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Malaysian Cops Are Indeed A Precious Lot, No?

Posted by ErnieJean on October 17, 2008

My late grandparents, God bless their souls, used to own several flats in the notorious Lorong Haji Taib and I remember, that as a child accompanying my dad during his rounds collecting rental, I’ve always been facinated with the “colourful” characters there.
The flats were then rented out to transverstites, whom majority of them, we suspected, were making a living as street walkers. But what really amazed me about this community then, was that these people, the others being mostly families, were able to go about their daily lives while tolerating and respecting each other’s personal space.
But those were the days when locals made up majority, if not all, of the occupants there. Apparently, things are a lot more different now. From what I’ve gathered, foreigners and hardened criminals have taken over. Not sure whether the street walkers are still around though. But one thing’s for sure, the crime rate has definitely escalated in that part of the city (and come to think of it, just about everywhere else lah), what with criminals purportedly setting up homes and “operation centres” there.
So, here should be where our “very efficient” government and their equally “efficient” police force step in, right?
Apparently NOT, folks…………………..
Malaysia's Pride And Joy?

Malaysia's Pride And Joy?

KUALA LUMPUR : A police beat base located in the Chow Kit area of downtown Kuala Lumpur has been shut down because the “presence of criminals could make it unsafe” for police officers.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said the beat base was located in a dirty area where police faced the possibility of being exposed to contagious diseases.

The presence of criminals also posed a threat to the safety of police officers. (Really!? You don’t say…….)

He said this in a written reply to Dr Lo’ Lo’ Mohamad Ghazali (PAS – Titiwangsa).

Dr Lo’ Lo’ had asked why the beat base along Jalan Haji Taib was closed considering that vice activities were high in the area.

She also wanted to know what kind of action had been taken by the police to curb vice activities in the Chow Kit area.

 -The Star

So, we Malaysians must have been misleading ourselves all these while?

Because, apparently, according to our Home Minister (based on his reply to Dr. Lo’Lo), the Malaysian police force is not meant to be safeguarding the security of the country and certainly not to be placed into any dangerous situations even if it’s meant to fight crime…….SO WHAT ARE THEY FOR!!??

Does that also mean that we can also forget about all their previous promises to step up effort to fight crime? All those millions spent on special “crime fighting” equipments, uniforms, etc were just merely part of the “window dressing” rebranding exercise? (I know I know…asking silly questions when the answer is soooo obvious, right?)  

I think Dr. Mohd. Hatta quite aptly say it all……kudos, once again, to the MPs from Pakatan Rakyat for bringing it up…..

Dr Mohd Hatta said that if the police themselves felt unsafe in a beat base, it would be even worse for the public.

“Maybe it would be better to put the beat base in the army barracks.”

Dr Mohd Hatta then managed to raise the issue again during his own debate on Budget 2009 saying that Syed Hamid’s response was irrational and hoped he would clarify his written answer as this was not the kind of police the people wanted.

“The police are there to make a place safe. If they themselves are scared and run away, how can we hope for others to want to be there?” he asked.

Dr Mohd Hatta said if the place was dirty, it was up to the police to organise gotong-royong activities to clean it up.

He added the only kind of contagious disease in the area was sexually transmitted, adding that getting infected was a matter of choice. (Totally love this last jab at the idiocies of the Home Minister and his “Mah Chai”s)

-The Star

But I suppose this is what we get when we have a blundering fool for a Home Minister, who won his UMNO divison head post under very suspicious “coincidental” circumstances. How much of a “blunderer” is he? Well, apparently enough for someone to actually compile all his blunders and post them up……….check this link out for a good laugh ;-D


8 Responses to “Malaysian Cops Are Indeed A Precious Lot, No?”

  1. It’s great being a cop these days isn’t it? Makes me feel like quitting my job and joining that pampered force … LOL!

  2. erniejean said

    Well, I suppose, once in a while those pampered pooches will still have to justify their salaries by putting up roadblocks, man-handling ordinary citizens in rallies, ronda in their nice Protons looking out for wandering legal foreign workers for you-know-what, and many many more “tough and nail-biting” activities…..

    Malaysian Police Force….Dont’ call them “SISSIES” bcos….THEY ARE THE BEST OF MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!! :p

  3. Abracadabra said

    Yes, i read that yesterday! I wanted to blog about it but got distracted. It is ludicrous politicians can give such outlandishly dumb statement.

    I guess everyone for themselves now

  4. barbie said

    It’s ridiculous to the point I feel dumb for writing anything about it anymore.

  5. MONTANA1 said

    Is this man for real? I don’t know whether to laugh or to weep! I guess laughing is better.

  6. mauryaII said

    Just read what he said why Hindraf was banned. It really amplifies his racist, morally bankrupt mindset. He is the type who stands tall, though only among the racist UMNOputras.

  7. wickwax said

    Ah, the world has changed. The police are afraid of criminals now? That’s what I understand from the statement made by the Home Minister.

    “…pampered force.”
    Remember once in the paper when they highlighted some overweight policemen? Once I dealt with an IO in Penang; made me wonder how they’d go about doing their work.

    In other places, we’d see more beats being placed. More fire stations and police station. As deterrants and peace of mind. Our beloved (not) Home Minister then came up with smart (not) comments regarding these beats.

    To cut it short, the take home message is presence of criminals make a place unsafe, especially the police.


  8. nus said

    The regular (Blue) police as opposed to traffic (White & Black) police are supposed to maintain law and order. Traffic police also have duty as “outriders” for the VVIP’s.

    The regular police instead of keeping an eyeout for would be snatchthieves, rapists, robbers, etc, etc, etc are regularly observed to do the following:

    * Go in motorcycle groups of three led by a corporal to issue parking summons on cars double parking or on yellow lines. Mind you these areas are also covered by local councils who patrol many times a day to issue summonses. It looks like a keen competition to rope in more income for their department. To me it is a redundancy for one of these two departments.

    * Go in a patrol car and set up look outs for unsuspecting drivers making illegal U-turns.

    * Set up road blocks to catch drivers who have not renewed road tax. Is it not the job of JPJ who issues the road tax? Is it not JPJ who should be more interested to know who has not renewed?

    We can go on and on.

    Are what they are doing above life threatening? Definitely not for these police nor for the public.

    They should go all out to prevent crimes by keeping keen eyes to hit the problem in the bud.

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