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Hamidah Osman, The Indian and The Snake!

Posted by ella-mae on February 10, 2009


Barisan Nasional ADUN from Sungei Rapat, Hamidah Osman was sworn in this morning as a Perak EXCO member.

Malaysian Insider had earlier reported Hamidah Osman was not too happy with Zambry’s appointment because she had great expectations to be the country’s first female Menteri Besar.

She was probably not made the MB because Hamidah Osman prefers a certain type of reptile more than some of her constituents.


Remember this???

Noooo…Hamidah Osman did not mean our Feather-Indian friend here…


Let’s reminisce together…

Hamidah says ‘sorry’ for racial slur – MalaysiaKini

Ahti Veeranggan | Jun 28, 08 6:55pm

Sungai Rapat state assemblyperson Hamidah Osman, who caused a furore in the Perak legislative assembly on Friday with her racial slur, has publicly apologised for hurting the Indian community.

At a packed press conference in the Ipoh Country Club this morning, the Barisan Nasional elected representative issued the public apology before newsmen, saying that it was not her intention to hurt the Indian community with a racial slur.

“I have already retracted my statement in the House and now, I am  offering my humble and sincere apology here to all Indians for uttering the racist remarks in the heat of the moment.

“I regret for saying that and promise not to repeat it anywhere anymore,” said a visibly moved Hamidah, who plans to embark on a ‘constituency road-show’ to explain and apologise over the incident to electorates in Gopeng, which encompasses Sungai Rapat.

Her apology came in the wake of several police reports lodged by Perak Indian-based public interests groups such as cultural-based organisation Ipoh Tamilar Tirunaal (ITT) organising committee, which has 30 Indian NGO affiliates.

Remarks spark furore

ITT advisor M Mathialagan, a lawyer, lodged the report condemning Hamidah’s racial slur and called upon her to openly apologise to all Indian Malaysians.

During a fiery state assembly meeting in Ipoh yesterday, Hamidah earned the wrath of Pakatan Rakyat assemblypersons when she asked whether speaker Sivakumar (an Indian) ‘agreed to disagree’ with a well-known fable of whether a snake or a man from a certain racial community should be killed first.

Her ‘un-assembly-like’ question sparked a furore, prompting Pakatan Rakyat elected representatives led by executive councillor Nga Kor Ming (DAP-Pantai Remis) to demand that she retracts her words.

However, Hamidah maintained her innocence and said she was merely asking if Sivakumar “agreed to disagree” with it.

The speaker who is also DAP Tronoh assemblyperson instead let her off the hook with a mere warning of “not to repeat such sensitive remarks.”

She later retracted her words.

Hamidah was roundly criticised by elected representatives and public interests groups from inside and outside Perak for uttering racist remarks in the House.

DAP Buntong state assemblyperson A Sivasubramaniam did not mince his words, labeling her “a racist upholding BN tradition of racial brand politics”.

“It is ungainly graceless for a people’s representative to utter such racist remarks against the speaker and his community,” he said.

Playing with fire

Sivasubramaniam also said Hamidah’s remarks was proof that BN, particularly Umno, had yet to accept its electoral defeat and conform to the reality that “a speaker of Indian origin was presiding the House”.

“She and Umno are playing with fire by hurting the racial sentiment of others,” he told Malaysiakini.

Meanwhile, Penang’s Datuk Keramat assemblyperson Jagdeep Singh Deo said the Perak assembly should have suspended Hamidah immediately and referred her to the Privileges Committee for disciplinary action.

Over the years, Jagdeep’s father, Bukit Gelugor MP Karpal Singh has had in several instances clashed with Barisan MPs in Parliament over similar racist remarks that implicitly portrayed “the Indian community as more venomous than a snake”.

The Penang assemblyperson said Hamidah’s racial slur clearly showed BN had not learnt its lessons from the last general election.

He suggested that another round of elections would remind the coalition that “its racial brand politics no longer appeals to the majority of Malaysians”.

However, a Perak government insider said Hamidah was not referred to the Privilege Committee because she was deliberately left to “suffer public condemnation”.

“She could have become an Umno ‘heroine’ and evaded public humiliation since she would gain ‘immunity’ if referred to the committee.

“The game plan worked to force Hamidah to come out and openly apologise to Indians in Perak and the country as well,” the insider said.

Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise: the newly (I still cannot believe MY SULTAN DID THIS) installed Perak state government does not have a single Indian rep.

So with this new (I still cannot believe MY SULTAN DID THIS) state government in place, Hamidah Osman can no longer threaten to beat up anyone from the ruling (I still cannot believe MY SULTAN DID THIS) coalition.

Or can she still?



49 Responses to “Hamidah Osman, The Indian and The Snake!”

  1. nick chan said

    wahhh really no single indian rep? all melayu or pretend to be melayu lor

  2. barbie said

    Thank you Sultan Azlan for giving your consent to the new Perak Exco lining. You must be so wise to preempt Hamidah Osman from hitting any Indian Exco, that’s why you happily agreed to the line up – devoid of Indian reps. Thank you for your kind thoughts and wisdoms. Ampun Tuanku.

  3. barbie said

    Wait. Why Zambry the new Perak Chief Minister looks more Indian than my Indian friends? I hope Hamidah Osman won’t mistaken him for an Indian and beat him up. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  4. pervster said

    hahaha!…yes barbie…i think the dude is indian!…but…since he’s indian muslim..he’ll consider himself..a malay…


  5. Paul said

    I am confused than ever as how MALAY Race is defined!

  6. johnson lee said

    Well,she might have tried to retract and apologise for the hurtful racial remarks she made against the Indians in Malaysia but we know that it is hard for a racist to reform – very much like hardcore rapists. Just look at those Umno,MCA & MIC leaders who have been raping and stealing from the nation all these years. Surely,they can’t change overnight, it’s in them.Don’t you agree?

  7. The Avathar said

    who is thus indian fellow with a garland? if you see a snake and a garland indian, you know what to do!

  8. erniejean said

    If you come across a snake and a BN politician, which would you whack?

    The “People’s Style” Leader say BN will take care of all races mah……then at the same time offer PR Indian MPs to jump, to take care of the Indians……this looks like “snake-talk” to me!!

  9. Tony Wong said

    I think Hamidah can beat his boss now since she lives by the ideology! Go get him, Midah. My Indian friends, don’t be afraid becoz she has a real great target now.

  10. She is so ugly, when she was born the doctor probably “beat” her mum.

  11. telur dua said

    @#$king bitch. Ptuuuuuuuuuui!

  12. […] one more interesting, Hamidah Osman famed for her the […]

  13. telur dua said

    Since she gave no respect she should expect none in return.

  14. Shadow Boxer said

    What hAMIDAH needs is a one eye snake..

  15. K S Ong said

    In politics, I think there are certain things which people will never forgive and forget. Even if they will forgive, they will never forget.

    Computers have large memory and moreover, anything published in the net can never be completely deleted… someone somewhere will have it in their hard-disk, cd, thumb-drive or what have you.

    She is Exco today but come next election, she will be ‘axed oh’ by the electorate.

  16. Yap said

    Who says umno don’t like Indian. See an Indian is appointed a MB…

  17. Squartersland said

    She will definitely beat up the indian fellow with garland and become New MB later.

  18. Charlie Joe said

    Who says there are no Indians in the line-up..?? More than half of them are of Indian origin who are more than proud to declare themselves as ‘Melayu”..

    It’s a known fact that nearly all Malays in our country has an Indian or Chinese ancestor..

    LAbelling themselves ‘Melayu’ they stand to reap the Bumi priveleges..

  19. Salim Khan said

    In acheh Indian Muslims r called “KLING” not the Hindu Indians.
    Any way Najis and Sultan very smartno need for Indian ADUN Kling is there to prtend to protect Indians

  20. ongkor said

    indeed..umno goons…thought malaysia is hers alone. ‘Melayu mati angan2’

  21. a said

    please define what is one eyeeed snakee? hehehehehehe

  22. Dr.Lee Choong Hing said

    It is sad there is still so much racial tones. Think Think as Malaysians. Unless we succeed we will be left behind other countries in future.

  23. funnyfella said

    Why? What indian? That BN MB, he look like an Indian, speak like an Indian, dress like an Indian with garland and all, he is definitely an Indian. Who dare say no indian representation? Ask Samy.
    If he is orang Melayu, then Bob is my uncle!
    He is Malaysia’s 2nd. Obama lah.

  24. barbie said

    Dr Lee Chong Hing,

    That’s exactly what we are celebrating here. A mockery of racial politics. 🙂

  25. It is good to have exco like hamidah as the indian will hate bn forever. Just wait there will be another by election bcoz Hamidah will go parallyse soon

  26. Commentore said

    Come on Funnyfella…. the right terminology should be
    “M.A.M.A.K” ie. “Macam Ada Melayu tapi Apak (Bapa)”Kerala” … hehehhehe…

  27. Commentore said

    Sorry… “Macam Anak Melayu tapi …Apak (Bapa) “Kerala” …

  28. taiklembu said

    Zambry is a pan-Asian.

    Her father is an Indian, and her mother is a Negro (american black).

    Thats why he looks like “serbuk kopi” or “arang batu”

  29. Who says the Indians are not well represented? Pendatang or not, Jambry looks as indains as he can be. Hamidah can now has to hail the new “INDAIN” MB!. haha

  30. mahmudba said

    Apa semua na disibukkan. Apakah orang Melayu bukan begitu akomodatif sekali hingga sesiapa saja ta kira bangsa akan diterima sebagai Melayu dengan tangan terbuka asalkan mereka mematuhi tiga kehendak perlembagaan: menganut agama Islam, bertutur bahasa Melayu secara lazim dan mengikut adat resam Melayu.

    Jadi siapa sebenarnya yang racist?

    Itulah sebabnya seorang Cina atau India atau sesiapa pun yang telah memeluk Islam dan bertutur bahasa Melayu dan mengikuti adat resam Melayu diterima dengan tangan terbuka sebagai Melayu. Orang Cina atau India yang berkahwin dengan orang Melayu sedia diterima immediately sebagai Melayu.

    Mana ada bangsa lain dalam dunia ini yang begitu akomodatif? Di amerika pun Obama yang separuh Putih masih dianggap Negro. Kalau di Malaysia bila dia kahwin dengan Melayu dia sudah akan diterima sebagai Melayu.

    Maka itulah Tunku Abdul Rahman di terima sebagai Melayu walaupun emaknya seorang Siam, sebagaimana juga Hussein Onn yang mempunyai daduk orang Turki atau Dr Mahathir yang datuknya orang India.

    Sebagaimana juga Dr Zamry yang mempunyai darah India juga diterima sebagai Melayu.

    Jadi siapa yang racist dalam negara ini.

    Apa yang diungkapkan Hamidah hanyalah bidalan Melayu lama. Tentu ada sebabnya kenapa bidalan ini ujud!

    Mengenai perkataan Keling, ia bukanlah suatu yang derogatori dikalangan orang Melayu di Kedah atau P Pinang. Ia adalah untuk membedakan antara yang Islam (Keling) dan bukan Islam (Hindu walau pun mereka ta semistinya beragama Hindu). Apakah ini pun na dipertikaikan?

    Tetapi memang sebenarnya orang-orang India yang banyak membuat komplen. Lihat saja surat dalam akhbar. Siapa yang banyak buat komplen walau pun jumlah mereka hanya 10/11 persen saja?

  31. Mahmudba,
    Yang dipertikaikan disini bukan perkataan “keling” tapi perbuatan biadap Hamidah Osman mengumpamakan orang India lebih teruk dari ular.jadi kamu setuju ?

    Orang India banyak komplen ? Mu baca surat khabar apa ? Utusan Meloya ? Orang yang ditindas pasti akan menyuarakan rasa tidak puas hati- walaupun minoriti mereka tetap ada hak…..itupun tidak menunding jari kepada orang Melayu secara am tetapi tindakan UMNOputra.

    Orang rasis tetap rasis tak kira bangsa dan keturunan
    Ahmad Ismail, Hamidah Osman, Tajudin Rahman dan ramai lagi dari UMNO cukup kurang ajar dan biadap, perbuatan mereka yang melampaui batas ditegur oleh orang Melayu sendiri yang bukan UMNO.Yang mendabik dada melafazkan ketuanan melayu cara samseng menghulurkan keris siapa ?

    Saya mahu tanya – kalau UMNO hebat sangat, setelah 30 tahun melaksanakan NEP secara tidak adil dan sanggup menggugat keharmonian masyarakat majmuk, orang Melayu yang majoritinya 60% berkial kial tapi gagal mencapai 30% ekuiti negara ?

    Pecah kaca pecah gelas,
    kalau sudah baca tolong balas.

  32. barbie said


    “Itulah sebabnya seorang Cina atau India atau sesiapa pun yang telah memeluk Islam dan bertutur bahasa Melayu dan mengikuti adat resam Melayu diterima dengan tangan terbuka sebagai Melayu. Orang Cina atau India yang berkahwin dengan orang Melayu sedia diterima immediately sebagai Melayu.”

    Saya rasa anda sedikit keliru. Anda terlupa bahasa mereka ini perlu masuk parti UMNO sebelum diterima sepenuhnya sebagai ‘Melayu’ tulen.

    Ini bukan soal Melayu, Cina dan India. Ini soal seorang Yang Berhormat yang tidak memahami sensitiviti kaum. Ini soal mengapa Umno terus membenar seseorang seperti Hamidah Osman untuk menjadi ahli Exco setelah apa yang dilakukan oleh beliau.

    Siapa racist? Obviously you don’t get the point of this article and fast to cry foul – racist! racist! Ceh!

  33. gunnfan said

    I’m Indian and I have a snake in my pants :p

    Jokes aside I wouldn’t pay any attention to what mental midgets like Mahmudwhateverthefuck above says Gang. The imbecile probably thinks mahathir was the bestestest ever prime minister too. Poor sods like him have to be ultimately saved from themselves and their puny little…. thoughts.

  34. […] February 11, 2009 at 9:44 amMahmudba, Yang dipertikaikan disini bukan perkataan “keling” tapi perbuatan biadap Hamidah Osman mengumpamakan orang India lebih teruk dari ular.jadi kamu setuju ? […]

  35. he he he he, I really don’t care what people say about her, or for that matter what she said about the indian. I really don’t care if your are racist too or not. We are racist for all we do. but I like the chinese cuns very much….better if they are stuffed with ……..

    ha ha ha ha ha ha, a second class citizen of this country deserves that really.

  36. Atan Abdullah said

    Lets see if Hamidah will seek the Indian to support her in the next election, provided she is selected?

    I think her soothsayer must had forecasted that an Indian was the one who would blocked her political future progress. This must have been why she has the hatred for Indians.

    Well, the soothsayer was 100% correct, an Indian Muslim has taken the place she had been longing for but at least the Indian is still considered to nominated her to be in the Exco which comes with Camry.

    However, if she is not satisfy with the position, she can turn into a frog and leap over. I think this is very unlikely.

    But if she is smart, she should do that and let the UMNO people buy her back like the Bota fella.

    She can then become a member of the Perak millionaire club, isn’t it? After all, this is a game of numbers at the moment. Mesti jaga sendiri dulu sebelum jaga ra’ayat, betul kah Hamidah?

  37. mauryaII said

    UMNO/BN mindset which worships racist policies, religious hegemony and outright marginalization of minorities is again manifest in the appointment of Hamidah Osman.

    She is a known racist pig who had the temerity to single out Indians to show her racist streak. Yet, she is recognized for her ketuanan psyche by UMNO and appointed as an EXCO member. Another nail in the coffin for UMNO.

    Indians will show their displeasure in all the bye-elections and the 13GE. Good show UMNO/BN. Keep it up and dig your graves deeper.

  38. fslam said

    Looks like BN had no more credible candidates for the state exco but instead opt for one who had shown the true colours of racist.

    The State assembly is not the place for making racial slurs and here we have now a state exco member in Hamidah Osman who did that and did not care for the sensitivities of the Indians who had contributed to the development of Perak.

    Shame on you Hamidah and BN.

  39. cool said

    racist umno rewards her 4 her racism
    veerasingam, r u going 2 sit at d same table with her?
    will u sell yr mother 4 money, u m-f ?
    samy ollu, wat r u going 2 say, now?
    trrima kasi kapeda yg amat berhormat perdana menteri ?
    u umno ball – licker !
    all pakatan rakyat indians, remember hamidah osman when she comes round 2 yr area!
    throw yr slippers at babidah fuckman, pundeksingam n samy ollu !!!

  40. […] February 11, 2009 at 9:44 amMahmudba, Yang dipertikaikan disini bukan perkataan “keling” tapi perbuatan biadap Hamidah Osman mengumpamakan orang India lebih teruk dari ular.jadi kamu setuju ? […]

  41. […] February 11, 2009 at 9:44 amMahmudba, Yang dipertikaikan disini bukan perkataan “keling” tapi perbuatan biadap Hamidah Osman mengumpamakan orang India lebih teruk dari ular.jadi kamu setuju ? […]

  42. Doctor Non said

    Shadow Boxer said
    February 10, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    What HAMIDAH needs is a one eye snake..

    If you are daring enough to do the deed, I will give you two paper bags.

    One to put over her head, because she is so ugly.

    The other for you, in case hers comes off.

  43. Jayelle said

    ermm… Dr. Lee Choong Hing, i don’t know if you’ll ever read this.. but your name is on my birth certificate. hahaha..;) Thanks for signing my birth certificate thus acknowledging my existence! I was born 23 years ago.

  44. Nah! Nah! Nah! Suck Banana!

  45. charlieJ said

    You know why she will kill the Indian first…? B’cos the Indian will s*re# her ….literally, I mean…

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  47. Hier bestellen…

    […]Hamidah Osman, The Indian and The Snake! « The Dandelions[…]…

  48. […] the same fate that followed Mandela follows Anwar? Or do we reelect proven racists and sexists? Indian or Snake? Perkasa and snakes Hindus and Ganges river Blame women’s clothing for […]

  49. WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for Soothsayer

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