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And Then There Comes The Compensations And Hotel Rooms…………

Posted by ErnieJean on December 10, 2008

KUALA LUMPUR: The Government will consider compensating victims of the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Speaking to reporters after chairing the Barisan Nasional supreme council meeting, Abdullah said the council expressed sadness and regret over the incident.

“The Government will consider help for the victims,” he said when asked.

Abdullah said, however, that the supreme council did not discuss the giving of aid from Barisan. (Of course the money will not come out of BN’s coffers… Taxpayers will be the ones shouldering this burden, right?)

“To those affected, our deepest condolences, and sympathy goes out to the families who lost relatives and those who lost their houses.”

When asked if the Government would gazette such land as permanent forests to prohibit development of homes, Abdullah said there would be no more choice for developers if that were the case.

“The choice to build or not to build is now an option for developers because that is where the air is good and the view is good,” he said.

“To gazette land, where building of houses is prohibited, would mean no more choice.

“At this point, there appears to be some choice.”

Abdullah, however, said that catchment areas that had not been gazetted would be done so as soon as possible.

On Bukit Antarabangsa residents citing carelessness by local authorities for the tragedy, Abdullah said those affected would want to point fingers or complain to the Govern­ment at this time. (Complain also cannot ar?)

“What had happened is regretful and was not deliberately done,” he said. (You mean these incidences can be “deliberately” done? The horrors!!!)

“Those who are responsible for building the houses would have considered the soil stability and all other technical studies and should not be taking risks.”

Abdullah said that because of the incident, the order was given to stop all development approvals in such areas.

– The Star, 9th December 2008

Ok…… it just me or is this “compensation” proposal by Badawi sounding mighty fishy? No, I’m not begruding these people for whatever financial assistance that they may be getting…….but rather, the question is, why now? Why only this time? Could it be our BN govn is feeling mighty rich and hence, generous too, what with the recent RM300million gain from petrol sales last month?

Why announce compensation for this particular incident only? How about victims of all other previous landslide incidences? And by the way, were the survivors of Highland Towers compensated at all for their loss? Anyone?

How about Muhyiddin’s “proactive” proposal to provide those landslide evacuees with free hotel rooms? And UMNO’s setting up of yet another “not-at-all-to-be-trusted” Disaster Fund with pledges from several UMNO division amounting to RM60K (todate). (I wonder whether there will be anymore fools out there who have not learnt from the missing Tsunami Fund incident, and happily contribute to this other “UMNO-endorsed” Fund)

Erm………………Am I missing something out or aren’t the residents of Bukit Antarabangsa quite well off, financially? Do they really need the financial assistance more than, say, some poor attap house dwelling kampung folks besieged by rising flood waters? Why all these quick-to-action pledges for this particular incident?

How much longer can Malaysian taxpayers shoulder this burden and why should we in the first place, when all these were caused by greedy local authorities and greedy developers? If there were to be any compensation to be handed out, then I say the money should come out of them, not us!!

As for the home buyers, some actually blame them for contributing to the “demand” factor, but I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt….after all, one is usually inclined to believe some big-shot-established developer when he tells you that his development satisfies all criterias required of a hillside development and obviously, no one is going to fork out a couple of hundred thousands for a home that one is not convinced of it’s safety factor, right?

And why does it seem like our Prime Minister is sort of coming up with all sorts of excuses and playing the role of an apologist for the developers with interest in these hillside developments? Didn’t he, just one day after the landslide occurred, went all emo and called for all hillside developments to stop? How come the sudden change of heart?

KUALA LUMPUR: Enough! No more hillside housing projects at Bukit Antarabangsa, orders Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Abdullah was aware the decision would not go down well with some parties.

“I am sure this will incur the wrath of individual land owners and developers, but enough is enough,” he told reporters after visiting the landslide-hit area yesterday afternoon.

– The Star, 7th December 2008

You know what? Dr. Benjamin George, survivor of the Highland Towers disaster couldn’t have put it more aptly……..

“The politicians will climb up their helicopters and say all development must stop.

“There will be a stop-work order for two months but in the third month the tractors will start work again.

“I have survived long enough to see all this nonsense repeated,”

P.S. Ever wondered what juicy bits could be contained in that little “black-book” of the PM, that his principal private secretary would risk his life to retrieve? Hhhmmmmmm…….


5 Responses to “And Then There Comes The Compensations And Hotel Rooms…………”

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  2. Lays said

    As usual, the richer ones will always get better treatment with taxpayers’ money.

    I wonder how many of those flood victims from east coast will get the same treatment. Hotels huh.. LOL

  3. desmond said

    I am sure the victims of the tragedy are not stupid, ignorant or uneducated people.How long ago were those buildings constructed? This unfortunate country’s administration, and most local government bodies, has a long history ( at least 20-25 years) of ineptness, corruptions,benign neglect, indifference to the law,abuse of the law and so on, that no promises, assurances, official reports, findings and so on, can be relied on as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.To list them all will require more volumes than the Encylopedia Brittanica. Is this the first time a disaster of this nature occur? What have we/they learned from the subsequent findings?

    In other words, they went ahead and bought these properties with some of the above mentioned knowledge, if not in mind, then at least at the back of their mind.I would not exactly be in shock if some of the victims were themselves part of the above said problems.Until today,until this very minute, and I am even sure that after all the ruckus and hulabaloo from the various interested parties, officiladom or not, nothing much will come of it. Please talk to Dr.Benjamin George.

    Malaysians has the propensity to refuse to learn from experience and knowledge. How many continue to be conned by cure all magic stones,magic inks that can turn blank papers to US dollar notes,multi million dollar transfers from some frozen African bank accounts and so on? No all who were victims of these cons were some ignorant and uneducated Ah Sohs,neneks or minachis.Need I say more.

    What takes the cake is the proposal to compensate the victims for their losses, provide them with hotel stays and free taxi rides. Who’s paying? What’s the purpose for the existence of insurance companies in this country for? Are we talking about some poor kampong folks who has been flooded out of their homes and villages? Should non-victims become victims as well?

    Do I have callusses for saying what is said above? Believe you me that I do not. I too grieve for the lives lost;sympathetic for the financial losses,the hardship and inconvenience incurred.

    Lets no forget that what happened is not a pure Act of God, beyond the control and management of Man.And the Man is not just those who propose,plan,invest and approve the construction of these dwellings, but also those who choose to invest their financial and human lives on it, and must therefore bear equal responsibility for it.

  4. Johnson Lee said

    Never trust a single word from this hypocrite,Sleepyhead Prime Minister of Malaysia. He even lied to his dying wife that he would take care of all Malaysians.His statements and actions last 5 years confirmed that all he was interested is to remain in power to enjoy the perks and status being the PM. Ever wonder why Dr Mahathir called Badawi the Most Shameless and Most Useless Prime Minister.There is a lot of truth in that remark.

  5. Angry Taxpayer said

    And how about the recent announcement to deploy 500 police personnel to help guard the victim’s properties!!??

    On one hand our IGP tells us that they are facing a shortage of police personnels, hence the escalating crime rates, but on the other hand, we see 500 men being assigned to be security guards for the residents of Bkt Antarabangsa.

    Where on earth they did pull these extra 500 from, I wonder.

    Imagine how safe the streets will be with the injection of the extra 500 policemen…but NNNNOOOOOOO, it is apparent that as far as Mr. IGP is concerned, properties in Bkt. Antarabangsa are more important than the lives of us mere mortals living elsewhere.

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