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The Prostitute of Jelapang

Posted by pervster on February 6, 2009

Have a good look a the picture below, ladies and gentlemen. This …. is the face of a prostitute.



She may not be the prettiest lass in town…..heck…who am I kidding…she gives all the other good looking people from Perak a bad name…She  just looks ugly.  But don’t let her …not so beautiful looks deceive you. She is…the Number 1 prostitute in Perak.

She…my friends…is the lady who I had voted for in the recent 2008 General Elections.

She goes by the name – Hee Yit Foong.

But, for the people of Jelapang, she’s currently fondly referred to as … the Prostitute of Jelapang.

No one knows what’s the exact amount she received, but the Prostitute of Jelapang  (PoJ for short) up there is rumoured to have received millions for her body…for her soul….making far…the highest paid prostitute in Perak…Malaysia…South East Asia…and probably the world. One more thing Malaysians can be proud off. The highest paid prostitute in the World.

Malaysia Boleh!!!!!!



    my apologies if you find this posting offensive. I honestly don’t care.


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239 Responses to “The Prostitute of Jelapang”

  1. ckeong said

    she’s the no1 running dog to UMNO !!
    she has betrayed all the chinese in Malaysia !!
    whenever you see her, shout out loud “UMNO Runing Dog !!”
    she made all the chinese here in malaysia shame !!

  2. al zaqarwi said

    let her burn in hell traitor!

  3. JC said

    Hee Yit Foong!Do you have NO SHAME? Remember Karma is a bitch, and your day will come when YOU will be the butt of all jokes. You just Disgusting & Despicable

  4. wickwax said

    Bark when you see her. What a shameful thing to do!

  5. erniejean said

    This Hee woman has officially upped all the MCA dogs as the biggest “running dog” in Malaysian history…..I hope she knows how “proud” she has made her parents and family members 😛

  6. peng said

    I know where she stays, in Tasek. If we really know about her background, we know that she has to prostitute for $$$$$$$. Just pity her 2 children. Everyone in Ipoh is talking about her, even youths.
    So Hee, do you think the $$$$$ will give you a better life? Don’t hope that we will forget soon. WE WILL REMEMBER THIS DAY THAT YOU ARE A TRAITOR! WE WILL NOT FORGET! THIS WILL HAUNT YOU FOR GENERATIONS.
    Redeem yourself now. The best thing to do is Quit! Disappear from the surface of this earth.

  7. Patrick SA Chai said

    Im sure she is saying this, my apologies if you find my betrayal offensive, I honestly (should be dishonestly) dont care” I too busy counting my money, a very Kong “Hee” Fatt Choy. The 5 Fock(Prosperity): Fock DAP, Fock PR, Fock PAS Fock Perak and Fock Malaysia. Ha.ha. ha… can Migrate alredi, who focking care.

  8. Keris Karat said

    Dogs are man best friends. Since many of us love dogs, so we must also love this Jelapang Bitch. To show our gratitute and affection for her we must all bring to her kennel what we normally feed our stray dogs.

  9. ahmad said


  10. SameSame said

    Well for sure she is another ‘altantuya’ in the making after Najib has his field day with her…hahahahaha

  11. red1daniel said

    Heh, since when did prostitution becomes an unworthy profession? It serves a big social purpose for those who needs it and lots of men needs it the last time i checked.

    She does fulfil a high purpose here. BN needs a woman and a chinese to show the multi-cultural aspect of their politics. Remember that is what BN stands for – Boleh Niaga.

  12. mark olmos said

    After looking at her face, even my cock can’t stand up to fuck her for free. Who wants to pay money to fuck her unless he is blind idiot.

    Tried of hypocrites in politics.

  13. pervster said



  14. Charlie Joe said

    How will her husband feel, if she’s got one..?? The kids, and family..
    She’s human… Forgive and forget…

    … 1st Class whore… Mutha fuckin’ BITCH of the highest order..

    Will die a slow and painful death for betraying us…!!! Dia Kerani aje lah.. Posman pun boleh jadi politician..

  15. Popcorn said

    i guess she will go for a face n sex change with all the $$$$$$$$ recieved. otherwise how a BBBBB can survice the warths and curses of the entire Malaysia’s malaysians!!!!!

  16. mad-hatter mohamad said

    My whole family voted for this thing. They voted for her because she stood as a DAP candidate and NOT for her as a person. Does she really think she can get away with this?

    Prostitution is the oldest proffesion in the world, but to call her a prostitute, is an insult to all prostitutes…..even a prostitute has standards

  17. Froggy said

    Judas Iscariot committed suicide after betraying Jesus Christ. Will Hee do the same???? If she does not, she will become the loneliest old lady int he world in time to come

  18. Malicious said

    Hee Yit Fong – “Thanks for voting me. Now I am millionaire”.

    She is traitor to her voter.
    The word “traitor” is crafted to her face.
    Go do plastic surgery on your face or else your life be in danger.

    Great. Another ugly millionaire in Malaysia.

  19. first & last said

    3 For the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil:
    4 But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a twoedged sword.
    5 Her feet go down to death; her steps take hold on hell.

  20. maximum said

    There is no other worst crime than being a traitor. Not only do you degrade yourself but you also bring shame to your friends and family. I believe in what goes around will come around. You will have no peace from now till the day you die. Your conscience and guilt will bring you untold misery and regret. While I personally dont wish you any harm, I am sure half if not all the people in Jelapang will be cursing and swearing at you.

  21. R.Prem Kumar said

    I bet you She isn’t going to read any comment here. I bet you she doesn’t even read. She isn’t a hard core politician. She doesn’t subscribe to a mentor. Nothing! If she understood politics, she’d realize that she and her 3 amphibians have now officially deprived Perak Indians a representative say in the state circus assembly. This is real politics. The Indians and other brothers and sisters of Pakatan Rakyat rejected the BN candidates of ethnic Indian origin. I guess she was plain uninspired (read: lazy)to read what is required to familiarize with what was expected of her as a Deputy Speaker. I bet my bottom ringgit that if she was to check in Tanjung Rambutan Hosp Bahagia, she’d be immediately diagnosed with a serious mental incompetence. She is mentally incapable of understanding the after math of her actions. To be a politician under YAB Nizar requires balls, figuratively speaking and a heart and brain in the right place. I bet you she will go into a serious denial and defiance stage. Its showing on her physiognomy profile. Which means mental depression soon to set in. What is Najib going to prescribe for Hee?

  22. onok said

    Just ignore her wherever she goes. Do no transaction with her. Let her eat grass.

  23. dan said

    She is worse than a hooker! Hookers offer sex for $$$, this bitch conned the people for $$$.

  24. jcd said


    You would have to have a fortune to bed this prostitute of jelapang…going price RM 10,000,000 for a one night stand… An extra rm 1,000,000 if you would like indulge in a bit of foot fetish on her polio ravaged legs

  25. OM said

    This world is already unfair but if your are ugly, bad and woman it will be triply unfair. I think Hee was already being bullied wiithin the DAP, but if she hopes to be treated better within UMNO/BN she might as well dig her own grave. Malay men will find Chinese women easiest to bully and abuse —- remember what happened to the Chinese reporter who was ISAed, remember Teresa Kok, remember the Chinese woman head of Selangor PKNS? And sorry if she is Chinese, woman and ugly the UMNO thugs will just treat her like sampah, or worse. The only way for Hee to save herself and help us save Perak from the hands of the goons is for her to RESIGN, JUST RESIGN. Take the money, leave the country, spend it on plastic surgery and just go make a new life. BY RESIGNING SHE WILL FORCE A BY-ELECTION, AND THIS WOULD PROVIDE AN OPPORTUNITY FOR A TURN IN THE SITUATION. I am giving this advise to Hee as a woman — someone please convey this message to her. With a face like that she may just launch a thousand ships, in another way, so to speak.

  26. MATGUNYEE said


    Prostitutes have to sell their bodies because of livelihood and it is an honorable profession!

    In fact to donate to her cause we have to pay them a personal visit…..ask najis….he knows better!!!

    THIS DESPICABLE WOMAN really gives prostitute a BAD NAME!!!

  27. michael toh said

    The excuse she gave was unacceptable for quiting the party. Her childish resons like not having a Camry to drive, not selected for exco position, under durex… The people have regreted that they voted her in. She does not have the intellect as an assembly person. If you are independent and support BN why didnt she resign and join BN straight away. Double edge sword. Now that you are still elected you are obligated to walk around your constituency and explain your action. You have that responsibility to explain to the people. If you have not wrong why are you scared. If you have failed miserably QUIT NOW and return to normal citizen. You should have moer than enopugh to survive with the millions. Even you join BN your trust level is very low. You are not really welcome by some in BN.Your action os quitting DAP is not as important as your INTENTION. You have planted a very bad actions that inflict suffering to the Perakians at largh. What you sow you will reap. Can you sleep well since then?

  28. Chronos said

    C’mon guys, some of the comments are not fair. Remember UMNO has the Police wrapped in their hands, they may have dug into her and her family’s past and ‘blackmailed’ her to defect. 22 years in DAP, is a pretty serious commitment, 10 months to decide to defect?? Must be more to that decision.

    I’m angry and disapointed too, the other 2 PKR reps are ‘chicken fuckers’, as for Hee, there are some underlying factors. Just trying to be fair, bro.

  29. PISSED said

    In the old days she would be stripped, tarred, feathered and made to walk in public. This fucking whore who betrayed the people who voted her.

  30. Lee Tak Han said

    Thank you to DAP for giving us a stupid representative and make Pakatan losing Perak.

    DAP bully Fong Poh Kuan, lucky she is strong. Nga and Ngeh dynasty, you cannot escape for making this Hee into a traitor

  31. Bravo12 said

    It’s only Feb 2009 but can we vote this bitch to be

    “Perak Bitch of the Century or more approriately World Bitch of the Century “

  32. habis_selesa said

    aiya, to err is human,
    to forgive is divine.
    Yes? No?

  33. Tony Wong said

    She disgrace rightful rakyat in general and all the chinese in particular. Shameful for you to line up with the shit!

  34. Jessie said

    to err is human,
    to forgive is divine,
    But I’m not a divine,
    Coz I’m not perfect,
    When somebody stole my Malaysia’s democracy……

  35. Anak Mamat said

    Why is everybody just ganging up on Hee ? Doesnt Jamaluddin and Osman also deserves to be identified as the lowest form of life ? BTW does anybody know where these two mother-fugging traitors live ? Why arent the voters in Changkat Jering and Behrang demonstrating at these traitors’ homes ?

  36. Steven Low said

    I just wonder how long can she go on with this situation which has caused so much problem.

  37. shyetan said

    People of Perak
    Good citizens of Jalapang
    Ostracize her and her family

  38. Albert Ho said

    What i think is the HRH Sultan Azlan Shah, should ask the (3) three state assembly man to resign, and call for a by election, and let the
    Rakyat to deciede on their fate. For the Behrang and Changkat Jering state assemblyman before their exco seat is warms they already
    talking about corruption by creating new projects, and in return they are asking for women to entertain their sex need. How can our HRH allowed
    uneducated peoples to repersented the rakyat of perakian/perak. On the bitch she is nobody if she stand under BN/Indepent she will lose
    her deposit during March 2008 general election.

  39. Loen said

    Hey why not someone post where is her house in Ipoh at

  40. Laliloo said

    The good news is, for the goodies that she got in return, at least we know that she won’t be able to sleep in peace…..for the next few years.

    Good for you!

  41. Sam said

    I am lost for words with this woman esp after being 22 years in dap. If you have problems with the party why take it out on your voters and the people of perak? The most honourble thing to do would have been to resign not take it out on the people.My view is this cacat need the $$$. Careful after they have used you, they will C4 you.That will be their thank you to you.

  42. danny said

    she betrayed the people of perak and the whole malaysian whom was voted for change.
    Is not that we dont like BN but we want change and thats why we voted for Opposition.
    This jelapang adun have got no principals. I dont know exactly what happend to the ex perak goverment but i heard that all the aduns was not united. The line up was a screwed up line up which controls by the 2 two nge and nga factors. I heard this 2 senior DAP exco members have screwed it up with the other exco members. Md.Nizar is said to have said something and acted something. It is a total screwed-up by the EX PR goverment themself and they should not blame others for it. They should have studied and watch all the aduns carefuly. Anwar Ibrahim spent more time politicking than performing. He didn’t do a good job at all. He shouldn’t have started the sep 19 take cover propoganda. Rather he should have put more effort on strengtening the goverment of all PR states. So my advise is plz do a good job on the rest of the states which is still under the PR control and dont repeat the same mistake again. This is my perception. thank you. consern citizen

  43. I have already said before and I say it again. If anyone at all that still loves this woman, keep a suicide watch on her. no otehr woman in Malaysia has accumulated as much scorn upon herself as this Hee!! She looks fragile and is obviously very vulnerable. What options are there for he. Really!! i bet even her mother, if still alive, will spit on her face!!

  44. orange said

    she suffers from victim mentality. craves attention, recognition and adulation. people like her are delusional and empty. she needs affirmation from others to feel good.
    now that she has what she walways wished for, i hope she will live long enough to ENJOY every single moment of it.
    weak, needy, whiny and bodoh people should not be in politics. they lack integrity as it is a main chracter trait/flaw. treachery and shame is not something that they can understand.
    and people, do not feel sorry for the husband if he chooses to cling on as it speaks volume about his character as well. but i do feel sorry if there are kids in the picture. they will grow to have even bigger chips on their shoulders and evolve into something similar to the mother.

  45. Aylwin said

    She has irked the entire anti-BN population. Even my calm, forgiving, Christian mother from JB remarked that she deserved to be demonstrated against and condemned for her betrayal of her electorate. She will burn in hell for abetting a corrupt government’s bid to attain an inkling of legitimacy to their rule of this unfair land. After all this drama and the BN’s efforts, the people are even more irritated and their furor is seriously palpable! Silly of these BN idiots to dig their own graves. This will not be forgotten…

  46. johan said

    This F@#k face whore hope maybe…maybe..C4 just as f#@k face himself may take on her as the 2nd rosmati

  47. ajajal said

    sorry she needs to go with her life . She may be rich now but will live in rage soon I am sure
    all the money will go to medical expenses and she will not see to enjoy it. For two sons will have to go far away and wish not to be seen I am sure both will be marked anywhere they may be.

  48. Silver Fighter said

    my lovely perakians, I read many comments, the truth is, once you decided and sworn to be public leader or people’s rep, you have no longer can put your personal, family or even singular reasons any longer a reason to betray your people’s right or people who u represent. No more excuses to lompat just bcoz u need money or u received threat or u angry to someone. u may quit the party but never to lompat-lompat. u must deliver back to peolpe to decide who they want to represent them. well hopefully, someone can make her read this blog and comments from people. She is the real life example of betrayals that had caused few great names, civilizations, nations and empires collapsed. We must punish her and educate our children why we must hate this type of person living amongs us. ‘Enemy amongst us’ or u can call whatever names u feel suit her evil heart.

  49. Meng said

    Shame on her! She is a disgrace to women, the Chinese race, the human race. We Perakians have long memories. We will NOT forget the great disservice she did to Jelapang, Perak, and Malaysia. She has obviously sold her soul to the devil…… for 50 pieces of silver maybe? There is always a price to pay for betrayal.

  50. kongkalikong lover said

    Wheter Hee is reading this or not….the perakians message is very clear !! We dont breed UMNO’s running dogs here. We need a decent Pakatan Rakyat rep at Jalapang. Let’s chase her away fr Perak !!

  51. Angry Perakian said

    Jelapang folk don’t look kindly upon traitors. She had better use some of her silver pieces to hire some strong bodyguards.

  52. Fly Guy said

    God is watching you….you cant run, you cant hide

  53. Hee Yit Foong said

    i yam a she and a hee

  54. RONLD said


  55. Ken said

    Calling Hee a prostitute is an insult to all prostitutes. At least hookers offer SERVICE for money, what can Hee offer the rakyat after illegally taking the rakyat’s money? Look at her face, even my C0ck cannot stand!

  56. Lexter Low said

    I think we should forget about someone who whores her body and soul to the eveil. Let by-gones be by-gones. Let’s pray to God, Allah, Tuhan, The Almighty (..Whosoever HE may be …) that we the Rakyat to be given one chance to re-elect the real representative who has integrity and sincerity to serve us.

    WE ARE THEIR BOSS NOT VICE VERSA! What the f**k !!!!

  57. CSS BG said

    How are you going to answer to your constituent? How are you going to answer to your voter? Your ancestors? Money is not everything. You sold your soul to the Evil. You betrayed your people.
    You are one of the most cheapest human beings in the world now. History will be very cruel to you. Your children (if you have any) and family members will suffer the humiliation because of you. Oh maybe you think money can buy them happiness despite the uproar from the public. Remember, God will only question your dignity and what you have done in life, not how much RM you earned or robbed. You are the worst WHORE!

  58. Jo said

    Wonder whether her parents are still alive. She has brought utter shame and dishonour to them. If they are no longer around, I’m sure they would turn in their graves. We used to hear this saying by mothers, “If I knew you would turn out so evil, I would have killed you in my womb.”

  59. ongkor said

    comon guys…let those POJ come to me and I will satisfy them. let me see who will be the experts.give them 5x more..

    p/s sorry to you guys but I cant stop but give my voice..

  60. actsy said

    Please dont flatter her, I wouldnt do her even if you pay me. TORE SUI KAR.

  61. Lexter Low said

    Like the new term used by Cantonese Chinese …..
    “It’s better to give birth to a piece of ‘CHAR SIEW’, than having YOU”!

  62. kash said


    it is a shame on you to be betrayal among us. Do good and leave i.e resign and take care of your family……….. with that ill gotten money.

    What goes around , will come around s ssssssooooooooonnnn some day.

  63. Peter Tan said

    After she collected the money from Najis, she better have face chage surgery for her whole family. Everyone in Perak will spit on her if ppl see her on the street.

    This prostitute did not realise her action has jeopadize the well being 26 millnion Malaysians and their children.

  64. j said

    I do not accept your apology. I honestly don’t mind. I reserve a tiny little bit of respect for every prostitute except this one from Jelapang.

  65. kk said

    She is a betrayer to all malaysian chinese. SHAME ON HER. to all perak rakyat boycott from doing business with her, supporting her in her service center, be friends with her and lastly spit on the floor if saw her because she brought suai to our beloved perak.

  66. myke said

    Road side bitch mating with an amno pariah dog..!!! Die quickly please.

  67. User1001 said

    Hee Yit Foong! Listen here.. If you can see this forum, and if i were you, I will immediately resign from BN and be your own life again. Let the your sins be cleared and be a normal person again. Do you know that your family, your husband, your mom, your children are suffering bcoz of you! They are shameful and have no future… and all thanks to you for what you have done and decided. If you still have a lttle bit of caring, please resign now. Maybe you can be redeemed by the people you traited. Please consider properly.

  68. K.S said

    Perak people, throw Shoes at her whenever
    she comes out of her house. Dont worry
    she will be shifting to a big banglow soon,
    with her easy money, and our precious votes
    which we gave her to take care of us.

  69. Yap said

    I just like to line up all the stray dogs to screw her and find out how her cunt reacts. She looks ugly but with a sarong covering her face I am sure dogs don’t mind. Pariah Dogs will be able to give her a good fuck front and back, najibs style.

    I am sure you guys out there on seeing her, yours will not be able to stand so get the stray dos to do it.

  70. Angela Thompson said

    there’s always another side to the story why HEE defected. Yes the money, and probably intimidation which i guess carry much more of a problem for her than the utter humiliation from the chain reaction of jumping ship.

    She knows what she has done is devastating to her family, and to that of the PERAK citizens. Words cannot tell the irreversible damage she has done to the state, let alone the malaysian at large. The only way she can redeem herself is force quit the post and let PERAK go into a by-election and make way for the PEOPLE OF PERAK to draw 1st blood through the ballot box.

    This will relieve her of her sins to the people, to the true meaning of democracy, to the Pakatan government, to Nizar, who i have much respect for, who till the end fought to keep hellish demons from passing the gates.

    HEE, listen to your heart…what you have done …CAN still be undone. It takes courage and you need to make that step. The PERAK people will answer your call, if you take the first step to QUIT.

  71. Angela Thompson said

    not forgetting the Supporters….you guys really have the BALLS

  72. Alan said

    The problem was she wanted Ngeh to fuck her back but he refused. She then went to Nga but Nga wanted to do lolipoping. Finally she found Najis to do a belakang mari. Thats all she wanted. See DAP don’t know how to look after her.

  73. Kurangfaham said

    Aiyaaaa! manja susahlah ini ah soo. Apa lia boleh buat, itu Ah Soo suruh itu Najis jilat dia punya pussy, dia sudah manjak shock dengan najis punya cara baru dia masuk itu

  74. kampongboy said

    This is what people use to say…. “POJ… Ipoh mali ooo… talak sombong.. kincing talak bunyi… lompat macam katak…”

  75. Kurangfaham said

    Cover the face and fire the base.

  76. Kurangfaham said


  77. bbc said


    prostitute? i wouldnt even touch her let alone copulate if she pays me with her ill-gotten gain.

    ptui again. and I see her, ptui again.

  78. bbc said

    user 1001,

    she married with kids?

    if i were them, i will disown her immediately.

    by the way, prostitue hee, go spend your ill gotten elsewhere. hope your sins would not be carried by your kids. they dont deserve it.

  79. Jacksojulian said

    To DAP leaders,

    Whether Hee’s defection involves personal emotion or greed or both, you should seriously look into the matters:-

    1. The cousin brothers Vs Hee
    2. What make Hee to abandon DAP and her voters to side BN knowing that the consequences will be severe especially the reactions of outrage voters.
    3. Hee and her husband’s financial status. That could be possibly cause the defection.
    4. Any other hidden scandal that has been held & threatened by BN

  80. bbc said


    try looking at her bum, please.


  81. markky said

    A weak and pathetic lady with not much education but relies more on people’s sympathy to rise to the top. Being vulnerable, she makes an easy catch for najib. Said to be so fearful of what others might react, she is said to have locked herself up in a room at putrajaya. So to BN she is only a number to be manipulated in the power game. Nothing more than that!

  82. YHFisSHIT said


    You got the whole analogy wrong, this pimp-asswhore has shamed her ancestors and sold her descendants to the devil. A prostitute sells her body on a offer-given and offer-taken basis, this pimp-asswhore sold the people of Jelapang, Perak and Malaysia, including her descendants, to the SODOMITE UMNOputras. As some has commented, she is plain too ugly to screw, but from behind, Najib and the UMNO sodomites just love her.

    This pimp-asswhore will be talking shit from now on as when you get sodomised by too many people and enjoy it, the shit can only flow in reverse. Her ancestors must be tossing in their graves.

  83. 2024 said

    Let’s be fair. The other three have only been traitors of their own electorate. One has been a traitor to UMNO and PKR, in Perak. What saddens me is that she has committed treason on half of our population and a bit more. I pity DAP for having allocated her to the position of Deputy Speaker. It was a courageous and overdue move, to bring the handicapped and women into politics, and accord them higher status.
    Her treason has turned back Malaysia in time, for minimally 4 years. 2024, so to say. Instead of fulfilling the expectations placed in a handicapped woman, she faltered miserably. Therefore she has failed all women of Malaysia, and she has failed all handicapped Malaysians.

  84. Allz said

    Please remain calm. There are plenty of time for the people of Jelapang to “punish” her for her betrayal

    She still have 3 more years to serve out her terms. She still have to feel the brunt of their anger for the next 3 years. Her family still have to face all the neighbours and schoolmates and friends. She and her family will walk in shame as the people of Jelapang point at them and call them names. How do you expect her to go do her marketing at the local pasar when all the vegetable sellers and fish mongers refuse to sell to her? Yes these are the ppl who elected her in the first place and the most angriest of all. Other than being an ADUN, she is also another common ppl like us. She will learn her lesson the hard way.

    She needs her constituents more than they need her. Let them teach her a lesson.

  85. MC said

    As a Perakian, I am disgusted with what is happening. I am seething…and if you are like me lost for words at the shenanigan in the silver state and unable to restraint your anger but still want to stay sane, you can swear and still stay saintly! This blog has a link in how to curse your enemies without losing your cool! 🙂

  86. bbc said

    when she dies, may be should pee at her grave. thats the ultimate disgrace that can be shown to this traitor.
    and i really hope she will die alone with all her family members deserting this traitor. she deserves all the curses.
    damn TRAITOR.

  87. artchan said

    chee bai

  88. zik said

    You’ll with not enjoy any peace forever

  89. johnny said

    One legged frog. Kick her bloody ass.

  90. ladyZ said

    Hee is HEEheehaahaa all the way to the bank…or i could be wrong.Looking at her picture..the woman looks distraught. I wonder what happened..To all those who voted for Heehehaha..accept me condolences. I can imagine those of you standing in those long lines, under the sun and rain just to make sure democracy had a chance. When pakatan Rakyat won , i’m sure you that had voted for her were elated…we all were. You feel like the dream ended to soon. Dont despair, and dont hate her…everything has an end. Nothing , i repeat nothing lasts forever. Change will comeif we believe in it and we constructively educate and enrich the lives of people around us. Dont curse or swear..because it makes us no better than what we hate. Dignity , eloquence and Goals will get us the change. Rome wasnt built ovrnight, and it going to take a few years or more to organize and coordinate the opposition. patience my friends…if justice is not served now..its all served later.

  91. Sean said

    Pity her, man… She is just a clerk who wished to upgrade her car from Perdana to Camry. hahaha

  92. azah said

    make her money worthless… the market/grocery people – dont sell your food items to her. let her rot at home and die of starvation. if u see her spit on her face and ostrasice her whole family.. so they will spit on her too for causing the wrath of the people. LET HER ROT AT HOME!!!!!

  93. ultratadpole said

    Question to any legal practitioners,

    Could the people of Jelapang & the supporters of this thing bring a ‘class action’ suit against her?… She should be punished for her greed, hurting her at the pockets till she would have to beg & plead to us for forgiveness!

  94. SerembanMan said

    I did not sleep well last few days due to the turmoil in Perak. However, I had a dream yesterday – I met this PoJ lady in a petrol station in Seremban, She is in a silver SUV with the window wind down. I greet her and she politely returned a smile to me, then I ask my two daughters, aged 10 and 8, bothe standing beside me at that time, to take a good long look at this auntie’s face and remember her forever. As she is the one that cause the rakyat elected state government to fall. She has failed us all.

  95. ………NAJIb F2ck her 2da max ….tht’s y she got into BN….shame on handicap becuz of u….bustard…bitch……

  96. Sammy Joe said

    Disgraceful Lady, Sell Her soul seat race rakyat to devil, her whole family is now the hee hee har har of all Malaysia. Hope she will be bestowed at next HRH Birthday with new pangkat LOTL i.e. Lowest of The Lowest. Scum, from now onwards, limping or not, always walk with your face looking down to dirt on road, never look up again becos even light will reflect out from your face to cast you into dustbin of your life and history. Even at nite, wearing a paris hilton mask, will not arouse normal men anymore but definitely can turn on all Najis Men to F U from behind, the same way U have F from behind every voters who voted U. LOTL, please sit stink AND rot away from earth, for only hell has a place for u.

  97. CTLee said

    Enough of emotional outburst. Enough of hate statements. Let us not be too negative. Why not some Perakians staying nearby Jelapang do some investigative works to find out the real reasons for her defection.

    We only assume it is money. Could it be there was some life threats, etc? Will any of his family members be able to tell the truth? I am sure she would have considered the shame and repercussion. If the truth is revealed, we can then turn the table around. Wishful thinking? No harm trying.

    A man is innocent unless proven guilty! Have compassion.

  98. Noel Samad said

    Hee Yit Fong, U got money, damage done as arse sold, nothing more to sell arse for. Nothing will redeem your sins towards people of Perak. NOW Seek repentance, at least resign your seat immediately, to let people decide again via polls to send signal to illegal power grabber. Maybe, half of Jelapang, Perak and Malaysia will then forgive u. Do 1 right b4 God claim u.

  99. MuscleMan said

    I just cannot imagine how can she sleep well for the rest of her life.

  100. stanleythomas said


  101. stanleythomas said

    She will buy herself a coffin,a grave plot and spend her days in the Hospitals.

  102. Horny said

    Who can blame her?????

    Najis is 12 INCHES long lo…………………..

  103. Peter said

    Remember that is what BN stands for – Boleh Niaga.

    To me Bn stands for Bankrupt Negara.
    That stupid S-hole bitch look like the devil from hades. No doubt about it. Even if she migrate will the overseas people recognise her and spit on her. Should not so any mercy for her cause she deserve nile. Throw shit on her wherever she goes. Please dont hurt her family. Only this blooming S-hole bitch will get what she sow. Thick-skin bloong S-hole pariah bitch.

  104. Will said

    i’m just wondering if BN dug up some dirt on her .. or has threatened her in some way to force her to do this

  105. Silver Fighter said

    Jacksojullian and to all rakyat out there, i’ve told you before, no excuses for politicians to betray rakyat’s mandate. what ever reasons you got, you must know once you decided to be leader and elected to represent your people, you are sworn to put your cuase and idealogy above your personal, family and singular interest. You are like a soldier will sacrifice your life for the cause you and the people who elected you believed in. If you dont have the gut to take the risks and afraid for you life, or your family safety, dont be a politician. If you prefer profits and $$$$ dont involve in politics. To me people like Hee and those two cowards or low life goons are our enemies and dangerous to our civilization. We dont want our future generation dare or come across their mind to try to follow these devils foot steps. we must fight and make people to hate these type of devils. I support if we continue calling them ugly and bad names, becoz they can do damage to our nation. We must continue fight for a better future.

  106. Atan Abdullah said

    Can some pass this message to HEE Yit Fong.
    I am very shock that you have made a decision by yourself without considering the feeling of the people who have given you an opportunity for putting where you are today.
    If not for DAP to put up as a candidate for the 12th General Election, where were you? Do you have any opportunity to be address as Yang Berhormat? Have ever dream to given the opportunity to be given a respectable position as a Deputy Speaker in Perak State Assembly when most able persons (including Samy Vellu, who was asked to pressure the highway concessionaires to gave employment opportunity to OKU persons to work as toll collectors sitting in the toll booths, he didn’t support this suggestion) has prejudice against OKU persons. You are one of the few OKUs that have succeeded to reach high level.

    I believe DAP has shown you some respect and believe in you. They took a risk to select you without knowing if the public would vote for an OKU to serve them. The DAP gave you the opportunity to stand for the election under the DAP Rocket Logo and the people vote you in because of DAP. They DAP because they a change in their future but now you have destroy their hope of a better future.

    Therefore Hee, what you have done has not only failed all women of Malaysia but has failed all OKUs in Malaysians to gain respect and trust.

    If you have any misunderstanding or cannot getting things done or what you want among your state assembly colleagues, there are many ways to resolve such issues. Definitely you cannot go sulking and letting emotions overruling your heart and soul. Do you think by leaving DAP and aligning yourself with BN would solve your problem? The BN politicians don’t give a damn to women politicians, worst if you happen to be OKU, I believed. Look at how many times the women politicians were insulted with disrespect in Parliament, like the “bocor case” or MCA Chew Mei Fun was made “fun” by UMNO politician. Do you think you can get respect and get the co-operation from almost all UMNO state assemblymen been the “Babi” among them. All these while UMNO has no respect for orang makan babi, don’t you know? Orang makan babi has been address to this day as “Pendatang” even after 51 years after Merdeka. Orang makan babi supported you under DAP to win the election because they are putting all the HOPEs in YOU to speak up and fight for their rights for a better future in the state of Perak. YOU have let them down and disappointed them as their leader!

    The people are angry because they supported you as you representing DAP. You quit DAP which you claimed you are independent. Do you know what does independent means? If you don’t, please let me put it to you, it means you do not take side.

    Since now you declared you support BeNd, you are not independent. You have lied to the people of Jelapang and yourself. Due to your stupid declaration to the Sultan that you supported BeNd, you have tipped the scales to allow UMNO them to take over the state of Perak.

    Please be reminded, there is only one MCA on the BeNd side. Now who will speak up and defend Orang makan babi? Did you take a long hard look and thought before you decided to help UMNO?

    What are your options then, now?

    If you want to regain your respect from the people of Perak and in particular the people of Jelapang, is to return to your original position by publicly apologising to them by holding a press conference with the media. There is no loss for do this but at least you can regain the respect of the people. You are not setting a precedent in such a situation because the UMNO guy has just done it, by returning after quitting a few days to where he was from.

    What if you don’t?

    1. You will lose your personal and family respects in your neighbourhood years to come by the Orang makan babi and they will spit on your face. Each time you walk out of your house, you will be walking and looking at the ground as you cannot look at their faces any more. Orang makan babi don’t forget easy and they will curse people day in day out for people who have cheated them.

    2. People will always remember you as the one who change the Perak political scenario after the people Orang makan babi have decided for a change for their future as they have been bullied for years by UMNO. For example, do you remember those poor pomelo fruit famers in Tambun who toiled the land for years and systematically chase out by the previous state government when they have tried for years to get the TOL land officially.

    3. All the people will say that you have sell out the Orang makan babi for your personal gain with $$$$ whether it is true or not? Most will believe it is true.

    4. The Jelapang people may start a campaign of “No confidence against” as their rep in the state assembly. If this happened and gets through, you have everything to lose and the BN, will then consider you as a liability and you will not get paid as promised. This will result in you standing alone in the dark corner.

    5. Do Hee wants the people of Jelapang to pray for a By-Election to happen by all means?

    6. I believe Hee has not read any of the blogs been posted, if she still doesn’t take heel, I think she must insensitive to people and more action should take like a suggestion by a blogger
    from passersby wrote: If it is not possible, publish her picture everywhere and ask the people to boycott her as a final resort for betraying the trust of the people.
    If the “Ah Loong can do this to shame people, why not the people Jelapang do it for her betrayal.

    7. DAP of the Jelapang should now start a campaign to gather the voters to sign a notice of non-confidence and present it the HRH Sultan to inform him of his subjects wishes and see if he will take action. If he don’t, I am very sure he know the consequences. I am sure he does not want to loose the respect of his subjects.


    Last but not least, does HEE have clear conscience when she goes to bed, can you sleep soundly or it is haunting her? From what I see from pictures of her carried by the main stream media and on TVs, she is not smiling, looks pressured, felt the guilt as the all Jelapang people staring at her with angry eyes. If HEE do not return to its original position she has no choice but resign from her position as ADUN and return the power to the Jelapang people.

  107. karmaforte said


  108. bbc said

    atan abdullah,

    she loses her conscience? you kidding. she is waiting for her payoff and migrate. possibly some place in China.

    she wouldnt even dare to step back to Jelapang. Story is that even the vegetable sellers refuse to sell anything to her parents. Her son dont even dare to turn up for work in Ipoh.

    Believe me, she is so darn scare now. She is under the protection of UMNO. All she wants now is get the money and migrate.

    Traitor Hee, enjoy your ill-gotten gains. 1 million of Malaysians, regardless of race and religion, will curse you. But, I plead for my fellow Malaysians not to curse her family. Its none of their fault. Go Traitor Hee and leave this country to enjoy your money. Traitors dont belong here.

  109. johnny said

    hee, jamaluddin and osman were real assholes. bloody bastard!!!

  110. CTLee said

    What Atan Abdullah (109) proposed is interesting. Start a campaign of non-confidence by her voters. Similarly we can do to the 3 others frogs. The Sultan would have no choice but to dissolve the assembly. Why not propose this to the Pakatan Govt. instead of venting our angers.

  111. Disgusted said

    Traitor of the highest order. A total disgrace to the community. I don’t know how she can wake up and face the world. On top of that, can proudly stand beside Najis in the press con. Retribution awaits you traitor!

  112. Sabahan said

    Eh, i have respect for real prostitues.

    This Jelapang dog looks like a pondan, probabbly have dried up cunts, all the gels cannot lubricate.. who wants her?

    she should be shot execution style to warn all future frogs.

    As for the money corrupted sultans, well , dont we have tooooo many of them? NINE?

    and all the rest of the world says, half of the worlds kings are found in malaysia.. malu betui…

    and for the blog owners, go on write some more, I for one is LEAST offended by your posting.

    I will be angrey if you stop your postings

  113. chong said

    You guys, don’t worry, you will have your chances to spit in front of her when she attends state assembly meetings. Wisdom has nothing to do with education, obviously she did not think deep enough of the consequences she will face when she ‘leap-frog’ from DAP. In such a case, she does not make a good, far-sighted politician. Might as well that she left the party, but she should redeem herself by vacating the state seat. She has low moral character. Good riddance to her !

  114. Joe said

    Hee Yit Foong has become an instant millionaire and sold away the Chinese rights, as under the BN there will be only two Chinese ADUN in the Perak State assembly. Do you think she can still represent the people of Jelapang? The people of Jelapang constituency had voted her as they wanted PKR to govern the state of Perak. She had sold the rights and the trust of the people of Jelapang. No wonder you are named the PROSTITUTE of the Year. Silly bitch with no conscience, no moral and a person with no principle. Let God punish her!

  115. ssho88 said

    What the FXXking hell you want ? Prostitute Hee ! Your next 7 generations will become frogs and each will “mati katak” ! Remember this, u just cant run away, GOD GOT EYES ONE !

  116. Umm Adzka said

    Mark Olmos said:

    Oh, there is this bodoh man that has put $$$ to do so!

  117. Umm Adzka said

    Mark Olso said:
    After looking at her face, even my cock can’t stand up to fuck her for free. Who wants to pay money to fuck her unless he is blind idiot.

    by the way, there is this bodoh man that has paid $,$$$,$$$ to do so!

  118. Semuaok said

    For 22 years no body take her. And here come this stupid najis paid her million for her. And now this najis who always love woman is going to take over Malaysia. Can you imaging where our the money is going? We are in deep shit.

  119. bf said

    normal frog has 4 legs. The two legs at the back are the strongest and use for jumping. However, this special frog in Jelapang can make a wonderful jump without back two legs. Amazing…..

  120. wwck38 said

    hi , to all malaysian, i do agreed of this prostitute of jelapang, dont you all realize that her thick face even no bother at all, she said DAP dislike her, what a bullshit was she, just a simple question , if we not report to work for 24 hours, automaticaly company were fire us , right? how this prostitute dont even know, n she said she was sick n her h/p rang, why cant she pick up n tell them she wasnt feelling well instead off the phone, pls prostitute of jelampang,you really a betrayal for chineses n DAP n people of perak, dont made anymore execuse, i dare you to go back to jelampang, you were see what you get, remember what you reap is what you sow, just simple

  121. Loyal Perakian said

    Actually dandelion, Hee is not the prostitute. We are. The people of Perak are. It’s us who have been screwed and pile driven “belakang mari” style by the crippled traitor. Shame on us to have trusted her.

    All her 22 years of service to the rakyat gone down the drain by this single act of treachery.


  122. Loyal Perakian said

    Actually, Hee is not the prostitute. We are. The people of Perak are. It’s us who have been screwed and pile driven “belakang mari” style by the crippled traitor. Shame on us to have trusted her.

    All her 22 years of service to the rakyat gone down the drain by this single act of treachery.


  123. The Streetwalker's John said

    Wow, even an outdated, ageing, ugly and UNQUALIFIED auntie can still prostitute herself for RM15 million. DIVINE BROWN-Noser.

    Don’t let me see her on the street. I’ll prick her with an AIDS needle.

  124. mk said

    scumbitch millionaire……before this, she need to pay dogs to ride her,,,

  125. Nelson M said

    Jelapang Folks should start a curse-her-Hee Bitch campaign everywhere not just websites, paste her pictures like tai-e-loong do all over Perak on all trees and lamp posts, spit at her when she is seen & better still throw old shoes at her….until she resign her seat and allow voters to decide through ballot again, she got Najis money & so better return seat to people to choose a more ethical wakil rakyat. Ensure her house get free paint weekly esp red paint, send mourning paid criers to cry daily outside her house & turn her into a living ghost until she become a real one. She has never think through thoroughly for the people of Jelapang, Perak and consequence of her actions on all Malaysians, so don’t hope for sympathy or understanding from others. In time, she should know blood money is not easy to spent and it is worth like Najis only.

  126. Angry said

    Under PR Perak state government wants to award freehold land titles to those residing in settlements and new village.

    Now all hopes are gone for them since BN has taken over Perak. Hope all those affected will day and night haunt this f***king blooming pariah bitch . Dont even let her sleep and let her be tormented day and night. Please do not harm her family. Only she deserves the worst of the wrath of the people. With all that money she will still be a limping frog for life and maybe worst.

  127. Loyal Perakian said

    Best thing for the traitor to do is to resign. She can’t hide forever. She has to come out and face the voters soon. She can’t afford to be absent when the assembly sits again. And when she goes out in public, people please get ready with rotten eggs and old slippers. That’ll force her to resign and pave the way for a by election. At least millions and millions will pour in as bribes by Umno for the people of Jelapang.

    But please, please I beg of you my fellow Perakians do not harm her family. They have no part in this. It is enough that they will live with the shame that one of their own flesh and blood became a traitor and totally screwed the people of Perak.


  128. tourman53 said

    Most people who are retarted like Hee Yit Foong & Chandra Mustafar(sorry for mentioning both of them) are usually very selfish and inconsiderate. They are inferior, so to overcome their complex they will do abnormal things to attract attention.

  129. Hee Haw the Donkey said

    What do you mean they have no part in this?
    It is possible they are just waiting for the millions later.
    Just lying low now.
    When the dust settles, that Scumfrog Millionaire will decide what to do with her winnings.

  130. Semuaok said

    The prostitute is korek. Here is the math.

    1 x $50m = $50,000,000
    28 x $50m = $1,400,000,000

    It would cost UMNO $1.4 billion for Perak state and if you multiply all 5 state and federal MP(80+). UMNO will be bankrupt.

    Horay let lompat melompat until UMNO get depleted. Then out good for nothing Sultan & Agung have to look for a jobs to cari makam.

  131. Semuaok said

    I mean our

  132. haji muhammad bin abdullah @ tan wah guan said

    she’s a disgust

  133. haji muhammad bin abdullah @ tan wah guan said

    she’s a pathethic disgust

  134. frei said

    running dog!
    jumping frog!
    wu san kui of malaysia!

    i will curse her ancestors, parents, brothers/sisters, sons/daughters, relatives, pets and whatever related to her.

    i pui pui pui ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

    i still pui pui ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  135. T'brahim said

    Beware of her former comrade the infamous Li Lan Dai who works and schemes closely with Njis

  136. justme said

    Give that woman a break. Looks as if many acted like male chauvinistic pigs. Why the comparison of her to a prostitute? Call her a traitor or whatever. Prostitutes deserve as much respect as any decent living person, trying to earn a living,not of her choosing but most likely circumstances. Its a profession just like any other and deserve respect as well. Maybe the author can also blog the three male frogs as “DUCKS” of their constituency?

  137. Atan Abdullah said

    I think the people of Jelapang should not waste any more time but to start a signature campaign of no confidence of their ADUN. Since she has abandon the people and DAP, they should use their resources and manpower to start the ball rolling.

    When this is done, present it to the Sultan and also use it to support the impending court case. Once she has no standing, UMNO will be one down. Then it will be sorry her political future.

    At the same time PAS and PKR should also start another campaign to knock out the two frogs from ChangkatJering and Behrang. This is to be doubly sure in case they get off the hook or given a light sentance for their corruption court case. UMNO can pull string for the court to give light sentances in order to maintain them as ADUN. They cannot afford to lose them as Najis and UMNO knows that they cannot depend on a by-election. They have lost twice in by-elections.

    Najis is desparate to boost his leadership image before the UMNO general assembly, as you can see he is doing it all cost. Therefore, DAP, PAS, PKR be quick about it.

    Going to the streets will only give Botak and his UMNO Malaysian Police (I am not using Royal Malaysian Police because anything UMNO wants or do, the police is on their side, like giving permit for them to do street protest) opportunities to arrest protesters and to the worst senerio, the home ministry can evoke an emergency rule and suspend the parliament. With this action taken, we Malaysians will be caught by the balls and we can forget the next general election. This is someting we do not want. We all looking for a CHANGE. Don’t them give the slightest opportunity to stop us in making the change.

  138. bbc said


    the two froggies will be free.

    simple, make sure there are enough loopholes in the case that the judge will have no choice but to kick the case out. oh, key witnesses will not be called as they couldnt be found. Sounds familiar?

  139. bbc said


    you are right. she can whore the rest of her life and the ill-gotten gains will not be sufficient to help the landless.

    darn, MCA the running dog (yeh with plenty of bitches in heat too) will be laughing all the way to the bank. Now, they can go back to squeeze the balls of these landless perakians.

    Hee, go try praying to your ancestors. Sure, they will even ptui at you.

  140. jelapang resident said

    Dear Hee, i wonder how your son who work in Complex YIK FOONG in perak face his very very angry friends who is looking for him day and night..just to seek revenge of what u have did to perak peoples…u have dragged your family along with u down to hell…

    we will see how long u can hide/submerge.
    we will see how long BN and That Shitty Najis willing protect u…
    u will have to float your die-soon head out of the water one day…
    i wont call u a whore or a bitch…
    basically, i love dog and i love whore who serve me good and please me with little money i pay them…

    the best name to suit u now is “betrayer”…
    but it will last for centuries…
    just like the chinese History Ng Sam Kwai…
    after centuries, people still remember this traitor…
    Now, its your turn…

    tips: try avoid stones flying out of no where…everyone is watching your every step and every move from now…
    HIDE yourself IDIOT! Hide your family too!
    And yah… Did u visit your grand parent’s grave?
    U know what had happen? Its what u did that drag them too…

    take good care and Hope you make a better choise in your next life…

    -the angry perakians-

  141. SLIM SHADY said


  142. NstPravda said

    Ah Hee, Ah Hee,
    Will you marry me?
    I will do to you and your money
    What you did to your constituency

    I guarantee I will 100% satisfy
    All the needs of your spastic ciba**
    So why not come with me for a sexy meal
    On your wheelchair, we can wheel and deal

    Darling, you are more than cripple to me
    You are my soul, my pocket and my mohoney
    Let me make you forget the Perakians you screwed today
    In my heart, even with you, your money is semua-nya OK!

  143. kafir said

    No Camry?

    Now she can afford a Lexus.

    All u buggers stop being a sour puss.
    If BN dangle a 10M carrot in front of u, u will do the same.
    Just tar u dun hv the opportunitty.

  144. Steven BG said

    Hee, OK U out

  145. Kong Ming said

    Dear YB Hee Yit Foong,
    Watching through the eyes of Kong Ming (Zhu Ke Liang), I salute your dedication and brave act in sacrificing yourself in this Red Cliff battle. Keep up your faith and my support to your family members facing the public humiliation.

    Yes we have Liu Pei’s Shu Kingdom (Anwar), Wu Kingdom and Wei Kingdom (PAS & DAP) joining forces to face Tsao Tsao, the Prime Minister of Han Dynasty (Najib of BN) in 208A.D. (

    Thank you for your bravery and self-sacrifice. I strongly believe Pakatan Rakyat is MOVING towards the Right Direction in this WAR. A DISASTER looming for UMNO and BN as this war rages on.

    The WEATHER is now in favor of PAKATAN, they have the PEOPLE on their side now!!! Winning the hearts of PEOPLE through Humility and Sympathy.

    For our non-Chinese Malaysians, go to see the movie Red Cliff2 and you will understand this Battle in Perak. Keep your cool as this is a WAR for PAKATAN to CRUSH BN!

    MCA Life Member Bagan Division

  146. Frank Ooi said

    Why concentrate only on hitting PoJ? Look at the pictures of the MCA big shots smiling warmly and shaking hands with the new Perak MB. Are that they not equally bad? Are they not telling you that PoJ has not done anything wrong?

  147. lakshmi said

    I thought women were always stronger than men, but Hee proved me wrong. Physically she cannot run far. She has shamed women, Perakians, her family(I am not sure about this with all the $$$$$$$$$$ in an overseas account)and Malaysians in general. Someone who was with DAP for 22 years could be bought over, no matter all the denials by the C4 moron(really? how he masterminded the coup de tat)
    Sorry I never had much respect for royalty, except maybe for the Thailand King. In the eyes of GOD we are all equals. I expected the ex Lord President to come out with a good judgement and dissolve the Perak assembly and call for fresh elections, that’s what good and just rulers do.What happened to HRH’s judgement? What clouded his thinking? Whom else can we turn to? Raja Nazrin gave such good advice. What happened?Actions have spoken louder than words.

    If people of Malaysia love Malaysia, then the power is in their hands to do good. May justice prevail one day

  148. Katak said

    Hee mentioned that one of the reasons she quit DAP is because the 2 DAP cousins have sidelined her and would not be fielding her for the next election. It sounds like being able to stand for election is very important to her. I just wonder if BN would really field her for the next election, or as many suggested, her political, social, family and personal is all over.

  149. Katak said

    With PRs MPs leading protests and thinking with their heart instead of their head, I am concerned that they would all be rounded up and sent to Kamunting. Then, the people’s voices in Parliament would be silenced. Please be rational and not emotional. Pls read RPKs article entirled “What More to Say?” at

  150. Sontot said

    Kan Nie Neh…..

    Hee F*** you! I bet when you make your way to your hometown, should get all those chinese to pee on your face.

    For a camry, you can play pucks. your parents never teach you manners. You are a pure chinese bitch after $$$. so are the rest of the chinese.

  151. Atan Abdullah said

    A previous commentator said (edited by ella-mae)

    The way you are encouraging the people to use violentlike “French revolution is the only way forward” in this modern days will not work, you have move to lose. See what happen during MAY 13. Who were the losers. How many orang makan babi were slaughtered without been officially recorded. Do you want this to happen to one of your famaly members, died without a trace.

    Our people will support the Palestine cause but not the problems we have at home. You go to the street, “You lose” as I have said earlier (refer to 140).

    What we need is a few parliament by-elections, so why don’t you go praying for some BeNd MPs to die early,Ha Ha, HEE HEE!.

    Every by-election, the BeNd bribed the people with new or widen the roads, clean the whole area, give plenty of goodies, promise more Chinese and Tamil schools, give schoolarships. We have seen, Ijok, KT, Pematang Puah, the people untung lah!. Then when you go to the ballot box, go and vote for a CHANGE!

    Start a non-confidence campaign against the three frogs and show the HRH Sultan of Perak. We shall this time who is the one that does not have the confidence of the people. At this moment the Sultan said, the legal MB does not have the support to lead Perak when actually the majority of the Perakian is behind him.

    Since the Election Commission said no BY-ELECTION, let the people’s power force a by-elections, let the court decide.

    The PKR should initiate a non-cofidence campiagn in the three frogs constituencies and file a court case against them. With the MAJORITY of the voters of the three consituencies and rally in front of the court during the proceeding, let the judge see for himself.

    One important thing need to be done, make nsure invite all foreign medias to cover the court case. Let the whole world witness and see if the BeNd try to manipulate the court judgement.

    God bless this country with leaders with Clean, Accountablity and Transparency!

  152. Atan Abdullah said

    Sontot said

    “For a camry, you can play pucks. your parents never teach you manners. You are a pure chinese bitch after $$$. so are the rest of the chinese.”

    Don’t F*** all Chinese, one Chinese do not represent all Chinese. Therefore, if we have Najis, a no good Malay, he does not represent all good Malays. Same goes to Samy Vellu, he does not represent all good Indians. They are individuals on their own standing.

  153. barbie said

    Atan Abdullah, well said my friend.

  154. eow_eow said

    Much as I want to say be compassionate as God is compassionate and always forgiving, Hee’s lompat katak action makes one puke and angry. She has not only insulted perakians, Malaysians at large but also the OKU community. She is already going through hell, already abandoned by Najib, who dared not appear in Ipoh for the official CNY do. She can’t go any where without people not recognising her. She can’t even get food from any restaurant without the fear of people spitting and pouring urine or any toxic items into her food. Buying groceries? Well refusal to sell has already been spelt out as a possibility. Much as the BN dogs want to offer her a post, she will not be able to perform because of public boycott, insult and possibility of lynching too. Her family would be on her side but are helpless as public outcry will have a fall out on them too.

    Her options? Not many left. MCA / Gerakan wouldn’t want to accept her just to allow her to keep her ADUN post and also to grab what ever state exco post that is available, as so many MCA / Gerakan lap dogs are also waiting for their chance.

    So to her, like all others are calling – resign immediately to allow a by-election to help justify the adverse public re-action against the power grab by Najis and gang. At least then she would have redeemed some meager integrity for herself and family despite going down in history as the first woman, an oku to have caused the fall of a legitimately elected government by the people and for the people.

    Hidup Ketuanan Rakyat, Hidup Menteri Besar Nizar, Hidup PR, dan Hancur BN yang korup dan racist yang diketuai oleh pm (p_ki m_k) bangsat Najis.

  155. Sam said

    I am in total agreement with atan abdullah that we go back to the voters of jelapang and submit a petition to the sultan to show that HEE does not enjoy the support of the majority of the people in this area.
    While being on the subject HEE has said that all the PR exco and dap officials were treating her with contempt.If a little girl is scolded by her parents because they wont give her a doll she wanted, does she go out and burn the house and now the whole family suffers. Hees actions are so childish and she looks so mooranish with her reasons for leaving. Punish the dap by all means not the people of jelapang. Leave the party as I am sure you won’t be a great loss. Remember they took you in and gave you your daily breadfor 22 years. You are an ungrateful bitch if I may use the word. Even my dog at home is more grateful than you. You are not fit to be put in the same class as a dog.You should have done the most honourable thing ( which you are not as you have no morals ) and RESIGN fron the party and let the people of jelapang choose a new rep. Tell me how are you going to face the poor of jelapang. This PR govt was going to give them and all new villagers freehold titles to their property. You just took that golden opportunity for these poor folk who have lived here for generations. Join MCA/BN????? They never helped these poor village folk for the past 50 years.
    You have to be blamed for this. You robbed each and every one of them of this. How could you sleep in the same bed as MCA/BN traitors.
    Your punishment will come and all the poor people of jelapang will CURSE you and you, your children, husband and family for generations.

  156. bbc said


    you kidding. i cant get it up, boy.

    yup, perakians should boycott this whore. dont sell anything to her, not even food. and if comes to selangor, we do the same.

    and spit at her whenever you see her. let her “drown” in a pool of saliva.

    Whore, go enjoy your money. Dont fcking give the excuse you are being sidelined. If it is so, you wouldnt be the Deputy Speaker, a post you are not even qualified for. A deformed clerk rising to such an important and say you are being sidelined? Go, tell you to your children as an excuse for them not to spit at you. Now, you a LYING WHORE.

  157. Atan Abdullah said

    I didn’t Believe this I have found on The Star online

    Sunday February 8, 2009

    Believe it or not

    DAP Secretary General Lim Guan Eng

    Jan 26, 2009

    “With one more assemblyman (for the Pakatan government), we hope their situation will be strengthened and give them a boost to continue striving and working for the people.”

    Feb 6, 2009

    “I believe she is the first DAP assemblyman to cause a (state) government to fall. The issue is not about her leaving the party but leaving the people who supported her.”

    Lim describing Hee Yit Foong’s move to support Perak Barisan Nasional as tantamount to betraying the trust of those who voted for her.

    Jelapang representative Hee Yit Foong who quit DAP to become an independent but pledged support for Barisan Nasional

    May 14, 2008

    “There is no such thing.”

    When asked if she would cross over to Barisan Nasional

    “Those who offered me to jump over asked me to name a price.”

    When asked if she was “invited” to join Barisan.

    Feb 2, 2009

    “I have never had any intention of leaving the party and would feel very heavy-hearted if I did.”

    Hee just before leaving DAP.

    Bota assemblyman Datuk Nasarudin Hashim

    Jan 26, 2009

    “I believe PKR and its partners in Pakatan Rakyat are able to be a better coalition of component parties for the people’s benefit.”

    When he quit Umno to join PKR.

    Feb 5, 2009

    “After considering the advice and views of my political partners and those who would like to see a stable political situation and government in Perak, I’m returning to Umno and the Barisan Nasional”

    Nasarudin after jumping back to Umno.

    Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

    Aug 19, 2008

    “Give me two weeks after Aug 26 as I have to gather support from Barisan Nasional MPs to join the Pakatan Government”

    Anwar claiming to have the support of enough Barisan MPs to form the new Federal Government.

    Feb 4, 2009

    “BN is trying to form the state government by hook or by crook – more by crook.”

    Anwar criticising the crossing over of Perak representatives.

  158. Atan Abdullah said

    Dear people,

    For once, the star is carrying some neutral reports, login:

    I am happy that DAP has star the non-confidence campaign against HEE!

    Continue putting pressure HEE to get quit the seat!

    Quit now, crowd tells Hee


    IPOH: Hundreds of people have turned up at the Jelapang market here Sunday to sign a petition demanding their assemblyman Hee Yit Foong quit her seat.

    Within 90 minutes of the campaign starting at 9.30am Sunday, about 720 signatures were collected.

    Perak DAP organising secretary Thomas Su Keong Siong said the petition would be handed over to the DAP-turned-independent assemblyman after this.

    “If she does not want to accept the petition then we will hand it over to her parents at their home in Kanthan, Chemor,” he said.

    Earlier when addressing the crowd, Su said the campaign was to force Hee to resign to pave way for a by-election.

    “She has said that not everyone was against her, only those with ‘interests.’ If that is so, come back and face the people,” he added.

    Sabri Abdul Rahman, 52, said he felt cheated by Hee, whom he had given his trust and vote to.

    “We had voted for her and this is how she repays the people,” he said.

    “I want her to quit. I want the Pakatan Rakyat state government back,” he added.

    Hitting out at Hee, M. Vigneswary, 26, said, “We do not accept Barisan Nasional as the government; our Mentri Besar is Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin.”

    Also present amongst the crowd were some who claimed to be childhood friends of Hee from her hometown in Kanthan.

    One of them, Wong Fook, 56, said they had treated Hee like a sister and even sacrificed their own time and money to campaign for her during the 2004 general election.

    “She has no loyalty. She has betrayed everyone by bringing down a whole government … and a good one for that matter,” he said.

    Hee, previously from DAP, announced she was quitting the party earlier this week. She said she would remain an independent assemblyman, but pledged her loyalty to Barisan.

    Her resignation, along with those of former PKR assemblymen Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu (Changkat Jering) and Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi (Behrang) led to Barisan declaring it had the majority in the state of Perak.

    Both Barisan and Pakatan Rakyat have 28 state seats, but Sultan Azlan Shah did not give his consent to Pakatan’s request to dissolve the state assembly and call for fresh elections.

    Barisan’s Datuk Dr Zambry Abd Kadir was sworn in as Mentri Besar on Friday, but Pakatan and its Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin — who maintains he is still Mentri Besar– said they would file a suit on Tuesday against Zambry at the High Court to declare his swearing-in as unconstitutional and illegal.

  159. […] petitions for  Hee Yit foong, Jelapang aka Prostitute of Jelapang, Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu  and Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi to officiate their own resignations!! They […]

  160. telur dua said

    She under-estimated the wrath of Perakians. I suspected they were up to no good. These three frogs, especially the he-woman feigned illness and used it as a excuse of no being able to make contact.

    Well, they must be on life support and near death not to be able to make a simple phone call. Suddenly they re-appear and sure don’t look dead to me. See what money can do?

  161. bbc said

    hee, where are you? still hiding under the sarong of Najib?

    if you are not disabled, physically and intellectually, come back to Jelapang and face your constituents. afterall, you have the gumption taht the people are behind you.

    Come back, and stop hiding under the sarong of Najib. You wont isnt coz theres’s good money elsewhere.

    LYING WHORE, you wont come back isnt it?

  162. Bravo12 said

    People of Bota , how about starting a similiar signature campaign since the Nasa Frog says … Bota prefers PKR .
    How about Changkat Jering and Behrang too !!
    My beloved HRH Sultan , please spare all these agony and dissolve the Perak State Assembly.
    Hope what I read about Gamuda is not true !

  163. katak said

    what happened to the one with the back problem? TSounds like the urut man in Pekan did a good job. Anyone has info on the urut man as I have lso been suffering back problem for years

  164. Taikonot said

    I think she herself knows it, Hee will be one-term DUN member, who or what party in their mind is going to field her again to contest Perak DUN seat?!

    I just hope what she did will be worth it at least for her, to be branded a traitor/prostitute is the worst label any human can have in any century.

    Take the money and run! you idiot!

  165. karmicpolitics said

    we can call her what we want !! but i will always point my Gun at the biggest idiots who so call run this country now they must have forced her into i bet big time threatened her , every sane human being once a good life if not for them their children think and see if you get a threat that would harm your kids of family would your principals be tested its not easy …… kill those idiots who are doing this from the root lets kill them forever the next elections !! die BN

  166. Anak Malaysia said

    There is always hope ON Hee. Not FOR Hee. You see, BN plan will backfire eventually because of Hee hehehe. Hee will surely repent soon and resign. Why? She can’t stand the living nightmare facing anybody. She will go crazy by the harassment everywhere she goes! Her polio froggy leg can’t skip her far. Whatever Hee decides, she is finished for good. If she does not repent, she will surely be found dead by committing suicide before March 2009. It may be Hee’s easiest way out of this misery. Selling her soul to the devil is a no-no. She will lose because of her greed and selfishness. If Hee lives to repent fully, Hee will admit how much she’s getting from BN. In doing so, the other 3 stooges will start to shake and also be exposed. Surely the 3 stooges are also being harassed everywhere they go and will end up like Hee hehehe. In the worst case scenario, Hee will be C4’d overnight to show the 3 stooges who is in charge, to shut her up for good & go for a Jelapang by-election only. That will be Hee’s sacrifice for the mistake of her life. She better repent now while she still can save Perak and Malaysia instead of dying for nothing and labelled ‘Prostitute of Jelapang’. So sad.

  167. Paul Raj said

    Interesting turn of events in Perak, although not to be unexpected if the party continues to choose sub standard candidates (i.e. in terms of intellect, education level and integrity). An interesting observation lately is that PKR’s Anwar has been characteristically quiet about everything and anything that has been going on in both state and country. Where is the fire from him? In my reckoning, he has been missing opportunity after opportunity to address important national and state issues that could have demonstrated his (and PR’s) ability as a true alternative to the BN formula.

  168. Mutu said

    She is now afraid to go back to Jelapang, you people so angry with her.

    She also afraid to open her mouth to collect the money that someone promised her for jumping because suddenly she remembers that when Altantuya open her mouth to collect her commission she was C4ed.

    Hee Yit Foong you die lor …

  169. Jessie said

    Rumours said that she is going to be appointed as an Exco. How’s she going to serve the people????

  170. patchay said

    what more this traitor?

    Hee gets her Camry
    By Lee Wei Lian

    KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 9 – For the past few days, speculation has been mounting whether Barisan Nasional will reward Jelapang assemblywoman Hee Yit Fong with an executive council post in the Perak government. Umno souces today confirmed she is among seven confirmed in the executive council.

    Three more will be decided later, possibly after the first seven are sworn in tomorrow by Perak ruler Sultan Azlan Shah. Two of the execo members will be Chinese with the other being Chenderiang state assemblyman Dr Mah Hang Soon, who is also MCA Youth deputy chief.

    Hee, possibly the most hated woman in Malaysia right now, has been the subject of ridicule and abuse in and around her Ipoh hometown as welll as in cyberspace, far more than the other three Perak state representatives who switched support from Pakatan Rakyat to Barisan Nasional.

    She was the deputy state speaker in the Pakatan Rakyat government and was in DAP for some 20 years. The clerk-turned-politician was said to have been upset with the state party leadership and for not getting a new official car when the Pakatan Rakyat chose Toyota Camrys over Proton Perdanas.

    Another woman who has been appointed to the exco is Sungai Rapat’s Hamidah Osman, who was rumoured to be upset over losing the menteri besar post to Datuk Zambry Abdul Kadir. Umno sources denied she wa upset, saying she is supportive of the 47-year-old BN menteri besar.

    The tricky task of determining of the exco line-up is one of the first tests that Zambry has to face apart from handling a hostile Perak electorate upset over the manner the state government changed hands.

    “To head off dissatisfaction, he explained that there are only 10 exco positions but 31 candidates,” a source told The Malaysian Insider.

    “He emphasized to them that the major thrust has be to win the hearts of the people and cannot be on Camrys and houses. He also told them to speak their minds and not just be yes-men which they found refreshing.”

    Several names were nominated for each exco portfolio based on their skills and abilities. Discussions were made with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi and his deputy Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who is widely credited for the Perak takeover, until early hous of this morning.

    The swearing in ceremony is expected to take place at 10 am in the Istana Iskandariah in Perak’s royal town of Kuala Kangsar tomorrow.

  171. bbc said

    the whore gets what she was dying for. A CAMRY and she thinks its worth it.

    People of Perak, when she dies make a paper Camry for her. And the car plate no is WHORE 1.

    Go eat shit, Whore. If I see you, I will spit on your face for sure.


  173. Taikonot said

    郑云城 | 2月5日 中午12点25分






    by QiuYunChen

    Actually, I myself wasn’t missing
    Its just that my soul fell into a dirty drain
    Along with my handphone, and the contact numbers of people who voted for me
    Carried away all together.

    Actually, my wallet wasn’t missing
    Its just that my principle fell into a dirty drain
    Along with my chastity, and the sugar cane offering to the Jade God yesterday
    Carried away all together

    Actually, my receipt wasn’t missing
    Its just that my conscience fell into a dirty drain
    Along with PR, and DAP’s sour grape jacket
    Carried away all together

    BN so nice, willing to offer 50 millions reward
    Advertise for missing person
    I myself, wallet and receipt
    Were found immediately

    (About the things carried away by the dirty drain, forget it, they are not important).

    Pls offer a better translation if you can, thanks.

    Found at

  174. chong said

    Perakians, look out for her tomorrow. She (the polio whore) may attend the swearing at the Istana. Stop her car and give her your best prostitute greetings or vulgar hands’ signs. Have placards displaying the worst whore of the century for Malaysians and the BN assemblymen to see. Put this sjsandteam site in the banner for others to log in (especially she, she may not know how despicable a woman she is).

  175. KK Low said

    She is digging her own grave, bcos her jumping over to BN is a one way ticket for her. I am very cock sure that she dare not to repend and go back to PK, otherwise she will be finished off by C4. The only way out for her is to commit ‘halakili’ to repay what she owes to the Perakian.

  176. bbc said


    you cant do anything coz she will be well protected by C4 team.

    heard taht she will relocate to PJ after this. Dont worry, I will make sure to bring along a urinal pot which is to be filled with spits that mised her.

    I will not only spit at her. I will make sure she eats shit!

  177. Orang Malaysia said


    Take the 20 millions RM and fuck off

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  179. GEO = Perakian said

    This woman really no brain. She not only betrayed Perakian & all her voters ,she also give Malaysia Chinese a bad image !! especially DAP. The 2 idiot got no choice because they all court case in hand only the murderer can save them. The Nasa man is no principle is never mind because this is UMNO style but this woman what she trying to proof ? Money can make oposition become DEVIL if the LEADER got no principle. ANYWAY THE TIME COME THE UNTIE WILL LEARN THE LESSION.


  180. Amir Celcom said

    Aiyaa Perak Sultan got nothing to do mahh, wake up eat,jalan-jalan,play hockey , 1 years 365 days also no his majesty news mana boleh … Sultan mahhh.. so now got front page lohh. next few month UMNO man jump over he got news again… Wahhhh nowaday he busy lohhhhh.. suka-suka 1 mentri Besar baru.. after 8 or 9 month another 1 more mentri besar baru … Wahhh like that Sultan sleep also no time lohhhh.

    Bravo Sultan of Perak

  181. singh is kinng said

    My friend suresh, please inform this to vicky in ipoh if he needs her service. RM20.00 per service. can try both ways

  182. Brandon Maxis said

    This woman really played fire… she really don’t know she stand next to C4 leader…

    Datukship Datuk shit lah

  183. Alexi said

    Please forgive Her … She is polio woman & susah nak cari makan,now new Camry in front of her ,Datukshit title in on the way,20000 sqm land at Ipoh… Tak mahu ga ? only C4 leader can offer,who else can make that offer ? Hello She polio you know !!!! now just jump litter bit can bring back so much “MANA MAU CARI”

  184. orange said

    no surprise if she ends up topping herself of getting hauled off to tg. rambutan.
    pocketing rm20 million is the easy part, living with the cost of it will be like hell for eternity.
    she is either bodoh like hell or skin thicker than an old bag. should be interesting to watch her descend into insanity.

  185. johnson lee said

    Can somebody please tell me where this shameless,ugly bitch’s lives? I and my many friends want to throw lots of dogs’ faeces into her house for this is what she deserves. Open up your eyes,People of Perak, never ever vote for such low life again. I have more respect for my neighbour’s poodle.

  186. Wong KM said

    wait-wait-wait you all use a wrong word to YB Hee


  187. Hee said

    My sir name is also HEE … but start from this Perak issue someone asked what is my sir name , I told them is Heen. because I worried some non chinese though I’m her relative. Aiyoooo don’t play-play ohhhhh.

  188. Uncle Loke said

    YB think that money can settle everything but she forgot 1 day she never follow murderer instruction she will get murder.

  189. Yap said

    Here is the Hee Yit Foong home address:

    **deleted by The Dandelions**

    I would be screwing her after 10pm…don’t disturb

    Warning from Blog Admin: We will not tolerate malicious attempts to display anyone’s address or telephone number at this blog!

  190. Chong said

    YB Hee is very smart… If she cannot beat them join them lahhh.

    Bunuh orang pun boleh settle what is hopping !!! come on !!!

    Tell me ? Take million-million to Australia still can become minister.

    Use C4 also can be future Prime Minister.

    What is that jump here & there… Kacang lah

    She’s very high paid long jumper in the world ohhh Don’t play-play ohh.If you won 1 long jump oylmpic gold medal price money also not as much as YB Hee ohhh..

  191. Abu Bakar said

    This is very beautiful Malaysia system . By right Government is vote by the rakyat but now vote by Sultan itself. Bravo Sultan

    Sultan Boleh …. Malaysia party tak boleh…..

  192. Guna said

    What is Chong said is right … YB HEE is a most higher’s paid long jumper in the world… I think Carl Lewis also connot compaired during his hey day in 88 Seoul Olympic.

  193. Ting said


  194. bbc said

    people of Jelapang,

    do this whore a favour. since she loves Camry so much, why dont we make paper CAMRY with no plate WHORE 1. Burn one every nite in front of her house so that she can enjoy it.

    By the way, Whore, whats your favourite colour so that the paper CAMRY suits you? Need to consult Najib first before declaring your favourite color?

  195. XMEN said

    You have a pretty ugly face. The more i see your face, my cock become lembek and probably impotent soon. Suggest u to go for plastic operation to hide your the ugliest pros in the world.

  196. taiklembu said

    Sial Hee. Celaka Hee.
    Put pepsi bottle inside her vagina.
    Lets see what kind of prostitute/whore is she..

  197. Bukan ASLI said

    Maybe she got that one night stand “f__k” by Najis that is so good that she wants constant service now that Najis has no Mongolian Anatullah. Najis can do Indian Karma with Melayu Tongkat Ali manytimes keeping her orgams nonstop. At least she is better looking than Rosmah, agree?

  198. Bigjoe said

    Yes, its political prostitution for sure but she is a DUMB, STUBBORN and CHEAP prostitute. It can’t get worst than this. She did not understand that the issues are bigger than even her party or even just her state. She just said that she was not paid 20 million which she does not seem to get makes it worst because what she did was worth a whole lot more to UMNO and even just Najib alone. She did them a HUGE FAVOUR and did not get paid for it?

    She also said if she got kicked out she will get a job in private sector or charity. Shows its still not sinking in that EVEN THOSE are not options. With so many unemployed who would hire her poor skills and charities only will kill themselves to be associated with her. She don’t get it its not easy to walk away from prostitution and a nationally known one.

    What happens to ugly, dumb and cheap hookers? Eventually they end up dead on the sidewalk. Humanely speaking, I hope she got paid…

  199. james said

    a cheap beach ever seen in the country

  200. Jason Thong said

    Once she go to bank up-date the bank book she must be HEE-haa-haa.

    RM10 million cash from Barisan

  201. He he he, yes, I f@@Ked a few of them b4, all chinese dolls, or even local chinese dolls, but then, all are biggy sort of things, you know what I mean. I suppose, people like r plenty in town of Ipoh, Penang and Chow Kit in selangor. This race is not worth a Malaysian life.

  202. Hi hello you guys. May I suggest that u guys go to the streets and march protest against this so called prostitute as penderhaka.

  203. David Lim said





  204. Reliable News said

    = RM20m, RM20m, RM20m, RM20m and BIG JACKPOT RM500m

  205. Ooi said

    C4 make that offer to all the frogs using who’s MONEY ? Our money lah … Come let’s stand up.. our fate is not decide by C4 & the gang.

  206. Orang Malaysia said

    Do you guys know that this bitch education background – she is standard 6 and she was appointed (under DAP banner) Deputy Speaker of DUN Perak, what the hell she wants somemore from DAP/PR.

    Bloody bitch, we have brain, we are not being instigated by DAP when we show our anger

  207. Probate said


    Looking at the photo.

    Me says: “Oh she is a Chinese, really ah, how come I never see her in the row of dolls that night”

    Mon says:”No, she isn’t a prostitute; she is a decent humble Malaysian politician”

    Me says:”How come ma, these people said she was a prostitute”

    Mon say: “They used a metaphor to disallow people like her from jumping party, and especially from DAP to another non Chinese party”

    Me says: “Oh, aiya, like that one huh”

    Mon says:” Yo lo, we Chinese want Perak to rule, we’ve got Nisar to say what we want, so now how to get Perak under us, Chinese”

    Me say: “Lo, like that ma, why Malay is useless in governing a state is that what you say?”

    Mon say: “No, we geram le, they always get everything, we get fish bone only, you see, when DAP ruled the state, we gave the communist supporters a 999 year lease, you know, just a token only, and that those Chinese private schools thousand acres of land for them to sell, lo, we get some commission oklah, need to survive ma, now is in time recession”

    Me say:” Like that ah, rule a state, ahya, let me teach my boys to run like that”

  208. valerie said

    I really feel sorry for her children and children’s children right through the history of Malaysian politics. Definitely she goes down into history as a “hero” in Malaysian History Books for many generations to come.

  209. SayaAnakMalaysia12 said

    How come she is not detained under ISA for her own safety until now ?
    OOOps sorry only Home Minister can define “Own Safety” in Malaysia !
    sOLLLLIE Arrrrr ….

  210. Jamal said

    Yaaaaa what is Saya Anak Malaysia said is right..

    The Stupid & Botak brainless Home Minister said whoever need protection on the personal safety should apply for ISA ..

    Saya sokong …. Kita Sokong … Semua Pakatan suppoter 100% sokong..

  211. Ismail Rashid said

    BARISAN ? Aiyooooo mana boleh pakai lagi ..

    Tolong lah Rakyat dah

  212. aca said

    oh Miss Hee,

    i thought the people, except those with vested interest, are with you. where are you? still hiding under Najib’s sarong? Please come back to Jelapang coz we are all dying to spit at you.

    come back please. we dont need you to share the loot with us. You can keep it and enjoy it with your family. I do understand coz for a disabled clerk, you havent seen big money in your life. Please come back. All we want is to spit at you.

  213. Orang Malaysia said


    Please use your Rm20 mil for the development of Jelapng

  214. ANGRY PERSON said





  215. HYF said

    u all brainless ah.. she dont want hery family life in dangerous, she dont want disappear fr MY… so wat shd she do..!!! hide under najis la.. ISA can do wat.. protect her from disappear ..

  216. ANGRY PERSON said





  217. cool said

    throw slippers at her wherever she goes
    her kg ppl must make sure she cannot come back home even with umno-police protectn
    traitor-prostitute !!

  218. Traditional Way said

    When she close her eyes, she will kneel before Justice Pao. Her punishment will be the dog-head guillotine. It befits her category of people. She will have the same dream for the rest of her life, over and over again.

    During the day she must not walk near any Kuan Tai (Quan Yu) altar or temple. For the God of War hate people without “Yi”. Lightning will strike her and thunder will hit her.

    For the same reason, during thunder storm, to avoid being hit, she should hide under her godfather’s B–LS.

    Fan Kuat – traitor
    Phei Pei, Har Lau, Mo Chi, Tai Chong (Wicked, Dirty, No Shame, Low Class)
    Yeng Chak Chok Fu (Call a thief her father)
    Chow Kow (running dog)
    Hon Kan (traitor of the descendants of Han)
    Sek Woon Min Fan Woon Tai (After eating from the top of the plate just turn it over and throw away)

    Already down with polio (Chinese believes its karma) so must accumulate some good karma (Chek Yam Tuck).
    Yet she can/have the will/have the heart to do disservice to the people of various races in Jelapang. Watch out for your last few years. All your bad karma will seek you. Repent now! Your few million ringgit may give you little comfort now but how about your last few years this life and next life?

    1. Hawker’s in Jelapang and Ipoh market should start selling “Yau Char Foong” (deep fried phoenix) besides “Yau Char Kwai”. To draw the analogy from Qin Hui who betray Yue Fei and Song Dynasty.

    2. Effigy of the running dog must be placed beside a dog-head guillotine before the image of Justice Pao in Jelapang market and Ipoh for the public to see what traitors deserved

    3. Set up a Quan Yu altar in her kampong to remind people there are still many loyal and faithful people around. Also setup near her house in Ipoh to signify “Yi”. This is to also attract thunder and lightning to her house anytime.

    I have never come across any one in Penang who did not curse her. By induction, almost 99.9 % of Malaysians hate her. Guess why MCA and Gerakan wouldn’t want her? She is a burden and “pembawa sial” to any party that accepts her. These parties do not want to invoke the wrath of the community and Malaysian.

    It is a blessing in disguise for the Pakatan. Because of her the people (including fence sitters and sympathisers) are all rallied and consolidated behind the Pakatan. The opposite of what she wanted. Hee, hee, hee.

  219. yh said

    Orang malaysia

    Ask the prostitute to keep the money and spend on herself.

    People of Jelapang has more honour than that. Prostitue yourself and kneel before your pimp. Go and eat shit, prostitute.

  220. Melanie said

    People, please STOP referring prostitutes and dogs to this …errr… “species”. Prostitutes are human and dogs are animal, but this.. errr… “species” is neither… is very much below that catogory. Got it?

    My dog told me that during the dogs party meeting, all the dogs has “pui” “pui” and said no way they will f*** her too for whatever benefit they may get. So please ask the human race not to degrade them like that, they do have feelings and moral too, they will not go for those below their class.

    And if you feel sorry for the husband and children, you don’t think they are enjoying the money too? Oh pleaaaassseeeee….. Oh, I am actually shock to know that this species has husband and children wor… that male “species” is blind ke? If this male species is in fact a human, “he” should divorce her immediately to proof that he is not part of it, else he is just the same… selling backside to the najis who can play front and back and they have the session together.. wow….

    And for those expect the species to read the message.. FORGOT IT! Species don’t read! Uneducated one mar…

    As for the rotten “”, what do we usually do with them? eat them or throw them away? So, people, please next time when we drive on the road and the polis is trying to get us to give way to rotten sultanas, please do not give in, we pay the road tax but the sultanas don’t.. so why they need to have priileges over us?

  221. Francis said

    Albar, Albar .. Albar……………………..
    Please protect me……… Put me under ISA ……… I will be safe under you

  222. johnson lee said

    This low-life may have lots of money (RM15 million) now by selling out her soul and the people who voted for her. But she is forever cursed by her own children,family members and relatives who have come under public scrutiny and suffered humiliation. So people, whenever and wherever you see this shameless woman, just spit on her and yell out loud ‘shameless bitch!!! U r a disgrace to human race’.

  223. ANGRY PERSON said



  224. Sammy Velu said

    This woman is not worth a screw. I can screw more Indians and get their money and votes.
    Who is the winner?

  225. johnson lee said

    All fair-minded Perakians must remember how you were robbed of the legitimate government you voted in on 8th Mar 2008. Come next election, any election at all, whether By-Election or General Election, all of you must ensure that Crooks, Prostitutes, Racists, Hypocrites from BN parties (UMNO,MCS,MIC etc) are totally wiped out. Only you can make that happen….the power is in your hand.

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  231. steve said

    pure bastard!

  232. Calvin said

    There is no reason for us to respect her…xxxxx

    Our next and next generation will remember …. how she betray all of us!!!!

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  238. naoid said

    Heya i’m for the first time here. I found this
    board and I find It really useful & it helped me out a lot.

    I hope to give something back and help others like you aided me.

  239. Manickam Nadeson said

    I cannot totally agree with you, She may be wrong in her move, but why she went against the Pakatan Rakyat? who is fully responsible for her move and supported the BN? If I’m not mistaken there are few mail prostitutes who have shown their arrogant and egoistic attitude towards some supporters of the party. We need to get the true picture of the issue. May be she wouldn’t have no other choice???. Anyhow she betrayed the voters, should have stayed neutral.

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