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Overcoming Racial Barriers…….Nope, It’s Not Us………..

Posted by ErnieJean on November 5, 2008

Introducing the 44th President of USA

Introducing the 44th President of USA


RESULT: – OBAMA – 338 MCCain – 156

WASHINGTON, Nov 5 – Barack Obama was elected the nation’s first black president in a historic triumph that overcame racial barriers as old as America itself.

The son of a black father from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas, the Democratic senator from Illinois sealed his victory by defeating Republican Sen. John McCain in a string of wins in hard-fought battleground states – Ohio, Florida, Virginia and Iowa.

A huge crowd in Grant Park in Chicago erupted in jubilation at the news of Obama’s victory. Some wept.

McCain called to concede defeat – and the end of his own 10-year quest for the White House.

Obama and his running mate, Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware, will take their oaths of office as president and vice president on Jan. 20, 2009.

As the 44th president, Obama will move into the Oval Office as leader of a country that is almost certainly in recession, and fighting two long wars, one in Iraq, the other in Afghanistan.

The popular vote was close, but not the count in the Electoral College, where it mattered most.

There, Obama’s audacious decision to contest McCain in states that hadn’t gone Democratic in years paid rich dividends.

Obama has said his first order of presidential business will be to tackle the economy. He has also pledged to withdraw most US combat troops from Iraq within 16 months.

Fellow Democrats rode his coattails to larger majorities in both houses of Congress. They defeated incumbent Republicans and won open seats by turn.

– AP

History in the making folks!!!!

I bet not many people would have ever thought that there would be a day when a Black American would occupy the White House and be sworn in as America’s new Commander in Chief.

I bet, perhaps, movies such as DEEP IMPACT with Morgan Freeman as the President of USA had a hand in opening the eyes and minds of Americans to that possibility.

The first Black American President of USA……..WOW!! Definitely feeling the goosebumps as we speak 😀

In the meantime, let’s not to be left behind in all these history-making turn of events, ya?

Let’s also celebrate that Malaysia will be “welcoming” her first “Extremely Controversially Tainted” Prime Minister into office officially sometime early next year.

Hands Up Who Is Looking Forward To Seeing Him In Absolute Power......

Hands Up Who Is Looking Forward To Seeing Him In Absolute Power......

Psssttt……… does the addition of “Bapa Kebuayaan Darat” to Malaysia’s list of “Bapa”s sound?



9 Responses to “Overcoming Racial Barriers…….Nope, It’s Not Us………..”

  1. arjun said

    Malaysia has nothing to learn from the stories of President-to-be Obama episode.
    But Malaysia must congratulate Britain for identifying 30,000 Malaysians as overstayers.Amazing ,30,000 fellow malaysian lawbreakers in GB.
    Amongst the 3.2 million foregners non citizens in malaysia are about 800,000 overstaying lawbreakers. They love Malaysia as much as the 30,000 malaysians love working under the radar, in the cold midlands,greater london area in from all shades of ventures to dimsum, wantan char siew pau shops.
    Rather than thinking of learning a single isolated farway event, Malaysian immigration department instead,must learn from Great Britain how to stop PRC,Indian,Kenyan,Liberian,Nigerian,Tanzanian,Bangladesh,Indonesian tourists,Achenees and Myanmar refugess from becoming illegal immigrants in Malaysia.If Britain can handle 30,000 illegal overstaying Malaysians,we can also handle the 3.2 million foregners.
    This, Malaysia can learn fast from GB.Nothing to learn from USA after the shambles on financial and banking systems.structures and institutions.

    Dont have to wait for 390 years mah.

  2. koolgeek said

    Rocky and those who cannot see beyond skin color are already calling him a FAKE BLACK US president.

    I wonder why they never call Mahathir a FAKE MALAY PM? Or better, Malaysia’s first MAMAK PM?

    Malaysian cannot see beyond skin color.

  3. koolgeek said

    I think 24 has more impact than DEEP IMPACT.

  4. erniejean said

    Well, Hollywood did come up with several movies with Black American Presidents, didn’t they? And audience reponse were always positive………

  5. Well, this is Malaysia. The people really don’t have much of a say about who we would like to lead us. Just leave that to the handful in a certain party to choose OUR leader … siggghhh … Congrats Obama!

  6. Abracadabra said

    i saw Obama, you say obama, we say YEAH!

  7. THUNDER said

    Why look so far to America? We’ve a lot to learn from Indonesia esp. Susilo Bambang. In 2004, Susilo declared all migrant races (Chinese, Indians etc.)born in Indonesia as pribumis with the same rights & status of indigenious Indons. Just today, a Racial Discriminations Bill was passed in Ind’sia making it a CRIME to practise racial discriminations. Imagine, if there is such a law in this nation, those people who had objected to Mdm. Loh’s appointmt. as GM of PKNS would’ve been sent to jail. This kind of law would also render the NEP as illegal. I salute Susilo Bambang, the best leader in Asia.

  8. mickey said

    Well Thunder, it’s because they had to succumb to IMF conditions. Malaysia too had to discard the Malay Special Rights if we accept IMF (disastrous?) prescription.

    Anyway, Malaya preceded the US in having a coloured country leader, since we, coloured asian took over the British Empire from the supreme whites.

    So what’s the big deal here?

  9. barbie said


    I love 24 very much!


    We coloured asian took over from the supreme whites, only to create our own supreme coloured race and use it as a justification for special treatment/priviledge at every imaginable opportunity. What is the big deal, yeah?

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