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Do we need a change in our education system?

Posted by pervster on February 12, 2009


A good friend of mine, d_sticks, requested I put up this blog on his behalf, as he’s just scared someone will read this and tell his boss about it….

Anyway, my good friend, d_sticks, works in a Multinational Company in Penang. I shall not name the company, in case they decide to sue me, but let me just tell you they’re inside all your computers…

Coming back to the story, my friend had expected to improve his English in this company…after all, it is an American company. Little did he know, that English was the second language when he first joined. No, Bahasa was not the first. It was Hokkien.

Meetings which usually start in English will end up in Hokkien. People will gather in his cube, and yap away in Hokkien…..or Mandarin…whichever suits them. d_sticks has no idea how to speak both languages by the way. In fact, most of his chinese friends from school don’t know both the languages either. d_sticks went to a La Sallian school in Ipoh, where everyone spoke in English and Malay, and cursed in every single language possible (cursing was a universal language)

Anyway, apparently, over the years, things at this particular company have changed (for the better). Most of the people converse in English now, and they’re more sensitive to the people around them (after numerous people like d_sticks complained)

But…the problem now is, the English is at a horrible level. Now, I’m not saying my English is good. I actually consider it pretty bad. I make numerous grammar mistakes. Let’s not even get into spelling mistakes (thank goodness there’s always a spell check tool available).

With d_stick’s permission, I’m going to share with you, my ever so loyal readers (yes, all 5 of you) some of the mistakes that drives most of the ….so called English speaking crowd to say, up the wall:

1. You is _____________

2. Thanks you

3. Sorry for the inconvenient / inconvenienced

4. Takes care

5. In liew (wonder who liew is what what’s inside him)

6. Nowsaday

7. Correct me if I’m not wrong (Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr…….so if he’s right, we correct him?……)

8. Please hold on to your house (Hmm….all of a sudden…horses don’t seem like a big deal)

9. I’ve got a questions

10. If you think someone reserve a pack at the back (I have my reservations…)

11. We didn’t awares

12. Kill two stones with one bird (god, i pity the bird)

13. As informal as impossible (yes…you’ve got to be as formal as possible then)

14. Please be punctured for the meeting (in other words, please drink your hearts out the night before, we need you to be totally knackered for the meeting)

15. some calls it

16. Please response

17. Different shade (APPARENTLY…get this…’s supposed to be “differentiate”)

18. Death line (amazingly enough, this is supposed to be dateline….man…this is one dateline i refused to meet on time)

19. Offside (perfectly fine if we’re talking about football…. but apparently, there was an off-SITE meeting)

20. Please come over and correct your document (it would have been fine if you had to indeed correct the document….but this was a perfectly fine document…nothing needed to be corrected…collection however, was needed)

Alright, the list goes on and on, and I’ll update it when something new pops up.

But the purpose of this post is not to laugh at the bird which has to kill two stones.  What on earth is going on here?

It appears, there are two main “clans” in this particular MNC. Those who went to Chinese schools, and those who didn’t.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Chinese schools are a bad thing. Education wise, I’d say Chinese schools are probably better than all the other schools. Unfortunately, in terms of communication skills, those from Chinese schools have a horrible track record (from my personal experience…and d_sticks’ as well I guess). This is probably due to lack of other races in these Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (SJK) schools.

Yes, there are a few non Chinese in Chinese schools, but percentage wise it’s pretty much close to nothing.  Before I get bombarded from everyone saying I’m a racist, let me just point out it’ll probably happen to the Indians (Tamils in particular) too if there were secondary schools in Tamil.

Now let’s have a look at the regular Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) schools. Education wise…is probably …not as good as that received in Chinese schools, but, the kids get to mingle around in a diverse environment. We live in a multi – racial country. The only way us to actually live harmoniously in a multi racial society is if we are brought up in such an environment.

You don’t expect someone who spends 12 or 13 years of his early life in a confined environment to come out and mingle freely upon graduation from high school. It just doesn’t work that way. The culture is carried wherever they go – to University / College…overseas…etc. Very rarely do we hear of Malaysians who go to these so called SJK schools who actually mingle around with other races either in local universities or universities located overseas. It’s always the same remark you hear – They stick to themselves….

Anyway, I could probably go on and on, but I’m going to stop for now, as this posting is long overdue.  Before I sign off, I’ll leave you with an email write up from one of these MNCs. I’ve deleted as much as possible to protect the identity of my source. (if you can actually understand what’s being written down here…..please send me a note!!)

XX Annual Dinner themed “XX” curtained down with intermingles of glamorous, boisterous, and glorious. Employees had a great time relishing their own masterpiece-their interdepartmental short film, apart from the scrumptious buffet and conspicuous entertainment.

It was the most distinctive annual dinner ever after in the memoirs of XX. The mystery and ad-lib farewell session for the most prestigious XX Director ZZ successfully penetrated into the director and employees heart. For some of the female employees, their tears almost were dripping out of their eyelids unconsciously.

The dinner curtained up with dazzling opening dance to light-ups our employees. During both of the games, our cooperative and energetic employees really put their best foot forward to participate, and most of them enjoyed very well.

The premier of all short films and award presentation sessions bring up another boiling point to that night. Employees were equally supportive for their own department’s production, the sense of affiliations and belonging overwhelmed among groups. It was such a prudent decision to make the short film competition an interdepartmental contest. Bravo!

Internal talents are scattered and hidden all over XX, both of the emcees were fabulous throughout the whole night, they managed to control the atmosphere for that night professionally. Audiences gaggled and silenced at the right moments followed their pranks and cues.

AA appeared to be the luckiest employee for that night, with the god’s hand, the TFT Samsung Spymaster 732N LCD 17 monitor finally gone to him; and the subsequent heart-touching farewell session marked the end to the annual dinner.



14 Responses to “Do we need a change in our education system?”

  1. jingoisticbuthornydesperado said

    LMAO! Your are so funny without even trying hahaha.

    Best phrase ever: “conspicuous entertainment”

    It makes me wonder if there is lap-dancing there that they need to hide from the authorithies? Hahahha, or some BDSM going on!

    It’s true though, chinese educated chinese students and non-chinese educated chinese students rarely mix around much with each other. It is generally quite true.

  2. erniejean said


    Love especially the “….successfully penetrated into the director and employees heart.”……and “gaggled!?

    Seriously, not sure whether to cry or to laugh.

  3. He he he, come on ma, Chinese r chinese ma, can’t speak malay or english lo, small small can lah, what lah you, ask govment lah, make rul, when born all only speak english, ok, then u go toilet speak english lo, u go market sepak english lo, ok ma, roti canai seller can speak english ma, what lah you.

    Aiyo samy, he he he he, muahhhhhhhhhh.

  4. ella-mae said

    wahhh seetanggang, u so cleber rite…

    but always make sure u see mutton crossing road no? so that your waterface don’t fall and make your blood go upstairs.

  5. Pervster,

    Eh thanks for the post, and strongly agree with you on that point of “mingling around” in a true Malaysian’s spirit of ethnicity. Yes, all of us, Chinese Malay or Indian, are proud of our own cultures, beliefs and values. But of course, each of us has a duty to make Malaysia a safe haven for us to live in peace and harmony.
    If only we have a single education system, we could monitor our progress in the aspect of education for all races “single-mindedly” manner rather than having to look into various problems arising from unbalance priority of education need in the various schools. I think the reason for us to be like what we are today is our own egoism for racial superiority.

    Malaysia needs a drastic change in its education system to make this country a true multi cultural society.


  6. Aston said

    Unfortunately, we won’t EVER have a change in our education system because having a change in our education system is against the interest of the politicians.

    The politicians in this country don’t the people of this country to be ‘critical thinkers’ or ‘intellectual individuals’, they want the people of this country to be ‘dumb consumers’ and ‘obedient workers’ – stupid enough to get the IT and MNC deals to task and idiotic enough to never realise how they’re being made a worthless, subordinate and dumb peon.

    Truthfully, people just need to pick up a book and read. And stop listening to your parents, they know nothing!

  7. samson said

    Chinese-ed will only speak mandarin with each other. Even in college and uni. The reason they pass with a degree is either they memorise everything or their college needs the passing record. So nowadays most graduates cannot speak proper english (or write) to save themselves and worse, they spend 8 years or more learning BM but speak worse that a Bangla off the boat!

    They are hardworking, good in work and make up about 70% of most US companies in Malaysia but mostly are hampered by their language skills to move beyond senior management. Some do, due mostly to bodeking, but when they meet the US counterparts, end up looking like bloody fools!

    Its not our education system but peer system which emphasise on grades and not understanding and of course the NEP which puts more idiots out into the workforce. Don’t get me started on this group!

    Most employers will face this problem…

  8. samson said

    Sorry…should read ..70% of the workforce.

  9. miwaki said

    Don’t laugh at people who speak bad Englsih,there are very few people in Malaysia speak proper English regardless of which type of schools they had attended.Asked any native speaker in Englsih to grade our best English speakers,they will tell you they can’t understand what they talk about.

    Yes,you can laugh at these people who write bad English but if you are overseas,whether you are good in English ( Malaysian standard) or bad become insignificant because to the native speaker,all of are equally bad.

  10. miwaki said

    I say you say I no say.You say first so i say back and you not happy.Everyone say you say and you do not want to say.He He he.Is this bad Englsih ?

  11. barbie said

    “they spend 8 years or more learning BM but speak worse that a Bangla off the boat!”

    Astute observation.

  12. Ed said

    Email on the annual dinner Google translated kah????

  13. msleepyhead said

    In this case, I believe it has got nothing to do with politicians but rather the group of people who thinks that knowledge and linguistic skills do not have to go hand in hand. But they might have the last laugh should China rise to become the next America as it is trying to be now. Still for now, we can afford a chuckle or two.

  14. charkueyteow said

    i happened to work in the MNC tht u mentioned, and i have to fully agree. i do not speak mandarin but i do know a little hokkien from the yrs that i grew up with my hokkien grandparents. i find it awkward when u want to discuss IA-32 architecture in hokkien. Or come out with a schedule to converge timing in mandarin? well yes, we should speak a language we all feel comfortable. but in a corporate and international entity?

    what irks me the most … is the management. they are technically sound, very experienced and respected by their peers but they lack a certain leadership persona. They do not give me much confidence with their speeches which i sometimes put me to a slumber than motivates me in any way.
    their excitement in their policy is lackluster. and they expect the audience to clap their hands fervently in approval.

    they always preach that Change is the only Constant … but why don’t i see the management change? worst … those who are moving up the ladder have questionable ethics. Yes … u must have ethics but if u cover the ethics right, u may pretend u have flawless ethics.

    but having said all that, there are a few individuals that i met, they are a gem to me. i wish them all the best, may they find what they are looking and achieve good success in life. I wish them all the best in being distinctively different from the cess pool.

    well, i have left pg in search for a greener pasture. one day … i will be back (not to work for ah pek company) but just to have the pasembur and free fruit juice in building 12 … maybe … jst maybe … i will come down to pg to give them some top down schedule in English.

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