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Seriously, I Am So Fed Up!

Posted by Foodie on September 26, 2008


They say that, the truth shall set you free. Apparently, knowledge is also supposed to do that…set you free that is. But try telling that to RPK, who’s being detained under the ISA for 2 years in a place dubbed ‘peace hill‘ aka Kamunting for speaking out the truth concerning many things and also possessing quite a bit of ‘knowledge’ at the same time, regarding many issues that many Malaysians have been kept in the dark for far too long.

Apart from the detainment, he’s also been ordered to undergo religious rehabilitation. According to officials, his articles are considered malicious and seditious. Well that’s what the Home Minister claims. If you ask me, it’s because he’s been discussing sensitive issues with regards to how Islam is being practised in Malaysia. He’s not slamming the religion in my humble opinion. He’s merely highlighting the hypocrisy.

As if the rehabilitation would change the mindset of a person that easily, is simply too naive for anyone to accept really. I mean we are talking about RPK, someone who is not only strong willed, highly opinionated and at the same time possess such overwhelming conviction in his beliefs, that he is willing to risk everything by writing openly about the sensitive issues plaguing us of late, knowing very well he could end up in this precarious postition one fine day. Let us ponder this for a second. Can ‘piousness‘ be achieved and forced into a person’s consciousness merely through rehabilitation? Or are we talking about a different form of rehabilitation perhaps. I believe it’s called torture? Torturing him might do the job far better if you ask me. Rehabilitation alone, will not eventuate to anything, suffice to say. So I presume after the two years, RPK is expected to walk out of Kamunting a new man, reborn with an entirely different opinion? That is if he doesn’t die of a mysterious illness in the process. If indeed he gets to survive the two years and walks out alive a rehabilitated man at that, I’ll be damned if they have not performed a brain transplant on him; or plastic surgery ala Face Off (Hollywood action blockbuster starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage)!

Seriously, I don’t understand the stigma attached to discussions or constructive criticisms pertaining to religion. Unless it is being used as an instrument to racially divide the people? After all religion has to move with the times in my opinion and can be achieved through dialogue. As we move and progress forward as a developing nation, religion also has to be updated so that it can be progressive like the nation and people we wish to be. Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation is far more progressive in this respect compared to Malaysia.

If we seriously want our nation to move forward, nothing and no one(race) should be left behind. Everything has to move in tandem. Otherwise there would be conflicts and dissent.  Our forefathers agreed for the NEP to be passed because they too agreed that no race should be left behind. I believe in the spirit of the NEP. Unfortunately, it has been used not to help the Malays as such but rather to enrich the pockets of those in the ruling elite circle. We still see poverty in the kampungs and the orang aslis are still living in abject poverty not to mention the minorities who are being squeezed to a corner with no where to go. The wealthier ones can afford to migrate but what about the ones who cannot afford to? They will fight of course. It is the basic instinct of  human nature. When you have no means of survival, fighting for it, would be the only solution. And who do we have to thank for all this? Our dear TDM. The result of our country’s demise, mismanagement, rife and institutionalized corruption, racially divisive politics is all thanks to TDM’s doing. Can it be undone?

It is evident, a change of government is in the horizon (my fingers and toes tightly crossed). If I were Pak Lah and I knew that my time was up I would at least fix things up a bit before I left.  Obviously sir, the rakyat is no longer satisfied with the way the country is being run. NOW, if I were in your shoes (Guccis I presume), I would choose to leave a legacy behind before I resign or retire or get booted out (whichever suits your fancy). It would look very good in the resume for one. Would it not? 😛 For starters, you could abolish the ISA tomorrow. That would make A LOT of Malaysians happy. Hell, that might even change the people’s mind about the vote of no confidence. Secondly, you could urge and I mean sincerely urge Zaid Ibrahim to return as Law Minister and give him the full mandate to carry on with the reform of our judiciary system, amongst other things. It’s really not that hard to win the people’s faith back. You may be weak but at least I think you’re not ruthless like TDM. Mahathir ruled with an iron fist but the general consensus is that you, Pak Lah rule with a tofu fist. You could do with a lot more firmness. For once, couldn’t you just DO THE RIGHT thing and think about the legacy you COULD leave behind?

Tunku Abdul Rahman is the father of democracy. I’m sure you’d like to be remembered as the father of tomfoolery reformasi? So allow me to reiterate, firstly, thou shalt abolish the ISA,  secondly, carry out with the reform of our ineffectual judiciary, then reunite the races and propose for a Bangsa Malaysia. (the list goes on, but these three should be good for starters). We Beg of You.  Of all the people you should listen to, is the rakyat. If you do the following, I bet you my Jimmy Choos, you would be remembered very differently(and fondly too) than if you were to continue with your  foolish and draconian acts.


15 Responses to “Seriously, I Am So Fed Up!”

  1. barbie said

    I don’t have Jimmy Choos to bet with, but I can bet with Jimmi Chus 😛 Very good and honest post miss jolie! You rock! Abdullah should make a decision to be known as Bapa Taufu or Bapa Reformasi, pick his beef.

  2. missjolie said

    You ROCK more! 😀

  3. Abracadabra said

    Absolutely stupendously marvelous piece of article. I love it. Reading it infuriates me about the gomen. I would like to bet with my Vehlethino shoes! Ok not?

  4. missjolie said

    Abracadabra, i love u already. With barbie’s jimmi chus and yr Vehlethino shoes, how can ANYONE resist?! 😉

  5. You bunch of yellow-bellied whiners USED RPK. You idiots cheered him on and prodded him to produce more and more “revelations” while pledging to join him arm-in-arm in battle against the SupremeWarlords of this country.

    This poor old chap took your collective words — plus Anwar’s 916 stunt — and became a one-man battering ram against the might of the State. And you sleazoids gleefully post the same old UMNO-hating, Malay-hating utterly racist turd at the bottom of every new posting, protected by the anonymity of cyberspace. In fact, not more 20-30 of you hard-core RPK junkies account for 90% of the posts, regurgitating the same old message of hate against the Malays.

    But when the hero in this telénovela ended up in the hellhole, what happened? You chickensh!ts don’t even dare to sign the petitions, let alone push his cause on the streets.

    RPK (and poor Marina and kids) were conned by you scums. You idiots outsourced and sub-con your politicking to him while you cheer him on from the comfort of your beds and plush offices. Damn you cowards!

    Marina, close down MT. These cyber-parasites don’t deserve your attention. Damn parasites.

    Oh yes, RPK is doomed. He’s gonna get it big time from the SupremeWarlords. Oh, forget Anwar. He’s just like you people. Use others for his cause.

    Damn, how can you leeches sleep at night after what you did to RPK and family!

  6. missjolie said

    Enforcer, many of us here are not only attending vigils but organising vigils mind you. and the petition? signed long time ago.

  7. missjolie said

    I would appreciate it if u didn’t put words in my mouth re: hate malays part. This is precisely what we DON’T need. And appreciate it if you didn’t come barging in with that holier than thou attitude to assume you’re the only hero out there who’s fighting for the plight of RPK. the person you should blame is the one who put him in ISA in the first place. Focus on the issue.

  8. Abracadabra said

    Not all the dandies are yellow 😀

    what a bumptious presumption.

  9. Abracadabra said

    Enforcer didn’t read all of the dandies’ post. Obviously he didn’t know htat there are posts that do not worship namawee. jump into conclusion so fast. what a dumb ass

  10. missjolie said

    LOL…..yeah I’m not yellow too btw, I believe I’m a light medium brown…:D

  11. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said


    Can you ask yourself this question before your accusations? Are you willing to risk ISA and reeducation camp by organising a mass rally to free RPK? Some of the Dandies have risked police and ISA, what about you? have you been interrogated by law enforcement officers or tear-gassed? do you want to be part of it? Some of the dandies (not me, i am not that great) have the power to put themselves and you on media front page for UMNO and BN to see… So do you like to take up the challenge? Walk the talk?

  12. Madame said


    Honestly….this is the one of the best articles that I have read in a while. Written with honesty and humor 😀 Good job!

    The Enforcer,

    You are rather presumptious, aren’t you??!! I suggest you do a little soul-searching yourself before you attempt ‘slamming’ others. Btw, I dont RPK would be too impressed by your racial over-tones either….

  13. Gunnfan said

    Martin Luther King died for his love! Kennedy died talking about something he couldn’t even understand, some kind of generalized love, and he never even backed it up! He was shot down! Bullshit, “Love is the only weapon with which I got to fight”. I’ve got a hell of a lot of weapons to fight! I got my claws, I got cutlasses, I got guns, I got dynamite, I got a hell of a lot of fight! I’ll fight! I’ll fight! I will fight! I will fight! I will fight! I will fight!

    Let them hear it in the night! Yes, we’ll fight! They’re listening. Let the night roar! Let the night roar, because they can hear us, they know we mean it. We’ll kill them if they come!

    Mao Tse Tung said change must come
    Change must come thru the barrel of a gun
    Not thru talkin’ and not through waitin’
    And sittin’ around just contemplatin’ the facts
    ‘Cos we know what they are
    So let Mao Tse Tung be your guidin’ star
    Pick up a gun and learn how to fight
    All thru the day and all thru the night
    ‘Til come the day when the last fight’s won
    I want you to listen, son
    ‘Cos Mao Tse Tung said change must come
    Thru the barrel of a gun
    I want you to listen, son
    Change must come
    Change must come thru the barrel of a gun

    Mao Tse Tung said
    Change must come
    Mao Tse Tung said
    Change must come
    Mao Tse Tung said
    Change must come
    Change must come thru the barrel of a gun

    Okay. What was the basic premise of Mao? Mao Tse Tung said there’s only one way a revolution can come. Do you know, Millie? How did Mao Tse Tung say the only way you can bring a revolution and keep it?

    Where you— onliest way I think you can keep it is by being at peace and being honorable.

    Oh, shit, I ain’t— no— “being at peace”? Mao Tse Tung said that?


    No no no no—

    Wait a minute— Oh—

    —he’s the head of China. He’s the head of the Revolution of China.

    No, I’m sorry.

    He marched 6000 people…on the Long March.

    I had my mind on something else.

    Okay then, wha— wha— what’d he say? There only one way you can bring about a revolution for people.

    Only way you can— only way you can bring it on, that by— is by killing.

    Well, what— yes, that’s okay, I’m going to let you pass it —but what’d he say? He had a nice little phrase that everybody should know. “Change only comes—”


    You got it. “Change comes through…”

    “—through— by a barrel of gun.”

    That’s right, senior. And that’s good. ‘Cos you by rights would have every reason to forget some things. “Change must come through the barrel of gun,” said Mao Tse Tung. This place would be a paradise tomorrow if every department had a supervisor with a submachine gun.

    Let them hear it in the night! Yes, we’ll fight! Let the night roar, because they can hear us, they know we mean it. We’ll kill them if they come!

    Mao Tse Tung said
    Change must come
    Mao Tse Tung said
    Change must come
    Mao Tse Tung said
    Change must come
    Change must come thru the barrel of a gun

    – Alabama 3

  14. missjolie said

    Madame, you are too kind! Your comment just made my day… not wait … MONTH! 😀

    One more thing I’d like to highlight and that is, we the Dandelions are made up of a beautiful diverse mix, ranging from ‘all ages’ ;P , all sexes and all walks of life … yellow, olive, brown, dark brown, light brown, pale, white, pink, purple, green (whatever colour you like to distinguish each race with) … we respect and ‘love’ one another despite our differences, be it colour, opinions and religion. However if I may speak on behalf of the rest…we all more or less believe in the 3 basic principles which our country should be governed. They are; transparency, meritocracy and unity. Only then can we propel forward (given our resources) and compete on the global arena. Hell if Malaysia was managed well from the start, we’d be as advanced as Singapore today…if not better!

  15. barbie said

    “In fact, not more 20-30 of you hard-core RPK junkies account for 90% of the posts, regurgitating the same old message of hate against the Malays.”

    Enforcer is damn good at putting shits in people’s mouth. Point out which post in this blog ‘regurgitating the same old message of hate against the Malays’?

    “You chickensh!ts don’t even dare to sign the petitions, let alone push his cause on the streets.”

    Gah! Signed the petition long time ago. Some of us were on the streets before supporting the cause propelled by RPK or his comrades alike, so you shut your smelly mouth before jumping into conclusion.

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