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Wong Chun Wai faces off Lim Kit Siang? Mahathir faces off Najib?

Posted by jingoisticbuthornydesperado on November 20, 2008

I was wondering what the brouhaha was all about between Wong Chun Wai and Lim Kit Siang when I was skimming through The Star online. I would rather not dwell on the constitutional jargon to rebut Wong Chun Wai like Lim Kit Siang did, as jurisprudence is not my forte. I have to scorn (the idea not the person) this particularly crass and self-centred statement from Wong Chun Wai was stating that non-Muslim NGOs should stay away from the fatwas on yoga and tomboyism, as these religious rulings did not affect non-Muslims”.

Quoting from Haris Ibrahim,

“Is this not advocating the UMNO / MCA / MIC ‘Melayu jaga Melayu, Cina jaga Cina, India jaga India’ mentality?

Stand up for the marginalised? Why? We’re from the privileged class.

We should not concern ourselves with the Revathis and the Lina Joys and the Subashini’s because, hey, whatever that’s being done to them does not infringe our rights, no?

So what if families are torn apart? Ours is intact!

What temple demolitions? We did not notice any. Sorry,we were too busy praying in our churches and mosques, all intact, to notice.

Why candlelight vigil for the release of ISA detainees when we’re on the outside? After all, we’re at large. Our rights are unaffected.”

I think Haris Ibrahim has pretty much summed up my thought about the whole issue. For years we tend to complain how our fellow citizens lack civic-mindedness. If we mind our business, who are we to say “accuse road bullies for being inconsiderate”? Also, I disagree with Wong Chun Wai accusing Lim Kit Siang for resorting to name-calling and bullying to put down Wong Chun Wai. Upon inspecting the Lim Kit Siang’s blog, I don’t find any particular persona non grata statements. The most negative from Lim Kit Siang is most probably this segment of his statement,

“But what is most mischievous, unprofessional and unacceptable is the insinuation that the DAP…”

Is this name-calling or bullying? I have seen worse, yet this statement is what I believe is to be called CONSTRUCTIVE CRITCISM. I mean, Lim Kit Siang did suggest a solution/solutions to his criticism. How can a constructive criticism be a bad thing? Or is it possible for any of us to be so insulated from the years of being a political sycophant that anything that is does not resemble a reward seems like an atomic bomb? I do like A FEW of Wong Chun Wai’s article but this latest blog post of his is objectionable.

On a totally different note, is Mahathir turning into Najib’s adversary? Well Najib is not doing things the way Mahathir wants it to be and because of this, Mahathir is threatening to release the name of UMNO members involved in money politics. I doubt his threat was intended for Badawi otherwise Mahathir would have done that long time ago. When Badawi took over from Mahathir, Badawi was relatively ‘clean’ and was also relatively a ‘political nobody’, hence Mahathir has no funny leverage against Badawi to blackmail Badawi himself. Najib is a different story altogether. Though Mahathir did not explicitly mention who he intends to ‘deleverage’ against but my bet will be on Najib. Will Mahathir get his way? Between Mahathir and Najib, we have seen relationship vacillating between friends, then enemies, then friends again and now it seems like it is teetering towards enmity again.

Sigh! So many social and political conundrums!



4 Responses to “Wong Chun Wai faces off Lim Kit Siang? Mahathir faces off Najib?”

  1. erniejean said

    Wong Chun Wai is an embarrassment to the religion that he professes to be practising and to his parents who brought him up…… 😡

    Same goes for the other two Star senior writers…guess who I am referring to? A Tan and a Chin? 😛

  2. mesoso said

    name calling ah..
    name calling is this lor..chan hai hou chun..tan hai yea hou wai…

    la personne intéressée, que pouvons-nous faire ?


  3. barbie said

    That’s how Wong Chun Wai got his ‘Latok-ship’, by ass kissing all the way. He’s trying to deflect attention to his worthless party leaders, the leadership crisis in MCA. This is the kind of people worse than a fungi living on a scum of a bottomless pond, seek to fan racial and religious sentiments at every possible opportunity.

  4. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    a chin long time didn’t write already, ernie 😛

    wonder why!

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