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On becoming Bangsa Malaysia…

Posted by Madame on September 24, 2008

What does ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ truly mean to you? My understanding of this term would be….Malaysian…that’s it….with nothing else to follow, such as Malaysian Chinese, Malaysian Indian, Malaysian Malay or even this one…Malaysian Lain-Lain. What the heck is Lain-Lain, anyways????

Our current government talks about ‘Bangsa Malaysia’…it seems to be the buzz word right now and is also ‘considered’ very politically correct 😉  Does the current government even know what ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ means? All evidence thus far points to the contrary.

Do we have a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ right now? Nope….we don’t. Despite what the govt says….WE DON’T!

How can we have a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ when we are still identified by our race? How can we have a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ when we are still identified by our religion? How can we have a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ when our system is NOT based on meritocracy? How can we have a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ when we still have race-based political parties? And most importantly, how can we have a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ when Malaysians of Indian and Chinese ethnicity are not enshrined in the Malaysian Constituition?

Dare I say this…..YES…I do! True ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ would mean having a leader based NOT on his ethnicity…but rather, on his capability!

‘Bangsa Malaysia’ will truly come about once we start to look at one another in the same way…once we can see past the colour, creed and language. ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ needs to start first with the schools and the education system. ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ will come into existence once we stop having to fill up all those dumb forms/questionnaires which require you to specify your race or religion.

We strive for a country that truly looks at it’s people as belonging to one race…and a people that identifies itself as only one race….which is, ‘Bangsa Malaysia’….and no ‘Race Relations Act’ is gonna achieve this when the Education system is so flawed in the country.

So, I say….Read my lips… It’s the Education System, Stupid!

Forget the ‘Race Relations Act’ and focus on the Education System!


9 Responses to “On becoming Bangsa Malaysia…”

  1. barbie said

    I remember commenting somewhere on this as well, where I pointed out the root of all problem we are having now – crime, patriotism, unity, unemployment, brain drain, stupid leaders lies in education. Fix the education, you fix everything. You do not need that stupid National Service camp.


    I think we should change the name…Bangsa Malay Sia to Bangsa Asia lah! When u visit Hong Kong..the people will call us ‘Mah lai yan’ means Orang Melayu and they dont call us Chinese/indian or etc…
    We are living in a multiracial country..very muhibah..
    i will call myself ‘Asian’..
    The way Tourism Malaysia promote us ‘Truly Asia…so lets call ourself ‘Asian’.

  3. walski69 said

    And stupid agrees… it IS the damn Education System… which is why I had proposed that it be disemboweled and put-back-together from scratch. Otherwise known, in less gory terms, as overhaul… not tweak, not superglue quickie-fix… and definitely not another stupid Race Relations Act.

    What the heck is that all about, anyway? Decorum for when Formula One comes to town? How Ferrari should be nice to the other teams, and why Alonso needs to attend Sportsmanship 101 classes?

    Seriously… this proposed Race Relations Act that’s gotten “Cabinet approval” (like it actually means something) is nothing more than prolonging race-based politics. Wanna solve the problem once and for all? Simple – remove race from the equation, and while we’re at it, make religion a personal matter and not a matter of state. When we’re all and sundry Malaysians, problem solved.

    No point having another act that we’re ill-equipped and unwilling to enforce (on the real culprits, like UMNO)…

    On a slightly tangential note, wanna be part of the latest & greatest virtual gameshow cum opinion poll at myAsylum, Who Wants To Be Malaysia’s Most Hated?

  4. WTF said

    You are so right. Proper education is the key, to instil the spirit of Bansa Malaysia from tender age.

    However, how could we achieve that aspiration of integrated Bangsa Malaysia when our rotten politicians are so so racially biased and divided, over almost everything.

    They are supposedly to be our role model, yet they do not practice what they preach. Our leader does not admonish those incite racial tension, but incarcerate the journalist who reported the incident. The guilty one is allowed to get away scot-free.

    How could we end up having these bunch of politicians, so called the leaders of our nation ? Guess they are the by products of our current abominable education system.

  5. erniejean said

    Now you know why the govn is screwing up our Education system big time? They don’t want Malaysian to wise up……cos if we did, they’d be jobless!!

    So, in order to overhaul our education system ,first thing we’ve gotta do is get rid of the main cause……..

  6. Madame said

    Walski69…..well said! I’m all for a secularism. State n religion should remain separate!

  7. abi said

    I agree! Our Education system needs a TOTAL Overhaul. But having said that, not by the moron’s who have been running the show for the last 51 years. There is no way in hell that they are going to come up with something good enough thats worthy of a decent education system .

    If we allow them to start tweaking the system, we are definitely going to have a bunch of confused kids coming out of our system.

    Please take over Pakatan and let Tony Pua go and audit the current system before any overhaul is decided!

    My 2 cents 🙂

  8. sam said

    I think Bangsa malaysia also means caring and showing you care…to all

    RPK’s wife – Marina’s message from her first visit to Kamunting yesterday:
    “Her husband’s greatest worry, she said, was that three months down the road, the public would have forgotten his existence…”He told me, ‘Please tell them not to forget me’,” Marina said…

    My reply:
    We/I will not forget you RPK. The campaigns to free you will continue and I`ll continue sending cards to you…for your birthday, for raya, deepavali, christmas, new year, even when there are no festivities…I hope to God, though, that you will be out before all those festivities…the biggest festivity, however, will be the celebration when you are released…but I`ll still keep sending you cards and greetings…We/I will not forget you…and just in case I get amnesia, I got your pic and the animated candle each time I start up my computer, to remind me…

    I`m sending cards everyday…if you don’t get them, then those flers are not passing them to you…

    Show him, tell him…we care…and we will not forget him…

    YM. Raja Petra Kamarudin
    Tempat Tahanan Perlindungan,
    34009 Kamunting,

  9. missjolie said

    I couldn’t agree more with u abi on that point. Our unavailing education system needs an overhaul. Until they realise that, there is only one direction our generation is headed towards…take a wild guess.

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