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Oh how I wish I am part of the elite stock…

Posted by barbie on November 12, 2008

In Malaysia, there are things you cannot do because your religion forbids it, but if you are among the priviledged ones, you can do what ever you like. I have no business what people do with their religion, how they go about practising (or not) their holy rituals, I actually feel like an ass writing this post and being such a kay-poo-chee (busybody) minding other people business. But, I am an ass, so what should I care?

It disgusts me when some people can do anything they like because of their status, and get away with it. Then we have religious fatwas being issued out every now and then on things like banning yoga, girls’ dressing in male’s clothes etc. Our leaders are bunch of hypocrites, preaching Islamic values and never fail to make it loud and clear (for show lah!) they are the heroes in championing Islam and Malay supremacy.

You would hear things like ‘this is not Islamic, that is inappropriate and not in line with Malay cultural values’ from these hypocrites and they are fast to play the blame card on anything they can think of. It can be Jewish hidden agendas to corrupt their highly moral values in order to rule the world, subversive and evil Western hedonistic lifestyles, or in their own words ‘Anasir-anasir jahat Barat yang cuba menguasai kita dalam bentuk penjajahan alaf baru’.

That is why you have things like Islam Hadhari, Islam Madani, and religious moral police running amok, pretending to uphold the sanctity and holiness of the religion. I have no problem with that, but I have problem when only certain people need to be ‘morally’ corrected or whipped to follow the right, sacred path when some priviledged ones get special treatments. Yes, double standard and hypocrisy irks me.

These are some photos from an event held at a boutique owned by a certain very powerful numero uno politician’s son in law, a certain famous Sarawak politician’s son-in-law and another Muslim convert who is also the son of another powerful bigwig. These people are Muslims. Apparently, they enjoy watching sexy dancers gyrating on a pole and drinking alcohol. How good if I am part of the elite grouping, heh?


41 Responses to “Oh how I wish I am part of the elite stock…”

  1. mauryaII said

    Not at all surprised at the double standards in Bolehland.When you have Malay Islamists in the UMNOputra fold, whatever they do is ok.

    It is only not alright when ordinary Malay folks are caught in compromising situations (according to morally upright Islamists) in the very privacy of their homes. Then only the Talibans will come out in full force with their gang of rela and police to arrest them for immoral behaviour.

    This scenario will keep repeating until and unless the ordinary Malays wake up from their UMNO induced slumber and show these corrupted BN goons the exit in the 13GE.

  2. peng said

    A good post. An eye-opener although we know but have not seen with own eyes. Pictures paint a thousand words. Go send it to the Fatwa Council. See if they will fatwa such functions?

  3. peng said

    BTW, you must belong to the elite group to get your hands on the priceless pictures! 🙂

  4. ella-mae said

    yes he belongs to a elite but zany bunch called the dandelions. i’m sure u guys would have noticed that we are just so full of ourselves 😉 😉 😉

  5. erniejean said


    I know it’s wishful thinking, but wouldn’t it be super duper if the religious enforcement bigots had raided that boutique that nite…..darn, a missed opportunity.

  6. mesoso said

    barbie ah..u want see mesoso dance on pole? u bring pole..i show u..hehe


  7. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    hands of my barbie, mesoso!

  8. paddy said

    i reckon someone should star a blog exposing such things, if it gets big enough maybe it can get some attention!!

  9. Antares said

    Come on, you guys, even a Bangladeshi petrol station attendant would enjoy being a guest at one of these Tatler-type social events – but he’d have to win a lottery first and get himself some fancy togs. Living it up and being a hedonist is NOT a sin… but I do get your point about the massive hypocrisy involved. If the elite crowd would deign to come out openly and tell the National Fatwa Council to go fatwa themselves and convert Jakim & Jais into a national chain of halal convenience stores, we’d all be happy to join the celebration, wouldn’t we? 🙂

  10. miwaki said

    Poor illiterates have to follow strictly the teaching but rich literates are exempted because money can neutralize all precepts of any religion.

    They are the ones who ridicule their religion,not RPK.

  11. Sabahman. said







  12. Jimm said

    normal ..umno are conning the Malays to support them all the way to stay in power …
    funny thing are the malays are truly proud of umno and thanking Allah for all these blessing …
    guess who is more confusing over the matter and who really benefitted from all these confusion..

  13. mesoso said

    (# jingoisticbuthornydesperado Says:
    November 13, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    hands of my barbie, mesoso!)

    mesoso..very carefully sharpening her by one..grrrrr…


  14. Camelon said

    Of course it’s nice to be born an elite stock, but, failing that, you can get into “social networking”, not unlike that of network marketing. You can “upgrade” yourself by getting into their social circle; hide your pride and ego and lick their asses. The Chinese has a saying that even a lame goat walking before a tiger can become a “king of the jungle” suddenly! Well, tht’s life!

  15. john roland said

    Hello, everyone is equal but I am more equal because I’m Umnoputra hehe

  16. thegodfather said

    The bottles of alcohol must be halal, I presume.

  17. ella-mae said

    Note from Barbie (Post Author)

    This post is not to judge what is right and wrong of their actions, that’s up to their own God (if they have one, or more) and religion, but to highlight the hypocrisy and double standard treatment we have in this country. What you read and see just a tiny preview of how a typical everyday scenario where our elites live their life untouchable, while barking to the ‘low lifes’ to follow the book.

    Should we let these hypocrites keep dictating our life?

  18. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    i second that!

  19. GALA Sinetron Miniseri adalah kumpulan cerita remaja seputar cinta dan kasih sayang. Menyajikan cerita sederhana yang memadukan antara drama dan komedi, namun memberikan kesan mendalam bagi para pemirsa televisi. Gala Sinema Miniseri benar-benar akan menjadi tontonan yang tidak membosankan, karena jalan ceritanya ditulis apik, tidak bertele-tele sehingga mudah dicerna pemirsa.

    Gala Sinetron Miniseri tentunya akan menjadi suguhan menarik menemani waktu istirahat Anda bersama keluarga. Seperti apa dan bagaimana cerita-cerita serunya? Saksikan hanya di SCTV Satu untuk Semua.

  20. All religions are tools of the elite to keep the lower classes in social/religious bondage. The priests, rabbis, ministers, and clerics have known this for centuries. Two standards exists: one for the privileged and another for the great unwashed masses who must be controlled and herded like little cattle.

  21. Brian said

    Ditto what Johnny Peepers said.

  22. Tun perak said

    picked this up from one of the blogs QUESTIONING WHY NOON MUSLIMS are buat sibuk with islamic fatwas.

    I loved 2 comments which put thing into prospective.

    comment 1

    Anonymous said…
    But isn’t it haram to accept bribes and give them, than why is it, aren’t the muslims going on the streets and protesting the corruption in UMNO, instead of coming out with more Fatwas. That why people have no respect for morons, on one side try to look very religeous, but on the other side do everything that is haram under islam, like getting drunk in public and grabbing butt, what about corruption, what about the recent case of father and son raping siblings, where is the fatwas on this, thats the problem with hypocrates, blind to elephants in front of the eyes but use microscope to look for bacteria. in other words looking for nothing important to make a molehill about, please lah before targetting the female population of malaysia, why not concentrate on the muslim males who seem to be very sesat relegeously

    comment 2 loved this bit,

    Anonymous said…
    Anak Perelih said…
    to 1st anonymous..
    Because bribes are clearly haram in islam… no need to issue a fatwa.. you should ask

    INI di panggil putar belit, pusing sini, pusing disana, wayang kulit dll lagi, if the muslims know taking bribes is haram than why don’t they practise what they preach, i.e. if you know, mengapa tak ikut ajaran agama? mengapa berdegil lagi, mengapa bersumpah di masjid? adakah ini ajaran agama, dimana letaknya maruah orang melayu. You can twist and turn with your twisted logic, but the basic facts remain as seen daily by all of us the culture of melayu sesat and who sound so pompous, others don’t wear their religion on their shoulders, like the malays, WHY, proof what to whom? For what? when you say others have no right to comment about islam and its policies because we are Al-Kafirun, but the problem, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER we the non muslims get affected by islamic fatwas, these have been seen many times with the moorthy body snatching, demolition of hindu temples, chinese tokongs, gerejas, permit issues for places of worship, all under the auspicious of ketuanan melayu, but when questioned, all proclaim the same excuse, you must not object, because it is islamic issue?, how much dumber can you get, when you start shafting your religeous views and pogroms down our throat, than we who get affected by your laws, it becomes our problems. When places of entertainment get raided by jakim and simmilar religeous authorities, you are already shoving your realigeon down our throats, now the excuse used is always that muslims are committing maksiat or indulging in haram activities, even if they work there.

    NOW I ASK YOU, IF ALL BUSINESSES START TURNING DOWN ENTERENCE TO MUSLIMS, than you proclaim the non bumis are discriminating against the malays, if we don’t employ muslim waiters and waitresses, than it becomes a problem for you all, saying the non malays are practising discriminatory policies against the muslims/malays. so how than, do we hire you muslims and be prepared to get raided by jakim, (WHO BTW ARE ACTUALLY LOOKING FOR ANG POW- ITS CALLED EXTORTION) or do we practise safe sex than, by not employing muslims, and than we have mobs foaming at the mouth and throwing tantrums, till than, stfu, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. soo greedy, grow up lah, i’m sure the muslims can think for themselves what is right or wrong, WHERE were the relegeous authorities when tunku used to play poker and have a whisky soda on the side. thats the problem, when mahathir gave the realegeous authorities an inch they have grabbed the whole hand and are now try to infect others with their outdated views. grow up, all of you sound very, VERY STUPID


  23. Richard Lo said

    # mauryaII Says:
    November 12, 2008 at 5:53 pm

    Not at all surprised at the double standards in Bolehland.When you have Malay Islamists in the UMNOputra fold, whatever they do is ok.

    It is only not alright when ordinary Malay folks are caught in compromising situations (according to morally upright Islamists) in the very privacy of their homes. Then only the Talibans will come out in full force with their gang of rela and police to arrest them for immoral behaviour.

    This scenario will keep repeating until and unless the ordinary Malays wake up from their UMNO induced slumber and show these corrupted BN goons the exit in the 13GE.
    Spot on MauryaII!!! The ordinary Malays must wake up and realise the followings:

    1) that they have been subservient to UMNO for more than 50 years
    2) UMNO has brainwashed them to think that they must always be grateful and thankful to the government for helping to fight for their economic status through NEP. The ordinary Malays can achieve so much more without being held back by the government.
    3) the ordinary Malays did not benefit from NEP. Only selected elitists from UMNO benefited from it.
    4) the ordinary Malays have the intellect and capability to succeed in the global arena without the need to depend on UMNO.

    The list can go on…

    Truly time for the ordinary malay folks to wake up and free themselves from the chain of UMNO mental colonisation!

  24. jaycee said

    I wonder why ISlam the religion could be so easily hijacked !.
    Can’t there be a fatwa to prevent religion from being hijacked ?.

  25. KAKI KLUB said

    Just go to any of the top night clubs in Kuala Lumpur’s Bukit Bintang/Jalan Imbi and you will see umnoputeras/malay ministers/businessman and the so called fake muslims enjoying themselves with whisky, GROs of all races, including malays GROs.

    Islam is a beautiful religion, just like any other religion, but these so called fake muslims cum hypocrite dont do what they preach. Been there and seen it all….

  26. ihateidiots said

    oooh, I love the pole dancing act! check out her fab abs! drool. damn the effendis are looking good!I would like to own a boutique too 😛

    Okay, the real problem plaguing us is that there are two camps of muslims in our country. the ones who want to be progressive and lead a liberal lifestyle (which I hv no problem with at all). and the ones who don’t want to – with their fatwas and what nots and choose to move back to the dark ages and ‘Ariabianise’ this country, so to speak, not forgetting at the same time, moving the women back into the kitchen whilst they can!

    This is the issue with how islam is being practised in our country. Islam from what I saw in Indonesia does not come across as judgemental or petty or trivial. Take a look at Malaysia and then take a look at Indonesia (the world’s most populous muslim population), there is so issue with this kind of progressive lifestyle. You can even find couples in a marriage with different religion individually. A christian wife (who still remains christian) but married to a muslim husband. You want to see how liberal Indonesia is compared to Malaysia? Go to Tony Romas, they serve pork ribs along beef ribs. Here in Malaysia, Tony Romas has no pork, period. Our hotels ONLY serve beef bacon. In Indonesia you can find pork bacon in a 5 star hotel.
    Why the double standard?

    It’s purely for political purposes and yes why the double standards? The people who are subjected to the ‘fatwas’ should question the authority who wrote the fatwas. Because the ones who are suffering are the muslims in this country.

  27. barbie said

    I heard that one of our dandelions – Pervster is moonlighting as a pole dancer as well.

  28. ihateidiots said

    I think I want to learn pole dancing too now!

  29. Madame said

    Great post, Barbie 🙂

    I agree with Johnny Peepers. History is proof of this…

    Mesoso has now morphed into a ‘SHE’? Confused here…. 😉

  30. barbie said

    Johnny Peepers said it best, I have nothing more to add 🙂

    ps: Oh? Mesoso is a she?

  31. Madame said

    Mesoso said :

    mesoso.. very carefully sharpening her nails.. one by one.. grrrr…

    LMAO* 😀

  32. mesoso said

    aiyah madame..for my barbie, mesoso can be anything..can be a pole dancer, can be a pole too for that matter…kekekekeke


  33. barbie said


    I am reading your blog. I want to comment, but your blog does not allow anonymous comment 😛 Too bad…

  34. Chelsea fc said

    Believing that God does not want you to have a good time is not believing in God.

  35. Madame said

    Mesoso is versatile….Barbie take note 😀

    Yep…was peeking at ur blog too 😉

  36. mesoso said

    aiyoh…si liao lah..mesoso so embarassed dearest barbie reading my childish rants..oh me, oh my…where to hide mesoso’s face?? eh madame..better not peek peek ah..can go blind one ah..mesoso very good at poking eyeballs..!! hehe

    errrr…barbie need post comment leh in blog. bring them to mesoso directly and mesoso will perform pole dancing for you..kekekeke

  37. It was ever so.

  38. husseinhamid said

    Memandangkan keadaan Negara kita sekaranag yang memerlukan pempinan yang teguh lagi stabil, saya dengan rendah diri mencadangkan perlantikan saya sebagai Perdana Mentri Malaysia . I, ME and MYSELF are convinced that I will do better then Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi, Najib and Daem put together. With my experience as a businessman BEFORE I enter politics, I am certain that I will be able to amass more wealth for myself, my Family and cronies better then all four of them put together. I am certain that I will be able to offer more lucrative and meaningful bribes to all the Perwakilan in UMNO who will be needed to put me and keep me in that position for the number of terms required (at least three !!!) so that they too can be rich like me, my families and cronies. I will also make sure that there will be no problems with any of my Ministers or the Mentri Besar’s making money from projects under their Ministries or State because I will make sure that all award of tenders above $50K will be decided by me….so only I will make the money. Why a $50K limit – well you have to be fair to these Ministers and Mentri Besars – they too have Families and Cronies to take care of.

    What about the corruption in the Police, Custom, Immigration, Puspakom, Treasury…in fact to be fair ..what about corruption in the Government? I think we need to look at the fundamentals involve. Basically corruption is a “willing buyer, willing seller” situation. There has to be someone who is willing to pay for services rendered and of course there must be that guy who is rendering the service. And anybody with any knowledge of economics will know that price (in this case BRIBES) will find its own level where demands meets supply. So once we accept this basic economic principal corruption will no longer be a problem. The Mata Mata, Immigration Officers, Customs etc will no longer eagerly sought offenders for a “selasai” discussion towards the end of the month when money is tight – they know that money is also tight for the giver – so nobody negotiates from a position of strength – again the “willing seller willing buyer” situation comes into play.

    What about Nepotism? Come on lah how can my Family influence anything that happens in Malaysia ? We are living in Austrlia . We are physically removed from making any contacts with the decision makers in Kuala Lumpur – or for that matter anywhere in Malaysia . I know that my wife is more interested in who is going to be in the final for the Australian Idol and my son is still at Uni. Yes my daughter is still in KL with her husband and my grandson – but they will be immigrating early next year – so no problem there. Of course there will be some amongst you who will question my ability to govern Malaysia effectively from Australia – come on lah this is not the 1960’s. There is the internet, call conferencing and all those wonderful electronics gadgets that will allow me to have constant and instantaneous contacts with all my Ministers, Mentri Besars and the Government machinery in Malaysia . ..and don’t forget the Fax machine!! No problem there.

    Of course there are other issues that needs to be looked into when the Head of State of Malaysia (that’s me lah!!) continue to live in another country ( Australia ) – but you must be fair to me. I have only begun to look at this about half an hour ago – it’s only 7am in the morning and I still have not had my cup of Green Tea…so let me think a bit more and when I am more awake we can look at the question of Racial Harmony, ISA, Hindraf, Anwar Ibrahim, Samy Velu and what have you. Re Zaid the ex Law Minister – I have been asked if I will bring him back to reform the Judiciary. Hell NO!! If he was dumb enough to even accept the position in the first place (when he knows full well that he will not be able to last or do anything positive) then he does not have the intelligence to hold that post.….. Amen …steady aku…MERDEKA.

  39. […] Oh how I wish I am part of the elite stock… In Malaysia, there are things you cannot do because your religion forbids it, but if you are among the priviledged […] […]

  40. Chris said

    Agence France-Presse – 11/18/2008 8:10 AM GMT
    Malaysian activists threaten naked protest over rent hikes
    Malaysian activists have threatened to stage a naked protest over a sudden hike in rental rates for government housing, drawing criticism from Muslim leaders and police Tuesday.

    Ramlan Abu Bakar of the Malaysian People’s Reform Movement said its members were prepared to strip off outside the offices of the chief minister of Selangor state, after it more than doubled the cost of low-income housing.

    “Protesting naked is our final act of desperation as the state government is literally stealing the clothes off our backs with this price increase,” Ramlan told AFP.

    “They are not helping the poor people here who barely make enough to afford the present rental of 124 ringgit (34 dollars per month) so how can we afford to pay 250 ringgit?” he said.

    The hardline Islamic party PAS, which is part of the opposition alliance, criticised the plans, with its spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat saying only “uncivilised” people would resort to such an act.

    “Even an animal like a cow which is stark naked, God created a tail to hide its genitals and here we are talking about human beings who have been given a mind,” he told state news agency Bernama.

    Ramlan said his group would submit a memorandum to opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, whose alliance runs Selangor state, and that if it failed to bring about any change they will push ahead with the nude protest.

    State police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said action will be taken against anyone staging an illegal assembly.

    “We will take firm action against any NGO (non-governmental organisation) that holds a gathering without a permit, and even more so if they are nude,” he told Bernama.

  41. responding to Tun Perak post…

    I would like to clarify that I’m no UMNO guys.. and if you read my posts in my blog.. i hate UMNO…

    Why is no fatwa against Corruptions??? it’s because in Islam it’s very clear that CORRUPTIONS IS HARAM…. no need a Fatwa to clarify that… that why UMNO people don’t want HUDUD as they will a scenario where UMNO will only consists of only ordinary members… all their leaders are in Jails for corruptions… That’s why PAS is against UMNO… and I support PAS!!!

    Looks like Tun Perak is a big big moron, idiot and worse than “Groo”

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