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Worst than ISA!!!!????

Posted by ErnieJean on November 18, 2008

KUALA LUMPUR: The Government hopes to be able to bring home two Malaysians held at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp when Barack Obama takes over as president of the United States in January.

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ra-is Yatim said the US had all this while, ignored a ministry request for detainees Mohd Farik Amin and Mohamm-ed Nazir Lep, suspected to be terrorists, to be allowed to face the penalty back in Malaysia. “No charges have been brought against them, and this is worse than the ISA (Internal Securi-ty Act),” he said yesterday after the presentation of the South-East Asia Write Award 2008 winner here.


Talk about BEING TOTALLY SELF CENTERED AND THICK SKINNED!!!!! To the point of not even knowing when to shut one’s mouth before making one look like a total buffoon!!!!

Why did the US set up this Detention-Without-Trial Camp in Cuba? To hold “suspected terrorists” and “enemy combatants” in their “War On Terror”. And since America still faces terrorist threats, their Department of Defense sees no reason in closing the place up just yet. The camp currently houses about 460 detainees from about 40 countries, and is said to include terrorist suspects picked up in Eastern Europe and Africa.

And though I am no apologist of nor condone this sort of detention…….after all, every person deserves to defend him/herself in the court of law……..from what I’ve gathered, the detainees were detained because of their strong link to the terrorist networks, right?

Worst than ISA!!!???

In comparison, why was ISA established in the first place? Set up in the 1950s, it was to fight the communists. COMMUNISTS, people!!! Where are the communists now?

Who gets detained by the Malaysian Government under ISA?

Datuk Mohamed Nazri, told Human Rights Watch, “They [ISA detainees] have not committed any crime because ISA is preventive. You cannot, therefore, go to court. The government has information that something will happen. (Yea Yea….same sort of information about some rally that was going to be held in Parliament grounds earlier this year, thereby causing massive traffic jams all over but in the end, that information proved to be a dud?) 

We can’t wait till it happens. Lives and property will be lost. So before it happens we detain them.”- Human Rights Watch

Basically, Loud-Mouth Nazri is telling us that they don’t need solid evidence….as long as UMNO, oops, I mean our dear Home Minister, deems a person to be a danger to society, that person will be detained…..Preventive mah!! Without the proper check and balances, sounds more like another area for abuse of power to me.

Just to prove my point, who has the BN government deemed to be a danger to society (more like a danger to their political survival) ?

  1. Folks who writes about the corrupted BN leaders (Oooooo Raja Petra is sure one heck of an EEEVIL LORD OF DESTRUCTION),
  2. Women who either was accused of asking a mosque to lower its azan calls (which was then, proven to be totally fabricated) or deemed to require protection from the BN government’s own henchmen (Can Teresa Kok really kill someone with her sharp wit and radiant pink blouses?),
  3. Ethnic Indian folks who just wanted equal rights in their own beloved country,
  4. Whoever poses a threat to the BN government (In other words, “Political Supression” lor),
  5. Practitioners of religious beliefs deemed “deviant” by UMNO (Remember this….Ayah Pin and his teapot are considered to be very very dangerous, ok?), and
  6. Suspected militant Islamist groups.

Seriously, our Malaysian Government should be the last to open their gap and preach about “Human Rights” to another nation……TAK TAU MALU KE?



9 Responses to “Worst than ISA!!!!????”

  1. peng said

    Sigh! The same symptoms of his predecessor, Alblur who has continued to spew out incoherent nonsensical rubbish from the empty hole, which we humans call mouth. Rubbish in, rubbish out. So it is a tong sampah of a mouth after all! What a discovery!

  2. […] first saw via The Dandelions, a snippet today by Rais Yatim: Malaysia hopes to be able to bring home two of its citizens held at […]

  3. Madame said

    Gitmo is the same as ISA…both allow for detention without trial for perceived or real threats against the country. It is a total enfringement of a person’s basic human right to justice. Everyone deserves a chance to be heard in court no matter the severity of the crime.

    I find it totally hypocritical that some ppl make such a hue and cry abt the ISA BUT condone Gitmo…Hmmm… could it be that these alleged ( I say alleged as no court has convicted them yet) terrorists in Gitmo are largely Muslims and hence expendable? Hypocrisy at its worst, I say!

    The Malaysian govt is the biggest hypocrite of all!!!!

  4. erniejean said

    Yea Madame…..both Guantanamo Bay & ISA should be shut down once and for all……..what more the rampant reports of physical and mental tortures that goes on inside those camps…..totally despicable!!!

    But it is really damn malu for us when our govn. who is just as guilty, tries to run down the US govn. for the exact same crime.

    Yes, Hypocrites they are!!

  5. kkitsam said

    These BN goons speaks RUBBISH. they thought they are a class higher while others is always lower/bad. Someone just need to comes up to him and said “YOU STUPID STOP THE RUBBISH!!!”.

  6. gunnfan said

    These [expletive deleted] UMNO Ministers (TM) should shut their [expletive deleted] mouths.

    Not [expletive deleted] fooling anybody anymore [expletive deleted].

  7. orange said

    how to be malu when these people lack basic awareness? thick skin, think skulls and thick minds.
    guantanamo bay fashioned after our isa mah… think we dunno meh?
    you ever heard of the crude saying ‘stuffing worms up ones own butt’?

  8. Robin Hood Baru said

    The US version detention-without-trial hosting detainees at Guantanamo Bay at Cuba is far work of security risks than the Malaysian version detention-without-trial so-called the ISA during the communist insurgencies.

    Facts : The weaponry/explosives are portable and can be masked under a decoy say – a carcass of a dog and inside someone’s body and suddenly detonated in crowded places whilst the communist’s weaponry and combat are normally direct battle with armed forces.

    Out of the 460 detainees at GB, about 150 are caught to in possession or houses the premise of explosive materials.

    I am at no time supporting any detention-without -trial but I can compare the security risks the US Guantanamo Bay houses right now is comparable or worse than the communists detained under the Brits.

    Only some at Kamunting poses security threats like the JI but I believe they must be given a fair hearing by an impartial court. Some so-called unorthodox Muslims are even detained at Kamunting.

    The Malaysia Government is using the ISA under the guise of detaining would-be-terrorists or poses threat to National Security where in actuality their intention is to coop political dissidents. Now not even 1 detainee is a political dissident at Guantanamo Bay.

  9. Robin Hood Baru said

    The US version detention-without-trial hosting detainees at Guantanamo Bay at Cuba is far work of security risks than the Malaysian version detention-without-trial so-called the ISA during the communist insurgencies.

    far worse (correction line2)

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