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Is That A Fork-Like Tongue In There Sir?

Posted by ErnieJean on November 6, 2008

PUTRAJAYA: It is possible for anyone from a minority group to be a nation’s leader, even in Malaysia, says Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi.

“It is up to the people to decide, just as the Americans had done through the democratic process,” he said.

You know what that statement of his remind me of?


Please Sir, do us a favour and keep that forked tongue behind yer teeth, will ya?

In the meantime, it does look like someone has extended a challenge to the voters, doesn’t it?

To give UMNO the golden boot to Timbuktuu?

Shall we take it up then fellow Malaysians?


7 Responses to “Is That A Fork-Like Tongue In There Sir?”

  1. Fed Up said

    Actually someone should educate our Outgoing PM that the exhilaration over the outcome of this US Presidential Race is not about race or religion……majority of the Americans have proven that they have gone beyond that….that the president they have elected was someone they believed who can bring prosperity and peace to the entire nation and not just one particular group of people…….

    It’s sad to see the Head of a Nation still stuck in suck sick racist mentality……..

    I don’t care if a Malay continues to govern this nation, or anyone else from a “minority group” takes over the government….as long as he does a good job at it…

  2. mesoso said

    hahahahahahahahhahaha..i almost fell into the longkang seeing that…but i held onto a tree branch and puked into it instead..!!

  3. peng said

    Gibberish! That’s what it is!
    Sleep talking again, huh?
    Another species with the same disorder is the home minister. Now he’s saying that the police beat at Chow Kit was not closed due unsafe reasons. And he blamed it on the press for playing up the issue.
    Can some good doctor please cure these id**ts and save us from our miseries.

  4. When has that old coot ever made any sense with anything?

  5. bongkersz said

    What this sleepyhead should say is “Anyone qualified and capable enough to lead and win the trust of the people can be a nation’s leader.”

    Of course, he wouldn’t say that, for he still made it to be our Prime Minister although.. ehem, not very capable. (Thanks to a very capable old man.) Saying that would feel like slapping his own face. After all, he is not known for his worthy comments, so it is best to let it stays that way. Heh!

    Check out my post on this sleepyhead: All Fart, No Shit

  6. SadSoSad said

    Even the minority cannot head the PKNS, what more the country. The sound of FART……..and more F…..A…..R……T! coming from the sleepyhead going into deep sleep in a couple of months.

  7. mauryaII said

    What the fcuk is that sleepy head talking about. The practice in Bolehland has been to marginalize the minorities. Take all that you can from the minorities, even if it is their birth right as citizens, and give it to the parasites aka the UMNOputras.

    Now that the Americans have shown the whole world what democracy is really about, this sleepy head tries to take some credit by saying anybody can be the PM of Bolehland.

    Not by a long shot. So long as the racist UMNOputras listen and act on the advice of their spritual advisor, the old goat, there is no hope of a Malaysian nation without racial, religious or cultural boundries. The country is stigmatised by racial and religious divisions with virulent discriminatory policies implemented by the mamak.

    In fact it is the old goat who was the architect of the BN apartheid regime during the long 22 years of authoritarian rule. He plundered the country’s wealth for his children, his cronies and the miserable suckers in UMNO under the guise of Malay supermacy and affirmative action.

    The so-called affirmative action was not for the ordinary Malays but for the fat cats in UMNO and also all the mamaks whom he brought into government as pseudo bumiputras. The real ordinary Malays did not benefit from his policies. Those who benefitted were the mamaks, the toyos and the al blurrs.

    In the present political scenario there is not the slimmest opportunity for an ordinary Malay from the non-BN parties to become the PM of Bolehland.

    That being a known fact, how can a member of a minority race even dream of becoming the PM of the country even if he has all the requisite qualifications and qualities?

    Bolehland created by the old goat is not the USA.

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