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The Victorious Vile Leaping Toads…….

Posted by ErnieJean on February 5, 2009

Remember these faces folks.......and let them have it kow-kow next election!!

Remember these faces folks.......and let them have it kow-kow next election!!

Tell me you’re not feeling the same sort of distress when you saw this picture on the front page of our MSMs………

Well, I’m still nauseous from the sight of all the “ringgit-fed” vile fat faces, smilling triumphantly.

A friend wrote the following in hopes that more people will be aware of the seriousness of voicing our collective discontent now, has agreed to allow me to share with all you good folks…….

And after reading, do sign the Sultan’s guestbook. It may be too late to change the Tuanku’s mind for whatever decision he has made, but at least we’ve collectively voiced our outrage and dissapointment over the blatant unprincipled and corrupted practices of the current ruling coalition.

ALL MALAYSIANS, Please stand by our fellow Perak-ians: each and every one of us, regardless of religion, race, state, cultural and educational backgrounds stand to greatly loose out, not only on our rights and interests as citizens of Malaysia, but also our individual sense of self-respect and the consequently, the strength of our individual electoral votes in future.

Those politicians we voted for in Perak represent our utter dissatisfaction with the current government, and the fact that those in vile power can unjustifiably force their way into power with total disregard for the people’s collective votes and voice is a crime against our every Malaysian’s interests.

And, it does not change our unease and frustrations with filthy political figures who will blatantly show off their power to field unfair and underhanded manipulation of power for all to see, as if unashamedly urging the people to feel the threats of fears and resentment towards them… almost goading the people of Malaysia to succumb to unnecessary crime and violence.

That those politicians jumped ship does not mean that we would do the same: we will not jump away from our responsibilities and rights as citizens and we will not be manipulated by filthy politics, and especially not those led by a power greedy politician associated with foul and brutal murder.

It is not by chance that the opposition won the majority seats in the last election but the present events clearly demonstrate that it can only be by choice, and only freedom of choice that the opposition, any opposition at all, continues to win the hearts of every other Malaysian citizen who will never accept any person associated with murder to use whatever means possible to force their way into power, and with total disrespect and disregard for the rights and interests of the people.

As a people, at this time, who will say without shame that they will happily allow the vile powers of crime, corruption and disgraceful politics to triumph over us?

For all that we have enjoyed, we have also endured under the power of old, ineffective and irrelevant. It is clear: we do not want to continue on the path to filth and nothing will falter our determination to bring about a better, cleaner governing faculty clearly intent on genuinely protecting our interests, and that of our children.

Our faith in the system will be immensely weakened if the Sultan shows partiality to those in vile power: in consequence, the DYMM will be demonstrating an appalling favor for filthy politics and injustice against the voice of his people, and the people of Malaysia.

Our faith will be renewed if the DYMM listens to the voice of the people and share our struggles and concerns against those in vile power.

In any case, we need to do what we can to serve the majority and defend ourselves. We need to do what we can to stop being manipulated into working for deplorable and dishonorable politics.

We cannot quietly tolerate being misused by unrepentant politicians who will not understand that “no” means “NO” and continue to abuse and violate our interests, rights, morality and through their power over the media, even our thoughts.

We cannot allow ourselves to continue to be treated condescendingly, to continue to be undermined and manipulated into having faith in filth and lies intent on turning our differences against us. We truly need to defend our interests, and help protect the interests of our fellow Malaysians.

Please help strengthen the voice of every citizen of Perak and Malaysia, right now, to our DYMM SULTAN AZLAN to NOT ignore the fervent wishes of the people and initiate a state election, which the BN will NOT win.

For all that we know, from all the clearly foul tactics that they have used, the only supporters that BN holds in the state of Perak are those that they have either bribed, threatened and coerced. Now ask yourself: who would do better than any politician associated with brutal murder and foul political tactics?

My answer: anyone with a clear conscience, and a genuine concern for others.


– Jacq Soo.

 As for those who sold their souls for a couple of million ringgit, let it be known that you all have signed your political death sentence. Next election, our dissapointment and anger will be translated to our votes!!


4 Responses to “The Victorious Vile Leaping Toads…….”

  1. orange said

    the biggest problem i have with the picture is that bodoh blubber lips basking in the sorry of a glory!
    this is the sort of ‘win’ that is so vile and cheap that only a mong can allow himself to shine in it.
    and that sort of a mong will be in charge of our country till we boot them out in the next GE.

  2. peng said

    I am shedding tears of disappointment, that the Sultan did not hear the cries of the rakyat. I am a Perakian. This is really hurting.

  3. MC said

    As a Perakian, I am disgusted with what is happening. I am seething…and if you are like me lost for words at the shenanigan in the silver state and unable to restraint your anger but still want to stay sane, you can swear and still stay saintly! This blog has a link in how to curse your enemies without losing your cool! 🙂

  4. vsp said

    It was said by many that the hopping game was started by Anwar. I think it’s totally fallacious. The hopping game was actually started by the BN immediately after the 2008 electoral tsunami. Toyo was trying his best to topple the Selangor government by enticing some PAS members, led by Hassan Ali. This was confirmed by Abdullah Badawi himself. So Anwar, in order to protect the fledging coalition from the BN wolves, decided to initiate the crossovers game to confuse the BN.

    In Perak, it took a glacial 2 weeks for the sultan to recognize the Pakatan government. In the meantime, the BN was given time to feverishly try to buy some Pakatan MPs but was unsuccessful. Then the Sultan refused to appoint the MB from the DAP and instead chose the one from PAS hoping that the Pakatan coalition would collapse due to different ideologies between DAP and PAS. Fortunately, DAP swallowed their pride and was able to accept and work with Nizar. At that time I had the sneaking suspicion that the Sultan was trying to sabotage the Pakatan state government from forming. Recent event strengthens my suspicions.

    The present Perak imbroglio is caused by the Sultan himself. Nobody questions his right to accept or reject the dissolution of the state assembly. But I think he make a terrible mistake: instead of stopping at this point he went beyond his powers and issue a diktat to bundle off and humiliate Nizar. The democratic process should have proceeded from the stage of rejection but the Sultan short-circuit it by swearing in the replacement MB from UMNO in lightning speed even before the democratic process could begin. Thus the constitutional crisis of the two Mentri Besars.

    Another thing: would any insane employer hire a person with dubious reputation into his organisation? This is exactly what the respected Sultan of Perak has done with his famous interview with the three unsavoury characters.

    Out of this episode I can conclude:

    1) The greatest loser is the Sultan himself. He was one of the most enlightened and respected sultans in the country. With this incident, straight thinking and good judgement seem to have mysteriously abandoned him and he could have short-circuited himself from being the sharpest legal mind and well-beloved sultan and landed himself into the rogues’ gallery.

    2) Would the Perak Watergate be the Waterloo for Najib?

    3) Would Anwar Ibrahim have the last laugh?

    Let’s wait and watch.

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