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Rebranding, The Key To Resuscitate…….

Posted by ErnieJean on September 30, 2008

Remember after the Political Tsunami in March this year, after suffering heavy heavy losses, partners in the ruling coalition attempted to do some soul searching to see where they went wrong…..and guess what? Till today, they are still searching for the answer…..that must be some real lousy politicial and PR strategists they have in their stables, huh?

UMNO blamed it on political bloggers and freedom of speech. Action taken? ISA whichever bugger deemed irritating;

MCA said it was not their fault. Action taken? Continue with their “No Action, Talk Only” policy, while kissing the feet of the keris-wielding Lords;

And MIC?

They decided to blame it on their “out-dated image” and unleased a very expensive Re-Branding Exercise earlier this year, with new taglines, membership discount cards, new logo, new uniforms, new hair-pieces (?)………

A call centre will be established to entertain problems, and a new portal to replace the party’s current website will also be launched.

An MIC discount card will also be given to members for use at selected outlets.

“We are expecting total penetration of this image change within a two-year period.

“A detailed action plan will also be communicated to all grassroots leaders via some 140 meetings to be held in all branches from district to district,” he said, adding that the complete exercise would cost some RM500,000.

I must say, MIC is definitely working their asses off to ensure the success of this “Image Overhaul” Project………..

Check out what they’ve been up to lately :

K.Basil, MIC Division Head of Bukit Katil, Malacca and fellow MiCkey Mouse stamping their seal of approval on the Ali Rustam’s proposal for tapioca plates. (Another more apt term to describe this would be “to kiss ass” :P)

Yummy utensil: K. Basil (left), one of NHI directors, tasting the biodegradable plate at the Al-Azim state mosque Sunday.

And then we have this….

SHAH ALAM: About 100 MIC members demonstrated here to protest the demolition of a Hindu temple by the Ampang Jaya Municipal council recently. (Wonder where they were hiding all these while before PR took over……)

The crowd, which included Indian NGOs, protested at the main gate of the Selangor secretariat building yesterday morning.

Mohan (centre) handing over the memorandum to Nik Nazmi in Shah Alam yesterday.
List of grievances: Mohan (centre) handing over the memorandum to Nik Nazmi in Shah Alam yesterday.

Organiser T. Mohan, who is MIC Youth chief, said the PKR government had lied to the people that they would not tear down any places of worship.

“They said no temples would be destroyed, what happened now?” Mohan told reporters the MIC was unhappy with the state government’s action to demolish the Sri Mahakaliaman temple after he presented a memorandum to Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s political secretary, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.

The 19-year-old temple was built on forest reserve. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times between 2002 and 2007.

Asked why the MIC did not solve the issue then, Mohan said the party had taken action and that was why the temple was rebuilt. (Betul ke ni?)

And how can we forget the MAN himself, PR Maestro, King of Self-Publicity!!!!
Nice hair, Mr. Value 😛

“It’s about time that they are released as they pose no danger to the security of the country.

“The government should not hold them any longer as it will prolong the Indian community’s ill-feelings towards the government,” said the former works minister in a statement today. (*Mock Gasp*!!! You mean, all these while, the govn has been running this country according to what makes them politically popular rather than what’s right?)

Samy Vellu said that the five should be released unconditionally.

“They only voiced out the problems and the frustrations of the Indian community.

“Similarly, the MIC has also been doing the same for the past few decades … so why detain them any longer?” he asked. (Wah! Wah! Salute!!!! Master in action here folks!!!)Don’t you just love the way he twists and turns the issue to his advantage?

Isn’t it funny that, after having so many Post-Election meetings, these headless chickens can only come up with such hilarious and shallow post mortem analysis and damage control measures?


7 Responses to “Rebranding, The Key To Resuscitate…….”

  1. With guys like these around, who needs the comedy channel anymore. Such entertaining clowns they can be 😀

  2. abi said

    I cant wait to see wat Comedy court has got to say about MIC! Nothing but a pure joke. This is yet another political stunt since they dont have much to do nowdays they look out for new avenue’s to go out and gain some media coverage.

    Its ironic how the guys that ran the nation for 50 over years are suddenly concern about temple’s and about the hindraf 5!

    Maybe that’s part of their new “brand” the only thing new i see with MIC is the new brand of shirts mr value has decided to use(collar outta the suit etc)

    waste of time, racial politics is rubbish and as a Indian myself, i don’t need a party to watch out for my very existence. I need a real party who is interested in a Malaysia for ALL Malaysians!

  3. Madame said

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA….Sorry, Ernie…I just had to laugh…. MIC and Mr. Helmut Head 😀

    MIC are totally irrelevant, useless and have long outstayed their welcome! 😉

  4. Angela Ooi said

    Another bout of verbal diarrhoea from Smelly-lu himself.

  5. Charlie Joe said

    Samy, Your shelf life has expired. GET LOST..!!!!
    The BN puppets in that Town Council have been lucky to be retained by the new State Govt..
    Yet, they create all this nonsense.. Ungrateful scums………… PR should review all the other Councils under their jurisdiction and make them sign some undertaking… Not to creat havoc for us..
    Otherwise, ISA them…

  6. wits0 said

    Not even really a good joke but a sick sort from ’em. They have used the MSM to spew so much propaganda that they actually do believe in ’em rubbish themselves. Delusion in place of Reality ; Image instead of Substance. That all people are forever dolts.

  7. Kabiran said

    Most Malaysians, especially the Indians view Samy as a guard dog for the UMNO because he was literally feeding off them. There are so many shady deals such as MAIKA, Telekom shares and now the Tamil School land and probably much more. He has together with Mahathir another half Indian brought the Indians to the lowest levels in societies. Most of the politicians associated with him had been linked to gangsterism or cheats. These were the apparent pre qualification before he accepted them. It’s shame these two can still appear in public. We are talking about Indians who were brought in as indentured labourers, exploited for generations on the estates and finally given the boot when the lands were developed as housing schemes. They had never received a single monthly fixed salary and literally slaved on the lands. The only rebranding we can think of is to trash out the Samy brand and there will be many who are waiting to spit on his grave.

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