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MP Kapar, please resign fast! Good riddance! We don’t love you Mike..

Posted by barbie on December 31, 2008

MP Manikavasagam quitting PKR

The representative from Kapar, S. Manikavasagam, told mStar Online that he was quitting because he was disappointed with the attitude of Selangor PKR leaders, who he claimed had neglected the needs of the people. He also cited in-fighting among the state leaders as a reason.

Two words. Good riddance.

He did it before, and now he’s doing it again. If he’s saying he’s the protege of Samyvellu, nobody will say otherwise. He has mastered the art of saying one thing, doing another thing almost flawless now. This guy, has been blackmailing Pakatan Rakyat and threatened to resign before, yet he’s still there. WTF dude? Attention seeker? Cry baby?

From his own blog:

Breaking News – Manikavasagam to resign

It shows he is serious and committed in upholding the rights of all Human Being. When conveying this message at Kulai last night he says “I’m not like other leaders holding on position despite knowing Rakyat’s rejection”

No idea what the idiot was saying by “holding on position despite knowing Rakyat’s rejection.”

Of course, in true flip flop style (we already saw this coming), he then retracted his decision to resign, because HIS demands has been met. This is not blackmailing then what? Going to public media like that? Lack of PR skills and not media savvy, are you?

From Malaysiakini,

Selangor PKR leader S Manikavasagam will not relinquish his post as the party’s state liaison deputy chief, said his political secretary M Shanmugam today. “Manikavasagam will retain his post as PKR deputy liaison chief for Selangor following the suspension of the person behind the demolition,” said Shanmugam (his political secretary)

Now, he is doing it again. After making such a big issue about resigning with surprisingly perfect timing with the coming by-election in Kuala Terengganu, you thought he would do it for real!  But, no!

Not before he said in NST that Selangor MB and PAS head are back-stabbing by “accepting his decision” to step down. He was saying both Selangor should discuss things with him first before they come out with that kind of remarks in the media. WTF?

SHAH ALAM: Kapar member of parliament S. Manikavasa- gam said Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang was ungrateful and a backstabber for asking him to resign his post as an MP before he had made his final decision.

“Earlier, it was the menteri besar (Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim) and now it is Hadi. This is not right. They should have discussed it with me.

“I guess they could not wait for me to resign and quit the party even when I have not made a final decision.

“Hadi forgot that the Indian community and I had helped a lot during the last general election.

“Previously, the Indian community did not support Pas but now they are willing to hold Pas flags,” he said when contacted yesterday.

Hey! Discuss what again? Who the idiot went amok in the media, making it such a big issue and let the MainStreamMedia (MSM) blowing it out of proportion? So, what you did was right? Shouldn’t you discuss with other PKR leaders first? What final decision? You want to resign, do it. Like we care! We don’t need such childish, idiotic leader, please. Go ahead and resign!!

Now, I have this to say to you, and I know you will be reading this, since I link this article to your blog.

“…..forgot that the Indian community and I had helped a lot during the last general election”

Thank you very much. Where you contested again? In Kapar right? So who you think voted you in to the position you are holding now? The Indians? Bite this fact!

Kapar has 112,224 registered voters – the largest constituency in the country – with Malays forming the majority at 51.4 percent and Chinese at 35.4 percent. Indians make up 13 percent, working mainly in oil palm plantations and the factory sector.

Indians form only 12% of the voters while the Malays form 50% and they gave you 12,000 majority during the last general election. Talking about being grateful?? You are not fit to utter the word, Mr. Mike!

Yet now you are behaving as if you were was elected by Indians alone! Such insensitive  behaviour and making threats, acting like a hooligan. Karpal Singh is right when he said:

”People did not elect him in his personal capacity. He has no right to leave PKR and join any other party. His only other option is to resign so that the people in the constituency can decide what they want.”

And thank you again for creating this issue so that the very biased MSM jump on it like rabid dogs.  Just look at NST Online, how many “special reports” dedicated for this fiasco, with misleading title like “Pakatan Rakyat Row Hots Up”, when it is really about one stupid, insecure, selfish MP trying to get some attentions. BAH!

p/s: Do we need another Indian party? Indians have MIC, IPF, PPP, Hindraf,  bla bla and that new party by Nalla, are we going to have another Indian party?

50 Indian leaders plan meeting to decide on their future in PKR:

…one of the options to be considered at the meeting is a mass resignation followed by the setting up of a new party to represent the interest of Indian members.”

Although with a population lesser than the other major races in Malaysia, Indians are probably having a bit too many ‘Indian’ parties to choose from to “represent their interests” . Own interest or Indian interest?

p/p/s: Yeah.. he’s not resigning. Nah! Like we couldn’t see that coming already. What are you trying to achieve from all this fiasco, Mike? Blame the media again, ah? Aiyo..

DAMN YOU MTF%!&*!**!! After tarnishing the image of Pakatan Rakyat, allowing MSM to capitalise and mislead public on the PR’s unity, now you are making a U-turn? You are a joke!


14 Responses to “MP Kapar, please resign fast! Good riddance! We don’t love you Mike..”

  1. erniejean said

    This guy is a joke……..he should call Semi Value “God Father”…..even I can’t wait for him to resign and disappear from public view.

    Yea, trust the MSM to harp on this little cockraoch just before the coming by-election.

  2. Yup, I agree with you. The bum should just resign!

  3. gunnfan said

    Buh Bye and don’t let the door hit you on the on the way out. What a .

    ..Happy 2009 guys..:D

  4. sactyr said

    Spot on..

  5. peng said

    A good commentary on this issue.
    So it seems ‘ada udang di sebalik batu’!

  6. WP said

    I think you have jumped the gun on this issue Barbie and from my sources, it appears that you have been misinformed and even manipulated.

    Sorry to say this so directly.

    Anyway, the truth will be revealed in time. Just wait and see.

  7. drrafick said

    please read my views at my blog.. slightly different

  8. Fi-sha said

    This cock said that he joined PKR because of Ezam and knowing who is Ezam, surely this cock isnt a true blue Pakatan Rakyat. I wonder if he is being paid to mess up since he also said that he run up a debt of RM60K since becoming MP. Did we see any of those people ‘who he helped’ came out to defend him? Nil…zilch…

  9. […] Stop trying to make yourself like and Indian hero and only speak for the Indians. Perhaps, you should read this post and ponder upon your […]

  10. sans said

    It is easy to caricature a person and be vicious will very little facts around. Reading what is out there in the news I could draw the same conclusions that many of you have done but I urge you to go to the primary news source. So please view the youtube interviews with YB Manikavasagan and his political secretary before jumping to the conclusions you have above

  11. sans said

    Sorry this is the right interview

  12. aaa said

    ur right sir, apa pakatan buat bukan untuk kaum india tapi keseluruhan negeri selangor ,semua susah sekarang,bandar klang hancur,sepang dah nak ada kandang babi kaum india di tindas oleh pakatan dah apa lagi akan berlaku sir ni baru 9 bulan belum 5thn lagi nak terus hancukkan selangor ke sir tolonglah keluar dari pakatan dah jadi ahli palimen dari bn atau pun sekurang kurangnya jadilah ahli parlimen bebas tapi sir apa kata sir masuk mic jadi president n betulkan semula mic serta satukan semuala semua kaum india n buat baik untuk kaum india amnya dan malaysia amnya ni pandangan saya sahaja sebab kini kami lagi sush dari dulu

  13. aaa said

    ur the best 4 ur indian in malaysia but pakatan not the good party 4 selangor

  14. aaa said

    kami semua akan sokong yb manikavasagam jika bandar klang jadi seperti dulu tak ada oneway,stesen bas kekal di tempat asal dah perniagaan kami maju macam 3bln yang lepas maka manikavasagamlah yang terbaik tapi ingat pakatan still the rong choise

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