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Who freed Raja Petra Kamarudin?

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on November 10, 2008

1) Is it Anwar?


2) Is it Badawi?


3) Is it Najib?


4) Is it Mahatir?


Anwar? No, I don’t think so. He does not have the power to convince our judiciary to release RPK.

Najib? No! Who is an idiot who would have wanted to release RPK after all the misery Najib has put RPK through? RPK has a score to settle, well that is what Najib fears anyway! But whether or not RPK will put country or personal vendetta first, I think it is an answer we would have already all guessed pretty accurately. Not to mention the articles that RPK write about has been a venom to Najib’s political career.

Mahatir? Bollocks! This is a twat who complains about restriction of free speech when he is the perpetrator behind almost absolute control of the mainstream media. A malicious hypocrite I should say. He supports Najib to become the PM, that would have been in my opinion, endorsing putting RPK behind bars to ensure Najib’s safe passage to the creme de la creme of all political posts.

Badawi? Yes, I do think so. This guy whom we love to despise ironically could be the very guy to have allowed for the release of RPK. I don’t think Badawi is the leader of the Gamorrah, he is just a  really, really inadequate administrator who listens to all the wrong advises like George W. Bush Junior. However, he in my opinion is a very formidable ‘chess’ player. Twice he has played better than expected by Mahatir. The first one is the ‘promise’ to pass the premier post to Najib after his first term as prime minister. The second one is to have out-think Anwar to prevent September 16 from becoming a reality. By the way, Mahatir thinks Badawi is no match for Anwar ‘chess’ play. Maybe Badawi is an idiot, it is just that his political opponents have been extremely jinxed, hence Badawi is able to come right to the top for now…..

All of us, including RPK I suspect, know that Najib will make a more disgusting PM than Badawi. RPK will devote more resources from preventing Najib’s ambition from becoming a reality. Anwar launching another take over in December if we are to believe Anwar, which might be true considering the economic and financial chaos gripping the world. Badawi is in control of the military, Syed Hamid Albar will have to watch his back this time before putting RPK back into ISA because he no longer has the military support of Najib. Najib will be attacked from the sides, from the front and from the back.

While Najib is trying to tighten up all the screws (together with Mahatir?), Badawi is hecticly loosening the bolts and nuts. He has given Najib the most undesirable job of the country at the moment, control the military, release RPK (with the support of the military?). Are we seeing a rise in political temeprature again? I would think so. Maybe Badawi is truely a reformer but with Najib in the way all these years. Or maybe he is going for a Kamikaze attack? Or maybe he is a cohort of Anwar? The latter seems like a histrionic fantasy.

We pin all our hopes on Anwar succeeding in his quest and release RPK. But in the world of extreme juxtaposition, Badawi turned out to be THE ONE!



12 Responses to “Who freed Raja Petra Kamarudin?”

  1. sactyr said

    “..He has given Najib the most undesirable job of the country at the moment, control the military, ”

    I think you mean Finance? Najib is in control of Finance now. Typo I guess..

  2. peng said

    That’s an interesting theory. But I doubt it is the PM because he don’t have the guts to do it. If he has, he would have heard the pleas of Malaysians and remove the rot in BN. Either no guts or he has too much at stake.

  3. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    Sactry, I was referring to Badawi controlling the military.

    Peng, of course is just a theory. 😀 Notice I didn’t say that he is a brilliant administrator. But in terms of strategy playing, he wouldn’t be where he is today just solely on luck. I didn’t say he is freeing RPK because he finally opened his ears to our pleas otherwise he would have released the Hindraf 5 as well. Releasing RPK to my paranoia, is merely for vested interest not some selfless sacrifice. If Najib really becomes PM, I have the feeling RPK might go back into ISA. If Badawi doesn’t have guts, he would have succumbed to Anwar’s tactic. 😀

  4. peng said

    Agree with you on releasing RPK being a vested interest thing. And in he goes again when Najib is PM. As for Badawi, do remember he has the infamous 4th floor boys, specifically his son-in-law cheering him on from the sidelines. I believe that’s where his guts come from.:)

  5. erniejean said

    Good one Jinggo…..

    I do have a sneaking suspicion that Badawi could have allowed that little freedom for the High Court to carry out its duties…but for whatever reasons, no body will know for sure at the mo….

    I do think it’s also to soothe nerves over the appointment of an UMNO crony as our new CJ… prove a point that the judiciary is indeed on the mend….again, whether it’s all drama or for real, I guess only they will know.

  6. barbie said

    Good one Jingo, we talked about this right? That Badawi, he’s not that stupid after all. It is obvious, with the verdict on Razak Baginda, somehow people must not be convinced the ‘masked’ two accused acting on their own will, they must be following order, being in that line of work. Najib, you are like a frog in boiling water, better treasure your short lived euphoria now 🙂

  7. agadam magadam said

    BAdawi and Anwar are buddies.. in this sandiwara… The release of RPK, is to eventually pave the way for Anwar’s grand entrance in December…
    Many things will happen between now and Dec end ’08..

    So, Who do you think ordered RPK’s release and Why..?? Bala, the PI will be making his appearance soon, I think…

    There are 2 unseen hands in this whole episode.. One is Badawi’s and the other is Mummaks’…i.e. One for Najib and one against.. Go, figure out…

  8. Angela Ooi said

    ahh the plot thickens…me, I am just happy our beloved RPK is free again. It is all quiet on the Anwar front but my guess is that lots are happening below with the equation changing every so often.
    Let us all pray Anwar succeeds and we can have a 2 party system to counter check and balance each other.

  9. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    What? what? What? What verdict on razak baginda?

  10. ihateidiots said

    Wasn’t it the court who released RPK? I heard it wasn’t the spineless Badawi.

  11. Madame said

    Technically, yes it was…Ihateidiots

    But is the judiciary truly free fm political interference? All evidence thus far points to the contrary 😉

    I’d like to think tho that the Judiciary acted independantly on this and got it so right! That gives me hope 😀

  12. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    yeah i would like to also think judiciary is independent…

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