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Visit Me As Your Friend (Please?), Says Mr. “Outgoing” PM

Posted by ErnieJean on October 8, 2008

 I’ve always looked forward to visiting friends during the festive season, be it at open houses or thru private invitations. After all, that’s usually the only time where we get to meet each others’ family members and catch up on what’s been happening with them, while wishing those celebrating the occasion well.

PUTRAJAYA: During a visit to the Prime Minister’s Department (JPM) Hari Raya open house, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi reminded civil servants that open houses should be used as an opportunity to bond and appreciate friends.

“Open houses are not only for Hari Raya, but also other festivals like Deepavali, Christmas and Chinese New Year. It is to establish friendship without any (ulterior) motives.

“I hope there are no groups here who do not wish to celebrate Hari Raya, but have other intentions,” he said.

He was referring to the Hindraf supporters who came to the Hari Raya open house he and other ministers had hosted on Oct 1 at Putra World Trade Centre, where they asked him to repeal the Internal Security Act (ISA) and release the five Hindraf leaders held under it.

– The Star, Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Under normal circumstances, the above would seem like an awfully wise advice from a very wise old man…..(?).

I really hate to burst your bubble Mr. PM……but if you haven’t realised it yet, most visitors to UMNO/BN’s open houses have nothing but ulterior motives…….the FOOD and the MONEY PACKETS. You seriously think they wanna be your “F.R.I.E.N.D.S“!!?? (“Cronies” perhaps…cos I also want).

Doesn’t this just goes to show how terribly “unaware” he is of everything around him.

Anyway, try taking the “grub and RM” away next year and see if you can still achieve your 10K, 20K visitors to proclaim over the MSMs.

At least those termed as “trouble-makers” from Hindraf and Hartal ISA (somehow the MSMs seem to have forgotten about this other group led by Haris Ibrahim….wonder why?) had a more “honorable” ulterior motive……….all they wanted was to present T-shirts and memos to plea for the release of the wrongful detained decent citizens (while criminals continue to gleefully roam the streets).
It was just too bad the “bodyguards” in blue decided that the dressing code did not allow yellow and black Tees with “Abolish ISA” or “Hindraf” wordings.
Remember folks.....These are "No-NO"s at UMNO's open houses, yar?

Remember folks....These are "No-Nos" at certain open houses, yar?

Btw, do correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it a tad bit RUDE of the open house host to be hiding out with the “elite VVIP” crowd on the 4th Floor instead of mingling with the lesser mortals who should matter the most?

3 Responses to “Visit Me As Your Friend (Please?), Says Mr. “Outgoing” PM”

  1. Jarod said

    anything also they are correct x3!

    MIB also “blainless” lah… Look at T-Shirt to forbid ppl entering the jamuan .. not that they play drum or anything that disturb ppl… sad.

    MIB=Men In Blue

  2. mesoso said raya we all dont go their open house lor..we can always go to our neighbor’s place mah..

    barbie..u open your house, i sure come..i bring food some more..hehe


  3. Angela Ooi said

    Come on PM, if we lost this opportunity to get to you, how can we, the non VVIPs get to go directly in front of you and tell you to abolish ISA.

    It was so frustrating to watch the many, many foreigners going in while we ‘Malaysians’ were being kept out just cos we were wearing ‘unsuitable RPK’ shirts. However, they relented in the end and we managed to snuck in to where our PM was and delivered our message.

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