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On Abortion and Assisted Suicide…Personal freedom or should it be legislated?

Posted by Madame on October 25, 2008

With the US Presidential election coming up in a little over a week….the never ending question of “Are you Pro-choice or Pro-Life?” rears its ugly head again! McCain wants to over-turn Roe v Wade and make the individual states responsible whilst Obama, prefers that it remains with the Federal Courts….and so the age-old debate goes back and forth.

What is ‘assisted suicide’? It is the now the most politically/socially correct term for what we called Euthanasia. It is the right to put an end to your life if for some reason, you find that you are beyond medical help and can no longer enjoy the quality of life that you are used to. There is a big debate going on in the UK right now about this as well.

I have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about these two issues and keep wondering to myself….Why the fuss? Isn’t Man/Woman the master of his/her own destiny…albeit supposedly? Are we not deemed capable/intelligent enough of making the decision that would be right for us and our loved ones? Frankly, I find these two debates demeaning to us as thinking, rational human beings!

Every baby that is born into this world has the RIGHT to be loved and wanted. I say that this is a fundamental right…it is non-negotiable! Do you think that by ‘forcing’ an expectant mother to keep her baby….the baby will then be loved and wanted? For those of you who say….well, she can always give the baby up for adoption… My reply would be…There are more than enough un-wanted and un-cared for children in the world with over-flowing orphanages. So, does the world really need another child thrust into the orphanage system? I think not….definitely! Every woman has the right to decide whether she is prepared for the life-long commitment of being a mother just as every baby has the right to be loved and wanted!

I think that by legalizing or illegalizing abortion, it takes so much away from the woman. The decision of motherhood is a serious one and one that should be pondered carefully and not taken lightly….but this decision rests squarely and entirely with the woman. It should NOT be a political issue bandied about by candidates to garner more support. It should NOT be a religious issue preached about by religious leaders. People who sit on their high horses and preach so sanctimoniously about Pro-Life issues, should sit back and think about the long term repercussions of unwanted children…. both socially and psychologically.

We can never chose the way that we are born or the circumstances that we are born into….but we can sometimes choose, the time and way we die…or atleast, we should be allowed this choice. Imagine a person who has been bed-ridden for the last 10yrs with no prospect of ever being mobile again… Imagine a person who has to go through so much physical pain, that it consumes him… Imagine a person who has no chance of recovery and who understands that his illness is causing so much emotional and financial stress to his family…. Is this person then, who already has gained the  agreement of his family, not allowed to precipitate his death? Is it criminal to allow a person to die with some modicum of dignity?

Is it more humane to keep a person alive at all costs even when it has been confirmed that the person will never recover? Well….many countries seem to think so sadly. Again, the right to live or die should rest with the individual in consent with the family…it should NOT be dictated to us by governments and religious leaders. This is plain wrong!

For we are thinking, caring, feeling and rational human beings who are more than capable of making a decision that would suit our needs best….we dont need any laws to dictate to us what we can or cannot do to our own bodies and lives! Let our moral and social conscience decide….


11 Responses to “On Abortion and Assisted Suicide…Personal freedom or should it be legislated?”

  1. Dear friend,

    you know that we had our different views on certain political subjects I have to ask you for a favor.

    The polls are really looking bad for me and Sarah and God knows what we tried to change the opinion of the American people but Obama has powerful friends in the Muslim world who are sitting on our oil and squeezing the remaining Dollars out of the hands of our middle class.

    I am desperate. I tried everything but the Arabs’ money is just too much. I fear, Obama will win the elections if not a miracle happens.

    So I beg you to help me, be a white patriot at least and support me and Sarah. You know that my campaign has proof Obama is not a natural born American citizen and therefore can not be elected president. The Democrat Philip J. Berg and Michael Savage found out that Obama lied about his birth certificate but nobody listens.

    I appeal to your honor as member of our white race to support us and spread everywhere that Obama is not a natural born American. It’s my last hope to safe America from Muslims and Negroes after my campaign failed to bring the information to the American people that Obama is a Muslim, a terrorist friend and a guaranteed tax raiser.

    Don’t be a cunt, help me!

  2. ella-mae said

    looks like the dandies’ blog is attracting more and more trolls as we get closer to the US presidential elections 😉

    madame, i am a christian and i strongly believe abortion is one’s personal choice and no government, body or organisation has the right to dictate what a person should or should not do with their body. i believe the same with euthanasia, even though i would never opt for it myself.

    also, whatever consequences that may come with those choices is something the person has to live with and must never blame anyone else for it 🙂

  3. Madame said

    John McCain… is bcoz of people like you that America needs the change that Obama can hopefully bring. Uneducated, racist red-necks like you need to realise that nobody but your small group of people care about a person’s ethnicity or religion.Stop being a coward and hiding behind someone else’s identity! Perhaps, you can learn a little about respect and dignity fm men like Obama….Hmmmm…maybe even grow yourself a set of balls… there’s hope for you yet! 😉

    Ella Mae….I agree with you 110%. The decision should rest squarely with the individual/family but they should also bear the consequences of such decisions 🙂

  4. Madame said

    One more thing, John McCain-wannabe… It was McCain who was born on foreign soil, the Panama Canal Zone to be precise whilst Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A. Last time, I checked Hawaii was part of the USA.

    But then again….like ur real name-sake, you seem to have ur facts all screwed up. Checks your facts and while you’re at it….take a geography lesson! 😉

  5. ella-mae said

    actually madame, the john maccain wannabe troll here is in actual fact an obama supporter. i just visited his blog and read some of his entries 😉

    mccain was born to american parents in Panama. but barack obama’s paternal grandmother has talked to quite a few people about being in the delivery room when obama was born in 1961. the birth cert released a while ago to show that obama was born in honolulu is a little dodgy. obama’s father’s race was listed as african when at that time in 1961 the correct term that would have been used is negro.

    asked which hospital obama was born in, obama’s sister, maya soetoro-ng gave one hospital name in honolulu while obama gave another.

    when barack obama’s mother divorced his father and remarried lolo soetoro, obama moved to indonesia and went to a local school there.

    in order to attend a local school in indonesia at that time, a child had to be an indonesian citizen. obama’s stepfather probably had to adopt him to get him registered him into a local school. indonesian school registration shows barack obama was registered there as barry soetoro. if this is true, obama couldn’t possibly be an american citizen because indonesia does not allow dual citizenship.

    maybe someone is really out to “get” obama. but if that is really true, obama should just release his birth cert, and whatever other public records there may be to stop rumour-mongers. a few million americans could be believing “these lies”… that translates to a few million votes 😉 he should really shut people up and show them the documents. after all mccain has released his.

  6. missjolie said

    Very well argued! I could not agree more Madame on these two issues. We own our body and soul. Why should any other person/organisation have the right over our personal choice on these two most critical decisions of our life?

    It’s alwasy easy for people on the sidelines who look on, to critisize and give pep talks to teenage moms to keep their babies or to long suffering terminally ill patients to be strong and carry on…but they are NOT the ones with the responsibility to carry on the duty of bringing up these unwanted babies NOR are they the ones suffering the pain.

    I know many Indonesians who have dual citizenships. Indonesia is also well known for its flagrant corruption, almost anything is possible as long as you ‘pay’ your way…

  7. Abracadabra said

    Me too very well written. Well thought out. I like this. You should write more. 😀

  8. Madame said

    Ella Mae….you dont think that a potential US President has already been thoroughly vetted by the CIA abd FBI and the other powers of investigation esp with regard to his citizenship ? 😉

    Btw, Malaysia also doesnt allow dual citizenship, rite? I have sooo many friends with precisely that, so….

    Thanks, Missjolie n Abracadabra 🙂

  9. ella-mae said


    since late 2006, indonesia started allowing dual citizenships for its citizens of mixed parentage.

    let’s say lolo soetoro did pay off the indonesian officials to get obama an indonesian citizenship in 65/66, he would still have had to adopt obama. so a new birth cert would have been issued in place of the original one detailing lolo soetoro as his father and with obama’s new name being barry soetoro (obama was registered in this name in the indonesian school).

    hence he may still have this birth cert even though he has gone back to use his old name. can you “unadopt” a parent? i highly doubt it. obama’s current birth cert is probably still in his adoptive name, barry soetoro.

    not that this is going to make any difference at all because i believe obama won the election the day mccain pounced in the final nail on the coffin with his poor choice of running mate… rumour has it that obama travelled to pakistan in 81 with his indonesian passport.

  10. ella-mae said


    every system can be manipulated if there is a strong “want-to” 😉

    even the ones in the great united states of america. have you seen the movie wag the dog? john grisham’s the brethren is also a good read 😉

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