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Dear Mr. Education Minister……

Posted by ErnieJean on January 9, 2009

Dear Mr. Minister Of My Child’s Education, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin,

I am writting to you as a very concerned mother of a child who goes to a Sekolah Kebangsaan somewhere in Selangor.

As it is, parents like myself already have it up to our ears with concerns for issues that shouldn’t be issues in the first place………but I’m sure you’re trying your “darnest best” to resolve them although we’ve yet to see any actual action plan being executed since you took over this ministry in March 2004.

Infact, some people say things have actually gotten WORST…..the quality of teachers and school heads, physical condition of schools especially those located in Pakatan Rakyat districts,  school syllabus, etc……… to counter that? Btw, I still think having Pendidikan Moral as an exam subject is one of the worst idea ever.

Then there is the introduction of the compulsory National Service. Despite constant assurances from your future party president and government and numerous damage control steps taken, our children are still very much at the mercies of poor execution…..from food poisoning (still happening, mind you), “hamsap” trainers, non-existant qualified medical personnels, to dangerously and poorly constructed camp sites.

Yes, I know National Service doesn’t fall under your category….just pointing out what else us average Malaysian parents have to suffer through besides trying to overcome the crappy education system.

If I’m not mistaken, our children are still guinea pigs in your ministry’s never-ending experiments……….one minute it’s English, next it’s Bahasa Melayu, then Bahasa Malaysia……..perhaps that’s why your teachers are no longer motivated.

We’re also told that our children, even those coming into adulthood, are not allowed to initiate or participate in well-intented causes or whatever healthy activities that may be associated with them, including cycling, regardless of whether their parents have given their blessings or not… long as the government say “cannot” means “cannot”.

But on the other hand, “rempit-ing” seems to be OK up your alley. Why?

Now, right after giving all sorts of crappy excuses about children not being allowed to participate in rallies for fear of being exploited, you must have thought Malaysians really forget very easily and in what I assume to be an attempt to boost your deflating political popularity, our children are now made into your personal political pawns once again.

 PUTRAJAYA: Nearly all schoolchildren in the country will be mobilised to protest against the Gaza offensive by Israeli forces.

Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said about five million pupils and 360,765 teachers from more than 10,000 schools would be involved.

“This is to create a wave of pressure for the Israelis to stop their violence and oppression of Palestinian civilians.”

He said the ministry would be working with the Information, Foreign, and Youth and Sports Ministries, as well as Peace Malaysia, to expand the campaign to a mega scale.

“We are confident that youth leaders from political parties, including those in Pakatan Rakyat will join us in this fight against the Zionist regime,” he said after his ministry’s New Year gathering at Putrajaya International Convention Centre here yesterday.

Hishammuddin said the directive was passed in the cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Asked on the danger of exposing children to such atrocities, the minister said: “When they grow up, they will have to face global issue like peace, environment and the economic crisis.” – nst

So, being exposed to and fighting for global issues like peace, environment and economic concerns is ok and not considered child-exploitation, so long they don’t concern or disturb your rice bowl!!???

Who cares if the kids get emotionally or mentally disturbed after seeing pictures of dead bodies, right?

But hands-off local issues as that may threaten your political ambitions? Is that what the police harrassment of the JERIT cyclists incident all about!!???

And in the first place, who gave you the green light to USE our children to fill up the numbers in your proposed protest against the Israelites?

I believe in teaching my children to make right what’s in their own backyard first before preaching to the others, least we be called “HYPOCRITES“!!!

Anyway, thank you for your time and patience.

Yours Sincerely,

Ernie Jean.

P.S.  Just a word of advise, you should seriously consider quitting your keris-kissing act, for you do look absolutely ridiculous.

Are you going to make this person your kid's role model?

Are you going to make this person your kid's role model?


8 Responses to “Dear Mr. Education Minister……”

  1. mesoso said

    wah ernie jean…(looks like you are holding fort..where is everybody else?)…very very well said…

  2. Raktamrittika said

    Minister of MISSEDUCATION!!….

  3. funnyfella said

    why should he care about our crappy and experimental education system it only affect our kids, while his own kid is following the americans, the british or some other overseas
    confident and faith in his own crappy creation.

  4. mauryaII said

    This asshole and his brothers and sisters in UMNO have been lying through all their orifices for a long, long time that they have started to believe in their own lies and spins.

    When his matrempits,Umno Youth, Wanita Umno and Puteri Umno stage all their illegal demonstrations and rallies, their police dogs are found wanting in balls to pull them up for not having permits.

    When concerned citizens hold candle light vigils for very noble and good causes, these police mongrels are seen struting in and arresting innocent but concerned members of the rakyat.

    If any country can be accused of double standards, we don’t have to go far. Double standards and apatheid policies are the norms in the Barisan Neraka government.Such practices have been going on for the past 50 years right under the nose of the MCA, MIC, GERAKAN and other lap dog parties from Sabah and Sarawak.

    It is not just the education system that is in a mess. Everything is chaotic in the country because each and everyone in the BN is trying to suck up to corrupted and murderous politicians who would use anything and everthing to cling on to power.

    The rot started with Mamakthir. Unfortunately it will not end with him. Even with one foot in the grave that mad man is still inciting racial hatred and promoting religious hegemony.

    It is not without a reason. He wants his son Mukhriz to be elected as president of UMNO Youth which he believes would propel him as a future PM. God forbid. An offspring of this evil old goat would be even supass his dad if given that lofty position. As people say, it runs in the blood. Corruption, cronyism, nepotism and money politics are part and parcel of their blood.

    Until BN is shown the exit and a new government is formed, there is really no hope of seeing the country progress and flourish for all its citizens.

    BN is a moribund and malignant cancer which has to be removed totally from the governance of the country in order to lay the framework for a BETTER MALAYSIA FOR ALL MALAYSIANS.


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  8. johnson lee said

    Do you know that this Minister of Education and his cousin DPM Najib sent their children overseas to study? It is crystal clear that they know very well the Malaysian education system is half-past-six at best.But these hypocrite politicians keep telling parents that we have good schools and qualified teachers and our varsities produce world-class graduates.The truth is most graduates from Malaysian public varsities are pretty much useless….no wonder a big number of them are unemployed and unemployable.

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