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Meritocracy?! It does not exist in Malaysia.

Posted by Foodie on November 19, 2008

The biggest problem of all our country faces stems from one word. Our lack of or rather non-existent practise of meritocracy. Meritocracy. Now there’s a word I REALLY like! Unfortunately, this word does not exist in our government’s vocabulary. To them, it’s not the best person for the job but rather the ‘right’ race for the job (as evident in the recent case of PKNS). And Pak Lah had the nerve to exclaim during US President Obama’s groundbreaking victory that this may be a possibility in Malaysia one day?  Really? Anyone can be a leader in Malaysia?  For crying out loud, the appointment of a senior official as acting general manager was objected by six staff bodies of state agency Selangor Development Corporation (PKNS) on grounds that she was chinese. Nope, they didn’t deny her capabilities, just her ethnicity.

Without meritocracy in place, there is NO way our country is ever going to advance or progress. Let alone cope with the challenges posed by globalization…. Our issues with filling up quotas for the sake of statistics or politics has to be done with. We are not only lowering the standards of our country’s education but we are also condoning, conditioning & perpetuating racism, social hierarchies …. Our politicians’ self centred, myopic mentality is the main reason our country can only go this far in the race and then stagnate.

We may be a developing nation with our own national car, Twin Towers, man to space project… But, in spite of all these superficially apparent rather than substantial elements, we are still practising legalized ‘arpatheid’ (if you may) in our backyard.

What kind of developing nation is this I ask you? Democracy and Arpatheid does not go hand in hand as with Meritocracy and Advancement.  With such archaic and biased policies ‘you’ are telling Malaysians ‘We Boleh’?! To me, Malaysia TAK Boleh.

First, show me the meritocracy and I’ll show the Malaysia Boleh!


8 Responses to “Meritocracy?! It does not exist in Malaysia.”

  1. barbie said

    Thanks Miss Jolie for writing this post. I have the same opinion with you, as you can read for yourself my latest comment at Jingo’s post.

    Meritocracy is the solution.

  2. Madame said

    You totally nailed it!!! Hi five, Missjolie 😉

  3. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    what has Barack Obama got to do with Malaysia’s meritocracy?

  4. Amin said

    I would like to illustrate the lack of meritocracy in our local universities that produce sub-standard graduates by revealing the factual case of 2 young employees in the global forex office of Std Chart based in Singapore. Both these young men are Malaysians, graduates majoring in Econs, one from University of Malaya and another, UNSW of Australia. They started off their employment in 2007 with same salaries. In Jan. 2008, their performances were appraised by the British boss for purpose of salary increments.

    The UM graduate was given a raise of S$50.00 per month.
    The UNSW grad’s increment is a whopping $800.00 per month.

    At this rate it would take the UM grad 16 years to catch up with the other guy.

    It takes a neutral referee in neutral ground to tell us the truth with out spinnings by our mentally convoluted politicians.

  5. mesoso said

    yalor ms jolie…mesoso so so agree wif wat u say…


  6. missjolie said

    Hi Mesoso, long time no see! Howzit going?! 😉 Didn’t know you speak such fluent French!

  7. erniejean said

    Good one Missjolie!!!

    With the current govn. clinging on to apartheid-based policies (for self-enrichment), Malaysians can expect to see ourselves going the opposite way of advancement.

    For now, the only “Boleh” we’re capable of, is embarrassing ourselves silly.

  8. mesoso said

    aiyah missjolie, mesoso kan very versatile…anything osso can one..hehe

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