shameless goon says he is still wanted by the Indian community as their leader. He is so shameless that when he is spat upon he still insists the Indians love him.

    Why can’t this political dinasaur just fade away? Is he waiting to be given a state funeral? Fat hopes. The Indians who are 3rd class citizens and have been marginalised for decades because of this power crazy moron who only thought about himself, his cronies and his useless, philandering son.

  3. erniejean said

    LOL!! Thks Zubli…hope that gets into their thick skulls…..

    Maurya II, Semi is upset bcos he is the only one among his peers of his generation who has yet to get a Tun-ship?

  4. d_sticks said

    …..and i thought uncle sam was dead……..


  5. barbie said

    I love the tags. Haha! Samyvellu always give his best, I love his jokes man!

  6. NoSwear said

    How can he be dead?………….he has a ‘PhD’ now. That’s why he wants to come back!! I wonder how much it costs him to obtain this PhD.

  7. The style of writing is quite familiar . Did you write guest posts for other blogs?

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