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It is all about Obama, McCain and ironically, Palin (Where is Biden?)

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on October 24, 2008

Okay, US election is drawing nearer and nearer. Due to a combination of Bush’s unpopular policies and enigmatic yet charismatic Barack Obama, this US election is probably one of the most closely followed events around the world, even amongst terrorists.

One terrorist even claimed to support McCain presidency, to speed up the destruction of America. Already, America is spending more than $10 billion dollar a month to finance 2 wars, plus the recent financial fall out that adds to a further $700 billion dollar in expenditure. When the financial dust finally settles, many economists, financial ministers and advisors claim that US will no longer be the financial powerhouse it once was, strained by the both aforementioned factors. McCain’s support in prolonging wars would facilitate a speedier collapse of United States, as claimed by the blogger cum terrorist.

This eerily seems to echo the fall of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union invested too much money in military, much more than the US in the 1980s. Its financial lifeline was on the balance, finally brought to its knees by collapsing oil prices, the primary revenue of the Soviet Union. Will US follow the same route under McCain’s presidency, collapsing under financial strain? Already McCain is thinking of putting even more money into the military (keeping in mind that at the moment, US has already outspent in military expenditures of every other countries combined!).

Whether or not US has defeated crazy terrorists is probably a matter of subjectivity or further debate. ‘Victory’ in Iraq has been glossed over to simplistically by McCain while Obama didn’t capitalise on the issue of a pyrrhic victory. Why pyrrhic? Take a step back and look at the whole picture. As a financial powerhouse, it has collapsed spectacularly in front of our very eyes aggravated by indiscriminate spending especially in wars! Its international relations hang in tatters! Without a check and balance system between Iraq and Iran, Iran now has become belligerently bolder! Internally, United States itself is suffering one of the worst cultural wars in history (a combination of Bush’s presidency and McCain’s campaign) which is an aftermath of war on terrorism. It is also too strained economically and militarily to counter Russia’s new found ‘hostile’ confidence, as what a far right political pundit would claim. So where is the victory in all these mess?

Then there is the issue of negative campaigning on the side of McCain. It has promoted extremism, xenophobia, racism and Islamophobia. It has insinuated that black people are Arabic, egregious Islamists and supporting terrorism, a bunch of negative attributes put together. Lately his campaign has also been bombarding voters with automated telephone calls that slander Obama for being an Islamic terrorist cum double-agent version of a Manchurian candidate. If that is not despicable, I don’t know what is. His vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin during one of her speech, heard comments from her supporters exclaiming that Obama should be killed and decapitated, yet she smiled without correcting her fanatical supporters. Do I smell endorsement? I believe in leadership by example, and what she has done there is outrageously objectionable leadership. But there are also consequences of playing with fire! As noted by the Nation, McCain toyed around with fanatism to gain support but when it got out of hand, he tried to bring fanatism back under control; he got booed by his supporters instead.

Then, just about a week or two ago, a report came out stating that Sarah Palin have abused her power during the time as her governor in Alaska. I am not going to dwell on what she did, as that will be a long story in itself. What I want to talk about is Obama. He has opportunity to attack Palin’s integrity when a reporter gave him the chance to do so, but instead he concentrates on policies rather than seizing the opportunity to denigrate her character considering what she has put him through!!! Again he has another chance to take a swipe at her character when he was given a chance during the final presidential debate when asked to compare between Biden and Palin, again he didn’t resort to denigrating Palin’s integrity.

There are also accusations that Obama’s economic policies are socialist (stopping short of saying communist) like socialism is some kind of foul plague to be avoided. Many of these people don’t even understand the philosophy behind socialism or liberalism but jump into hasty and testosterone charged conclusion. Let me highlight the term CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY, it is based partly on socialist principles, and according to John Rawl, it will be JUSTICE AS FAIRNESS. Let me give an example, if the majority voted for the rights to discriminate racial minorities or own slaves, the CONSTITUTION can over-rule a majority vote to ensure minorities have equal rights and opportunities. THAT IS A SOCIALIST PRINCIPLE! So I don’t understand how can spreading wealth to the poor be bad! In fact amongst the OECD nations, US has the second largest wealth gap between the poorest and the richest, behind Luxembourg. Don’t these people learn anything from history? That great nations and empires collapse due to excessive wealth gap? The rich are few but the poor comes in endless throngs. It is the wealth gap and the poor that spawned revolutions in dynastic China, monarchic France and everywhere else. The excessive fear of socialism is to justify the need to feel selfish. What many people don’t realise is that we live in a hybrid of capitalism and socialism. The difference between each country is just the difference in the location of the capitalism-socialism spectrum.




9 Responses to “It is all about Obama, McCain and ironically, Palin (Where is Biden?)”

  1. Madame said

    Interesting piece, Jingo 🙂

    Where is Biden? Hmmmm….could it be that his 35yrs..or is it 27yrs senatorial experience is above reproach? It would be suicidal to attack Biden…even tho McCain has recently started even on him. Btw, Biden has been rather busy calling McCain names 😉

    McCain lacks the basic understanding of the very ‘different’ world that we now live in. America needs a HUGE image over-haul and McCain would not be able to do it. His consistently belligerent attitude will alienate the US of A even further. He seems to be still stuck in the Reagan-era.

    I think it was Arianna Huffington who so aptly put it….Palin has a great future in entertainment! 😀 She has no place in government….be it, as the US vice-prez or even as Governor! Her deepest flaw is her ‘uncuriosity’ and her less than philosophical out-look twds life. In my opinion, she has almost single-handedly divided America across racial and religious lines. We need calm leaders in these troubled times….not trigger happy, impetuous leaders!

    Obama seems to be the only voice of reason and calm out there. His intelligence, honour and dignity have truly earned my respect. He deserves the chance to serve America. My only wish is that, America will finally get it right after getting it soooo wrong 4yrs ago!

    America needs to prove to the rest of the world that they truly are what they claim to be….a country above racism and religious extremism!

  2. erniejean said

    Well, let’s see if Obama’s current strong lead over McCain will actually translate into actual votes……..

    Similarly, when Ku Li was going around the country to educate his fellow UMNO-ians about making a change within UMNO, he apparently secured enough intended nominations from the UMNO divisions to run for the presidency race…….but look what’s happening now? None of the divisions dare to nominate him….sad sad sad.

  3. truth said

    Academic proof of media bias

  4. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    true ernie, so true

  5. missjolie said

    McCain ALSO lacks the basic understanding of the US economy when he described it as fundamentally strong. To put that comment into perspective, here are a few other things that McCain described as fundamentally strong…. 😉

    1. His PowerPoint Skills
    2. Mild Salsa
    3. Papier-mache
    4. Eddie Murphy’s recent film career

  6. missjolie said

    Madame, America has suffered for 8 years!!!

  7. Madame said

    I know, Babe….but they didnt know what a moron George W was 8 yrs ago, so I think they can be forgiven for electing him into office the 1st time in 2000, the 2nd time in 2004 however, what was America’s excuse for continuing to go with the idiot? 😉

  8. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    first time, it is excusable, but 2nd time?

  9. erniejean said

    Well, if the Ameerican voters are anything like Malaysian voters, you can bet mistakes will repeat themselves forever… Malaysia’s case, since our independence 😛

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