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From Jelapang to Jelutong: A Tale of Defiance

Posted by Oscar the Grouch on February 10, 2009


I must be getting old these days. A many number of times, I find myself grappling, trying hard to understand Malaysian politics. Or perhaps, it is Malaysian politics itself that has since gone warily unfathomable, rather than the sanity of my intellect.

Take, for example, the case of Karpal Singh. He wants to sue the Sultan of Perak. A whole load of people are unhappy with him for intending to do so. Numerous police reports have been lodged, at various places, all of which allege Karpal Singh as derhaka, kurang ajar, rebellious; some even asserting that he has committed acts of treason.

This is the part that I don’t quite understand. Why can’t Karpal sue the Sultan? It’s his right to do so. Of course, some of us may opine that he ought not to do so, given that it is the adat that a commoner should show subservient to the sovereign ruler.

But in these modern times, with contemporary progressive laws, the right of a citizen to task his leader to a court of justice is a fundamental liberty to be found contemporaneous in almost all jurisdictions in the world. If Karpal Singh has a bad case, his suit will be dismissed by the court, of which he would be liable for costs. In any event, it will be with the judiciary that lays the ultimate bastion of justice.

This comes to mind my other incomprehension. Why are certain sectors of the rakyat angry at Karpal Singh for wanting to sue the Sultan? I personally find this quite amusing. Karpal Singh has been suing the Sultans since time immemorial.

In 1986, he filed a civil suit against the Sultan of Johor, Tunku Mahmood Iskandar, who was then the Agong. The civil suit was filed on behalf of one Daeng Baha Ismail for damages of assault (Daeng Baha Ismail had been taken to the Johor Palace in handcuffs by police personnel and was punched and repeatedly hit by the Sultan in the presence of the Royal household). Karpal lost his case, and it was reported that the Sultan allegedly named one of his dogs after him (“A Malaysian Who Dared Sue a King” Far Eastern Economic Review, 20 May, 1993).

In 1995, Karpal filed a suit against the then King, Tuanku Jaafar Rahman, the Ruler of Negeri Sembilan. The complaint was that Tuanku Jaafar had cheated a businessman of a land deal in Port Dickson. Karpal also threaten to bring charges of criminal breach of trust and lodged a police report against Tuanku Jaafar. It was reported that Tuanku Jaafar then entered into a handsome out of court settlement thereafter.

In 1996, Karpal represented Faridah Begun bte Abdullah against the Sultan of Pahang in the Special Court. The case, however, was not successful on an issue of technicality.

So, why now, is everyone taking offence at Karpal Singh? I cannot help but wonder that this issue has been sinisterly politicized.

And I don’t at all empathize with all the police reports that have been lodged, claiming acts of treason against the sanctity of the Institusi Raja-raja Melayu. It seems that Malaysians, in general, forgets easily.

In 1983, it was the BN Government that introduced the constitutional amendment bill designed to remove the royal assent to legislation passed by Parliament.

In 1993, again it was the BN Government that passed the Constitutional (Amendment) Bill 1993 to remove the immunity of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the other Rulers, who now can be sued for actions done in their personal capacity.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t these amendments to the law an indignant affront to the Sultans then, rather than what Karpal Singh is doing now? No one was complaining, or wildly lodging police reports then, even though the powers of the Institution of the Monarchy were being systematically wilted away by BN and UMNO at that time. Nobody had the gall to stage protest, complete with banners and signage for support; inclusive of the yellow-bands.

Now, we have one man threatening to sue the Sultan, and suddenly mayhem ensues. Umno Youth, in its usual hot air gibber, has predictably offered to take the lead to protect the sanctity of the Institution of the Sultan; the very establishment their umbrella party has ravaged against decades ago.

Tell me again why I don’t understand Malaysian politics.

p/s: Read Bahasa Malaysia version here. Thanks to Barbie!


19 Responses to “From Jelapang to Jelutong: A Tale of Defiance”

  1. Joeawk said

    Derhaka is UMNO and not Karpal. The writer must differentiate between good Malaysians and derhaka UMNO members. The very people who have been derhaka and make a fool of the monarchy has always been UMNO people and not other malaysians.
    The writer should pretend that it is not UMNO that is the culprit and which has brought disrepute to the palace.

    Just call a spade a spade. UMNO DERHAKA.

  2. barbie said

    I am going to translate this post into Bahasa Malaysia so it can reach out to more readers, especially Umno hypocrites. Perhaps I should forward a copy to Khairy 🙂 Well written, Oscar!

  3. ella-mae said

    good idea, barbie.

    doing that ought to get us back into oscar’s good books again. then maybe he won’t be so grouchy all the time 😉

  4. Aston said

    There’s nothing wrong with the politics in this country but there’s something very wrong with the people in this country.

    They’re stupid, easily led and extremely immature. The people in this country only really use one side of their brain, the emotional side. Reason, rationality and pragmatism is turned off all the time.

    They spend hours in malls every weekend completely infatuated by the latest gadgets and gizmos that when it comes time to step up and do something for the man next to them, they show absolute disinterest and ignorance.

    To be frank, the people of this country deserve the Government they have. And it’s not because they didn’t go out and vote but it’s because this is what they truly want for themselves. A society where policemen can be bribed, judges can be bought and their feelings can be protected by silencing anyone that talks about their religion, race or ethnicity.

    Weak, fragile and hopeless – what’s depressing though is the fact that we only seem to be breeding and increasing in population, filling this beautiful Malaysian landscape with more morons and idiots!

    A completely mundane, watered down, no integrity culture with nothing but pretenders and posers. After 50 years, still bickering over who got off the boat first and who deserves special rights; no idea at all on how to be independent or Merdeka. What an embarrasing country! Calling myself a ‘Malaysian’ is actually an insult.

    I really hope for the next underwater earthquake to hit, preferably near the Straits of Malacca so that a Tsunami can head straight towards us and clean this feces joint up!

  5. R.Prem Kumar said

    Royalty should be a noun; not verb.

  6. PSPP said

    Indifference and apathy are the characteristics of most Malaysians.Let the next guy protest against wrongdoings as long as I am safe is how the majority think.It seems every 1 step we take in the name of political maturity we seem to regress 2 steps.Sigh….when will we get it?

  7. joe said

    i dont trust monarchy. malaysia politics is suck..

  8. focussed08 said

    It’s all UMNO’s politics and that’s how they had managed to stay in power – by hook or by crook…..mostly, by crook and intimidations.

    Those who lodges police report and abusive threats are from UMNO and their hired hands. What better ways to divert attentions away from an indecent act of ravaging the very pillar of our society – our Constitution?

    Whenever those who sought to criticise any wrong doings of the UMNO goons and their accomplices, it’s 100% certain that some UMNO goons somewhere will start wildfires all over the place to distract concerted attack against their unforgivable act of going against the will of the people or any other misdeeds.

    When minor diversions fail to do the job, they will revert to racist taunts, Islam, Ketuanan and the use of ISA to threaten compliance to ensure the silencing of any outpour of criticisms or divergent views!

    Check up the history of UMNO on how they had managed to stay in power for the last 30 years and how troubles were initiated and by whom?? Therein lies the answers to what you did not ….or choose not to understand ……it’s a simple answer if we are honest and untainted in our analysis!

  9. Anak Mamat said

    Hey Oscar, this is indeed a well argued-out piece which you should forward as a “letter to the editor” of all the MSM. I bet you a million ringgit that they will throw your letter in the garbage can. But a try will surely not hurt ! How about it ?

    As regards the UMNO youths ranting and showing anger – dont let this scene decieve you. They are all paid goons and imbeciles who will do anything for the All Mighty Ringgit and that my friend is the “raison d’erte” for joining UMNO.

    Show you are willing to do anything for your master and very soon you will be Ketua Bahagian – and soon thereafter contracts will come rolling in and soon thereafter you can be an ADUN and then an MP – after which it is MONEY big time.

    So my friend, its not that difficult to understand after all, is it? Or am I missing something ?

  10. sd said

    yes you are correct to say that we have the right to sue the sultan. But, if you re-read your article, and you can see that all the karpal’s case against the sultan in not involve politics or politician or creating a government. in this case, it’s a prerogative of the sultan to appoint or confirm any government…

  11. Bigjoe said

    Its emotional infantilism. Basically the protestors are prodigals sons of entitlement – NEP and Ketuanan Melayu gone amok. You can’t argue with them like arguing with a stubborn child. You only can point it out and force them to learn. But their equally spoilt parents – UMNO top leaders don’t want to so it all up to outsiders to teach them…

  12. Revenge said

    Malaysians are too smart to risk their life for politics and their childrens future i.e. afraid to stand up for what is right cos we’re still third world mentality so let me make one simple suggestion,just boycott the mainstream media and petronas for a start and we’ll move on from there,believe me if you spread the word it will work for now.I have already started now have you?

  13. […] Posts Hamidah Osman, The Indian and The Snake!From Jelapang to Jelutong: A Tale of DefianceThe Prostitute of JelapangNajib adopts people-first leadership style!!!Who is Saiful Bukhari’s “God […]

  14. Su said

    Well, I think someone should pluck all the ears of these people, together of those who support them, who have limited thinking powers and show them these previous cases against the royalties. They all are just barking dogs, barking on nitty gritty things and not looking at more important issues. Infact the Malaysian are all sitting under the coconut shell and not aware of the current crisis in the world. Rest of the world is crying at their economic downfalls and the Malaysian are still fighting over doggy bones. What an useless lot!! The only country in the world that says all is good!! Good my foot!!

  15. gunnfan said

    Does anything bUMNO does, surprise us anymore?

    UMNO will be a four letter word to future generations.

    Unfortunately there will be some more hell for us to endure in the near term but have no doubts Gang, the end is nigh for those corrupt scandal ridden welfare millionaires and their ilk.

    Repent or….

  16. Atan Abdullah said

    As I have said in the comment earlier:

    I am very surprise that now UMNO is campaigning for the support of the Royal Sultanate.

    If you all could remember during the Mahathir’s administrstion, UMNO initiated to erode the power of the Agung and the Royal Sultanate. They now go the street and demo to show how loyal they are with the full support of the UMNO Malaysian Police closing two eyes. You don’t see watercannon, tear gas discharge, no FRU troops deployment. UMNO supported demos, no matter how big or small is always legal. UMNO is a registered 100% hypocrite.

    I propose that if the PKR were to come to power, is to strip the police of the “Royal” and make them know as Malaysian Police. When you are bestowed “Royal” they have to uphold the value. They have so much controversies on hand, buat malu the King (AGUNG).

    I think UMNO has to act proRoyal because the Agung as also the Sultan of Terrengganu has warned UMNO, don’t play, play. Remember HRH Sultan refused to recognised UMNO recommendation for the MB in Trengganu after the March 09 General Election?

    The Sultan Perak must have also warned, “Lu orang UMNO jangan main main, kalau lu orang tidak dengar dan bagi semua Sultan Sultan mahu, Kita semua akan support PKR, lu baru tahu!

    The UMNO guys must have shitted stone and now trying to show they are supporting the the Royalty. Now you people undersatnd the bargaining, now?

  17. The Dark Knight said

    RPK has posted a Malay Mail article on his Corridors of Power. In that article, there is clear mention of ‘RPK’s support of Perak’s Sultan Azlan Shah’.

    I do not think RPK would have put that up on MT, if he did not agree with it himself.


    1) The Sultan really is innocent and did not accept bribes and was “not” forced into the decision?

    2) A decision he made with the best interest of the people of Perak in mind?

    Will RPK answer the 2 questions above specifically in time or avoid it forever? If he does not know, why post that article on MT?

  18. Penang Voter said

    UMNO = Untuk Monyet No Otak !!!!!!!!!!!!

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