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People Watching….At The Neighbourhood Gym……

Posted by ErnieJean on October 14, 2008

I love people-watching. The way they dress, walk, interact……….So much so that I wouldn’t mind at all being all by my lonesome self at some cafe, with a nice yoghurt smoothie perhaps, plonk myself onto a table, preferably right in front of where the human traffic is,  just watch the world go by.

Recently, I got myself signed up with one of those mega gym centres. You know the ones that look really hip and cool, ultra trendy with dance club standard piped in music? Yes, I gave in to their seduction too, I admit……But on the positive end of it, I am seeing some really nicely toned limbs and abs on me.

Anyway, these gyms are actually a god-sent breeding ground for all sorts of interesting human specimens to watch. Here is where the most insecure, the most confident, the vainest of all pots, Toms, Dicks and Harries….you name it and you’ve got it….come together under one roof, breathe in the same air-conditioned air, lift each other’s sweat stain off from the gym equipments, etc…all for one common goal……to boost one’s health and shape up at the same time.

So, while going through my routine weight training workouts, I’ve made some pretty interesting observations:

1. Forget about those macho men with tight pecs and even tighter butts “eyeing” you……they are too busy checking themselves out in front of those wall-to-wall mirrors… about “self-love” to the extreme.

2. Only “Boys” and “Dirty Old Men” oogle at chicks openly in the gym. (“Boys” meaning scawny geeks who may have hit adulthood but voice still very much “unbroken”). Real Men? They do it too but with “admirable” strategies to protect one’s “manly self-respect” such as discreetly, from the corner of their eyes and chanced “bumping into you while on their way to the water cooler”. 

3. When personal trainers are extraodinarily friendly and sometimes, to the extent of being slightly flirty, don’t worry…….it’s not because they are interested in getting to know you in person, but rather, they are trying to get you to sign one of them up as your Personal Trainer, for a fee of around RM140 per session!!!!!

4. Macho women? Haven’t come across one yet. Perhaps they go to the really hard core gyms where the personal trainers whips with lassos to get them into shape.

5. Surprisingly, there are more men with “drool-worthy” bodies than ladies….wonder why….hhhmmmmmm (well, in this particular gym that I go to anyway).

6. Social consciousness and common courtesy is still very much to be desired……..gym-goers still just can’t be bothered to clean up the equipments with their towels after using. How difficult can it be, to wipe the surfaces where one’s sweat come in contact with? And don’t even get me started with their toilet etiquette. Sigh!!!!

7. I know I may be ruffling some feathers here, but it’s really true!!! Those who go for those dance class such as “Body Jam”, “MTV Jam”, “Dance Mania”, etc seemed to be usually the Aunties, Ah-Beng/Ah-Lian Disco “Kakis”, He-Geeks and She-Geeks…….

8. So where do the cool dudes and dudettes (and anyone else who wants to be in the cool category of course) go for their workout classes? They seem to prefer those classes that are more “gym-relevant” such as “Body Pump”, “Body Combat”, etc. 

9. Any gym-bunny worth his/her salt will only have one facial expression and one style of strutting……….the “Posh Spice” Pout and a fashion runway walk!!!!!

10. Wanna look like a seasoned gym-ster? Wear those gym/weight training gloves. It doesn’t matter if one looks totally lost in the sea of gym equipments, as long as the gloves are on, one has the license to strut around like some “tai-kor”.

11. Only folks, who are not particularly trim, fit or young, have the “gumption” to walk around the locker room in all their glory. *gag*

12. And last but not least, like most gyms, there are the fair share of the usual loud grunters/groaners/moaners, heavy sweaters and the worst of them all, the equipment hoarders, who don’t seem to be least interested in respecting everyone else’s personal space and or aware of other members’ rights.


12 Responses to “People Watching….At The Neighbourhood Gym……”

  1. ella-mae said

    oh wow… how dare they who are not fit, trim or young to walk around the way that makes u gag! shocking isnt it? maybe we should take it one step forward and ban those who are not fit, young or trim from gyms ;;;)))))))))))

  2. barbie said

    Hmm, gym is not the place to oogle chicks lah, trim and fit chicks (or men) don’t need to go to the gym, no? once in a while, probably can see slim, body to kill chicks. Or course, men with over pumped body tend to hang out most of the time at the gym, hence the chances of seeing them (body worthy) at the gym are higher than the females. These men are obsessed gym freaks, spend hours on the machines to look like oversized beef cakes. I remember a story from a friend, he went to this gym, where most of the guys so beefed up compared to my friend’s flabby, belly protruding body, when they went for shower (naked of course) my friend got the biggest ego boost of the day, because apparently his kukujiao is the ‘most beefed up’ among those muscle men. MUAHAHAHAHAHHA! Muscle men with small kukujiaos.. hmm.. not a pretty sight. MUAHAHAHAAA!

  3. ella-mae said

    barbie, that is soo funny.

    i didn’t realise walking from one equipment to another wearing gym gloves can give one a tai-kor look? i guess a person should rem to remove their gloves when switching from one equipment to another ;;;;;)))))))) would make them look less tai-kor i guess ;;;;)))))

    and don’t tennis players grunt (or yell) too when they hit hard? i’m not a tennis player but i know that grunting is a way for those lifting heavy weights to “let out air” and increases abdominal pressure and the support of the spine when they lift/pull or press ;;;;;))))))))read up valsalva maneuver and you might understand better why weight trainers grunt ;;;;))))))) more weights = more muscle mass = more body fat loss = in other words… its all good.

    and dont get me started on those who sweat heavily… sheeesh!! how dare they sweat so much! disgusting pigs they must be ;;;;;;)))))) oh i am just kidding ;;;;))))))

  4. Gee, thank the good Lord I don’t go to any gym cos I wonder what you’d be saying about me … LOL!

    Oh and I people watch like crazy too …

  5. erniejean said

    LOL!!! Of course there are reasons for everything lah, from the grunts, the glove wearing, to the “hanging out”….

    Psstt…btw, I’m a glove wearer too……other than it really helping in protecting my hands from callouses, I must admit, it’s rather cool looking too 😛

    Do keep in mind though, the above was basically an OBSERVATION, and NOT an OPINION of what should be and what not should be. It’s all “tongue in cheek” ya? ;D

  6. missjolie said

    11. Only folks, who are not particularly trim, fit or young, have the “gumption” to walk around the locker room in all their glory. *gag*

    -I don’t think this is truelah. In fact I think they are very very self conscious. Only the ones Barbie mentioned, the ones all beefed up and know they are well endowed have the gumption to really bare all. I know I wouldn’t dare to parade myself naked in the locker for fear of being laughed at or ridiculed.

  7. Abracadabra said

    i don’t people watch, i ogle, EVERYWHERE!

  8. ella-mae said

    oh, observations and opinion aren’t the same…oh gee i didn’t know that ;;;;;;)))))))) ;;;;;)))))))))))))

    Reminds me of Sarah Palin when she made a mess of defending herself after making disparaging remarks about Biden’s age when she herself might just be a HEARTBEAT away from being the President of the United States, should McCain/Palin win the upcoming election.

    Anyhoo, MissJolie, there are people who aren’t so trim who change in locker rooms rather than using the provided alternative. personally, I would salute these men and women who are not as self conscious as one would expect them to be. We should celebrate our bodies and not be self conscious about not looking like those magazine models or Hollywood figures 😉

    an aunt of mine got herself enrolled into a dance class recently, with some of her friends. it’s a ladies only dance class. these women are in their 60s. i saw her recently and i thought the classes must have helped her alot because i noticed she now walks with a “bounce” in her steps :::)))))

    Nick, I people watch too ;;;;;))))))))

  9. Madame said

    I love ppl watching too…but preferrably in a more relaxed environment…gyms are just too much hard work for me 😀

    Barbie….Iv actually heard that one before, highly muscled men hv small kukujiaos 😀 Its about proportions….you can build up body muscle but sadly the kukujiao stays the same 😀

    Hmmmm….Wonder what Schwarzernegger’s schlong would look like??? LMAO*

  10. barbie said

    Ehem, they have kukujiao ‘workout’ also, to build it up, some traditional massage. HAHAHAHAHA! Quite a messy ‘workout’ I heard.

    Hmm, actually highly muscled men have small kukujiaos it not entirely true, it’s just when their body size increased, the kukujiao size stays the same, hence the impression of it’s getting ‘smaller’. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Re Arnold, nobody ever get him to model for underwear, so we know why 😛

  11. Cherubim said

    ROFL Barbie!!!

  12. Junah said

    7. I know I may be ruffling some feathers here, but it’s really true!!! Those who go for those dance class such as “Body Jam”, “MTV Jam”, “Dance Mania”, etc seemed to be usually the Aunties, Ah-Beng/Ah-Lian Disco “Kakis”, He-Geeks and She-Geeks…….

    8. So where do the cool dudes and dudettes (and anyone else who wants to be in the cool category of course) go for their workout classes? They seem to prefer those classes that are more “gym-relevant” such as “Body Pump”, “Body Combat”, etc.

    Interesting observation.

    I’m just curious – What type of people than in your opinion populate the yoga classes?

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