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Even If We Lose, We’re Still Well-Liked, So Says The Ostrich Politician……

Posted by ErnieJean on January 7, 2009

Someone’s obviously running scared…….better cover his rear-end first by issuing a damage-control statement……… 

Wednesday January 7, 2009

‘Don’t use polls to gauge popularity of leaders’

KUALA TERENGGANU: The Kuala Terengganu by-election should not be used to gauge the popularity of the leaders of the country or the state, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

He said the by-election on Jan 17 was for the people here to choose the best person to represent them.

“This is not a referendum on me, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi or Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said,” he told a press conference after the close of nominations here yesterday. (Oooooo………..of course it’s not………is there a reason why it should be in the first place? Just make sure if your man does win for some reason or another, you and the PM will not be the first one to jump on the pedestal and declare that you’re popular, yar?)

Najib said Barisan’s candidate was the best man for the job because he has already been guaranteed a deputy minister’s post if he won.

“The electorate in Kuala Terengganu should think deeply on who they feel will be the best man to represent them – a deputy minister or an opposition MP.

“I have already told the Barisan machinery to explain to the voters that if they vote for PAS, their representative will never become a deputy minister,” he said. (So…….this is the “brilliant strategy” cooked up by UMNO!!!??? )

Najib said the Barisan was ready to answer all issues raised by the opposition. (Erm……..what about the answers to all the previous issues raised? We’re still waiting lah…..)

He said the Barisan would use a people-friendly approach, with “Barisan Is People-Friendly” as the campaign theme. (Yes….very friendly indeed….so much so that cyclists can get harrassed and candle stick holder get beaten up……..)

This, he added, would make the people the ruling coalition’s focus in the by-election.

“We are stressing this concept as a reflection of what we are doing. Our target is the people and they are our priority when we carry out any development programmes,” he added.

Najib said the opposition was likely to use national issues in their campaign because they seemed to have run out of local issues to harp on. (I’m sorry but don’t national issues affect local issues?)

Asked if he was optimistic about Barisan retaining the seat, Najib replied: “Based on the number of people who turned up to show support for our candidate, the mood is for Barisan but we cannot underestimate PAS as it is a formidable opponent.” (Wow…..truly a Master at twisting words…..*clap clap* !!)

Now, I was initially wondering why would our DPM be so quick and eager to quash any links of defeat to the support for his leadership…until I came across some photos of Day 1 Nomination Day At KT (Thanks to Malaysia Today and Uncle Zorro ;D)  ………..NO WONDER-LAH!!!!!! 








 While the show of support for PAS undoubtedly reveals how UMNO/BN are fast losing support due to their brand of arrogant politics, let’s just hope those numbers actually translate into actual votes.


4 Responses to “Even If We Lose, We’re Still Well-Liked, So Says The Ostrich Politician……”

  1. Rashid said

    Not only arrogant but looters as well

  2. Hi folks, I am in KT and the Chinese here have told us, there WILL be a tsunami AGAINST umno’s ugly brand of politics.

    RPK has posted photos of the wretched poor in this country’s 2nd richest state. People here say as you go inland, it gets worse.

    Tonight, the town is awash with plentiful cops with their big bikes parked at the numerous junctions, waiting to escort BN VIPs to their ceramahs (of course at rakyat’s expense)

  3. erniejean said

    Hi there Search,

    Thks for the update on KT’s by-election……

    BN VIPs being escorted in their huge SUVs……..very expected of them…….looks like the MSM’s attempt (especially this Wong Sai Wan from The Star) to spin tales about how low profile and humble the BN campaigners are as opposed to loud and pompous PR’s camp, is not going to work one bit.

  4. mesoso said

    there is just something funny about that yawning pic..can’t put my finger on it..but it tickles me to death..hehehheehehe


    p/s: whoever took that pic deserves a datukship…

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