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Maturity Of Malaysian Politics….still a long way to go……

Posted by ErnieJean on November 4, 2008

Today’s the day folks……Americans (expected to turn up in record numbers) will decide whether it’s the Democratic 47-year old Illinois senator Barack Obama or Republican 72-year old Arizona senator John McCain who will take over the reins of one the world’s most powerful nation.

For all the horrible things that the US is guilty of, I can’t help but envy the Americans for the freedom to decide who they want as the head of their government, rather than,say , allow the fate of the nation to be decided by some greedy and corrupted 2000 delegates from one political party.

I mean, hey, if the presidential candidate wants to bribe his way in, at least majority of the nation will benefit from the money that exchanged hands right 😛

Actually, that sounds pretty familiar with what happens during our elections, doesn’t it, but on a much smaller scale of course……instead of RM2 million, each voters would perhaps expect RM50 and some food hamper or something….sigh…

Anyway, as I was catching up on the election snippets on both the US presidential race and our UMNO’s party election, I just can’t help but be hit by the stark differences in the way these people campaign….and I think most of us realise them too….

1) Bruce Springsteen in his endorsement for Obama, said ” Our social contract has been shredded. We’re going to need all the angels we can get.” and he praised Senator Obama’s efforts to “….build a house big enough for all our dreams“. …notice the social contract was meant to be all encompassing, not just for one particular group of citizens?

In contrast, we have ambitious UMNO politicians who wouldn’t think twice about prancing with crooked daggers screaming “If you question our Malay rights in the social contract, we will go amok (and poke you with our sharp pokey thing)“.

2) The main topics covered by the two US presidential candidates were focused on the economy, healthcare, taxes, foreign policies, etc. Voters are informed of what they are voting for.

Back home, whoever wins the UMNO presidential spot usually assumes the juicy post of being the nation’s Prime Minister too… one would have expected the candidate (well, due to certain reasons, there’s only one lah…and he’s won unapposed of course) to spice up his election campaign with his plans for the nation…….don’t know about you guys but I’ve not heard anything worth hearing from this fella, have you?

Of course his PR people, in his defense, came up with some crappy excuse that Najib will not spell out his plans until he takes office, partly out of respect for the sleeping old fool and to avoid the same pitfalls as when the old man made 101 promises which were never fulfilled. How very convenient, isn’t it?

3) Although there are simmerings of racial undertones in the US Presidential race, one wouldn’t hear it out loud in speeches and rallies or proposals to implement racially biased policies………..well, I haven’t anyway, have you? Some may say it hypocritical, but I think as human beings, although all of us do tend to occasionally racially profile unconsciously, what’s important is that we shouldn’t be making it a government policy to discriminate racially.

Hands up those of you who have heard this time and time again…….”UMNO will continue to struggle and discuss the need to keep the New Economic Policy (NEP) to ensure the interests of the Malays are protected” and “Ketuanan Melayu!!!“……and everyone else are just mere ornaments.

4) I’m not sure whether the promises made by Obama and McCain will ever see the light of the day, but I’ve seen how at ease the American voters are at being vocal and demonstrating their displeasure when something’s not right, and that’s because their rights to do so have been respected and protected.

If there are any promises made at all by any of our BN leaders, it’s usually proven to be NOT cast in stone. A really good example would be Najib promising to gradually liberalise NEP, but was quick to change his tune (via his official spokesman of course……better allow someone else to take that egg in the face right?) when he realised his fellow party leaders didn’t support it. Hey Mr. Najib, what about the rest of us who heard you the first time, har?

And how about our Transport Minister, Ong Tee Keat, who promised to tell all on the Port Klang Free Zone RM4.6bil fiasco in April this year……..heard anything yet?

Are we Malaysians allowed to demand for accountability and answers? What are the avenues for us to voice out? The newspapers? Sorry, government controlled. The Parliament? Sorry BN-linked House Speaker wouldn’t allow anything of the sort to be debated. The internet? Sorry, anytime will kena ISA. Citizens’ protest? Wanna get your eyes burned by the chemical laced water cannons?

Yes, people say USA has a much much longer history than Malaysia, 200+ years against our 45 years (as in the actual formation of Malaysia with the inclusion of East Malaysia), but seriously, is that an excuse at all for the crap we’re getting from our politicians?

Sorry for the ramblings my friends, but one just can’t help being totally helpless and dejected seeing how things are going in one’s beloved country…..while other nations continue to progress into civilisation, ours are contented to stay 20-30 years behind in mentality.

Despite all that, I still love my country and perhaps, that’s why I’m still not giving up……..for the threats of being political apathy will play into the fast declining of our nation’s potential to achieve her developed status.



3 Responses to “Maturity Of Malaysian Politics….still a long way to go……”

  1. Abracadabra said


  2. Madame said

    Good one, Ernie Jo 🙂

    I hope that Obama’s election will serve to inspire the rest of us, to strive for change no matter had high the odds are stacked against us.

    DSAI…Let Obama be an example to you 😉

  3. Madame said

    Be the change that you seek 🙂

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