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A Confusing State?

Posted by Oscar the Grouch on January 11, 2009

To hudud or not to hudud? That appears to be the question. Obviously PAS wants to, we all know that. And no worries, non-Muslims won’t be affected, we are assured. Hudud law won’t apply to non-Muslims. And that is what I have understood all along. Until Karpal Singh strolls along with his novel argument.


Karpal Singh argues that PAS’ assertion that Islamic hudud laws apply only to Muslims “as a fallacy”. He pointed out that Malaysia was not an Islamic state and that the passing and implementation of hudud laws would be unconstitutional. He says that for hudud laws to be applicable, the prerequisite would be the setting up of an Islamic state where Islamic laws were applicable to both Muslims and non-Muslims.


I’m not an Islamic law cum constitutional expert, so I’m unable to comment the basis of Mr Karpal’s contention. But he does have his points in that the Constitution would have to undergo a major re-haul to implement the hudud. I can’t say I agree, at this stage, that the country must first be declared an Islamic state and that the prerequisite of an Islamic state is that Islamic law is applicable to all. But I’m no authority on the matter, so I’ll leave that as there.


What tickled me this morning was reading comments in the Star. Wong Chun Wai took the lead in his blistering piece, “Lulled into complacency” (On the Beat, Sunday Star, January 11, 2009). Wong went straight to the point when he said: –


“Malaysia’s legal system is founded and based on secular laws. That is the basis of our laws. Our parliamentary system is Westminster-style democracy, and we want to keep it that way.”


Wong Chun Wai then begins to tear down the PAS’ ideology, including its supporters, namely Anwar Ibrahim, in relentless fashion. He writes: –


Now, we hear Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim coming out in the open to support the Islamist party’s hudud plan. We cannot have apologists coming out to support this because an endorsement of this is the beginning of the creation of an Islamic state, which PAS wants to set up.”


In the course of his dramatically beefed-up article, Wong manages to find an ally in Karpal Singh, which he now gallantly describes as follows: –


“DAP leader Karpal Singh must be saluted for his outright objections against Anwar. He has never backed down from his relentless opposition to any attempt, however feeble, to push hard line Islamic plans that run against the fabric of a multi-racial Malaysia”


At the end of his write-up, Wong Chun Wai takes the opportunity to issue all Malaysian a stern warning and grim prediction: –


“The first step must never be allowed to begin and if we let down our guard, they will begin tearing down the present secular structures.


It’s already bad enough that those who speak up have been intimidated, shouted down, bullied and threatened with the tired arguments that opponents are against the religion. Or simply that you are religiously unqualified to talk about the subject.


Now, doesn’t that tell you a lot about the future scenario when such an argument is pushed into your face?


Now, I must admit, Wong Chun Wai is one hell of a writer. His flair in writing terror reminds me of the ghastly works of Edgar Allan Poe, the classic horror writer. Wong does have a knack of writing to scare. And as if I was not jolted enough on a sweet Sunday morning, in another article in the Star, entitled-  The Star Says …”, the editorial also commented on the same issue: –


“To help clear the confusion, let us be clear on some main points.


First, Malaysia is not and was never meant to be an Islamic state. It is a Muslim-majority nation with Islam as its official religion, and freedom of religion is enshrined in the Consti­tu­tion.


An Islamic state is ruled by Islamic scholars implementing Islamic law as the nation’s sole or principal legal system. If Malaysia were already an Islamic state, there would be no need to make it one, nor any need for further debate.”


So, it appears the Star is in agreement with Karpal Singh that Malaysia is not an Islamic state. But then, if my memory serves me right, the leaders of BN has already proclaimed the country as one. On July 17th, 2007, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, whilst officiating the “International Conference on the Role of Islamic States in a Globalised World”, proudly declared that Malaysia is an Islamic state and not a secular one.


This apparently found favour in the eyes of former PM Mahathir, who, a few days thereafter, on 25 July 2007, after officiating the International Conference on Gold Dinar Economy, supported Najib by saying “We consider ourselves an Islamic state…”. Of course, not wanting to lose out on a piece of the action, PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi joined the chorus when, in a parliamentary written reply on 27 August 2007, said that Malaysia was an Islamic state ruled by Islamic principles. Of course, how can we all forget the infamous exploits of MP Badruddin bin Amiruldin, who barked in the Dewan Rakyat, “Malaysia ini Negara Islam, you tidak suka, you keluar dari Malaysia!”


Of course, when all this was happening a year ago, I don’t recall Wong Chun Wai and his Star pals making such deafening principled stands. Heck, if we follow by what the BN proclaims, PAS would be able to implement the hudud at any time. In fact, one can say the implementation of the hudud was facilitated by BN.


Now, we have this interesting scenario. PAS wants to implement the hudud. Karpal Singh says PAS cannot do so because Malaysia is not an Islamic state. Wong Chun Wai and pals agree. But then, BN has already proclaimed the country as an Islamic state. So, if we follow what BN says, can PAS then implement hudud law, if we go along with Karpal Singh’s argument?


I wonder what PM Badawi and DPM Najib has to say about this? They seem to be rather quiet on the whole issue.


5 Responses to “A Confusing State?”

  1. taxi2driver said


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  3. mauryaII said

    What we see is political expediency of the lowest type where the politicians, especially during election time, would bend over backwards to please a certain sector of the voters to vote for the candidates that they are championing as THE CANDIDATE.

    In their fervour to garner votes they throw morals, principles and scruples to the four winds and stoop low to prostitute themselves.

    The very fact the constitution of the country does not describe Malaysia as an Islamic state but only that Islam is the state religion and allows the unhindered practice of other religions, why is there a debate for to hudud or not to.

    Just because some politicians with vested interest try to show off that they are the champions of the Muslims and claims Malaysia is an Islamic state, does not change the status quo.

    To make Malaysia into an Islamic state with the implementation of the syariah and hudud laws, the constitution has to be amended in the first place. Until then there should not be any debate on syariah being implemented throughout Malaysia.

    It is better to leave Syariah/Hudud or whatever as the political shenaigans of idiotic and myopic politicians who are bankrupt of ideas to help the ordinary man and the country affected during a major economic crisis.

    Unsheathing the kris, shouting slogans against the US and Israel are the sandiwara that are staged more often than not during election times to show who is more Muslim than other Muslims.

    Now only Mamakthir has come up with the brilliant idea of sending a shipload of food and medicines to the Palestinians. What concrete steps did he take during his 22 years of misrule to help the Palestinians? He was more interested in the Bosnians who are caucasians. Did he bother about the black Muslims suffering under the Arabs in Darfur? For that matter why is he barking now when there are state sponsered atrocities taking place throughout the Asean region? Why is he silent on suicide bombing that kills thousands of innocent civilians including Muslims?

    Why is he silent about the Hamas terrorists who hide among women and children and cause collateral damage? Is it too late in the day for him to condemn terrorist acts and wanton killing whenever and wherever they happen.

    We all know that he suffers from selective amenesia whenever it suits him. That kind of amnesia only reflects his senility. He is one jaguh kampung who has been aspiring to be a world leader. His aspiration juxtaposed with his actions and utterances do not match.

    DPM Najib wants to help ALL the Malays throughout the world even though they are not from Malaysia but African and Indian Muslims in Sri Lanka, Madagaskar and South Africa.

    He has not helped the Malays through the NEP in Malaysia other than helping the UMNOputras but comes up with such a grand plan only during election times. Mamakthir, Najib, Pak Lah, OTK and others are so glib in their pronouncement, that you can see through their thin veneer..

    Political prostitutes are worse than the members of the oldest profession on earth. At least they sell their bodies to make a living but politicians who prostitute themselves have sold all that is good in a human being for power, wealth and inordinate greed.

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