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Rais To Lead In Fight Against Islamphobia…….Success Rate Anyone?

Posted by ErnieJean on September 26, 2008

The Star, Friday September 26, 2008

KL to fight ‘Islamophobia’


NEW YORK: Malaysia has pledged to be at the forefront of an international effort to fight “Islamophobia”. (Wallau!!! Malaysia Boleh!!)

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said that Malaysia had agreed to work with the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) to play a more positive role in the effort.

To counter the “illogical” portrayals of Islam, he said an international forum would be held early next year in the United States to be attended by the heads of government, scholars and representatives from organisations linked with religious tolerance. (Wonder what would happen if the same forum were to be held here in Malaysia….hhhmmmm……)

Briefing Malaysian journalists here on Wednesday of his meeting with OIC secretary-general Ekmeleddin Ihsa-noglu, Dr Rais said there should be a more accurate portrayal of the religion. (Accurate portrayal? Islam Hadhari?)

The minister, who is leading Malaysia’s delegation to the United Nations General Assembly here, said the OIC had expressed the need for Malaysia’s involvement in the effort.

“If we, as a member nation of the OIC, do not give our co-operation, then we would be failing as a member of the OIC,” he added.

Dr Rais said the United States was picked to host the forum because of “the diverse views of religions here.”

“This is also where Sept 11 took place,” he said, referring to the terrorist attacks here in 2001.

He also hoped that the forum would open a new window to better understanding of civilisation, adding that he would present a report to the Cabinet on the plans for the forum.

What a joke!!!

How successful do you think this effort to fight Islamphobia will be, with Malaysia leading the way, when, in the first place, there’s no clear and committed effort by the Malaysian government to allay the fears and suspicion of Islam on the home front??

And what grand scheme of plans do you think this man, who came up with the “brilliant” proposal for all women going abroad to obtain written consent from their family in order to combat the drug mule problem earlier this year, would be able to conjure up in order to counter the negative perception of Islam?

By the way, this is NOT about commenting on the religion itself, but rather, It is about SORTING OUT THE PROBLEMS AT HOME FIRST BEFORE TRYING TO SORT OTHERS’!!!!

So, while Malaysia tries to portray herself as a “progressive and liberal” Muslim state to the international community, remember these?

  • Lina Joy, and many more harrassment of the convert wannabes?
  • Maniam Moorthy, and many more body snatcher incidences?
  • Revathi Massosai, and many more detainees in the Islam Rehabilitation Centers?
  • Bar Council’s forum on conversion issues affecting the Non-Muslims, which had to end abruptly due to mob-like protestors, seemingly aided and condoned by the law-enforcers?
  • Raja Petra Kamarudin’s ISA detention on the pretext (and the Home Minister’s half-baked reasoning) that he insulted Islam in one of his articles? FYI, they have yet to officially reply to the queries as to exactly where and which statement was insulting.
  • Teresa Kok’s wrongful ISA detention for supposedly asking the Azan to slowed down? Of course, we all know who defamed her and got away with it, scot free. 
  • UMNO’S constant abuse of the religion for political mileage and invoking “religious sensitivities”, in their attempt to remain relevant as they realised their “Malay Supremacy” war cry was no longer bringing in support.

 Let me give you a little heads up, Mr. Foreign Minister, from the point of view of a fellow level-headed Malaysian and I quote him,

“The fight against Islamophobia should be two pronged.”

“It is not only about educating the Non-Muslims, but it should also be about Muslims condeming the actions of extremists (monsters who call themselves jihad fighters). Silence always gives the wrong impression that the Muslims approve of and condone those actions”


One Response to “Rais To Lead In Fight Against Islamphobia…….Success Rate Anyone?”

  1. wits0 said

    Phobia is the wrong word. It’s dishonest to impute that others’ fear is basically irrational. Expect success some more. Hahaha!

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