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Political Assassination of Eli Wong…..Too Bad It’s Not Working!!!

Posted by ErnieJean on February 16, 2009

You know what?


ENOUGH with all these low-life tactics to politically assassinate one’s opponent. For once, can’t these people pppplllleeeeaaaasssseeee come up with something that has more substance than some cheap nauseating thrills!!??

Nude photos: Politician lodges police report

Malaysiakini – Feb 16, 09 9:45am

A top Selangor assemblywoman, whose nude photographs are being circulated in public, has made a report urging the police to investigate the matter.

According to the assemblywoman, she lodged the report late last night at Damansara police station in Petaling Jaya at about 11pm.

It is believed that the photographs were taken without her consent, most likely by a former boyfriend, while she was sleeping.

Malaysiakini has seen a couple of the photos, one of which shows her asleep naked in bed.

The politician, who is from the ruling Pakatan Rakyat coalition in Selangor, has been severely traumatised by the release of the photos.

She told Malaysiakini that it was a gross invasion of her privacy.

“I’m a little speechless and at loss of words,” she said, adding that she would leave to the police to find the culprit who circulated the photos.

The photos have been sent to a number of newspapers, including The Sun and Malay Mail, which today ran reports on the matter.

According to one of her supporters, the release of the photos is aimed at casting aspersions on her and Pakatan ahead of two crucial by-elections in April, in Kedah and Perak.

The assemblywoman, who is in her late 30s and single, is expected to release a statement later today.

From what I gathered, these are basically photos taken of Eli Wong sleeping in nude/almost nude, without her consent mind you……….I mean, COME ON!!! Im’ very sure there’s many of us out there, men included, who has slept in their “birthday-suits” before, so WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL!!!???

These photos are neither controversial nor are they sexy!! What they are, are basically a gross violation of one’s personal boundaries!!!! Nothing more and nothing less!!

To use private photos of another person in order to embarrass him/her is not only criminal but TRULY TRULY DESPICABLE!!!

And you know what……I somehow suspect that the source of this “despicability” has the stinky trademark scent of some mastermind from a particular racist and corrupted political party that promotes and approves of such of behaviour………and for anyone to not know which party I’m referring to, must have been a hermit in some limestone caves……….

No, I have not seen the photos, nor will I ever be interested in viewing them……because by doing so would only give whoever posted those photos the publicity he/she so crave.

As far as I’m concerned, Elizabeth Wong is one great assemblywoman and the work that she has done for the people (even way before she was elected) certainly outweighs all that Toyol and his goons have done in their entire political career!!!

Btw, I do wonder if it could also be because of her and the PR state government’s unwavering stand on many issues that has made them the darlings of the voters but hugely “unpopular” with the corrupted businessmen, who used to get their way with the previous  Toyol government by just donating large amounts to some mysterious “Football Club”……….the illegal billboards and dangerous hillside developments instantly springs to mind……..hhhmmmmm…..

Quite frankly, I certainly DONT’ GIVE A DAMN what she wears to sleep, do you?

And just like Teresa Kok and her ISA detention, this incident of betrayal will not only ensure that the political career of Eli Wong will definitely live on, but she will find herself deluged with public support…….

Ultimately the BIG LOSER will NOT be the victim, but the perpertrator!!!!


33 Responses to “Political Assassination of Eli Wong…..Too Bad It’s Not Working!!!”

  1. I am even more outraged than Liz Wong. This BN govt is nothing but shitty, shittier, shittiest.
    This is the kind of political wayang that makes the rakyat even madder and ultimately, this will backfire on BN and the TOYOL (if he’s really involved in this dastard deed)

    The rakyat will be sure to make BN pay for this. Liz sweetie, we stand with you!

  2. kg said

    Khir Toyol demands the resignation of Eli for those nude photos.

    Hahaha… not only the muka tempe thick, there is nothing inside the skull too

  3. erniejean said

    Well, Kg, I think it’s high time the taxpayers demand for Khir Toyol’s resignation for being nothing but a pain in the arse!!

  4. Eric said

    Eliabeth Wong is doing a great job. Remember Bukit Antarabangsa, she was one of very few politicos who actually helped. She has always opposed hillside developments. Her loss would be damaging to all Malaysians.
    There is nothing shameful in sleeping naked. It is however very malu to publish unauthorised pictures and even worse to steal political mileage from it. Especially, when you are a very tainted former MB with the lifestyle of a prince.

  5. haha said

    listen to yourselves,..

    its eli wong’s fault that she has a pervert for a boyfriend..

    why blame BN??\

    you guys dumbass or what? maybe her bf blackmailed her for money but she refused…

    not plausible is it? have to blame everything to bn is it?

    grow up la kids,,!

  6. orange said

    hey fucking HaHa – the fact that you are laughing at this makes you not only perverted but bloody shallow and asinine.
    when are you bn goons out there going to grow a pair of balls and an oz of brains to go with them?
    the only shame in being seen naked is when you lack the much needed pair of balls to complete the picture – which is now clear to all of us.

  7. justme said

    YB Elizabeth Wong,you being the victim need not resign. It may be embarrasing this moment, but stay firm. That toyol guy,blows hot air from his bottom as well as his mouth.

  8. barbie said


    from your assertion.. it’s your mother’s fault to have an uncouth son/daughter like you 🙂 too bad.

  9. haha said

    Justme and orange,

    you guys are too stupid to save your own lives… who said i am from BN?

    U think everyone against you is from BN ah?

    if i think E wong shouldn’t have a pervert for a BF, what is wrong with that? accusing me being a jackass some more.. typical pakatan rakyat blogger.. tau nak kutuk orang je.. sendiri mau ingat la wei! lu orang tu dah become self centred to da max!

  10. Ju said

    So what if there were nude pics of her? Has this any implication on how she has performed in her role as an MP? Eli Wong should NOT resign!

  11. YF said

    Eli~ we’re all here for you. don’t resign. you’ve come too far to back down. what goes around, comes around. believe, and you’ll receive. You go girl ^^

  12. orange said

    dear haha,
    you just described yourself most accurately – jackass!
    Big HA HA to you. Well done!
    and we self centered people have nothing to do with your own reckoning.

  13. Antares said

    The joke is on you, Haha. If you’re not an Umnoid, then I suggest you sign up right away – the Ketuanan Melayu party desperately needs more braindead scumbags like you to sink the boat faster.

  14. Name the motherf**king ex-boyfriend please.

    And where he can be found…

  15. Termites said

    Dat Toyol is an idiot!!! Doesn’t he comprehend simple enlgish??
    Malaysiakini has seen a couple of the photos, one of which shows her ASLEEP naked in bed.
    When one is asleep, how can one be party to something?? Stupid asshole indeed!! Go find publicity somewhere dude!! I also sleep naked, becos I feel comfortable, so does it make me immoral??? U r morally worse than my namesake, eating away the rakyat’s hard earned money!!!
    Wooooooooooooooooot !!!!! Go wank somewhere else!!

  16. yh said


    forget about that ha2. lets work together with Jimmy Tan of Bandar Utama to make sure Eli remains our ADUN.
    People of Bukit Lanjan, now its the time to stand up for her.
    People of Bukit Lanjan, now its the time to expose Toyo’s corruption and misdeeds.

  17. Atan Abdullah said

    How do like that! A young woman ADUN who has been a state exco for less than year is liked by her voters and yet an ex-MB who loss a state in 2008 general election wants her to quit. What a joke!

    The ex-MB should have quit in the first place for his failure. Tak malu dan sekarang nak jadi peminpin belia UMNO pula.

    This ex-MB had taken the people of the State of Selangor for a ride. How can he says “Selangor is a full developed state and zero squatters. Who is he trying to bluff? This doctor gigi thinks he had diagnosed all the people of Selangor are blind, deaf and dumb but he forgot to check if they have teeth. They bit him hard and kick him out.

    I think the media should stop contacting people like for him for comments because each time he open his mouth, he sound so low down and stupid. Can’t the media people find better people to size up a situation or the media people are just plain lazy?

    For ADUN Eliza Wong, keep up your good work and do not let this cheap scapes numb skulls distract you. These oppositions of yours’ can’t stand your success and hope by creating distractions you will fall by making mistakes. If your voters are behind, why worry? If you serve them well, they will put you back in the next election and win with bigger margins.

  18. listerynne said

    What’s the big deal about her being nude?!
    Under our clothes, we are all naked.
    I wish YB E Wong all the best, may she have strength and resolve to ride this through with dignity and equanimity. The dogs may bark and howl at the moon, but the moon is undisturbed.

  19. Fed Up said

    Allow me to post my reply to these following hypocrites…

    Toyol – Proof to me that you’ve never been naked in your entire life, even during showers, and I’ll believe you that it is “morally wrong” to be naked.

    MCA’s Wong Koon Mun – if it’s really morally wrong for a single woman to allow a man access into her room, than I hope for your daughter or niece’s sake that you or any other man have never been allowed to enter her room.

    Haha – So it means one should blame the parents of a jackass child?

    Eli Wong, stay strong…don’t give up for that would be allowing those who did this claim victory….be assured that the voters are backing you all the way.

  20. mauryaII said

    More of the oxymoronic sandiwara of the braindead UMNO/BN goons especially the botox Toyo character. WTF is that shameless donkey asking Elizabeth Wong to resign? Why should she resign when she is not accused of any crime? Is sleeping naked a crime?

    Whatever ordinary people do seems to be a crime to these idiotic, good-for-nothing politicians like botox Toyo. All the corruption, disappearance of people, murder of foreign nationals, deaths while under police custody, money politics of UMNO and mindless roadblocks and putting innocent people under ISA detention for their own safety seems to be the order of the day.

    All these sandwara would come to an end at the 13GE. Barisan Neraka will lose miserably in the coming 2 bye-elections as a precursor of the DEMISE OF UMNO, MCA, MIC, GERAKAN and the other kucing kurap parties.


  21. mahmudba said

    I think its really pathetic to just cast unsubstantiated aspersions on the BN, as if BN started the whole thing. It was her spurned boyfriend who took the pictures and you need to ask the boyfriend how the pictures then got to be distributed on the net.
    How would be BN know about the existence of the photos in the first place? Go blame the boyfriend.
    While I pity the victim she should also not politicise it. For all you know its just the action of a spurned lover and got nothing to do with politics.
    Trouble is too many people seem happy to just shoot from the hip without so much think rationally. Don’t just accuse if you don’t have any proof. Let the police investigate. But then again PKR/PR people don’t think very much of our police force. Especially if the finding is against what PKR/PR has already decided. If the finding is not palatable to them, they will just dismiss it.
    Its as if anything that is wrong in this country is due to the BN/Malays.
    I really pity this country having to deal with such bigots.

  22. Mohd Isa said

    This is totally disgusting ! The politics in our country is disgusting. No one is working, everyone is trying to get the opposition parties down. UNNO, BN need to do some work, not playing dirty politics, just like what happened in Perak.
    Ex Boyfriend is probably an excuse, anyone would have figured out that it was a political motive.

    The whole world is fighting economic crisis, we are busy paying bribes to bring people down. Politics should not get personal, what is wrong with sleeping naked? We all do that. Is that wrong???

  23. yh said

    ha2, that MCA Wong talking about morality.

    He will be the first to jump into bed with a young chick if given an opportunity.

    take a hike Wong. She can never be worse than your corrupt kind. By the way, I guess its ok for you MCA fellas together with UMNO and the Sarawakian to steal RM4.7 billion from the people. Thats hell of a moral to deprive the poor, aint it.

  24. leowbh said

    You can show your support to Elizabeth Wong by clicking one of buttons below. It is important that we gather our strength and show Eli that we the rakyat is behind her all the way. Can we get 50,000 votes for her? Please spread the word and show your support here.

  25. Orang Malaysia said


    There is no reason for you to resign !!!

  26. tony wong said

    I do pity u Eli and it is a lesson to Eli that don’t ever trust anyone next time ,obviously Eli has been betrayed by her bf whom I think have monetary benefit or personal gain.The culprit for circulating her semi nude pics should be condemned and beaten if he is found.

  27. tony wong said

    Eli,since all your people stand by you and give u full moral support,I think it is unwise to relinquish your portfolio as an assemblywoman.No one will blame u for your personal privacy in your bed room.You are just a victim and oblivious of being taken photos by your sick idiot bf.It is just a trivial matter and apparently a trap to ruin your political career.Just fxxk off them and carry on with your normal life.Uncle Wong from Penang.age 68 old car

  28. tony wong said

    Toyol,who is this fellow? former MB of Selangor? oh …yes…but how come so many people loathe u?u are the first one to come out to ask Eli to resign,right?why I heard so many curse u and dislike u? Even small girls also hate and condemn u.
    Toyol,u know your name has spoiled the renowned car brand Toyota>? it
    s sales have dropped drastically because of you.I am supposed to buy a Toyota and now I change my mind to buy a Honda.
    68 years old uncle Wong from Penang.

  29. barbie said

    “For all you know its just the action of a spurned lover and got nothing to do with politics.”


    Speaking like a true intelect. Duh!

  30. happy bibi said

    dear eli ……..may God take care of you

  31. happy bibi said

    pls be strong eli wong……..pls forgive those who have done this to you …i truly believe everything happens for a reason……… maybe God wants you to serve people at a higher level …………… may god bless you and take care of you ……..

  32. tony wong said

    I am sick severely in the hospital,so no comments today.

  33. tony wong said

    I don’t know it is an offense if we perform a fellatio(oral sex)with a woman.It would be charged under penal code xxx which carries whipping and few years jail terms.
    After reading the newspaper that our lucky Chua was charged by the police for committing the carnal sex which is against the order of nature.In fact,I used to have an oral sex as a foreplay before making love with my gf.Since oral sex is illegal and a serious offense,I have to stop my gf to oral me.

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