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Tempe King, Khir Toyo is a botox-ed face hypocrite!

Posted by barbie on February 18, 2009

Tempe King, Khir Toyo is a botox-ed face hypocrite!

The REAL face before tempe and botox treatment

On Eli’s Wong nude photos:

KLANG: Selangor Opposition chief and former Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo has called for Pakatan Rakyat state executive councillor Elizabeth Wong to resign on moral grounds.

He said Malaysians were not ready to accept leaders who were embroiled in scandals.

Given this, he said Wong must relinquish all her positions.

This is a moral issue and Malaysians cannot accept leaders with moral issues and so she must vacate her State Assembly seat.

And after Eli offered to resign, the morally constipated Khir Toyo said this:

Selangor opposition chief Datuk Seri Dr Khir Toyo commended her for offering to resign, saying it was the right thing to do.

Dr Mohd Khir said that it was an unfortunate turn of events but said he appreciated Wong’s move to immediately resign.

It is good that there is a trend in Malaysia now whereby embattled elected representatives readily resign from their posts,” he said.

But, Khir Toyo.. what you said when photos of your representatives clearly in a compromising position were leaked out?

On  Senator Datin Paduka Nor Hayati Onn and Gombak MP Datuk Dr Rahman Ismail ‘khalwat’ issue:

When asked to comment on the issue, Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo said it was mere allegations that had been pasted on the Internet.

If we are to believe everything on the Internet, we are finished.

What about his latest comment on “embattled elected representatives” should readily resign when Nor Hayati Onn was reelected again as a Senator in October 2008 under his administration,  even after her ‘morally’ questionable photos with another married assemblyman were published in the media?

Why Khir Toyo never ask his assemblywoman, Malaysia record breaking ‘globe-trotting’ assemblywoman who spent RM141,391.06 in her many trips to oversea, Dr Rozaidah Talib to readily resign when she was reported to behaved suspiciously with a man at 4am, 26 Ogos 2007 in a hotel room in KL?

I don’t remember Khir Toyo asking his assemblyman Zakaria Md Derus,  the infamous former Port Klang Assemblyman to resign when he allegedly built the huge complex containing multi roomed bungalow without proper approvals from the state government and other relevant authourities. It seemed during the Barisan Nasional administration years, the former Selangor MB knowing these related facts, for some reasons best known only to him, apparently never issued any notice to Zakaria to demolish his illegal structures – despite all the public uproar in the press.

Ho ho ho! Busted! Hypocrite!

You should be ashamed Khir Toyo! You must be thinking that Eli would not offer to resign, but she’s someone with strong character and credibility, not like you – thick face!! (must be the excessive facial treatments)

You clinged to power even when countless reports of your corrupted deeds made against you. You should just shove your face down your smelly *ttooOT* for not asking your people to resign when they were known as, I quote you “leaders with moral issues”.

ps: Er, low blow can be so fun! Damn, I am degrading myself, writing this kind of post.. Hey, you! The one that is busy kissing Khir Toyo’s ass, you better stop before you get mouth sores.


33 Responses to “Tempe King, Khir Toyo is a botox-ed face hypocrite!”

  1. barbie said

    “Terkandung di dalam telefon bimbit berkenaan (milik Norhayati) ada beberapa gambar-gambar yang tersimpan yang menunjukkan gambar-gambar Dato’ Dr Rahman bin Ismail, Ahli Parlimen Gombak, berpelukan dengan isteri saya di dalam bilik-bilik hotel iaitu di Hotel Riverview, Kota Bharu, Kelantan semasa pilihan raya kecil Pengkalan Pasir, Kelantan (Disember 2005) dan dalam bilik tidur di Hotel Eastin (Executive Floor), Kuala Lumpur.”

    Dalam afidavitnya bertarikh 12 Oktober 2006, Suffian mendakwa menjumpai gambar-gambar terbabit dalam telefon Nokia 3G milik isterinya di rumah mertuanya, Tan Sri Onn Ismail. Tambahnya, gambar-gambar video yang terkandung dalam telefon bimbit itu menunjukkan Rahman dan Hayati makan bersama di Restoran Gjenko, Restoran Jepun, PJ Hilton.

    “Lokasi ini terbukti benar berpandukan background gambar itu dirakamkan. Saya juga telah mengesahkan bahawa background lokasi berkenaan setelah saya sendiri pergi melawat tempat-tempat itu. Di antara yang terkandung di dalam video ada perbuatan yang mana YB Dato’ Dr Rahman dengan jelas cuba menggoda dengan mengajak isteri saya ke tempat yang saya tidak ketahui. Di antara ayatnya, “I know you want me, be a good girl”. Bukti-bukti gambar tersebut ada di dalam simpanan saya sehingga sekarang dan beberapa salinannya telah juga disimpan dalam bentuk cakera padat,” afidavit Suffian dipetik.

    Laporan polis terhadap Rozaidah

    Manakala berikut adalah cabutan dan petikan laporan polis bernombor JTRAZAK/005585/07 yang dibuat si suami, Radzmi Othman, 47 tahun, yang diterima Koperal Azizan Hassan terhadap Ahli Parlimen Ampang, Dr Rozaidah Talib, yang juga Ketua Wanita Umno Ampang, kerana disyaki berkelakuan tidak sepatutnya yang boleh menjejaskan imejnya sebagai seorang wakil rakyat, di sebuah hotel di ibu kota pada 26 Ogos lalu.

    “… saya mengesyaki bahawa Yasmin (anak kami) tiada dalam bilik tetapi berkemungkinan isteri saya bersama lelaki lain di dalam bilik tersebut, Saya sebagai suami tidak dibenarkan masuk ke dalam bilik malah beliau meminta waran daripada pihak polis untuk memasuki bilik tersebut dan selepas itu kami semua beredar dari Hotel Crown Princess …”

    “… Saya datang ke balai polis buat laporan kerana tidak puas hati dengan sikap dan tindakan serta kecurangan isteri saya dan mahu rujuk perkara ini ke pejabat agama. Sekian laporan saya.”

  2. He cannot even tell the truth about his botox use, he says he only goes for facials.

    To me he is just a botox face who talks thru his “buttox” on various issues.

  3. pervster said

    hmm…should we believe this article.. i mean… “If we are to believe everything on the Internet, we are finished.“ 😛

    …wonder whether the MSMs know about this… hmmm..


  4. Jubur Hang Seedaap!! said

    Toyol buat kacau lagi. Damn this bast%#@*!

  5. sgbertih said

    lagi sedap jika kita dapat mengorek sesuatu perbuatan cabul si muka botox ni !!!!

    Ayoh….kita korek lagi !!!!

  6. james said

    why his face like that one…?

  7. ongkor said

    betul2 lah YB2 UMNO BN ni…hi saudara2 smua di sana. baru sekarang saya mendapat tahu bahawa c toyol pun ada affairs. kenapa jaga tepi kain orang ya?? toyol bukan sembarang toyol, toyol pandai sembunyi2 cari makan diluar. bayangkan berapa ahli umno-bn ni curang. kira bermula daripada KM Melaka, Timbalan Speaker (vajendaran), chua soi lek, baaaanyak raaamai lagi tak boleh kira…tapi mereka tak letak jawatan pun? Bangsat!

  8. selvi said

    Why doesn’t anyone come out and say that in this day and age, premarital sex among non-Muslims is common, accepted and not thought of as immoral?

    Why doesn’t anyone come out and say that Eli is not the first woman to be betrayed by a man she loved and trusted, and she will definitely not be the last?

    Actually wasn’t that was her only mistake – poor taste in men?
    Somehow, I am not surprised – from what I read of Eli, she seems very idealistic and optimistic, the type who would probably see only the good in a person.

    Eli, please don’t let this whole sleazy episode destroy your spirit.
    Would have loved it if u stayed and fought for sake of the women of Malaysia.
    But I can imagine the pain and agony u are going through and will be further subjected to – so take all the time u need to recover.
    Then, COME BACK coz we need you.

  9. anon joe said

    shut him up for good. stop writing articles about him. just let him bark and bark. another good for nothing human being. woof! woof!

  10. peng said

    I am surprised he can look into the mirror and thinks he looks good! Uurrg.. (vomit).

  11. Eli Wong's Ex BF said

    Jawapan bagi soalan cepu emas anda. Gambo teman lelaki Eli Wong

  12. erniejean said

    Well, when was there ever an UMNO yo-yo who doens’t say one thing and practises the other?

    Toyol is basically doing what he can best to keep up with the pink-lip Tai-Kor.

    And for goodness sake….can someone please tell that Khairy’s harlot Joceline Tan to stop kissing UMNO Youth arses so obviously in public!!!?? Young Turks as if!!! *Ptui*

  13. isahbiazhar said

    Toyoh forgets easily as Mahathir said.Orang Melayu mudah lupa.Toyoh should leave politics immediately and open tempeh shop with free dental service by the side for getting free dental education using public money.How did he become the MB of Selangor?……

  14. hanuman said

    Hey Toyol, you should be very afraid the next time you or your wife or your daughter, it could even be your mother, … :

    01. Go to toilet have a pee, there could be a spy camera there
    02. Go and do your buang air besar, there could be a spy camera there
    03. Have a shower, there could be a spy camera there
    04. Have a change of your clothes, there could be a spy camera there
    05. Sleeping naked, there could be a spy camera there
    06. Walking naked in your house or hotel, there could be a spy camera there

    Maybe there are already spy cameras in your house and the nude photos could very turn up in the net anytime.

    If you find those nude photos in the net, please dont cry foul, you sided with perpetrator.

  15. Atan Abdullah said

    One thing is sure, the aEXed MB can talk like moral preacher do not practice what he preached. Do we need to listen to what he talk.

    The axEXed MB should have resigned in the first place after his failure to recapture the Selangor for BeNd. Dia ini tak malu dan sekarang nak jadi peminpin belia UMNO pula. Ta’kan belia UMNO tidak ada lain peminpin bercaliber. Macham mana orang orang belia UMNO boleh cadang balok ini? Ada dah kah main politik wang kah?

    This ex-MB had taken the people of the State of Selangor for a ride. How can he says “Selangor is a fully developed state ahead of target 2020 for the whole country and zero squatters. Who is he trying to bluff? This doctor gigi thinks he had diagnosed all the people of Selangor are all blind, deaf and dumb but he forgot to check if they have teeth. They bit him hard and kick him out.

    I think the media should stop contacting people like him for comments because each time he open his mouth, he sound so low down and stupid. Can’t the media people find better and more intelligent people to size up a situation or the media people are just plain lazy or on the take?

    For ADUN Eliza Wong, keep up your good work and do not let this cheap scapes numb skulls distract you. These oppositions of yours’ can’t stand your success and hope by creating distractions you will fall by making mistakes.

    As each passing days, you are gaining the confidence of the people, these oppositions of yours knows it is difficult to unseat you at the next general election. They have to remove you as early as possible by hook or by crook at all cost.

    If your voters are behind, why worry? If you serve them well, they will put you back in the next election and win with bigger margins.

  16. aca said

    which MB has the largest no of corruption report being lodged against him?

    Toyo lah.

    which MB makes love to his wife while fully dressed?

    Toyo lah.

    which MB built exco village costing million sper unti for his relatives to stay?

    Toyo lah?

    which MB allows 3 pieces of land earmarked for public amenities (including a Tamilschool) in Bandar Utama to be given to MIC, Gerakan and an UMNO crony for commercial development?

    Ha2, you all guess lor.

  17. […] Tempe King, Khir Toyo is a botox-ed face hypocrite! Tempe King, Khir Toyo is a botox-ed face hypocrite! The REAL face before tempe and botox treatment On Eli’s Wong […] […]

  18. One of these days Toyol…

  19. ella-mae said

    Dr Khir dituduh ‘cakap tidak serupa bikin’ isu foto Eli

    Abdul Rahim Sabri & Fathi Aris Omar | Feb 19, 09 5:15pm
    kemaskini 6.50pm

    Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo didakwa mengamalkan sikap “cakap tidak serupa bikin” apabila mendesak Elizabeth Wong melepaskan jawatan exco kerajaan Selangor dan wakil rakyat susulan terbongkarnya foto separuh bogelnya.

    Bekas menteri besar itu tidak mengambil sikap sedemikian apabila dimaklumkan tentang dakwaan skandal Senator Datin Paduka Norhayati Onn beberapa tahun lalu, kata suami pemimpin Wanita Umno itu, Mohd Suffian Abdul Aziz.

    “Wajarkah Datuk Seri Khir meminta YB Elizabeth meletakkan jawatan sedangkan semasa beliau menjadi menteri besar, kenapa beliau abaikan kes Norhayati?

    “Saya sendiri pernah berjumpa Datuk Seri Khir di pejabat menteri besar, mengadu masalah (dakwaan) hubungan sulit isteri saya dengan (bekas) ahli parlimen Gombak,” kata Mohd Suffian.

    Bekas ketua penerangan Umno Klang itu mengulas desakan ketua pembangkang Selangor itu selepas tersebar foto-foto separuh bogel Elizabeth yang didakwa dirakam tanpa kerelaannya dan sewaktu wakil rakyat PKR itu sedang tidur.

    Mohd Suffian, yang menemui Malaysiakini hari ini, berkata Dr Mohamad Khir tidak membuat sebarang tindakan terhadap aduannya dan sebaliknya meminta beliau “menyelesaikan sendiri” isu rumahtangganya “sedangkan segala bukti termasuk rakaman suara, mesej SMS, video dan foto” diserahkan kepada bekas menteri besar itu.

    “Tetapi tiada tindakan daripada Datuk Seri Khir. Bila timbul isu (foto) YB Elizabeth, dia (Dr Khir) bercakap,” kata Mohd Suffian.

    “Saya hairan kenapa kes Norhayati tidak disiasat walaupun sembilan laporan polis dibuat oleh saya? Bahkan Norhayati dilantik semula sebagai senator walaupun ada masalah moral.”

    Jawatan Norhayati – anak pengerusi tetap Umno dan bekas Speaker DUN Selangor, Tan Sri Onn Ismail – sebagai senator disambung bagi penggal kedua pada Oktober lepas walaupun kontroversi mengenai membuak sejak 2007.

    Norhayati, yang juga ketua Wanita bahagian Klang, berhasrat mempertahankan jawatannya sebagai exco Wanita Umno, bulan depan.

    Dihubungi Malaysiakini, bekas menteri besar Selangor itu berkata beliau tidak mengambil tindakan terhadap aduan Mohd Suffian kerana wujud perbezaan antara isu itu dengan isu Elizabeth.

    “Kes ini berbeza. Elizabeth mengaku itu gambar dia dan dia buat laporan polis. Tapi macam Norhayati, dia tak mengaku gambar itu betul atau tidak,” kata Dr Khir.

    “(Isu) itu masalah rumahtangga. Kita tak ada hak untuk campur tangan rumahtangga orang.”

    Tambahnya, pihaknya sendiri tidak dapat memastikan kesahihan gambar tersebut.

    “Norhayati tidak mengaku, sebab itu kita tidak berani nak menuduh (beliau). Sebab itu kita tidak berani hendak ambil tindakan ke atasnya.

    “Kalau (Norhayati) mengaku, lainlah. Gambar mereka, muka dekat, dekat. Mungkin super-impose,” katanya.

    Beliau mengingatkan agar Mohd Suffian tidak membabitkan orang lain berhubung masalah rumahtangganya dengan isu foto separuh telanjang wakil rakyat Bukit Lanjan.

    Exco Wanita Umno itu dilantik semula sebagai senator melalui saluran pihak kerajaan persekutuan, tambah Dr Khir.

    Norhayati tidak dapat bercakap panjang kepada Malaysiakini sewaktu dihubungi sebentar tadi kerana sedang memandu.

  20. aca said

    he is special mah and he has special rules mah.

    Toyo, terima kasih. at least, you give me a good idea about Ketuanan Melayu.

    Terima kasih, again.

  21. Atan Abdullah said

    After 51 years of independent under the leadership of UMNO, One thing is as clear as daylight.

    Whatever and however wrong the UMNO people have done, they are never wrong or against the law, all because they always interpret it the way they want, that is to their benefits.

    For others, sorry lah

    Therefore, what new from the mounth of the dentist. He always claim he is correct, correct correct!

  22. samson said

    Aiyoh, spawn of illegal indons, not sure here or across waters…wat to expect? Will always have double standards. Product of NEP as well….if he was still back there, would be selling tempe now instead of stealing millions of tax/ratepayers’ money.

    Eli should be strong to face this crisis and not let this illegal bas***d get the pleasure of simply making false accusations…

  23. Cheng Poh Heng said

    What about the two former PKR frogs, “now independants”. Why did BN/UMNO through Najis invite these two scroundrels and the DAP frog to a press conference to declare them as so-called “independants”, who are BN-friendly? The knife cuts both ways, Toyol!
    Toyol is a shameless and spineless dentist, who should be the last person to pontificate on “morality”. MACC should investigate Toyol for his past misdeeds during his term as Menteri Besar.
    Cheng Poh Heng

  24. thanks

    very good


  25. orange said

    eh… i must say that his doctor did a good job leh.

  26. barbie said

    More dirt on hypocritical Khir Toyo! War he wants, hell we give him 🙂

  27. johnson lee said

    This shameless,corrupted Botoxed guy from UMNO will never admit his wrong doings committed during his tenure as Menteri Besar of Selangor.Many reports have been made against him for massive corruption last 2 years but so far he is still making lots of noises as a free man because No Actions have been taken against him. So he is like a serial rapist and killer, he won’t change or stop especially he knows very well that he is protected by important institutions like The Polis,AG and MACC. The rakyat is not blind, they are watching all these wrong-doings committed by the powers that be very closely.

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