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Ooohh…To Be Stood Up…TWICE!!!

Posted by ErnieJean on November 20, 2008

What would ordinary folks (of the mortal kind) like ourselves do, when, say, we’ve been stood up, “fong fei kei”-ed,  TWICE (!!), despite us trying our darnest best to make everything as easy as possible for that particular meeting/event to take place? And all that person could come up with is because he/she was busy.
Don’t know about you guys, but unless it’s someone who really matters, like a close friend or family, I’d forget about “begging” for another meet, especially if that person has, sort of, made it quite obvious that he/she thinks very little of whatever I have to offer……….
And I bet that’s what most of us would do, if there were any dignity and pride in us.
But what would our great knowledgable macho leaders (who wouldn’t think twice about shedding blood of the “others” if their rights were threatened) do if they were in this same situation?
Malacca's Most Beloved Bollywood Hero

Malacca's Most Beloved Bollywood Hero

MALACCA : Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan will not be able to receive his Datukship on Nov 29 due to his busy schedule.

It is learnt that state officials here are now trying to arrange for an alternative date. (Must give credit…..very persistant…..)

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said he had got wind of it but refused to comment further on the matter. (Tai Chi master in action………..)

“I understand it has been postponed. For any details, you will have to ask the State Secretary,” he told reporters after chairing the state executive council meeting yesterday.

Quite frankly, I’ve sort of expected this sort of nonchalant-ness from the Bollywood Superstar…….after all, it is pretty obvious that this award of “datukship” is basically a shameless publicity stunt by the racist and sexist bigot to try and milk off some celebrity stardust off SRK…….
Ali Rustam, not everyone is as simple minded as your bodek-kakis, you know? Not everybody will kiss your ass for one of your “money-talks-Datukships”, you know?
Says a lot about the value of our Malaysian “datukship”, doesn’t it?
Now, I wonder if this superstar who spurned Ali Rustam’s affection, be just as busy if it was a “Knighthood” from Queen E ? Hmmmmm…….

8 Responses to “Ooohh…To Be Stood Up…TWICE!!!”

  1. Urmmm, maybe they could award me the Datukship. I wouldn’t fong fei kei them, I promise, honest I won’t … hehehe …

  2. snappy said

    Don’t they get it?? SRK neither need nor want the datukship!!.. good gosh!

  3. mesoso said

    well..i mean..we asked for it tuin-tuin, give people a datukship..he osso probably wondering why in God’s name he given an award..
    ..maybe he really busy know lah, bollywood must churn out millions of movies a year, where got time to come get award..
    maybe you might be right ernie..a knighthood sounds a lot more precious and prestigious leh..more global recognition mah..

    i for one would prefer the title Sir Mesoso or even Lady Mesoso for that matter…you know what i mean?


  4. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    I don’t know about you (mesoso, or snappy or Nick Philips, but if I am Alie RUstam I would have stuck my head into the ground like an ostrich

  5. mesoso said need stick head into ground..mesoso show you better place to stick your head in..



  6. missjolie said

    LMAO to Ali Rustam!!! Read my lips. PADAN MUKA!

  7. bongkersz said

    Yeah, I blogged about this as well. Shah Rukh Khan obviously values Datukship for nothing! So, Jessica Alba for Datukship!

  8. MC said

    Hahaha… obviously Shah Rukh has been enlightened by the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister on the fact that Indians are marginalised in Malaysia, and therefore it would be most embarrassing for him to come accept the award!

    That would be my bet. Anyone think so too?

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