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Posted by ErnieJean on September 23, 2008

I am MAD!!!




Just what I needed on a nice sunny Tuesday morning……more stupid decisions by stupid idiots……as if seeing this nation being steered further down into the dumps is not enough, the imbeciles just have to come up with something else to further wrench our hearts.

The Star, Tuesday September 23, 2008

Jane must attend NS


PETALING JAYA: National service candidate Jane Lim has to attend training because her brother’s death is not a valid reason for exemption.

Department director-general Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang Kechil said it had no authority to exempt the 17-year-old from the programme because her brother Ricky died nine days after his NS stint.

“If she wants to defer training or be exempted from the programme, she will have to submit an official request to our department according to normal procedure,” he said.

Abdul Hadi said Jane could only be exempted from the programme if the reason given for her request fell within the conditions stated in the National Service Training Act.

On Sunday, Jane’s parents Lim Geok Kim and Meng Yeok said they would not let their only surviving child go for training following Ricky’s death.

Ricky, 20, died on Sept 15 after completing his three-month national service on Sept 6.

The SMK Catholic High student did not complain of any illness or pain prior to his death but he did complain about the camp’s hygiene and yellowish water supply.

In a press statement, Abdul Hadi said Ricky attended all training modules without suffering any health problem, except for a cough and mild fever.

“He followed the training as usual after receiving treatment from our medical staff.”

He also said the Lagenda Gunung Ledang Asahan camp had received clearance from the Jasin Health Department on June 18 and was safe to be used.

The report also showed that its water supply had been treated at the Jasin Water Supply Department in Malacca, Abdul Hadi said.

In Malacca, Lim remained firm in his decision not to allow Jane to attend training.

He said he and his wife would not accept any reason from the authorities.

“We will not let her go and I don’t care what it takes. My son’s death is already unacceptable for us and we are sure we will not take any risk of losing my only daughter,” he said.

“I will not bother to write to apply for anything (exemption). If any warning letters (from the authorities) come, I will just tear them.”

I have children of my own…..2 to be precise, a boy and a girl, just like the Lims…….hence I think I can relate to the anguish the parents are going through right now. Seriously, I would probably have taken similar action.

It’s not about death being fated and all that nonsense…..the boy was supposed to be under the care of the government and it wasn’t an accident or some natural disaster that snuffed his life OUT………..the fact is, a healthy boy was sent to serve his “sentence” in National Service and came back in a coffin. Cause of death? The authorities either doesn’t know and are just as clueless as the rest of us or wouldn’t tell? I don’t think I would have been able to stomach such blatant disregard for my child’s life, just because I’m not some VVIP.

Since this programme commenced in 2004, there has been 16 deaths already. And how can we forget about the numerous incidences of mass quarantine due to unidentified fever epidemic (remember Semanggol Camp?), food poisoning, allegations of sexual abuse and rape, gang fights, etc.

Our dear DPM, who could find time to console a self-professed constipated sodomised victim in the comforts of his palatial home, found it in his “humane” heart to shamelessly demonstrate total indifference to the deaths and mounting problems plaguing this programme. Remember these famous quotes of his?

“….only 14 children have died..” in a pitiful attempt to minimize bad publicity and

“…..many parties are involved” in his reponse to the demands for the suspension of the program after death No.16, on why it was not feasible to stop NS.

NS trainees are shown to be more positive towards the programme and many have become more patriotic. They (trainees) have learned to work as a team and are able to relate to others. The success of national service should not be marred by the recent deaths although not all occurred in the camps.” in one of his efforts to pportray the success of National Service which supposedly has lived up to expectations and commands a high level of support from parents and trainees…….Funnily enough, no parent I know are supportive of it.

How can one expect anyone of a sound mind to send their loved ones to their possible death beds, knowing full well that the ones who initiated and are in charge of this program are more concerned about keeping palms greased rather than the well-being of the trainees. To them, the lives of our children are cheap……..and that’s why you don’t see Najib’s or Hishammudin’s children in National Service, do you?

So what are we going to do about it? Just sit back and accept our fate? That whatever happens is God’s Will? How can one swallow all that, when the deaths are due to the incompetence of the buffoons?

The Human Rights Committee’s recent response to the tragedies in NS quite aptly sums up what we think about the government’s so called solution to racial polarization

“…..a Royal Commission of Inquiry to be immediately established to expeditiously investigate all deaths at the NS camps, and the NS programme itself. In the meantime, the programme must be suspended or terminated. The Government should offer and pay compensation to the families of the victims who have died or suffered at the NS camps without having the families resort to the vagaries of litigation. It is however noted that money will never be able to off-set the loss of a loved one, especially the loss of a child.

The young people of our nation are our country’s hope for the future and they cannot be lost in the way we have witnessed through deaths at the NS camps. The Government must take stock of these incidents and feel the anguish of the parents. Prima facie, the NS programme is regrettably doing more harm than good.”



  1. barbie said

    Many have become more patriotic? In what sense? This is misconstrued patriotism at its best! Not going to NS is not patriotic then? Hell, people should come up with funds, from parents collected to pay fine and save the children, may they one day contribute to the nation building by kicking these dinasour senseless idiotic politicians. That’s far more patriotic than NS. NS to foster unity? Utter crap, you can do that from kindergarten, need not to join some camping programme.

  2. wits0 said

    Saving “Private” Jane. The Bangsatland’s governance don’t have that decency.

    NS to foster patriotism? Big lie. The sort of fake patriotism that rogues take refuge in.

  3. Madame said

    Oh Gosh! Ernie Jo, the poor, poor parents… and I would do exactly what Mr. Lim is doing now….which is continue ignoring the govt 😀

    Our govt is not made up of normal, feeling human beings, I dont know what alien species they belong to…

    Scrap the NS and put our tax dollars to better use, you thugs!

  4. Abracadabra said

    Yes scrap that bloody NS

  5. Medster said

    What I wanna know is how many of our dear BN leaders’ kids have undergone NS training???

  6. missjolie said

    good point Med. I’m also sure, none of their children attend sekolah kebangsaan (correct me if I’m wrong), so why would they bother to exercise an overhaul of our decrepit and ineffecient systems – education, public transport, police personel …

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