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Let’s All Support Utusan’s Freedom To Write Whatever…. (!!??)

Posted by ErnieJean on October 15, 2008

I must admit, when I first read about a particular blogger supposedly, in the name of “Press Freedom” and “Freedom of Speech”, defended the decision of UMNO and Utusan Malaysia to raise funds and counter sue Teresa Kok, I was, needless to say, pretty disappointed. After all, I’ve been an avid reader of that person’s blog since goodness knows when and I had expected more than this.
Describing Teresa Kok’s decision to sue as “….those who complain about the mainstream media being muzzled by the authorities are also the ones who sue these media at the slightest provocation” is a tad bit unfair, don’t you think? After all, it was because of Utusan’s irresponsible reporting that got Teresa ISA-ed……I seriously don’t think that justifies the “slightest provocation” bit, do you?
We’re all for “freedom of speech” and “freedom of the press”, but come on, it’s already a known and proven fact that when Utusan Malaysia posted the “Azan” story, it was done with malicious intent and without an ounce of truth. Hey, I thought the press freedom thingy was supposed to come with the responsibilities and one of then is to report as truthfully as possible?
Are we supposed to be supporting this latest “freedom to express” by Utusan too?
Remember that face folks, for it is the face of an "Ass-Kisser"

Chamil Wariya with Badawi. Remember that face well, folks.

Lim had read aloud an excerpt of the article penned by Datuk Chamil Wariya, a former magazine group editor, which described the assassination of a fictitious political figure called “YBJ” whom he alleged was modelled on Kok.

In the story, YBJ was killed by a youngster with a pistol, releasing several shots straight to her heart.

– The Malaysian Insider


I really don’t think I’m over-reacting here when I fully agree with Uncle Lim that this is almost akin to promoting and sowing the seeds of a violent means to deal with one’s “nemesis”.

Lim, who waved a copy of the Oct 12 issue of Mingguan Malaysia as he spoke, said in the country’s 51 years of independence, never had creative licence been used in this way to promote a violent idea.

At this point, Datuk Bung Moktar Radin (BN-Kinabatangan) demanded to know how Lim came to the conclusion that the short story was aimed at Kok.

“If you ask 100 people who read the story, they would say that it refers to Teresa Kok, except you,” replied Lim, saying that he wanted to know whether the authorities would investigate the matter.

“The backbenchers and opposition may have our differences but in the matter of assassination, it should be condemned by all of us.” – NST

Why is the government detaining reporters like Tan Hoon Cheng from Sin Chew, when all she did was report EXACTLY what that goon (totally forgot his name btw) said and yet do absolutely nothing about Utusan !?!? Giving out mixed signals here fellas……..

Do you think any of us will get away like that Chamil fler, if we were to be absolutely “inspired” by him and use our “creative juces” to come up with a similar “fictitious” tale, but this time, in a thinly veiled reference to an UMNO politician?

7 Responses to “Let’s All Support Utusan’s Freedom To Write Whatever…. (!!??)”

  1. I’ve long since given up reading the local media. Nothing in there is worth wasting my time over anyway. If I need to know something, I’ll just look it up online. At least there you get really truthful information, well most of the time anyway …

  2. wickwax said

    Let me remind you, that goon’s name is Ahmad Ismail. Well, I almost forgot what happened. 🙂 I read both the mainstream and online sources so as to avoid being biased if I were to make any criticism. It’s always good to see both side of everything, innit?

  3. erniejean said

    Argh!!! Wickwax….was actually trying really hard to purposely forget that goon’s name, to be honest 😛 Doesn’t deserve a spot in my Hall of Memories lah… ;D

  4. Their time will come my people…..the bad old days are almost over and PR has a list.

    Me too 🙂

    “Next motherf***** gonna get my metal” – M. Manson

  5. mesoso said

    mesoso has vomited for the twenty thousandth time..

  6. bolehland resident said

    Desperate times call for desperate measures…. It just shows that the powers that be are getting worried and have no other means hiding the dirt and blood on their hands… specifically our PM-elect (if you could call this animal by that term). Basically clinging to the vestiges of power they have.

    List of things they have tried to do (in no particular order):

    1. Ban on HINDRAF (Illegal Non-Society.. not registered yet dumb jackass!!)
    2. Encourage violence of a racial manner (YB J, The real YB Theresa)
    3. ISA ISA ISA + Sedition Act (RPK, kickdefella, Hindraf 5… we still remember you guys)
    4. False Accusations against opposition reps (We all know what really happened in Puchong plus the real Saiful story) plus several attempts at framing
    5. Diversions here and there to create confusion eg DOG FOOD vs Illegal Detention??? (Hey, we ain’t smart, but we ain’t that dumb yet.It ain’t the food we are worried about. )
    6. Pendatang? hahahahahahahahaha… Apa nama??? Hidung Besar Apa nama???
    7. Threats of an Operation Lallang II (making claims about none existent threats to peace and “racial propaganda)
    8. Misuse of Local Media (all equally guilty Utusan, Star, NST, TV3, RTM 1&2, remember, Media Prima belongs to????

    The people are more mature than this nowadays. We will no longer fall for these old tricks… Do what you wish, we will still continue our fight for freedom and justice and Makkal Sakthi!!!

  7. Carlos said

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