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A Malaysian Singing The Blues……….

Posted by ErnieJean on November 10, 2008

Last week was pretty good, wouldn’t you agree? In terms of all the feel-good news? But good things don’t always last, do they? Some universal balance of life I suppose 😛

Americans celebrated a breakthrough as far as going beyond racial and religious barriers to vote in their 44th President; Raja Petra has been finally freed by the High Court; I get an additional 3% of my salary to spend (woo hoo!)………….well, ok, that last bit is still pretty much debatable………

So, why am I not feeling that light spring in my walk just yet?

You know, I do try to ignore the going ons within UMNO and her up and coming elections…..after all, it’s a known fact that UMNO is a lost cause. None of their leaders or grassroot leaders seemed willing at all to do anything about the shameless practices of rampant money politics, corruption, bigotry, etc.

So, what is there for us mere mortals to do anymore? It’s really out of our hands, isn’t it? Aren’t we just mere pawns cum money-churning-machines for the leaders of this country (read : UMNO leaders lah) to play “Monopoly” with? Might as well “close shop” and wait for “Mr. Reaper” to come and end our miserable meaningless puny slave-like lives, right?

But why is it, then, I still get all worked up when I read about that imbecile Ahmad Ismail being given the hero’s welcome at his division’s delegate meeting, with keris kissing, kompang troupes, silat performances and all? A nimwit actually hailed him as a Malay’s warrior…….A Warrior!!?? For threatening a young lady journalist because she wrote exactly what he said!!?? For threatening a mousy “Clark-Kent-like” President of an equally mousy political partner in the ruling coalition!!?? That’s what earned him a “Hero“‘s tag!!?? I thought that’s supposed to earn someone of that calibre a “COWARD“‘s tag 😛

Hero’s welcome for suspended Bukit Bendera Umno chief

GEORGE TOWN: Suspended Bukit Bendera Umno chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail was given a warrior’s welcome when he turned up for the division’s delegates conference.

The division’s adviser and de facto leader also opened the closed-door conference.

Upon arriving at a hotel at 3.40pm yesterday, he was greeted by cheers and accompanied by a kompang troupe into the ballroom, where silat exponents gave a brief performance.

Ahmad was presented a yellow tengkolok (headdress) by division adviser Azmi Merican, a yellow selempang (shawl worn across the body) by Umno veteran Saakyah Mat Isa, and a keris (dagger) by Umno veteran Abdul Rahman Lazim.

Ahmad raised the keris briefly to his lips and lifted it high before proceeding onto the stage.

The emcee announced the items were presented to Ahmad as a true Malay warrior of Bukit Bendera.

The delegates passed a motion urging the Umno supreme council to cancel Ahmad’s suspension.

And why am I still fretting over the inevitable succession to the PM throne by someone who has more “baggage” than the railway station’s porter?

And it also didn’t help to see those delegates, who unfortunately gets to decide the future of our nation, deem it appropriate to allow racist and sexist bigots to contest for the No.2 seat in UMNO and of course, which leads to the plushy DPM job. And, to make things so much more exciting, some of these candidates can’t even speak decent English enough to save their own hides, what more represent the country in the international arena.

3-way battle for deputy post

PETALING JAYA: It will be a three-cornered fight for the Umno deputy presidency but it will not split the party or be a bitter repeat of the infamous Team A-Team B fight of 1987.

Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib, the third candidate to become eligible to contest the party’s number two post, said it would be a fair fight.

The former Selangor Mentri Besar faces ex-Johor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam for the post in the March party polls.

How about the IGP, who in one breath, acknowledged that the rising crimes rates were very troubling but at the same time reinterated that the police are in control? So……..which is it?

If the police are in control, why would the police beat in Jalan Haji Taib be closed down? Why start off with the initial excuse that area was deemed as being too dangerous and diseased-laden but a couple of days later, it’s because of development!!?? 

And why is the good IGP, then, blaming the spiralling criminal activities on Malaysians, on our freedom of expression to hold peaceful rallies and on increased population!??

Dey, if you are losing control, just admit it lah! No need for so many excuses!! 

Ensuring men in blue won’t be spent force

THE country’s population increased by a whopping seven million the past 10 years while the strength of the Royal Malaysian Police Force remained the same at 95,000. Efforts are under way to recruit another 60,000 personnel over the next five years.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, who admitted that the crime rate has gone up, assured the public that the security of the country was very much under control.

Police records show that 209,559 cases were reported last year (772 cases per 100,000 population) and the figure is expected to remain almost the same this year.

“The crime rate has increased here because of social problems as well as the influx of illegals in the country,” Musa said, adding that the crime rate often increased during an economic slowdown.

“This is due to the fact that many people would be jobless and they turn to crime,” he said.

The IGP stressed that one of the main reasons for the rise in crime was the change in attitudes of youths who do not respect the elders to the extent of fighting with their parents, relatives and even more recently with teachers.

Musa has often stressed the need to rehabilitate society rather than focus on catching criminals and locking them up.

“It is society that breeds criminals, not the police,” he said.

The IGP said it saddened him when politicians, who represent the welfare and voice of the people, were sometimes the same people who incited hatred and discord among people.

“Some of these politicians cry about human rights but when they encourage people to break the law, they say it is within their rights to do so.

“They hold illegal gatherings and demonstrations which force us to deploy our personnel to maintain peace and order,” he added.

The high crime rate recorded in 2007 can be attributed to the number of demonstrations organised by political parties and NGOs, including the Hindu Rights Action Force and election watchdog Bersih.

“The crime rate has increased in almost every country, including our neighbours, and despite the huge increase in population here we still keep crime at bay due to the increased efforts by our men.

“They keep on harping on the crime rate but never bother to compare the increase in population with our shortage of manpower.”

It is learnt that whenever a demonstration of about 2,000 people is held, the police had to deploy about 300 personnel to guard the situation.

“The number of personnel deployed is equivalent to the total number of policemen in a district,” he said.

“This is where our manpower is wasted. Our studies show that when street demonstrations and elections are held, crimes tend to increase.

“The public must cooperate to ensure that their area is crime free. We can achieve better results only if the people work with us,” Musa added.

And then we have idiots who willingly give in to the bullying tactic of their idiotic masters to make life miserable for the very few good men in the ruling coalition, just because they believe in carrying out their duties without being prejudicial.

Kayveas, when asked, said he had been questioned by someone (whom he did not want to identify) whether Murugiah went to Teresa’s office on his own initiative.

“I am being asked why a BN official went to an opposition party member’s office to see Teresa and I have to reply.”

When contacted, Kok said she was not going to reply to the letter because she did not want to get involved in PPP’s internal politics.

“I have ignored the letter and I really do not know what is the purpose of the letter.

“As far as I am concerned, Murugiah had genuinely executed his duties as a deputy minister and there should be no reason for the letter to be written to me,” she told The Star.

I know, I know…like many Malaysians…..I’ve probably reached my limits for the stupid antics of our ruling government….like some would say, “SUDAH MUAK LAH!”

Does that mean we’ve been beaten?

Is Malaysia as good as gone?

While the non-UMNOputras continue to toil the land to put food on the table, the well-connected gets to continue with their pilferaging and buying spree overseas?

Is there a Saruman in the house who has promptly mutated our FRU men into ORCS?


One Response to “A Malaysian Singing The Blues……….”

  1. novice101 said

    You are right “good things don’t always last” in fact it is 100% certain they don’t last at all. But never mind that, whatever good we see or come across we should share int he rejoice.

    See my take on Obama’s victory and see if you share my concerns for our nation.

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