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Najib’s ruthless plan to restore absolute power of UMNO?

Posted by Cherubim on February 21, 2009

I have been wondering why Barisan Nasional was behaving themselves. Maybe I was deluded into thinking, well, considering the grim global economic forecasts this year, they’re perhaps trying to save as many middle class in the country as possible. Think of something other than the rubbish economic stimulus packages that doesn’t seem to work long-term.  After all, people who pay taxes are those in the middle-lower class catagory, and the super rich usually gets aways without paying much. Except I forgot one thing, the reason BN’s political hold onto the country’s wavering is due to the fact that the middle class can afford internet access, is more or less well educated, and makes decisions on their own, rather than what is fed through the mass media. They don’t want that. No. So they decided to plan an ambush.

They were planning to topple the hold that the Pakatan Rakyat has in the 5 states one by one, using proven effective techniques.  The first technique we have seen is bribery, where there are those 4 from Perak who fell to the ploy. There is an alleged claim that the former DAP MP’s actually incurred numerous debts, and the woman chose her husband over her own other loyalties, or so the whispers in the wind say.  Second technique is the digging out dirt on the head or those who hold the parties together, as poor Elizabeth Wong has sufffered and Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is finding out. The third is by psychological pressure, by giving death threats, putting the MPs in fear of harm to their families, which unfortunately knowing as how things are evolving in this country, might be carried out.

What all of us must understand is that the next Prime Minister of Malaysia (a dictator who would rival Mahathir’s iron grip, with less tact, less consideration for the economy, and a womanizer to boot)  is one ruthless sneaky fellow, and he’ll do anything to keep his imagined god-given right to rule and leech off the land. These people don’t care about us common folks who work 10 hour days and want only to be good at what their chosen profession does. No matter what, free access to the nation’s coffers would ensure that the powers that be in BN UMNO always be more than comfortable. They’re already wealthy, and the only way to keep things that way is to maintain hold on power in the country and be Deities (in their minds) above the law. No one is safe from being their pawns. Whatever it takes, it will be done.

Pakatan Rakyat as it is right now exists on a fragile balance. Everyone has ideals, everyone wants justice and equality, everyone has their own motives and reasons. Everyone is human. Make no mistake, Najib’s plan is to prey on PR MPs’ weaknesses, expose/threaten/pay them off then play dumb and innocent officially. PAS, for all their excessive enthusiasm for religion, does not lack of loyalty and solidarity amongst themselves, it is after all the Muslim way. Cannot the DAP and PKR do the same? We are facing a common enemy, it is now time to strategize and effective counter-attack. One has to be smart, and trust one another. They cannot break a bound bundle of sticks, but it’s easy to break them one by one untill all has fallen.

Pakatan Rakyat, worry, strategize, and prepare yourselves. This 4-year-term you have earned will be unchartered territory as far as Malaysian political scene is concerned. Everything is possible, even assasinations. Remember, the people have supported you, so kindly do you end of the bargain.


6 Responses to “Najib’s ruthless plan to restore absolute power of UMNO?”

  1. anakmamat said

    Well written Cherubim; but I cant help but wonder why you have left out a fourth technique which is the offer of attractive posts in the State Government eg that of a Mentri Besar.

    As pointed out by Raja Petra, a certain PAS ADUN in Selangor has been wanting to become the Menteri Besar of Selangor ever since the 1999 elections. And as everyone knows he had worked very hard to establish a unity Government in Selangor after the March 2008 elections by pledging the support of PAS to UMNO in the State to form a Unity Government.

    Apparently that plan failed because Khir Toyo insist in being the MB. Now that offer for him to be the MB is on the table and according to reports he has secured 2 PAS Aduns and 2 PKR Aduns to follow him.

    It is therefore plausible to conjecture that what is happening to Wong and Khalid is part of the overall strategy to wrest control of power from Pakatan in Selangor – ie show to the people that Pakatan Aduns are immoral and try to subvert the people’s confidence in the State Government.

    When this is achieved the PAS commissioner of Selangor will try to step on the moral high ground and declare a takeover of the State with help from UMNO of course. (Now dont give me that crap about how PAS wakil rakyats will always remain true to the Party’s struggle – have you forgotten the efforts by Mustafa Ali, Nasaruddin Mat Isa , Harun Taib, Hasan Ali and Sallehuddin Ayub to negotiate a deal with UMNO after the 08 elections ?)

    And after all why is it that the Sultan of Selangor suddenly became politically conscious by commenting on the Perak episode?

    In short we have a long way yet to come to the end of shenanigans sponsored by corrupt or at least immoral politicians and jointly assisted by all known institutions in the country (namely the Monarchy, police, anti corruption agency, the Election Commission and the Judiciary).

    To all Malaysians I would only like to say this; if you still believe that it is not necessary for you to do anything because you believe that there others who will do it for you, then you truly deserve this third rate country as your beloved homeland.

  2. Conspiracy said

    Another proven technique was what his father, Harun Idris and a bunch of UMNO ultras did during May 13, 1969. I hope it will never come to that.

  3. sunwayopal said

    You seem to say we should respect the Sultan’s decision even though it may be wrong and unfair.

    Okay fine.

    let me ask you one thing then.

    Why are we not then respecting the Perak Assembly speakers decision then.

    He has decided and you UMNO and Barisan guys should then shut up and accept it then.

    We move on. Zambry , the iollegal MB is suspended and lets vote and carry on with life.

    Oh, but you go on moaning, he’s unfair and vested etc etc etc.

    This you say when the decision goes against you.

    But when Sultan rules against Pakatan, you go round moaning, why we dont accept peacefully lah, why complain lah, why this lah, why that lah.

    Crap man, if you want us to respect the Sultan, respect the Perak Assembly Speaker first!!!

  4. delcapo said

    Jibby & Rosie will make Dr M look like a puppy…..
    Ruthless, draconian…. & absolutely no heart…

  5. Cherubim said

    The Sultan was making a statement based on his interpretation of the Statute, and therefore his right to make said statement should be respected. However, that interpretation may be challenged or solidified in court, as Karpal Singh have attempted to do. What’s challenged is the interpretation, not the Sultan. However, it’s safer not to, considering how feudal certain quarters may be and spin it in their favor.

    We, Malaysians (read: makcik pakcik kampung yg jarang baca paper and dengar cerita org je) is not yet a fully rational, mature society to revel in such human, liberal thinking.

    As Dr. M has stated in his blog, the Speaker’s decision is absolute and inviolate. It’s UMNO that’s protesting because their scheming was cut short. Ignore MSM lah Sunwayopal, it’s an open secret that BN has almost absolute monopoly of the press.

  6. johnson lee said

    The poor Malaysian public is served lies and twisted stories everyday by the BN-controlled MSM (main stream media including newspapars and tv stations) in the country.Those without access to alternative media and/or a mind of their own tend to be biased towards the governemnt.The sad thing is the most important people in this fiasco,the rakyat of Perak state,have been totally ignored by the power that be.They have absolutely no say in the matter of ‘who should be their government’.There is no doubt that this wide-spread anger will show in the ballot box.

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