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What Exactly Takes Place In Police Custody? Asthma Attacks!!??

Posted by ErnieJean on January 22, 2009

OMG!!!!! Not another one!!!!!!

On Wednesday, 21 January 2009, the family of KUGAN A/L  ANANTHAN lodged a police report at IPD Subang Jaya with S.JAYATHAS Police Watch Malaysia, Lawyer N.Surendran, Kapar MP YB.Manikavasagam and Makkal SAKTHI.





Apparently, Kugan was arrested for stealing cars or something like that (must be some bigshot politician’s car huh?), and definitely did not warrant being tortured as the scars bear evidence!!

Police claimed that he died from asthma attack…..yea right…….asthma as a result of being attacked!!!???

Remember this other one that took place in Dec 23 2008?

A chap by the name of Prabakaran was arrested along with another teenager only known as Solomon. Both taken to Brickfields police stations. Both got abused. Prabakaran was poured hot boiling water on him. Subsequently, only after getting media attention, 7 police officers were charged. But apparently, the 17 year old Solomon is still missing.


This is really getting out of hand!!! What sort of law enforcement team have we employed? Is our police force a sort of legalised thuggish association? Is our police chief actually some “Godfather” wannabe? Why is it that most of the deaths involves suspects from a particular ethnic background?

Why am I asking such stupid questions that screams with obvious answers!!??

Back in 2003, the Asian Human Rights Commission reported that 2.2 persons per month died while in police custody (Read for more details on the report) and believed that the actual figure could reach up to at least one person killed per week because many cases had been left unreported or undetected.

In Amnesty Internation’s 2008 report (Read, at least 10 persons have died while being held up in police lock-ups last year. And while the police claimed all deaths were either due to suicide or health problems, many family members of the deceased have claimed to see bruises and wounds on the dead bodies.

Coupled with the recent police brutality on peace-loving candle-vigilers, it’s really not that hard to believe stories of torture in police hold-ups, is it?

What happened to the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC)!!?? Why are all our very vocal state and natonal police chiefs and the Home Minister so quiet on this matter?

Malaysians need to be demanding for answers, for heads to roll…….for as long as this is not looked into, no Malaysians will be safe………Not from the criminals and certainly not from the very ones who supposedly pledged to maintain peace and security.



8 Responses to “What Exactly Takes Place In Police Custody? Asthma Attacks!!??”

  1. ggw_bach said

    police forces have always been corrupt. Since the dawn of time. Give one group of people physical power over another, and it is ripe for abuse. Human temptation. It goes on. Cleaned up with various Police Commissions and the like, but the flaw is built into the premise. Like politics; the eternal tempting fruit for self-gain.

  2. sactyr said

    Well lets just say the police have something against the Indians in this country.. And this is what Waythamoorthy had to say (taken from

    “Are we not deserving as humans to enjoy the same rule of law and constitutional right to life? Are we fit to be treated only as animals and slaves?

    Why does the rule of law and the constitutional rights of being a Malaysian take a back step when it involves a Malaysian Indian? What have we done to deserve such treatment when our forefathers have toiled for the progress and benefit of the nation?”

    As a Malaysian Indian, I fear for the future.

  3. Polis yang buat kerja-kerja macam ini betul-betul tak ada otak. Kemudian yang pikul beban untuk jawab ialah kerajaan yang dipimpin oleh UMNO.

    Apa pasal pemimpin UMNO ini bodoh sangat pikul biawak hidup?

  4. mauryaII said

    Is there no limit to POLICE BRUTALITY in this corrupted Bolehland? Everythime something of this nature happens, the PDRM is quick to dismiss it as suicide or caused by ill health and these morons want the rakyat to believe their spin.

    When these incorrigible, arrogant and murderous goons are protected by the UMNOputras, there won’t be an end to such abuse of powers.

    If anybody is to be blamed it should be the BN government which has deemed it right to ostracise an ethnic race by incarcerating their leaders under the ISA and given an indirect nod to the police to brutalize these simple folks whenever and wherever possible for voicing out their grievances through a peaceful rally.

    The day the government banned Hindraf which was not even a registered body but a gathering of like-minded people who were fighting for a just cause, it has cast all Malaysian Indians, other than the lap dogs in the MIC, as terrorists.

    Brutalizing of Indians and the demolition of Hindu places of worship has not stopped; in fact it seems to have gone out of hand.

    In stead of looking into the root cause of the grievances of the Indians, the UMNOputra government, abetted by the MIC, MCA and GERAKAN, are digging their own political graves in the next 13th GE.

    “Melayu mudah lupa” according to the evil madman, Mamakthir.
    He and his elk can be rest assured that the Indians who had toiled for the progress of the land of their birth WIL NOT FORGET FOR A LONG, LONG TIME TO COME.

    The more and more Indians are penalised, the more will be their resolve to fight with the help of other marginalised people and overcome their plight.

  5. What goes around will come around. The sadist cops who were responsible for torturing to death this young man will have to pay for their sins many times over. Justice will be done.

  6. Antares said

    When the personal bodyguards of the #2 man in power are put on trial for the gruesome murder of a foreign national they genuinely never met, it’s clear that the police (whose salaries are paid by the rakyat) are being used exclusively to protect the fat arses of the Umnoputra elite.

  7. mike said

    memang ini kerja orang yang tak ada ajaran agama yang betul-manusia yang mempunyai ajaran agama yang baik tak kira india ke cina ke melayu.dia dah lupa yang dia juga mempunyai anak bini dan adik beradik.apabila salah seorang meninggal baru dia rasa betepa susah hati.binatang

  8. Philo said

    My heart goes out to the family of the victim, especially the mother. No parent should ever have to go through such pain and loss. Not to mention the barbaric torture suffered by the deceased at the hands of so-called “keepers of the peace”. The cowardly, psychotic police personnel involved should be identified, charged and made to face the full extent of the law. How otherwise can Malaysians have trust and confidence in the “authorities”? But can we expect the present dysfunctional BN excuse of a government to do the right and decent thing?
    Malaysia……what a cesspool of a mess we have sunk into!!!

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