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Blogs, love them, hate them

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on September 24, 2008

I, as a semi-avid blogger would shoot myself in the foot for saying that I am generally not a big fan of blogs. It is hard to look for a good blog that does not echo sentiment of propaganda (be it intentional or unintentional, mainstream or otherwise). They hardly tell me the things that I would consider as a beneficial and constructive knowledge.

As for Malaysia political bloggers, since we have no other outlet to present our dissenting views, therefore I do recognise the importance of blogs (be it professional bloggers or not) to stand up against useless BN. These ‘rogue’ blogs form a formidable underground support network. Professional or not, these blogs help spread political awareness amongst Malaysians. As far as I can recall, I would consider Susan Loone’s and RPK’s blogs to be crème de la crème in Malaysian blogosphere. Looking for a crème de la creme can sometimes be like looking for a needle in the haystack. I do echo Madam’s and Barbie’s sentiment, RPK is not a perfect individual, but he is the founding father of political awareness amongst the Malaysians, that is good enough for me to consider him as part of the blogging elites.

I have also come across many blogs that I frown upon (usually issues that are not related to Malaysian politics) and usually, they are propaganda-like, lacking factual accuracy and if there is a bit of truth, it is usually always half-truth ( for example taking a phrase out of context). The mistakes can frequently be identified through referencing non credible and ill-informed bloggers. It could be very well plausible that blogs help them reinforce what they like to read, rather than what they SHOULD be reading. Let’s take an example. If we are to google for information regarding Mahathir, we are more likely to put in the keywords in the search engine as “Mahathir, corrupt, nepotism”, I dare to put a wager that less than 50% of the blog readers in the past 1 year, when looking for information of Mahathir, would have typed in keywords “Mahathir, divine, saint”….. Reading blogs especially with specific words that are tagged, it is much easier now for a targeted, selective and bias reading to reinforce one’s already bias view, what more from a non-professional ill-informed blogger!

Blogs are opinions; most of these opinions are usually more or less echoing along the same line, like black and white. I am not interested in knowing black and white, I already know black and white well and I do not need to read the umpteenth time again to tell me what is black and what is white. The world needs different shades of grey too with some serious critical thinking. Those are the kind of blogs I like, to tell me things that I don’t know. I don’t even mind if these blogs can be having the entirely the same facts as mine long as it arrives to a different conclusion!

Of course, who am I to say that I have exactly been a bipartisan reader when my sources may not be bipartisan at all? Still, I would rather take my bet with these more factually accurate sources. There is always certain degree of possibility to filter facts from propaganda and media spin. But with blogs, is it even a worth a point to filter half-truths from propaganda?


3 Responses to “Blogs, love them, hate them”

  1. Madame said

    Blogs are an individual’s perception whether they be factual or fictional. It’s an individual’s right of expression whether they be responsible or irresponsible….

    I love ’em!!!! 😀

  2. barbie said

    I thought SL echoed RPK most of the time and offer nothing new? 😛 Haha! Good things about blogs, you can easily cross referenced the source of information. You are right on blogs are opinions, then again some opinions are gold, some worth cow dung just like Khir Toyo and Ali Rustam blogs. Some blogs do have certain level of factually accurate sources, but since the person behind the blog most likely never take any journalism course to present things as a matter of fact, often he/she will create some ‘drama’, to entice readers. This may come across as ‘less professional’ because it does not succumb to the acceptable standard of reporting.

  3. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said


    I agree and concur fully with you statement. Except for the alst statement, just say I have love-hate relationship with blogs just like i do with professional media. 😀


    Korek, Korek, Korek! Lol.

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