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Our Education System….A Case of The Blind Leading The Blind?

Posted by ErnieJean on February 26, 2009

For the past decade or so, it’s been a common knowledge and much to the chagrin of Malaysian parents, that the quality of our teachers have dropped so badly that that our public education system has become one big great joke.

The government and our education ministry may not officially acknowledge this fact, but then again, neither have they denied it outright, have they?

Thursday February 26, 2009

Teachers going mad teaching subjects in English, claims rep


TAIPING: Some Malay teachers in Bagan Serai are “going mad” as they cannot handle teaching Mathematics and Science subjects in English, claimed a state assemblyman .

Dr Khalil Idham Lim Abdullah (Titi Serong) said the teachers themselves had to take English classes to improve their command of English.

While they are still grappling with the language, they are required to teach their students as well, said Khalil, who was chairman of the Perak Backbenchers Club in the former Pakatan Rakyat-led state government.

“The teachers themselves have a poor command of English. How do we expect them to teach their students?” he asked in his speech after a briefing on the subject at the state PAS headquarters in Jalan Air Kuning on Tuesday. (The question is why are they teaching our children in the first place if  they have proven to be soooo incompetent !!!???)

Some teachers, he said, “have simply gone crazy” because of this, likening the matter to the blind leading the blind. He claimed the minimum passing mark for both subjects were lowered to ensure that only a rosy picture was painted of the move. (You’re right about the blind leading the blind……that that basically sums up our education system too!!)

Earlier, the gathering was told by Malaysian Translators Association president Associate Prof Abdullah Hassan that a big gathering is scheduled to be held in front of Istana Negara at 2pm on March 7 to protest against the teaching of Mathematics and Science in English. (FRU and trigger happy cops on standby already?)

Prof Abdullah said the argument that the usage of English would provide better job opportunities could only hold water if there were plenty of job openings. (Who made this joker a professor btw!!?? How can there be better job opportunities when you people don’t bother to improve yourselves language wise and such!!!???)

Seriously, need we say more?

How on earth did these people, who can’t even command a decent level of English, get employed as teachers in the first place!!!???


But then again, come to think of it, majority of our graduates can’t even carry a decent conversation in that language. In fact, it’s like having a “Chicken And Duck” talk with the likes of them, where you’d ask them something in English and they’d answer in their mother-tongue.

I mean, come on!!! I’ve seen the level of English used in our Mathematics and Science syllabus and it’s definitely not like it requires a genius (or even a half-genius) to understand what’s being taught, what more turn one crazy!!!!

These new breed of teachers, I suspect (and I believe many other parents too), did not join this profession out of passion or love for the job, but rather, out of neccessity to earn a living, perhaps, because they couldn’t find employment elsewhere due to their poor attitude and lousy degrees…..hence the shitty and lazy attitudes.

If non-native BM speaking teachers can master the BM language to effectively teach, why can’t the same be achieved for the English language?

And if it’s such a “mental torture” to be required to understand simple English, then I say, that teacher should just quit and let someone else more deserving take over.

Folks, this is what happens when degrees are dished out with the main agenda to create an impressive impression.

As far as our government is concerned, it’s not the QUALITY that matters, but QUANTITY. And to make things a lot worse, these degrees are not granted based on meritocracy, but “you-know-I-know“. 

To be fair, there are definitely a few gems amongst them teachers……but these are just too far and too few to make an impact on the level of our children’s education. 

And now, what with the Higher Education Minister telling our varsities to not be obsessed with international rankings, this seems like taking another step BACKWARDS!!

Khaled, it is by comparing ourselves and competing with the world’s best that we can hope to improve ourselves….and stop giving some dumb excuses such as, “….. international ranking system was not carried out on a level playing field, especially for less developed nations which did not have the infrastructure or research tradition to compete with better established institutions” to try and wriggle yourself out of having to answer and take responsiblity for the poor performances of our local varsities within the international arena.

My rationale would be that if UMNO can dish out a couple of millions of ringgit without a blink of an eye for their by-election campaigns, why can’t the same be done to improve our education framework and institutions!!!???



12 Responses to “Our Education System….A Case of The Blind Leading The Blind?”

  1. You should hear some of the teachers in my sons school try to speak English! Hopeless I tell you. How they became teachers is way beyond my understanding.

  2. erniejean said

    Nick, some of the teachers at my child’s school couldn’t even be bothered to reply in English.

  3. kennymany said

    Actually, there are always smart aleck students who can actually teach the topic. We do not need teachers. We just need an adult guide. Let the children teach themselves. I think we will get better results. Fire the incompetent teachers and save money.

  4. johnson lee said

    This hilarious but true story must be shared with fair-minded Malaysians – A friend’s wife, a graduate from a foreign university,was an secondary school English language teacher in Singapore for many years, had quit and is now giving tuition at home in Johor to mainly primary students living in housing estates nearby.Mind you, most of her students are smart or well above average. One day,a student of hers complained to her : Madam,my new teacher said what I wrote is wrong. I wrote ‘My mum is a good cook’.She corrected me and said it should be ‘My mum is a good cooker; like the person who teaches is a teacher’. On hearing this, she was speechless for a few minutes and then it dawned on her the pathetic standard of education in Malaysia. So sad but so true. Now we understand why our DPM and Minister of Education sent their children overseas to study.

  5. pakapaka said

    I’m of the opinion that language proefficiency doesn’t alter or impair one ability to master subjects mentioned above. If you want to impress people with your wealth of lingoes then thats another story. Let take Israel for example. We must agree that this country have the most concentration of brainiacs compared to others. Did they teaches their childern in English I wonder.

  6. tuanlokong said

    I have friend who is a teacher, he usually say “No lah or OK lah” 🙂

  7. tuankujuki said

    After learning Mathematics in English for 4 years, my year 5 class is still calling the numbers in Malay. If they can even count correctly in English so then what is the purpose of learning Math in English??? Ok, thats Math, I wonder what is happening during Science lessons.

  8. pakapaka said

    We need to differentiate between the two seemingly conjoined subject matters.

    a. count correctly

    b. counting numbers in English


  9. Daniel said

    This is how our education system works so they can create more stupid people. Most politician’s sons/doughters (also those who are rich) are send to International school so in future they can control the stupid people. Those who coplete study (MCE)in the year 1960s can write and speak better English than the current student who graduate from local Universities.

  10. ms chalkdust said

    Anyone here saw the movie ‘slumdog millionaire’? Did you wonder how the child actors speak such good english? Apparently they go to an English school in the slums? If the slums of Mumbai can churn out good english, what’s wrong with Malaysia?

  11. johnson lee said

    The shameful state of Malaysia’s education in public schools,colleges and universities is caused mainly by politicians in power last 40 years or so using it as a tool to advance their selfish political agenda.In the 60s & 70s,Malaysian schools and it’s university MU were among the very best in Commonwealth. Today these schools are worse than those in Indonesia & Bangladesh; MU has fallen below NO.220 in World Ranking. The laughable thing is that many shameless Ministers and senior government officers still keep blowing their trumpets….we are producing world-class this and that,we are going to be the world’s first in this and that. The truth is the world is looking at Malaysia in disdain.They now have more respect for countries like Vietnam,India,Indonesia and Kumpuchea.

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