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To “Benci” or not to “Benci”……………………..

Posted by ErnieJean on November 7, 2008

It’s Friday!!!! So looking forward to late mornings and lazy afternoons during the weekends……..
Fancy some story telling? Grab a pillow 😀
Story 1 
A & B live along the same row of terrace houses. One day, A gave B a beating of his life because B told him that the neighbours were upset at A for the nightly noisy karaoke sessions. When questioned by the police, A blamed B for starting it as he has caused him mental anguish to think that he is not well-loved by his neighbours.
The police officer, who so happened to be A’s sister’s husband’s cousins’ friends’ ex-boyfriend’s dog’s trainer’s brother, then made a badly bruised and bleeding B apologise, before telling A to try and control his temper.
Senario 2
X and Y are colleagues. X is fond of gossipping and spends her free time spreading rumours about everyone else in the office. One day, some of the office folks decided to appoint Y to tell X off.  When approached, X proceeded to start calling Y crude and indecent names (that would make any BN MP blush, mind you).
When things got out of hand, the boss brought both of them into his office. X explained that Y offended her and hurt her feelings by indicating that other people didn’t like her gossips, hence her outburst was justifiable, and demanded that Y go down on her knees and beg for forgiveness.
The boss, a family friend of X, made Y apologise on her knees (or goreng sotong) and reminded X not to do it again in the office.
How about summarising with this last senario, shall we?
Senario 3
A furious Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (BN-Pasir Salak) yelled out and called M. Kulasegaran (DAP-Ipoh barat) a “Bastard” twice, after the Ipoh barat member said the Pasir Salak Indian community “hated” Tajuddin.
“You bloody bastard, show me proof,” Tajuddin screamed.
As one, opposition MPs objected to the profane language, prompting the deputy speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar, to tell Tajuddin to retract the
offensive word.
However, Tajuddin replied that he would take it back only if Kulasegaran also retracted his allegation.
“He said I am hated (benci) by the Indians in Pasir Salak. How does he know this?” he said.
Kulasegaran replied that his statement was fair comment.
“I was the MP for Teluk Intan, which is the neighbouring constitutency to Pasir Salak. I have friends and relatives there (Pasir Salak). Surely, I am allowed to speak the truth.” he said.
The deputy speaker then said that Kulasegaran had provoked Tajuddin when he used the word “benci”.
“That is strong. You should not have used it. I think you should withdraw that word and I will instruct him (Tajuddin) to withdraw the unparliamentary word he used.” Wan Junaidi said.
Another Proof Of How Justice Prevails in The Malaysian August House Controlled By The Ruling Coalition.....

Another Proof Of How Justice Prevails in The Malaysian August House Controlled By The Ruling Coalition.....


One Response to “To “Benci” or not to “Benci”……………………..”

  1. wickwax said

    Tsk tsk tsk… We’d never point finger at ourselves huh? It’s good to have Big brother in Parliament on our side, no? Right or wrong, we’ll be protected.

    PS. Takkan MP Pasir Salak disayangi pulak? Isk..

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