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Samy’s boycott of services?

Posted by Oscar the Grouch on November 4, 2008

I am in the habit of reading while eating. It is a habitual custom that I have picked up since I was young, reading Enid Blyton’s tales of faraway land whilst munching my lunch or dinner. My parents, perhaps being supportive of my reading habits, never scoffed at the somewhat discourteous dining manners; and thus the reading-while-dining behaviour was inappropriately ushered into my adult-life.

Of course, I do not read in the company of others. But I do read when I am alone, dining by myself. I am not picky over reading materials: books, newspapers, old magazines, and even academic texts. In the office, when I have the occasion to tah-pau my lunch, I will scurry for old newspapers to accompany my chap-fun.

And that was exactly what I did this particular morning: – 2 packets of sambal nasi lemak and a copy of the Sun, dated a week earlier. Well, the nasi lemak was a tad bit mouldy, so are the outdated reports in the Sun. Until my eyes landed on this gem: “Samy ends “boycott of services”. The short write-up read as follows: –

Sungai Siput: MIC President Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said yesterday he has ended the “boycott” of his services to the residents of Sungai Siput since he lost the parliamentary seat to Parti Sosialis Malaysia Dr. D. Jeyakumar in the March 8 general election.

From next month onwards, he will make weekly visits to Sungai Siput either on Saturdays or Sundays to help the residents resolve their personal problems and other government-related matters. Also in his agenda are visits to estates and rural areas every fortnight.

Now, back to that reading-while-eating habit of mine. Well, not a good habit, actually, because I almost choked on the mouthful of stale sambal, upon reading such a laughable narration. Ok, I admit, perhaps any news on Samy Vellu in itself is nauseating, but this report in itself is highly farcical.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t losing in an election, in a curt in-your-face message, mean “WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE NO MORE!”? Which can also be translated as: – “We, the people of Sungai Siput, don’t want you as our MP no more, and we hereby sack you with immediate effect.”

But apparently, dear Samy has his own novel ideas. I don’t blame him actually, because ever so often, we hear this face-saving celebrated announcement made by employees around the world, “Well, you can’t sack me, because I quit!” Sort of a same principle adopted by Samy in this case: – “Well, you can’t vote me out, because I quit!”


Well, sort of, I say, because he is not saying “I quit”. It is more of a “… I’ll be back … later  …” Or perhaps he is actually saying “You can’t sack me, because I’m going on leave, temporarily …” Hmm, now I’m confused. What is Samy actually trying to say? Well, whatever it is, it’s purely academic now because da’ man is back, considering the “boycott” is over.


So, Samy is now going back to serve his people. Hey, wait. What about the fact that the people don’t want him to be there in the first place? Well, I guess, technically that argument doesn’t apply because the people did not turn Samy away; rather, it was Samy who turn his back on the people. Therefore, at any time, he can come back. Quite an ingenious logic to it, I must say.


Ok, I’m just being plain nasty towards adorable Samy. He is just somebody who wants to serve the rakyat, regardless of whether he is their MP or not. See how noble; gallant and self-sacrificing this man is. He just wants to help and serve. Awww … But then, why is there a “boycott period” being imposed? Merajuk ke? If you want to serve, then just serve. Why have self-imposed sanctions? To get back at the rakyat? Tsk tsk.

But then again, he could be quite free, without a busy Minister’s portfolio. Might as well balik kampong once a week.


Incidentally, what exactly does a president of a political party do?


8 Responses to “Samy’s boycott of services?”

  1. Fed Up said

    OMG!!! You read Enid Blyton too!!!!!????? 😛

    Samy’s political survival is very much like the rest of ’em BN goons, it’s not the voters who have shunned them that they are servicing, it’s the requirement of their PR strategists…..force some old folk to shake your hand and walla…out of the blue comes a photographer to capture the “touching” moment for the MSMs.

    Perhaps he had some lessons from MCA’s Barney Chin in the Seputeh district…….hehehehe……

  2. barbie said

    I love Enid Blyton. Didn’t know the series already that old.. Ahaks!

    Not worth my precious words typing about Samyvellu. I read that news as well, and the other one on him decides to contest for MIC president post, all in the name of rejuvenation. Bah!!

    Samyvellu can rot for all I care. Faster, lightning strike this shameless whore.

  3. peng said

    I have not seen anyone with such THICK SKIN!
    The Chinese says, ‘fell down but still want to grasp that last grains of sand!'(sorry literal translation).
    He should go and bury his head in the ground, MALU sangat!

  4. gunnfan said

    Hey. You guys are sooo mean.

    Let’s all chip in and take him for a well deserved holiday….how about shark hunting off the coast of Cape Town.


  5. ella-mae said

    I collect Enid Blyton 😉

  6. mauryaII said

    Have you seen the myopic, thick skinned and rotund rhino? It is only far better than this shameless asshole. A rhino would charge at anything if it fancies it to be an enemy.

    But this shithole of a politician would charge headlong on to anything and everything in his desperation to hold on to the top post of the MIC.

    His grey matter does not afford him the luxury to differentiate between good and bad. He is not bothered about any criticism, spittle or even rotten eggs thrown at him. He just wants to be president of MIC until he kicks the bucket.

    Being the president is all important because it is the only way he can keep the lid from the can of worms that might otherwise spill out. He just can’t afford that to happen.

    His claim to be the leader of the Indians is another subterfuge to keep his useless son as the MD of Maika Holdings. Where else would that womanaiser get a job amd the chance to show off his luxury cars with the number 18 registration plates and his houses in Putra Jaya?

    This loathsome scum’s one good contribution to the Indian community is the birth of the Hindraf movement that has empowered the marginalized society to wake up and demand what is theirs as citizens of this country.

    He is another moron who believes in his own spin.

  7. I CANNOT and I stress the word CANNOT eat without having something to read as well, so much so that once when I ate at this shop outside and couldn’t find any reading material,I had to resort to reading the billboard from across the street … LOL!

    And simplt put, Samy Vellu just has no freaking shame.

    And I loved reading Enid Blyton in my younger days too …

  8. ella-mae said

    nick, i still read enid blyton to this day… so fun 😉

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